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on September 18, 2009
I owned the first generation clip, and the new 8gb clip+ retains everything that was great about the first while adding all around refinements.

- Overall build quality has improved, but especially with the clip mechanism.
- Files on MicroSD integrate seemlessly with the on board memory.
- The volume and power buttons have more ergonomic placement on the device.
- Sound quality remains great.
- Audiobook files can be sped up slightly to save some "reading" time.
- The interface is a little smoother and nicer to move through.
- The square trackpad makes it easier to navigate without looking at the player. (good for runners)

- No cap on the MicroSD slot, so that could potentially get dirty.

If you don't need gimmicks such as touch screens and web browsers, then this player is quite possibly the best on the market for value, size, and quality. The Clip+ is definitely worth the few extra bucks over what the first gen clip is selling for now.

UPDATE: Having used the product for a while the one thing I'm disappointed with is battery life. The meter drains down to 50% at the expected pace, and then goes from 50% to 0 quite fast. I haven't timed it but i'm sure the battery life (using all default settings) is quite less than the advertised 14-15 hours.
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on September 9, 2009
If all you are looking for is a great sounding, small, cheap mp3 player with a display and expandability options, then the clip + is your best choice. This is very similar to the old clip with the following major differences:

- two minor button placement changes (improvement)
- UI is a bit smoother (menus scroll now)
- volume normalizing/gain
- micro-SD slot for up to 16 added gigs (which is huge)
- a little thicker, probably due to SD support
- clip is no longer removable (depending on your preference, this is a good or bad thing-guess you could just rip it off and file it down if you wanted to)

As always, it sounds great and blows away the iPod Shuffle in terms of value. So light and small--great for the gym. If you need your mp3 player to play games, surf the internet or serve double purpose as a grocery list, then this isn't for you, but if you're on a budget or just need something that plays music and does so well, this is the one.
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on December 5, 2009
I have an iPod classic and iPhone, but I needed something for exercising. I was going to add another iPod to my collection b/c they are so small now, but I saw this at a local store and got it. Why? Cheap and great features! This can't be beat for the price. Plus, some other cool benefits are that it has an FM receiver so I can listen to the TV stations when I'm at the gym on the treadmill. It also has a built-in microphone which works great for me b/c I record notes to myself a lot and the iPhone's memo apps are a huge pain to the transfer the sound files to my computer (they use email to do it and there are size limits). Clip+ saves my recordings as Wav files and I can copy and paste them to my computer. Sweet.

If you want to create playlists, you should know that Windows Media Player is very buggy and doesn't work well with this. I thought I was missing the obvious till I Googled it and see that everyone else feels the same. The cure for this is a free program called MediaMonkey. It's the easiest program to use for transferring playlists to the Clip+. Just create your playlists in MM and then right-click it's name and select 'Synch to Sansa Clip+'. Piece of cake! I spent over an hour screwing with Windows Media Player and I never could get it to work properly.

Oh yeah - one more thing. When you plug the USB sync cable into the Clip+, push it all the way in till it's flush. When I push mine in it actually "clicks" half way and it feels like it's in there. But it's not. Push it all the way in to connect it.
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on September 19, 2009
So recently, because I love my Sansa Clip so much for exercising, and I thought I could use one more, I picked one of these up at Bestbuy. I have used it for about a week so I can't say anything about the longetivity of the new Clip Plus, but I can tell you about everything else. First I will give you the cons since there is only one and that is also only about preference. I personally LOVED the sleek look of the original sansa clip, but that has been replaced with a sort of glittery finish on the front. That is about it and to add to this, everything else from the outside such as the plastic used has been revamped to feel better in your hands and is just overall better quality. Now on to the most important part, the features. The main thing that sets this apart from the original clip is the addition of a microSD card slot. This can take up to a 32gb microSD card, so if you were to pair one with this, you could potentially get a 36(!)gb memory for this puny little item. That is the next thing I will get into, the size. If you haven't ever heard about the original sansa clip, basically, Sandisk designed this line of Sansa for portability and mainly for exercise. It feels really good in the hand and the non removable clip on the back can clip on to virtually anything. Next is the display. The menu remains much of the same, but Sansa also added slotRadio compatibility and a nicer flow to menu if you're into that. Finally we'll go to the placement of the buttons. On the old sansa clip, there was a button the side for power and hold, but a lot of clip owners including me found that uncomfortable. To cope with this, Sandisk put the power button on the top and put the hold funtion to holding the home button for about 3 seconds. So overall, this is a fantastic MP3 player in any category, but if you are in the market for one for the gym, pass up the Ipod Shuffle for 79$ with no screen and counter-intuitiveness(in my opinion) and get this really nice compact MP3 player for only 50$ for the 4gb, 40$ for the 2gb and 70$ for the 8gb. Thank you and I hope this review helps.
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I use Sansa Clip MP3 player for listening to audio books, lectures and pod casts. A couple of months ago I purchased a Visual Land V-Clip Pro 4 GB MP3 Player with Speaker (Black)player that would not remember where the listening stopped when you turned on the player the next time. This meant I manually had to spin from the tracks trying to find where to continue, that was a show stopper for me.

After that experience I was doing research before buying the Sansa Clip I had trouble finding the information that is specific to audio book listening audience. I was grateful to the reviewers who answered my comment questions regarding remembering the previous location while listening to audio books.


1) Sansa clip has the most important feature for audio book listening audience. It remembers where you left when you last listened to the MP3 player. But there is more! Sansa clip a mode specifically designed for audio books. In this mode the display shows the chapter and specific tracks you are on, so it is easy to navigate or repeat portions as needed. It also has a special mode "Chapter on" which allows you to skip from chapter to chapter (rather than track to track) when you press the forward/back navigation control. Chapter mode is off by default.

2) Sansa is sized 1 1/4"W x 2"H x 5/8"D. The screen is 1"W x 1/4"H. Despite the small screen the font is bold
and crisp (see attached photo of the screen display) and I can read it even with my presbyopic eyes without the glasses. This was a nice surprise since I could not do it with the previous two MP3 players I owned.

3) The navigation controls are extremely well designed, they are intuitive and easy to use. In combination with the easy to read screen this MP3 player is a pleasure to use. Much better than the iIriver and Visual Land, the two previous MP3 players I have had.

4) The volume control is on the side, and it is very easy to control the volume without looking at the MP3 while you walk. I like the control on the side better than the control integrated into the joystick as was the case with my other units.

5) Quick start Guide that comes in the package is of very limited use, however the full manual available on the Sandisk web site very good. I recommend saving a copy of the manual on your local hard disk. This is based on experience with my first MP3 player, which I had for years and when I needed a manual years down the road to sole a problem I could no longer find it on the manufacturer's web site.


1) USB cable that came with the unit is 7 inches long (including plugs on both ends). It did not work conveniently on my work space, and I had to use a regular length USB cable purchased separately.

2) Sansa stops after each chapter. I have to manually jump to the next chapter to continue. This happens both with chapter mode on and off. Screen navigation is easy, but I would have preferred no stops. Not a show stopper... but if someone knows how to change this options, please post a comment with a solution. I would appreciate it!

3) The blister pack was very hard to open, I had to make 4 cuts to get all the pieces out. I don't recall anything that has been that hard to open in several years. Be careful, it is easy to cut yourself!

4) This MP3 player has built-in rechargeable battery and it is not replaceable. To battery is recharged by plugging in MP3 player into the USB port. This means you have to plan ahead and recharge the player when not in use. I prefer the players that have removable batteries for convenience and longevity.

I also want to share one, somewhat embarrassing, tip based on my experience. When I got the player, I could not figure out how to get past the first screen - an animation showing the earphones and the word Music. Turns out it has a very tightly affixed plastic cover over the screen, and the animation was really the changing screen lightening portions of the sticker from below.

Overall, a terrific MP3 player and I am very pleased with it.


As I was considering this Clip+ MP3 player, the next version of this MP3 player Sansa Clip Zip just became available. After reading its manual on-line I was concerned about the lack of references to audio books and decided to purchase the older version of the product. At the time I made the purchase Clip Zip had no reviews, and now there are reviews that mentions a problem with audio book support.


Sansa Clip+ plays the MP3 files in the order of the MP3 tags. If the tags are not in the right order it will play audiobooks out of sequence. If the order of the tags is not correct for some reason ordering tags is pretty easy. There are a number of free utilities that allow you to rename tracks automatically so you don't need to do it manually. I used utilities on both for Windows and Linux. My favorite is Linux "Easy tag" it does ordering for you with a single click for all selected files. I find Windows utilities by Googling for them, and I found Linux utilities by searching the Linux distribution. Search for "ordering MP3 tags".

Updated 10/22/2011

I ran into several technical issues. Forums are full of users experiencing similar issues so I wanted to post my solutions here.

1) There are a number of known issues with the firmware shipping with Clip, most notably freezing of the unit on one of the screens. I was able to unfreeze it by doing a reset (holding down the down button for 20 seconds).
The recommended solution to the freezing problem is to upgrade firmware. However, the firmware upgrade application reported that it could not detect a Clip device attached to my system (it was). Turned out what it was missing is Windows Media Player version 10 or higher.

2) I lost 1.6 gigs out of 4 gig Clip in the fist month of use. I was able to reclaim lost space by reformatting the Clip. This can be accomplished by doing format from the device MENU / SETTINGS / FORMAT. I read the forums and noted that some people tried formatting using Windows and ran into issues. When you format you will loose all content stored on the Clip. To preserve the content you can copy it back to the PC, format, and then copy it back to the Clip. I copy files my just dragging them to/from folders.

3) Several times my Clip turn off in the middle of playing and became unresponsive. I could not turn it on by pressing the on button or by recharging it. I thought it was completely dead. However, this was a crash not a death of the unit. I found that the solution to this problem is to "reboot" the unit, which is accomplished by pushing on the button on side (normally it controls volume) and power button at the same time and holding them down for about a minute. When you release the button, Sansa will reboot and start again.

Finding all the solutions to all problems took many hours. I have not received response from support yet. Some people in forums reported waiting for many weeks. Forums, FAQs and perseverance were helpful in finding the solutions. I am down grading the rating to 4 stars.

Ali Julia review

Updated 6/3/2013 to answer a question I received regarding warranty period:
You can find warranty periods for all Sansa products on their web site. Under Support, then Warranty, and then Warranty Period link.

Audio Visual Players Warranty Period (Years)

Sansa® Clip MP3 Player..........1(Except EMEA) ; 2(EMEA)
Sansa® Clip+ MP3 Player.........1(Except EMEA) ; 2(EMEA)
Sansa® Clip Zip(tm) MP3 Player.....1(Except EMEA) ; 2(EMEA)
Sansa® View MP3 Player..........1(Except EMEA) ; 2(EMEA)
Sansa® Fuze(tm) MP3 Player.........1(Except EMEA) ; 2(EMEA)
Sansa® Fuze(tm)+ MP3 Player........1(Except EMEA) ; 2(EMEA)
slotRadio(tm) Player...............90 days(U.S. & Canada only) ; 2(EMEA)
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on November 21, 2009
This is my second Sandisk Sansa. I had an 8gb Fuze, which my wife is now using because she wanted the video capability, and I never used it. This 8gb Clip is just awesome. I love the Sandisk line anyway, and this is an upgrade (imo) from the one I was using, which I also love. This thing is tiny, has expandable memory, FM and several features to fine tune your music delivery, as well as some basic EQ features. Downloading music from Windows media player is as simple as it gets, as well as being able to use MAC OS (although for me, not as easy).

All in all, this little player has just enough features to make it easy for everyone, and also enough to keep most experienced users happy as well. While I have not had a chance to really stretch the battery life, my other one lasted waaay longer than I ever needed it to, and I suspect this one will do just as well. The charging cord (also used to download music) is very short (very very short). At first I was wondering how I would like that. I now actually prefer it to longer cords. Much easier to distinguish from all of the others. :)

Update: Well, sadly, the "clip" on my new player has broken. I've only used the actual clip one time, and the little hinge broke (not all the way off, but it can no longer be clipped on). I had no plans to use the clip (I just drop the player in my pocket most of the time), but was a little surprised at this. The battery is great, the player still functions great, but this clip seems a little weak. I'd still recommend the Clip+, but be very careful with clipping it to your clothing. Not sure it can handle it.

12/23/09 Update. I have used this player everyday since owning it. I have never overcharged it, and always use it on the most "power friendly" settings. Sadly, the battery life is far below Sansa standards, and frankly well below the claimed battery life. I should not compare it with my Sansa Fuze 8 gb, but that little player (awesme) will outlast the clip by 4 times over on battery life. I am saddened that I will not be able to use it for my intended purpose (long motorcycle rides), so it will just be my "workout" player. I will use my other player for the motorcycle. Oh well, can't win them all.
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on September 8, 2009
The title says is all: Clip +. It is really the first generation of the Clip plus a few well thought out design and firmware changes.

The volume control is now on the opposite side, the side with the usb plug rather than the headphone. With right-angle headphone plugs, you needed to swing the headphone plug out of the way to use the volume control on the old Clip.

The on/off switch is now on the top instead of the left side (where the volume control now is). I often needed to turn off my Clip while under a shirt and not looking at it. I actually turned it off only about half the time because of slide switch. Now there's simply a button on the top. The hold button, which used to be on the on/off switch, is now activated by holding down the menu button. Since I rarely used the hold button I can't say whether this is an improvement.

The clip on the back is a big design change. The clip, for better or worse, is no longer detachable. Personally, I liked being able to detach it if I was using velcro rather the clip to attach to something, like a bag. That being said the new clip is sleeker. Closer to the back of the body and a bit wider. The clip now has a ridge at the end of the clip as opposed to the circle of the old Clip. It seems to hold on just as well.

The square controls (as opposed to the former round controls) doesn't make much of a difference. If you are using the controls by feeling rather than seeing, the square may make it a bit easier to know where you are at on the controls.

Otherwise it is the same size and all. My old Clip silicone case fits it OK, but I will get a new case when they come out.

Inside there are some firmware changes. Included now is a menu item for Slot Player chips (a soon-to-be obsolete format if I've ever seen one). The menus slide rather than jump, giving it a smoother look (I guess). In the old Clip, when you pressed the center button while a track was playing, it went to a visualization, then a listing of the current track playing. Obviously a redundancy. Now, it show info on the next track to play, instead of the current one. Other changes had already been incorporated in firmware updates for the original Clip.

One new function is the replay gain function. Very useful if you shuffle songs. This allows music to play back at about the same volume without you, the listener, having to actually change the volume. It works by adding a bit of instruction to each music file with information about how loud or soft the track is and then the volume of the player adjusts accordingly. Whether your tracks have replay gain information on them depends on how you got them. Many media players, like Media Monkey, can read the tracks and add this information.

One further note on the replay gain function. It should be set to song if you are on shuffle. Also the pregain is set a bit low. If you find yourself fiddling with the volume, increase the replay gain setting to 6 or 9.

The manual says it has gapless play. I believe you need to rip your tracks as gapless for this to work. Many standard mp3 converters don't do this, but maybe it is more prevalent for AAC (iTunes).

The best for last: a micro card slot. This allows you to add capacity to the player (currently the limit is 16gb with larger cards on the horizon), well above the 4gb that it comes with. If you have gone lossless (I use FLAC) then you know that extra file space is a big plus. With only FLAC files, the 4gb player holds about nine hours of music (probably five times more with normal MP3 files). This is fine by me but if I'm going on a trip then having the expansion capacity will be a big plus.

Sound quality wise, it sounds about the same to me, compared with the old Clip. Which means it sounds great, amped or not. Some have noted a fuller, warmer, louder sound, but my old ears can't pick that out.

Why people don't use these by the droves at the gym is beyond me. I still see very few of these players down at the Y, while I see all manner of big iPods. This little machine is perfect for the gym or any on-the-go activity.

August 2011 update: Nearly two years later and this player is still my favorite. The one I recommend to everyone (great Mother's Day present as long you include upgraded ear buds, such as the Yuins). Durability isn't an issue at all. If you want to up your listening experience pair it with the DigiZoid portable sub-woofer (yes, that's not a typo).
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on September 28, 2009
I am very impressed with this device. I needed something small and light so that I could use it while running or biking, and I couldn't ask for a better product.
Before coming across this, I had purchased the new iPod shuffle, which looks cool and is incredible small, but that is where the pros end for that device. I immediately returned the shuffle when I realized I couldn't use my Shure 530's with them (wtf?).
Then I found out about this awesome player. It obviously fits my need for a small, light player, and the fact that it clips easily and securely to a shirt is great. Now, in order for it to earn a five star rating, it needed to do a lot more than just clip to my shirt, and it far exceeded my expectations:
- Sound Quality: I am amazed at how much better this sounds than my iPod classic. The bass reproduction is the most noticeable difference. Hip Hop and electronic music was always lacking in the bass presence with my old iPod, even when paired with some great headphones. There is no issue with this device. The bass does not sound over bloated or artificial in any way, just clear, bold bass as it sounds out of a home theatre or car. Sound Quality is absolutely top notch. Be sure to rip your music using high quality settings, because the difference is definitely noticeable between highly compressed files and larger ones. Lossless files sound amazing.
- Durablility: Can't speak on this yet. I've only had it for a week. But it seems pretty well built. The only issue is the lack of covering for the micro SD slot. This seems to be the weakpoint and I expect problems with reading micro SD cards before the player itself has any problems
- Battery Life: No complaints here. I took it with me out of town last weekend and still haven't had to charge it. It's got about 50% charge after many hours of listening. This will definitely suffice for me.
- Ease of use: Nothing major enough here to cause me to rate it less than 5. It's not as easy to navigate as an ipod, but the value and other considerations make this easy to overlook.

Overall: I really love this product. At only $70, it is a low risk buy that will definitely prove its value in spades. With 32 gb cards on the horizon (c'mon san disk! Hurry up with em!), you can potentially have a 40 gig player the size of a box of matches. This thing is cool.
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114 of 121 people found the following review helpful
on September 18, 2009
I got one of these as a backup player to use for running. Its great - small, lightweight and you can clip it onto a pocket, shirt sleeve or collar and it will hold firmly without falling off. Only had it a week week and its already taken the place of the Cowon D2 I bought a couple of years ago.

If you're looking for a small form factor, well made and cheap flash player without any frills, you'll find it in the Clip+.

These days, the only real benefit to buying a bigger player is so that you can play video on the fly and indeed the design of a lot of new MP3 players seems to be moving in the direction of Portable Media and Games. But if you're after an old-school, no frills MP3 player that sounds great - this is the one for you.

This is easy to use, the interface is simple (crucial if you're using it for running) and it requires no proprietary software (like iTunes) - just a simple drag and drop, and you have an Micro SD card slot to expand the memory (another $40 or $50 will get you a 16 gb micro-sd). All in all a lot better value for money than the screenless iPod shuffle.

If you are in the market for a budget MP3 player, there's really no reason not to buy one of these.

The only downer is the battery life - at 15 hours its decent, but the battery is non-removable (though the cost of the player is so little that by the time it wears out you'll have got your $50 worth), and I'm not sure how the use of the SD card slot will impact that. On my D2 with its rated 52 hours of battery life - playing music or video from the memory card slot seems to reduce the battery life by up to 50%. Something to bear in mind.
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on September 21, 2009
I bought this player in order to replace a dead iPod Shuffle 2G. I'll get right into the pros and the cons.


-Great sound from what I've heard
-Battery life. It's rated at 15 hours and this is more than good enough for my needs
-Drag and drop in Windows Explorer! Coming from the Shuffle, this is huge and extremely nice
-Build quality. Doesn't seem 'squeaky' at all so far
-Good UI design. I'm sure it's no iPod Touch or Zune HD, but it's intuitive and straight forward
-Tiny. Not as tiny as the shuffle, but this has a screen and is therefore acceptable
-FM Radio sounds quite nice. Lots of presets
-MicroSD expandability


-Included USB cable is incredibly short (~6") and could stand to take a hint from the Shuffle line and include a dock and longer USB
-Screen does tend to 'flicker' just a bit as aforementioned in another review. It's not as big a deal as I thought, though
-Included earbuds sound quite nice, but do seem overly large in comparison to the iPod buds

Overall, I'm very glad I made this purchase over replacing my Shuffle with a 2G or even 3G.
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