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on July 5, 2012
As someone else mentioned I was also surprised to get the class 10 version of the SanDisk 64GB MicroSDXC card when the description shows a class 6. Faster is better so I had no problem with that. I inserted it into my Galaxy S3 and it was recognized by the phone and my Windows Vista machine. Using Vista I created several directories and loaded about 10GB of pictures onto the card. Everything seemed ok. I could see them on the phone and the computer. A few days later I took some pictures with the phone which were sent to the card. After 8 pictures the phone reported the card was malfunctioning and all further pictures would go to the built in phone memory. I plugged the phone into the computer and the card was no longer readable. It showed up as empty. I reformatted the card using the phone and now it refuses to recognize the card at all. When I attempt to mount the card it reports an error and refuses to mount. In the documention from the seller it states that there is no returns once the package is opened so now you know. Buy at your own risk.
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on December 15, 2011
I just wanted to give a slight clarification for the other 5 star reviewers. I have a myTouch 4g using 2.3.4 so I did my homework before investing in this (and I've been waiting a long time for it to come out). I only purchased it after several other tech reviewers on other websites showed videos of their Android smartphones running 2.3.4 and after reformatting it inside the phone, working perfectly. After one tense minute of the reformatting process I was pleased to see a useable 59.3 gig of space available to use. Although you will not be able to take advantage of the SD XC format's claimed 30mb/s read/write speed after formatting it with your phone (google "will android smartphones be able to use 64 gig micro sd xc") it is a small price to pay for twice the available storage. That and you have bragging rights for the foreseeable future until the 128 gig cards come out for $500 or so.

One last note- to anyone who still doubts that it might work in their smartphones, the adapter that comes with it says "micro SDHC" not "micro SDXC" leading me to believe there probably isn't a whole lot of difference between the two if SanDisk is too lazy to make new adapters to make us think there is.
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on April 7, 2012
Works on Samsung Note (International Unlocked version at least)Easily recognized by the phone no problems, full capacity recognized, no special set up needed
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on May 12, 2012
I'm currently running a HTC Sensation with Android 2.3.4 and (almost) all the current updates, which brings me to T-MOUS Firmware 1.50.somethingorother. I've read that this card has no problems working in said device, so I decided to give it a try. Worst case, I could put it in the laptop and use it as some extra storage.

The card arrived in real retail packaging, and as far as I can tell, is a genuine Sandisk product. Included were some coupons for music downloads (in the trash) and an SD-to-microSD adapter. No problems there.

This card won't work as-is. It comes formatted with a new version of FAT, called exFAT. This allows the OS to take advantage of the card's size while providing an across the board file system for devices. To the best of my knowledge, the only difference between XC and HC is the file system - the card itself has the same electrical interface.

To make this card work, you'll need a couple of things. A machine with either a SD card reader, or an external dongle device, and some programs. Windows will no longer format drives larger than 32GB, even with the command line trick. So, search for a fat32 formatter program. I used fat32format from Ridgecrop Consultants, Ltd. It's a free command line program, and only does one thing. Search for it and you'll find it on the first page of results.

After the card was formatted, I installed it into the phone and booted, and checked the SD card. 59.4GB! Yes! I formatted it again on the phone to make sure everything was good, and copied the files from my old card over. No problems, and I have something like 40GB left.

If you're lucky, your phone will format this card direct. Mine wouldn't. I keep the fat32format program on the card now, just in case.

So, in conclusion:

Works fine on a Sensation with Gingerbread 2.3.4, firmware 1.50.
Format it on a computer first, use a fat32 formatter
Seems legit, running for a week now with no issues.
Speed? Don't know. No noticeable difference between this and the last device.
Music downloads? Yawn.
Included SD adapter works with all microSD cards.
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on January 28, 2012
This is great!! Works perfectly on the DROID Bionic! After putting it in the phone for the first time I had to reformat the card. The phone told me the card was damaged before reformatting. Don't panic if you see that. Just go in to your phone's settings, storage, SD Card, Unmount SD, and reformat that baby. Now my phone has 80GB of total storage. Less than that after formatting, but it's still a ton of space to put all of my music and movies. Time to convert and load more movies now that I have 27GB left.

After formatting, the phone tells me the card has 59.46GB available. If you notice on computer hard drives, the same thing happens. A 250GB hard drive will only give you about 233GB that you can actually use. It's normal.

I recommend this card to anyone who wants to leave their iPod at home and store all of their media on their phone, you can have everything with you wherever you go. It's awesome!
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on February 22, 2012
This is a great card. I installed it in my new Motorola Droid RAZR cell phone. The phone said upgradable to 32GB but the 64GB works in it fine with no problems. It's like having a larger MP3 with your phone.
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on November 24, 2011
If your looking to put lots of music and movies on your phone this is it! The only thing you have to do is put it in your phone and tell your phone to reformat the memory and your good to go! Class 6 storage means it transfers data fast.

If you want it cheaper though, go directly to the SanDisc website where they sell it for only $220!
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on August 22, 2012
I recently purchased this 64GB card for my Samsung Galaxy S3. At first when I put it in nothing happened. Card could not be recognized. I discovered through the internet that the card first had to be formatted to Fat32. Windows does not allow anything over 32GB to be formatted to Fat32 so I had some issues. Once I discovered a program that partioned the card into two 32GB partitions, I solved all my issues. From then on the card worked great. Quick transfer speeds and ample storage size make this a great card for any phone/device that has expandable storage.
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on April 28, 2012
it works perfectly on my transformer prime tablet with no issues or no setup required. I just plugged it in to the micro sd slot and turned on my transformer and it saw it right away.

I use the SD adapter to load stuff on from my mac.

I plan to try and use the 64 gb card in my camera with the adapter. i'll pst back once I've tried that.
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on July 21, 2012
It works as advertised if you don't try to get too clever. I wanted to take a short cut in copying off all my files from my old 32g microSD to this one, so I could use it in my samsung galaxy tab 7.7. First thing I did was put it in the galaxy tab and format it - 59gigs was yielded. Great so far. Then I used two separate card readers in an attempt to copy the files from the 32g to the 64g card. The computer prompted me, telling me that the new card needed formatting, and asked if I wanted it formatted to fat32. So, I clicked yes; although I couldnt understand the prompt, since I had JUST formatted the card using my tablet. Thats when the effluent hit the fan, cause the computer froze in the attempt and that microSD hasn't worked on either my laptop or my tablet since.
Figured I'd got a dud or did something wrong, so I bought a new one and left the new card on board the tablet. Copied all files using the tablet's proprietary usb connection. So far so good. So guys, my advice would be to not try to use your computer to change the file system to fat 32. But that's just IMHO.
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