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4.6 out of 5 stars
Flavor: Decaf French Roast|Size: 36 Count|Change
Price:$20.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on February 14, 2013
I guess I fat-fingered my order. I wanted to order the 80 count version of SFBC's "Fog Chaser", but wound up with 80 of these instead. I really liked the Fog Chaser more than any other k-cup I'd tred, but Organic Rainforest Blend (ORB) is even better! At first I was just going to send it back because the label was green, so I thought this meant it was decaf. I never drink decaf because I'm afraid I might get rickets or just drift off into a coma. But I decided to run one through the Kerug, and stockpile them for my health-freak friends if I didn't like em.


Nope. This is high voltage +p pharmaceutics grade coffee. The weird part is how great it tastes.

I'm not a coffee nerd; just a guy who likes a rich cup of black coffee with a few extra amps in it. Amps it has. After a cup of ORB, I got into a conversation with my wife where I actually did most of the talking! But even if it didn't peg out the caffeine meter, I'd say it still has about the best flavor of any coffee I've ever tried. I think the roast is medium to dark. In the cup it has a LOT of oil. It actually gets that ring of light brown foam around the edge like good espresso. It's really sweet (for coffee), and I can't imagine putting any sweetener in it. Hearty, and yet refined; not exactly Old West, or Cafe de Paris, but I can imagine a cowboy and a mime fighting over the last cup. ... then again, maybe that's just the caffeine talking.

NB: There is a lot of cool stuff on the box about the great stuff the company does; you know, if you have time for that sort of thing.
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on January 12, 2014
I have been buying 10 - 80 count boxes of San Francisco Bay OneCup single serve coffee every month for over 2 years. For both my office use and home use. I LOVE the French roast, my wife loves the fog chaser. I have now stopped purchasing San Francisco Bay OneCup single serve coffees because of the new OneCup design. It seems that when the company decided to make their product 97% biodegradable, they compromised the integrity of the OneCup. Every time I make a cup of coffee I end up with coffee grinds spewing into my cup, into my Keurig and just making a mess. This takes time away from my mornings to clean up and also defeats the purpose of having a Keurig. It is so annoying. I understand the desire to be eco friendly and applaud the active role this company has taken, but when it effects the product and becomes a problem for the customer it should be reviewed. After talking to Warren from Rodgers Family Coffee the company that produces San Francisco Bay OneCup coffee I have decided to change my review from a one star back to what it is supposed to be 5 stars. The company is aware of the issues and is working to remedy it. The personal attention given to my concerns is a great testament to a good company. Until the issue is resolved I will be using a different brand, but when everything is worked out I will be buying my coffee again from this company. The flavors are wonderful, the aroma is delightful, and being a former coffee shop owner I can tell that they take pride in their roast. This is the quality roasts I would serve my customers.

Since the time I wrote this review, the company has corrected the problem and I continue to purchase a variety of their products for both my home and office machines. The coffee quality is great and I am happy that the "exploding" one cups has been fully addressed and fully corrected. I tried replying to all the questions and felt it best for me to just update my review. It is still a 5 star product and their customer service is unsurpassed.
review image review image
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on January 6, 2012
I just received these 'k-cups' a few days ago. I ordered them on subscribe and save because of the value. I failed to read all reviews, just a few to make sure they were good. When I opened the package, I thought I was sent a wrong item...until I realized these are k-cups, but not the usual looking ones. They are foil sealed with a plastic ring around the top, and the rest of it is a filter. When placed in the brewer, just a hole gets punched on the top, not bottom. Something new perhaps? I tried a cup and I admit, it was very good coffee, full flavor. I will purchase these again and do recommend them. These do arrive in a shipping box, but the k-cups are sealed in plastic bags.
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on June 18, 2013
Howdy! I've bought many orders of the San Fran Bay Breakfast Blend coffee and I must say that I have ZERO complaints. No bugs (as described by other ads) and I personally think the coffee is quite good. For the price, you really can't beat 80 k-cups for only $29 or $27.55 if you select the subscription option.

This particular blend is perfect as it's not weak, but its strong enough for me as I enjoy a bold flavor coffee without that burnt/French roast flavor. To give you an idea of their coffee flavor "strength", this Breakfast Blend is stronger than any of the Green Mountain offerings (except the French Roast) but slightly less bold than a Newman's Own "Medium Roast Coffee Extra Bold". Hopefully that will give you an idea of where this coffee stands on a strength scale.

As others have mentioned, the big difference is in the k-cups. They're not your standard completely-enveloped-in-plastic design, there is a top and the bottom is an open filter. Still, not a problem as each box includes a small container to keep your k-cups fresh. There are about 10 sealed bags per box, each bag contains 8 k-cups. Once I open a bag, I throw the other 7 unused k-cups in my plastic "stay fresh" container.

Work well and there's an AMAZINGLY enjoyable coffee aroma that fills my office whenever I open the stay fresh container. Tasty and perfect for coffee time. I like it and I think these less wasteful containers are a better deal than anything at Costco or other big warehouse stores.

I like it so much that my coworkers and regularly order (via the Amazon sub service) these k-cups every 2 months. Good stuff and even if you're not sure, it's a small cost to try something new. BTW, of all the coffee we've ordered from San Fran Bay, none of our orders have ever contains bugs or stale coffee.
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on January 22, 2012
As many other reviews have mentioned, these are not the normal K-Cups, but they work much the same. I generally drink the stronger K-cups (Emeril's, Jet Fuel, Kona, etc), and I find that these Fog Chaser pods compare very favorably. There is no bitter aftertaste, just smooth flavor. I have not had any sediment at the bottom of my cup (I've had sediment from other K-Cups). I think people are a bit thrown by the smell of the coffee bag when they get it, as it is a much stronger smell than you'll get from a box of K-Cups. It does smell like when you open a fresh bag/can of ground coffee, which is sort of refreshing after using K-Cups for 3 years. We've just finished the first bag of 12 (6 days), which we kept in a ziplock bag, and the last cup tasted as good as the first. I already placed a subscribe and save order for the French Roast to try out. I will be keeping my subscription for the Fog Chaser, as it is quite good.
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on January 19, 2012
As the other reviewers have said, this is not a K-cup! I uploaded an image of one of these pods next to a K-cup for comparison. The difference is the filter is exposed in these pods as opposed to being fully sealed in a K-cup. Since the coffee is exposed to the air when you open the package, you will have to seal them with a clip or put them in an airtight bag or tupperware to prevent the rest of the pods from loosing freshness. Having said that, in my experience they are a great inexpensive alternative to use in your Keurig brewer. The 36 count boxes arrived as unmarked brown cardboard boxes, not the colorful retail packaging shown on amazon. Inside each cardboard box, there are three clear heavy duty plastic bags, each of which holds 12 of the pods. The bags are not resealable!
review image
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on November 17, 2011
I decided to give the San Francisco Bay Rainforest Blend Organic Arabica onecup a try this morning.
When I open the box I notice a similar smell as the Fog Chaser blend but not nearly as strong.
Oddly I find the description on the Box exactly the same as that of Fog Chaser.
Their Website shows this as Reguler Full city Roast and describes it as follows :
Our certified organic, Rainforest Blend is an artful mix of coffees from Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Indonesia that produces a smooth, yet full-bodied taste with lively acidic notes.
The onecup brews perfectly in my B70 and like it smelled befor brewing produced a more delicate cup than the fog chaser but still very flavorful when brewed.
Maybe this is the same blend of coffee beans only roasted alittle lighter?
The wife and I tend to favor the Dark Roast extra bold Kcups and on occasion Medium roasts as well.
This Rainforest Blend is alittle light for me but it's really flavorful and wins me over all the same.
So far I'm really liking these offerings from Rogers Family company and would purchase them again if the price remains competitive to Kcups.
I was originally concerned by the fact they are not individually sealed for freshness.
The wife and I normally drink 2 cups a day so we can polish off a box of 12 in three days once opened so the coffee does not lose much freshness.
The downside is we need to drink only these for three days in a row instead of mixing it up depending on how we feel each day as we currently do with Kcups if we want to keep them as fresh as possible.
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on December 2, 2011
Fog Chaser is my favorite coffee and I buy it in whole beans for when I brew a full pot. I have used it for years and would not think of changing. When I saw Amazon had Fog Chaser for the Keurig I was thrilled. The flavor is full bodied and rich with a very smooth finish.

Because I was familiar with Fog Chaser, I never even looked at the reviews before I made my purchase. Therefore, I was rather surprised when I opened the box and saw the different type of pod. With a filter bottom the pod seems much more environmentally friendly. There was no residue at the bottom of my mug so the filter did a good job. I agree with other reviewers of the need to keep these pods in a vacuum sealed container (or zip lock bag) but I think the use of less platics is a good thing.

I have a B60 and these fit perfectly in the machine. I used the large cup setting and the strength of the coffee was perfect for my taste (I prefer stronger coffee). Before purchasing Fog Chaser I was buying Jet Fuel.
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on September 4, 2014
We've been buying this coffee for months now and both of us love it. I generally like coffee that isn't too strong, but not weak-tasting, and others in the house like stronger coffee, and this one works well for both. We have tried the other blends of this brand, but we both still like this one best. The only coffee that I liked as much was the Wolfgang Puck 'Sorento' blend that they stopped making quite a while ago, and unfortunately, none of his others worked for me.

If you like Nantucket Blend from Green Mountain, you may really enjoy this one. PLUS, instead of the hard plastic pods (expensive) the pod is actually a net-like material with a 'hard' top that works great and is more environmentally friendly. Your box of coffee will come with the pods packed in biodegradable bags containing either eight pods, or ten pods; also included is a large plastic cup with a lid (similar material to a Starbuck's cup used for iced drinks); one bag of coffee pods fits in the cup to keep your pods fresh.

I will caution you... check the prices. Some vendors here on Amazon charge WAY MORE, and the quantity packaging makes no sense. Some charge around $25 for a 40-count, and nearly $100 for an 80-count... again, makes no sense. The best deal I have found is the 120 count that I now buy regularly. If you don't see the right quantity, you can often click on it, or near it, to see other quantity options.
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on August 15, 2012
I did not buy this at Amazon even though I am an avid amazon shopper. Needless to say I went to cosco with a friend and got this exact box for $25 at Cosco. I debated getting it and once it was in my cart I had two different people tell me how much they loved the coffee and with 80 pods at that price I figured I would try it. I came home at 8 pm and decided to open it up.

IN THE BOX: Inside I have 10 clear plastic bags each with 8 pods. The bottom has no plastic white thing I am used to and not only is the coffee in a mesh bag making it so you can not store it in the carousel nor you would not want to because it would lose freshness. SO the other 7 went in Tupperware. I give it 2 points for helping the environment and 4 for the price without trying it!

TASTE: Brew it at 8pm (not the best time for coffee but ahhh) It smells absolutely amazing! Super strong odor if you like the smell of coffee. Color is very dark, smell is strong. I taste it black and it is stronger then even the jet fuel k-cups. Add some creamer try it again and then add a little more and it is the best coffee I have had in my life and that says a lot as Paris had some amazing coffee!

Needless to say I grabbed the phone and called my friend who also bought a box after the two people commented on how much they loved the coffee to find out she had tried it and loves it as much as I do! If you are debating trying this like I was I am hoping this review will help as I think I have finally kicked my expensive k-cup habit and I no longer need to worry about losing a bang for my buck! Hopefully amazon will start matching Cosco prices as I do not have a cosco card though :)
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