Customer Reviews: Samsung ATIV Tab 3 XE300TZC-K01US 10.1-Inch 64GB Tablet with Keyboard
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on February 5, 2014
I bought a supposedly brand new Samsung ATIV Tab 3 through Amazon from Adorama. Turns out that, although the packaging seemed to be intact, it was previously used. It was locked down with passwords, etc. When I tried to return the item within a two days of its delivery to Adorama, I was advised that if I had opened the package with the tablet in it, I could not longer return it to Adorama. It is their return policy --or non-return policy. How can you know that the item is defective if you can't open it? I am now stuck with a $500+ white elephant that I will have to pay to get fixed. Amazon, Adorama, and Samsung have all washed their hands of the problem. Lesson learned!
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on October 16, 2013
I've been using this tablet for 3 purposes. Firstly as a mini travel laptop that weighs very little and takes up very little space, secondly as a sketchbook, and lastly just as a couch tablet like most people.

As a sketchbook, it's pretty solid. I've installed photoshop and while the computer isn't fast enough for giant files, it works perfectly well for light sketching and painting.

When it comes down to it, this is not the fastest machine on the market. What it is though, is the cheapest full windows 8 tablet with a pressure sensitive pen that is currently available. The Surface Pro is faster and overall better, however it's also heavier, costs more, and doesn't come with a keyboard/cover (which costs even more).

Weigh your options. There are android tablets that are pressure sensitive and faster for cheaper if that's what you want. The newest galaxy tablet is that. This particular tablet just suited my needs the best based on what was on the market.
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on September 28, 2013
This is my first time playing with Windows 8. It took 2 days to decide not to return this product but now after a week or two I'm ok with the Ativ Tab 3.
Buy this tablet becayse of:
- Full Office 2013
- Metro UI
- S Pen
- Included bluetooth keyboard
- Touch and screen interface (picture is crisp and touch screen feels nice)
- Very thin and lite full windows 8 tablet/laptop

Don't buy this tablet because of:
- Rear facing camera
- Dual core 1.8ghz (don't try to use it like a standart win7 laptop because it slowwww)
- Don't even try to play games (unless they're 7 years old)
- 64gb internal storage (I think you start with 23gb of free space)
- Not enough power for 1080p

Overall it's great for people who are using it for work and casual browsing but I do not recomend for Power Users.
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on December 27, 2013
What I love about this tablet:
* Integrated stylus that feels natural to write with
* My OneNote is now synched between all my computers plus this device
* I can easily manage all my to-do lists, calendar, email, from one slim device
* It has a sharp, clean, bright display
* It runs Windows, so the interface is familiar and any apps I'm used to from my desktop/laptop I can also have on my tablet
* It's comfortable to watch my streaming Netflix, Hulu, tennis matches, etc...

In short, I finally have a tablet that naturally and comfortably fills the role of the "organizer" I used to carry around. In addition to serving well for networking and entertainment.

Many reviews (professional and not) have complained about a deficiency of CPU power. I have yet to encounter this as a problem. I imagine I would if I tried to run high-performance apps or games on it. But as is clear from my list above, that's not why I wanted it.

In my first few days of adapting and configuring I had to overcome the following problems:
1) I did not like carrying it around or holding it with the keyboard that comes with it. Nor did I like holding the device all by itself. I bought a carrying case for it (Targus makes a nice one that specifically fits this device and the Galaxy Note 10) which it now lives in. I prop it on top of the Bluetooth keyboard when I want to use that. On rare occasions I put it back in the original keyboard carrier when I know I'll want to use it as a "laptop" for an extended period.
2) The text and icons on the Windows desktop were too small for me. I hunted around and found the Windows settings to increase the device font and icon sizes and now it feels like a tablet, rather than a microfiche viewer.
3) I had never used Windows 8. It took me a while to understand that the "metro" interface really is the "Start Menu". If you swipe up on the metro interface you get a listing of all the Windows apps -- including the basic accessories and utilities. Took me forever to find those.
4) The built in Mail app cannot connect to POP email services. I had to re-configure my email account to IMAP to get it to work.
5) You can't dynamically synch between a Google Calendar and Windows 8 (as of now, thought that may change). I had to start an account to synch my Windows Calendar app with my Android phone.

So, I experience a bit of frustration the first few days. But since working through the above issues I've had nothing but satisfaction from my Ativ Tab 3. I highly recommend it.
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on February 18, 2014
I just bought the ativ tab 3 and I am loving it. its perfect to carry with me and is very useful for what I needed. I had a hard time deciding which to buy but finial decided on this product.

The only thing was when I upgraded to windows 8.1 the keyboard didn't work. but after I did some searching I discovered the SW update from Samsung (can be found on Samsung's web site under the ative tab 3 product info) it was installed on my ativ but not completely I had to go into the My pc folder, click on windows, then to program files, then click on Samsung then the sw update folder, after that I clicked on secSwmgrguide and installed the update. when it popped up I saw the updates that needed to be updated so I updated restarted my device.... but in order to get the key board to work I had to remove it from the device and re pair it with the device. Sounds like a lot I know but it wasn't to hard to do. and now I have windows 8.1 with a working keyboard.

I know I seen quite a few reviews that were having the same problem so I am willing to help if anyone needs the walk threw on the how to. just let me know
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on February 13, 2014
I wanted a Windows based tablet and this one came with office and Windows 8. It has been a great disappointment. After a purchase in late September, Windows 8.1 came out in November. I attempted the free upgrade. Following the upgrade the WiFi and bluetooth keyboard quit working. After several attempts to reset the computer guided by Samsung customer service. They brought it in for repair and reverted to Win 8.0. The repair lasted two month. At that time it locked up on a normal Windows update and nothing Samsung online service could do was able to get it to boot. Again, it went to the shop for repair (Samsung). I received it back in January and since the 20th of January to now (3/13) it has failed every auto update. There are over 1000 errors in the Windows log. Every time it went for service and every time Samsung customer support had me reset or refresh the tablet, I lost 4-6 days of productivity. Everything had to be re-installed (Office, Norton 360, all apps) and windows had to go through several normal updates. In total, I have lost use of the computer for 28 days in the 4 month I have owned it. I am now waiting for Samsung to take my call requesting a replacement or refund.
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on September 28, 2013
Disregard the previous post that says x32 something. What he meant was that this tablet runs 32-bit version of windows 8, which most compact tablets or netbooks do. Most software these days including recent ones gives you the option to install either the 32-bit version or the 64-bit version one so in most cases you won't have any problem. This tablet is so light and so easy to carry but at the same time fully functional with full windows 8. I use the s-pen with microsoft one note to take notes in lectures and I love it. I'm so happy that my backpack is much lighter now.
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on March 26, 2014
I was very hesitant on getting the ATIV because of some of the negative reviews, AND that Adorama had a "no return" policy on tablets. BUT, I wanted Windows Tablet that was 10.1 (tried 8" DELL, and it was too small) and the price was very good. So I took out insurance and jumped! I did have a major problem with Windows 8.1 install, with my "wireless" connection continually falling into a degraded state -- viz. it showed a connection but wouldn't transfer data. I'd continually start over at base Win 8 install, make restore points, and slowly add functionality up through installing Win 8.1 though the Store, then my wireless would go sideways. Even with updated wireless drivers from SamsungUpdate app. Then I ran across a comment on the internet where a guy, with the same problem, un-installed Norton antivirus (using the uninstall tool downloaded from Norton), and the problem went away. I tried it, downloading Norton uninstall from their site, and that fixed the wireless problem. Upgraded to Win 8.1 (from the Store) with no problems. OK, now for a list of tips:
1) As soon as you get through the initial startup setup of your ATIV, go through Charms-> Settings -> Change PC settings->Update and Recover-> windows update and put on Win 8 updates until you stop getting notices of updates when you return to this spot (as listed at the start). This should happen a couple of times. Don't use Samsung Update tool yet. Note: you'll need to restart repeatedly.
2) Remove Norton Antivirus as described above. You can use Windows defender for your virus protection -- and it's free. Restart if requested.
3) Run Samsung Update app. Some people have had with GPS, Bluetooth, and Digitizer.
a) Don't work about GPS -- uncheck it -- you don't have a GPS.
b) Update the bluetooth.
c) As for the digitizer you will HAVE TO go to the Wacom site and download the Win 8 driver as the Samsung Update app driver will fail it's install and tell you the same.
d) restart as needed....
4) Go to Store and upgrade to 8.1 -- Give yourself plenty of time!!!!
5) If you go to windows update, as described above, I have stayed away from any!! Win 8 updates to date -- cannot vouch for them in terms of their effect.
6) make restore points after new installs, so if they goof you up, you can roll back.

The ATIV is not a fast machine, but it's ok. You can install the free Home Office 2013 without issue. I picked up some utilities from Stardock that go a long ways in facilitating navigation between the traditional Windows desktop and Metro. With the 10.1 screen, the Windows desktop is very workable by touch! Suprisingly so -- and I don't have small fingers.

So far I pleased with the ATIV.
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on January 4, 2014
I Love my Ativ Tab...The only thing that disappoints me is when you upgrade tablet to windows 8.1 your not able to use your keyboard...That's really a bummer...Other than that...It's Awesome!
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on August 19, 2014
2.5 stars really. So this tablet had potential, but it usually ends up frustrating me when I use it.

Good size, light weight and nice looking.
Comes with MS Windows 8, functions like a laptop.
Comes with MS Office Home.

Slow; when I'm browsing the internet, it will often 'freeze-up'. I can usually correct it by going back to the desktop and then back to the browser.
Others have complained about the resolution, but I really haven't noticed.
Upgrading to Windows 8.1 was a huge pain. The bluetooth does stop working and you have to do an 'SW Update' to get it working again. It took me an entire evening to get it upgraded and functioning properly.
Early on I had issues with it not turning on when I pushed the power button. (Yes, it was fully charged). This hasn't happened in a few weeks though, so I'm hoping it's resolved itself with the most recent SW update.
Keyboard is not backlit and there is no mouse, even though there is room for one.
Separate charging cords for the keyboard and the tablet itself. It would be nice to only have one thing to plug in.
The camara is awful, don't bother even trying to use it.
No full size USB port, you have to buy an adapter.
And my biggest gripe is that the keyboard cover is terribly designed. It doesn't hold the tablet up at an angle on its own as a laptop would. You have to use the magnetic kickstand, and it only had two angles to choose from. This make it impossible to use on your lap. And if you try, don't move because that thing will slap down and smash your fingers. It's terribly frustrating. You also can't just fold the keyboard back if you want to use it as a tablet only. You have to remove it from the case to do that.

If I had to do it again, I would have returned this and got the Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T instead. For a little more money you get a mouse and best of all you're not restricted to using it only on a table, and won't get your fingers smashed!
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