Customer Reviews: SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZ33 16GB USB 2.0 Low-Profile Flash Drive- SDCZ33-016G-B35
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on November 24, 2011
Note that these USB drives are designed for notebooks, tablets, and car audio. They are supposed to be plugged in and seldom pulled out, or pulled out fairly rarely. They are harder to insert and pull out than the bigger size USB drives, so it may not be good for daily use of carrying it around.

The couple of times I pulled it out, it fell to the ground and was a bit hard to find, because it is so small and difficult to get a hold of. If you need to insert and pull it from the USB slot often, a fishing string can be added to the side of the USB drive (there is a small hole to insert the string and tie a knot).

There is a small orange indicator light and I kind of like it. When it is writing or reading, the light will blink attractively.

A simple speed test of copying and reading a 1GB file was done on Windows 7:

Write: 4.10 MB/s
Read: 16.5 MB/s
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on December 29, 2011
Tom Cruise would be jealous. Not because he needed this little guy to steal the NOC list in MI:1, but because it is just slightly taller than he is. Which is to say that it is small. Impossibly small. Maybe a little TOO small. I bought a 16Gigger thinking that I could thread a paper clip through the little metal loop and keep it on my key chain, but even the little metal loop is too small for that mission. I ended up attaching a lanyard from my flashlight, which works extremely well to pop this little sucker out of my USB slot. It would have been nice if it came with a detachable lanyard of its own or at least a roll of dental floss, should one be so inclined to fashion a dual purpose flash drive/dental hygiene apparatus. 4 out of 5 dentists would approve. Be warned, without a lanyard of some sort, you'll wish Tom Cruise would drop down from the A/C vent in your ceiling, precariously suspended by a complex system of cables and pulleys, and use his tiny hands (which incidentally are registered as lethal weapons in 50 states) to pry this tiny little bugger out of your USB slot. The edges are slighly beveled, which is better than nothing, but not enough for these man mitts. This however, does not detract from my 5 star rating because that's the point, son. This thing is meant to be small. And to that, my fellow Amazonians, I say: mission accomplished.
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VINE VOICEon January 31, 2012
I installed Google Chrome OS Lime (by Hexxeh) on this tiny USB drive and configured my notebook PC to boot from USB first. The result is a quick 15 second boot to the login screen, and I can do 99% of the things I want to do on a computer with this operating system. It is fast, secure, and free.

Often times I need to quickly get onto the Internet to send out an email or to do a search but am always hampered by the sluggishness/slowness of the Windows 7 operating system on my notebook PC. It typically takes about 300 seconds (5 minutes) for it to be ready, and so it is very frustrating having to wait that long. You can buy a Google Chromebook (made by Acer and Samsung) that boots in 10 seconds, but it costs $300+ and it thus far cannot satisfy offline and more powerful application needs (Photoshop, AutoCAD, etc.). My solution costs just the price of the SanDisk Cruzer Fit, and I can have the best of both worlds. If I need to run Windows, I just set the BIOS to boot from the internal hard drive. Most of the time though, I just use the Chrome OS on the USB drive to get things done.

I chose the Cruzer Fit because it is very tiny and does not protrude much from the USB port, as I keep the drive plugged in at all times.

There is a tiny orange LED on the USB drive to indicate access activity.

There is even a ringlet so that you can attach a lanyard to it (good idea if you detach it from the computer often).

The Cruzer Fit is very fast, important especially that it is used as a drive (more frequent reads/writes), not just data storage.

I highly recommend it.
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on October 21, 2011
I love this flash drive. Let me tell you now that this thing is small! About the size of a penny, but as thick as a standard USB plug. So if you're afraid you might lose it, DO NOT buy this (more on that later). But, if you want an ultra small USB flash drive, then by all means, DO go out and buy this. I bought the 8 gb version of this flash drive at Best Buy about 2 weeks ago, and have been using it for work basically. The 8 gb was roughly $20 there and I just happened to have a $10 gift card. Being that the 4 gb model was only $5 less, and the 16 gb model was $20 more, I opted to get the mid range 8 gb model. For me personally I think 8 gb was enough. about 3 days into using it, I lost it out of my pocket. OOPS! I looked around all day, only to happen upon it the next morning in the parking lot as I was going into work. It had obviously been ran over by 1 or more vehicles by that time, due to the obvious deep scratches in the drives storage sleeve. when I got into my office I opened it up and seen a slight bend in the plug of the USB. Using a small key, I straightened out the bend and plugged it into a port on the front of my computer. EUREKA! THE DRIVE STILL WORKED! I was fully expecting it to be crushed up and un-salvageable, but that was not the case. I guess being that small has its benefits when being ran over by automobiles. If I can come up with one complaint for the item it's that it does not come with some type of key chain loop or something like that. However, I seen how small it was when I bought it and accepted the risk. So like I said before; if you want a well made, high quality super small USB flash drive. Be sure and give this one a try.
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on February 25, 2013
I have owned the 32gb version going on 6 months of daily use without fail. This little guy will not amaze you with record breaking speed but its size is amazing. Put it in your laptop or tablet for extra storage. Hook it in the car for a portable jukebox or the back of your tv for a small stash of movies and its undetectable.

Attempted surgery on a 16gb version (see customer photos) to flush mount this in a tablet but the micro sd card inside spans the length of the usb. After cutting it back amazingly pc still saw it as a 64mb drive that needed formatting but failed to format. Only wasted under 10$ for that experiment.

Would recommend this to anyone.
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on June 13, 2013
Got this drive in the 8GB flavor to put inside my HP N54L Microserver internal USB port for FreeNAS to boot from. Before I set that up I did a quick speed test using the tool. http://usbflashspeed[.]com/43390 for results.

Model: SanDisk Cruzer Fit
Revision: 1.26
File system: FAT32
Size: 7632 MB
Read speed: 23.28 MB/s
Write speed: (15.95 MB/s dropped to 4.5 MB/s from 512KB - 16KB)

Also added a customer image showing graph.
review image
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on September 8, 2012
Firstly - Amazon returns are awesome :)
I bought 2 of these to use in a Western Digital Live - setup in an automobile - never got the chance.
Started loading up the first one with video files and the device kept disappearing from the computer.
I have many dozens of flash drives, and I've only had trouble with one drive before - so this was a bit of a surprise.
After several attempts to try and keep loading up the 400-2000MB files, I was unable to use or even format it on two windows 7, one XP, and one Ubuntu computer. I figured, just got a bad one and started loading up the second. It took a little longer to go bad (about 2 hours instead of almost immediately) - but it too displayed the exact same issues. I went with some that were a little bit physically bigger from another manufacturer - and they have been flawless (a year now) - have worked without any issues at all (Those are perfect companions to mobile entertainment setup.)
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on September 13, 2012
The flash drive worked fairly well for a while but then it just died. I can't get it to be recognized by via USB port or via USB hub. I have tried it on windows, mac and linux with no avail. It's too bad too because this item was useful.
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on January 13, 2014
This is my second SanDisk Cruzer Fit USB drive and not because anything happened to the first one. It's 32GB and still chugging along so well, I wished I had bought the larger one. So I did. Maybe that's enough said but since brevity is not my strong suit, I'll mention why I think these mini flash drives are so useful. I have a MacBook with an SD Hard Drive. I stopped buying Macs with a huge amount of internal storage because I forget to back them up and external storage is pretty easy these days. So I have a Time Capsule WiFi Router with internal storage and a separate NAS storage drive, not to mention several cloud storage accounts. The instant digital access is great but the problem with cloud storage for me is that they use my local HD space. The SanDisk Cruzer is so small, I can leave it plugged into my MacBook usb port even when transporting. I have an SD HD and see almost zero difference accessing files on the SanDisk vs internal drive. I installed a boot up system of OSX Mavericks on the drive for any repairs to computers of my family of 6 (Why aren't my 20 something kids who grew up with computers better at techie stuff than me?). I also installed my cloud storage account folders on the SanDisk keeping my HD free of clutter. So far it's been working great, which is why I purchased a second. It's so small, I'm sure I would lose it if I were using it to carry around but as it makes a seamless addition to your HD space as it is.
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on August 23, 2012
I bought one of these and it worked fine at first, and though I took proper care of it, it failed within a few weeks of light use as a ReadyBoost stick. I later discovered through Bing search, that this particular model is prone to a high rate of early life failures exactly like the one that I experienced with my item. A shame, as it seemed like a high quality product initially, but it ended up failing very rapidly. I recommend against purchasing one of these. Frankly, SanDisk should issue a recall for the product and issue refunds or exchanges/replacements with a more reliable model of the same capacity. I have had better luck with other SanDisk USB sticks, just not *this* type. Buyer beware if thinking of getting this model.
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