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Capacity: 32GBStyle: Wireless Flash DrivePackage Type: Standard PackagingChange
Price:$44.15+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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610 of 649 people found the following review helpful
Sandisk put a lot of thought into designing this product, and it shows. It's a USB flash drive (with removable storage) that doubles as a wireless network drive compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Using it with a computer is easy, just plug it in like any other flash drive. Phones and tablets access the device via WiFi and a special app that helps facilitate the file transfers. The speed is adequate for streaming HD movies to multiple users simultaneously. The onboard battery is rated for about 4 hours of usage but I do suggest using a USB power adapter for longer durations. Wireless mode is disabled when it's plugged into a computer.

Sandisk smartly provides an option to connect the device directly to an existing WiFi network in addition to having the device offer its own WiFi connection. A number of 'preferred' networks can be set up so the flash drive connects to those configured networks automatically whenever an access point is within range. Both direct and networked connections are available simultaneously.

The flash drive can also play protected iTunes files provided the iPhone or iPad is already authenticated with the iTunes account that originally purchased the content. The files will play through Safari but otherwise are completely functional. I do not own an Android device so I was unable to test whether or not Google Play content works in a similar fashion.

The only thing lacking is a bookmarking feature for video playback. Streaming video has to be played through the Sandisk app and it will not remember where a video left off if the app is shutdown mid-stream. It would be nice for it to remember where to start from when it's re-loaded.

But overall the Sandisk Connect offers a great solution for inexpensively storing a large amount of media. It's perfect for families with long road trips and want to ensure their kids are well entertained for the ride.
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186 of 195 people found the following review helpful
on September 30, 2013
I've tried to come up with a way to take movies in the van for road trips for the longest time. 1) Built in DVD players = high maintenance and 4 out of 6 kids not liking what is playing. 2) bought some iPads and kindle fires. Don't want to pay through the nose for extra storage so they can only hold a few movies. Eventually the kids are all fighting for the one iPad that has the one high demand movie. So I tried to just put a router with a hard drive in there and never got it to work.

Finally, I happen upon this while looking at sandisk SD cards. I think....too good to be true. A mini router that can stream 5 movies at the same time and hold 64gb of data? Plus 64Gb more expansion? No way. I dove in to try.

Bottom line? Loaded up all 64GB with movies and put in another 64GB SD that it recognized no issue. Loaded the sandisk app on all the iPads, iPhones, and kindle fires. Jumped in the van and turned it on. Not one peep from 5/6 kids for the whole trip. (The 6th is only 1 though). Works like a charm. Period. Love it.

Battery lasts a long time too...5-6hrs maybe? I had it on for 3+ with 45% remaining. If needed, you can just plug it in though with microusb to car power.
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265 of 281 people found the following review helpful
Glossary for this review:

Media Drive = this product

Flash Drive = Sandisk's other wireless flash storage option

You're probably wondering how this product compares to Sandisk's SanDisk Connect 32GB Wireless Flash Drive (SDWS2-032G-E57). To my surprise there is a distinct difference between these two products and the Flash Drive slightly edges out this one.

The reason is that the Media Drive app lacks the ability to copy many types of files from the iPad/iPhone/Android device to the Media Drive. For example, if I receive a PDF via email in the iOS mail application, I can toss that PDF to the Flash Drive's app and then copy it over to the device. The Media Drive doesn't recognize the file at all. Additionally, viewing PDF files on the Flash Drive app will have them open up in the app for immediate viewing. The Media Drive downloads the file and then instead prompts to have it open in another application.

I did find that the Media Drive app was much more intuitive for viewing and/or copying photos between devices. I also like how I can take an SD card out of my digital camera, place it in the Media Drive, and immediately stream video files and still photos to my mobile devices. Very slick. Photos also pop up immediately although the Media Drive app lacks the ability to view RAW files shot by my Nikon SLR.

It's currently not possible to copy files from the card to the Media Drive's internal storage, but Sandisk promises that functionality soon. That will be a great way to back up footage on the go.

The bottom line? If you're mostly moving photos and videos between devices, the Media Drive is the better choice. If you need more flexibility in the types of files you'd like to move around, the Flash Drive offers more flexibility.

Both are excellent products and might help bring sanity to sharing files between different types of computers and devices.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
273 of 299 people found the following review helpful
on November 8, 2013
I really like the concept of this device, but it's still a bit rough in execution. It does work fine for its basic use: load it up with media files from your PC (via USB) then stick it in your pocket and you can stream to multiple devices. No cables needed.

Unfortunately, beyond that it gets frustrating. For example, transferring files in the other direction, from your device to the flash drive is nigh unpossible. As others have noted, there's no option to open files in other apps. Photos and videos always go to the Camera Roll (if it works) and you can't choose a normal file folder. File management is nonexistent.

Wifi is confusing. You can turn on internet access through a local network, but there's just too much complication of how that works, how you access it, when it's password protected, etc. If you're not a technical person, this will be very difficult. There are other weird things like you have to turn on wifi before you plug it in to charge.

I think the hardware is solid. The software is the problem. Of course, it's buggy and locks up occasionally. But the biggest problem is that it just isn't well designed. It's confusing and arcane. You know there's a usability problem when they include four videos on how to use it.

I would recommend this product for a technical person who can live with its limitations (or wait for improvements). There are plenty of other wifi media storage/streaming drives. What sets this apart is it's small size and lack of cables. Just don't expect too much. Plug it into a USB port on your PC, copy some files over, then drop it in your pocket to stream. But it's not a full-featured media management solution.

UPDATE: I'm giving this another star because it turns out you can use larger (i.e. 64 GB) micro SDXC cards. The XC cards are sold formatted as ExFAT but the wireless flash drive wants plain old FAT. So, if you just reformat the card as FAT32 they'll work fine.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Lawrence Stevens,

My name is Allen from SanDisk support. I appreciate your candid feedback and suggestions. We always continue development of the feature of our products. Your feedback helps us improve our services. We would like to discuss this further with you. Please feel free to contact us at 1-866-SANDISK or submit a support request at

Thank you for choosing SanDisk for your flash memory requirements.

SanDisk Support.
The manufacturer commented on the review below
82 of 88 people found the following review helpful
on April 15, 2014
I bought this drive for storage of JPG landscape photos on long road trips where cloud storage and computer access would not be available. The plan was first to put the photos on my iPad for editing, then upload them to the drive as a backup.

The Media Drive is a beautifully designed product, and it worked very well with both an iPad Air and iPhone 5C. The companion Sandisk iOS app makes it easy to browse photos on both devices, and uploading photos to the drive via its wireless connection is easy and relatively fast. When connected to my Mac with a USB cable, the drive appears on my desktop, making it easy to transfer and manage files.

There is only one (unchangeable) default destination folder on the drive for uploaded photos, but it also accepts an SD card, with its own default destination folder. The Sandisk app lets you choose whether photos go to the drive or the card. This makes it easy to use it as backup for both myself and my wife, without getting our photos mixed up. I had no problem using a 32GB SD card for this.

So far, so good. Unfortunately, it turns out that the drive automatically reduces each photo to 2048 pixels wide when they are uploaded to it. This may have been intended to maximize the number of photos the drive can store, but it does cause a loss of resolution and image quality. There is no way to turn off this compression.

Sandisk tech support confirms that this is a "known issue" and their development team is "working on it". Let's hope that a future firmware update will let the drive maintain the original file sizes and quality. As it stands, though, photographers should be aware of this issue when considering the product.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi John Kupersmith,

My name is Allen from SanDisk support. I appreciate your review and feedback. We have already acknowledged the issue and has been forwarded to the development team for investigation. If you have any further suggestions or issue, please contact SanDisk support at 1-866-SANDISK or submit a support request at We will assist you towards an appropriate resolution.

Thank you,
SanDisk Support.
216 of 244 people found the following review helpful
Everybody at the office where I work now wants one of these. I would recommend one of these wireless flash drives to anyone who is looking for a way of having access to more content than what you can store on your tablet, and to be able to share that content with others.

I got the Wireless Flash Drive about two weeks ago, and been using it on a daily basis. It's surprisingly easy to use to stream both music and movies - even with several people at the same time.

First a little bit about the drive. It's a bit bigger than most regular flash drives that are being sold these days - it looks more like one of the early models from about ten years ago. The drive features a sliding collar that covers the USB connector, two LED indicators that shows the status of the unit charging and operation, and a good size button for turning the unit on and off. There is micro-SD slot on the side of the unit, which has a 32GB SanDisk Ultra HC micro-SD card in it. I assume that you can buy another card and swap them out as needed. I could see keeping one card with music and another with videos - but that's just me.

The unit took about an hour to charge the first time I pulled it out of the box, and a little less than two hours when used to a point where the device no longer functioned. I've charged the unit both via a USB port on my laptop, and with the USB charger that came with my HP TouchPad.

Over the course of the past two weeks or so, I've tried this wireless flash drive with a variety of laptops and tablets (HP webOS TouchPad, android tablets, apple iPhone, iPad mini & iPod touch), with the exception of one laptop running Vista everything else worked flawlessly - even with several people accessing content at the same time. The laptop running Vista & IE9/Chrome was my personal laptop, and for some reason the laptop can access the wireless drive in it's unsecured mode, but when you password protect it - the laptop can't seem to see the drive. I called into the Sandisk tech support, and was passed up to a second tier customer service technician. After spending nearly 45 minutes on the phone we could not resolve the problem. I finally gave up and decided that the problem wasn't the wireless drive but instead some issue with my laptop. One thing I did learn while taking to the tech, if you need to do a factory reset on the wireless drive - just hold down the power button for 30 seconds, you should get three flashes on one of the LED indicators after which you can release. So if you password protect the device and forget the password, just reset it and set up the password again. Doing a factory reset doesn't affect the content on the memory card.

Using the drive with both android and apple tablets required downloading an app for that. The app is free and was easily installed. You can find it here at Amazon in the App Store. With the laptops, you need to use a browser to access the wireless flash drive - a bit clunky IMO, but it works. SanDisk Connect(TM) Wireless Flash Drive

I also tried out combining the flash drive's WiFi to that of my AT&T MiFi device, so that I could access both at the same time. It was very easy to do, I simply followed the instruction from the video on the wireless drive on how to do that and was up and running in just a few minutes. The flash drive shows up on the MiFi as a connected device. I am able to surf the web and check email while playing music off of the wireless drive.

SanDisk Connect, Wireless Flash Drive 32GB

ETA: 4-24-2014

Just recently purchased a Kindle Fire HD (7") and added the SanDisk Connect app to it and can report that the wireless flass drive works fine with the ereader. I'm able to access and play all the videos & music I have on the drive as well as the PDF files.
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29 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on January 1, 2014
5 Stars: Prime ordered the SanDisk Connect 32GB and a SanDisk Ultra 64 GB microSDXC card. The SanDisk Connect supplied 32GB card wasn't going to hold enough for what I wanted to attempt, so decided to format and use the 64GB card as FAT32 with 'fat32format.exe'. (It's simple, just search Google to download it.)

Via computer, filled the SanDisk Connect, now containing 64GB card, with TV shows, movies, home videos, photos and mp3s. Installed the free Android SanDisk Connect software (Google Play) onto each of the family member's tablets. Easy stuff? Objectively, yes. Very, very easy.

Flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo: The normal video streaming 5 hour battery life of the SanDisk Connect was not going to last long enough. Placed it into a 'Yoobao 11200mAh External Battery Pack' external battery charger, then turned it on after take-off and put it back into my carry-on in the overhead bin. All three of us were able to choose and watch our own externally stored personal media not only for the entire 12 hour flight, but also for the wait for luggage and the long shuttle to the inner city hotel, with plenty of juice left as well. Impressive. (Tablet battery notice: your mileage may vary of course.) All of this without having to store any of the media directly on our tablets (saving a modicum of time & lots n lots of space).

Note: AVIs stream splendidly from the SanDisk Connect to tablets. To stream MKV files, simply change the file extension name to AVI. Also, SanDisk says that only three devices are supported streaming at once, we have managed five.

Today I have the SanDisk Connect plugged into the SUV cigarette lighter (USB adapter required, I use this one: PowerGen 2.4Amps / 12W Dual USB Car charger. This simple method has the SanDisk Connect streaming along for everyone in the car on our long road trips. Two more 64GB micro SD cards now filled and ready as well.

Lots of ideas for the SanDisk Connect. Capable little device? Yes. Very, very capable = 5 Stars. Nicely done SanDisk.
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19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on December 10, 2013
First impressions: Small, simple to use, works with a host of devices, ample storage.
I just received my Media Drive yesterday, and it's working just how I'd hoped it would. After the initial charge, I downloaded the free Sandisk app to my Android phone, quickly set up the connection and was able to access the drive immediately. Upon that first access, I was prompted to download and install the newest firmware from the Sandisk site. After the install and a restart, I transferred about 10 mp4 format movies and a few gb of music via the included micro USB cord. Movie playback was smooth and crystal clear over wifi. Same with the MP3s, no lagging or stuttering. I didn't transfer any pictures to the drive, but was able to view the Album art from the songs to see that that function works fine also.
So far, I've used the drive with 2 Android phones, an Android tablet, and a Kindle Fire, all with good results. The only "con" I could list is that the app/media drive crashes whenever I try to switch to the "Album" view in the songs folder. I can, however, still view them by title, artist, etc. A protective sleeve/case would have been a nice addition to protect the finish, but that's something easily found here on Amazon.

**2 Month Update** Since having the device for a couple months I wanted to add a few things to help potential buyers.

Video Formats (Android OS): First, although the device still functions well for me, I have been frustrated a more than a few times at the inability to play different video formats. I do realize Sandisk states that playback is limited to files "Natively" supported by your device. Natively being the key word. I've become so used to being able to download free apps/players with any codec I've needed, that I'd forgotten what Android's original player supports. Thus about half of the video files I was able to previously watch on my phone are useless on the Media drive, in particular AVI and MKV. If you attempt to playback an MKV with the drive, you'll get picture, but no sound. And AVI's won't play at all. MP4 seems to be the best route to go if you're going to convert/encode videos to watch on an Android device. I did find I can also view M4V (similar to MP4) and 3GP files with no problems.
Sandisk does address the issue, but their only solution is to recommend a third party app (RealCloud Player) to view unsupported files. However, in my experience with it, if you attempt to view a file that you're unable to watch with the native Sandisk app, RealCLoud Player will tell you you have to first upload it to their cloud to be converted before you're able to view it. Since some of my video files are +/- 1Gb, that's just not feasible due to time and bandwidth constraints. I'd like to see Sandisk come up with an alternative to this in the future, perhaps their own suite of video conversion software that will allow users to re-encode files to something more suitable for their device.

Device Storage Case : Does anyone else find it odd that Sandisk doesn't offer a carrying case for transporting this drive? It's such a small, simple shape that it wouldn't take much to design something to protect it. Since I couldn't find anything offered by Sandisk themselves, I began looking for a suitable substitute. There are hundreds of cases that would offer great protection, but their bulk would nearly do away with the ultra-portability. On the other extreme, I considered something light weight like a micro fiber bag, but while it would protect the finish, it wouldn't stop it from being damaged if handled roughly. Since I use the drive most often while at the gym I settled on something small enough to throw in a gym bag, but rugged enough to get bounced around. The Pelican i1010 Waterproof Case I found here on Amazon was a nearly perfect fit for the Media Drive and a pair of headphones. It was designed for an iPod and has a built in headphones pocket in the lid. The only minor modification I had to do was to tuck the built-in headphone cord under the rubber case insert. Once that was out of the way, the Media Drive fit snugly inside the rubber lined, water proof-case. Perfect for tossing in my gym bag or glove box. And the kicker is, you don't even need to take it out to use it, just turn the power on and close the case back up - the wireless signal easily passes through the case. I'll upload some pictures to the customer images section of it in use.
review image review image
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39 of 44 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon July 29, 2013
When I think of external computer storage devices I always include SanDisk® on the list. Earlier this month SanDisk® introduced the next step in flash drives; their new "SanDisk® Connect Wireless Flash Drive." According to their promotional blurbs, this wireless flash drive can store, share and stream your digital files across tablets, smartphones and computers. And the real kicker is it "works anywhere, no internet required." Now I'm certainly no digital device "techie" but even I was interested in knowing more. According to SanDisk, this "Wireless Flash Drive is the next-generation of wireless storage technology."

My family has a PC, a couple of Mac laptops and an iMac, as well as a couple of mobile devices. It would seem we are probably the target audience for this new flash drive. My spouse and I both have external storage devices hooked up to our computers and share data back and forth by way of the internet, standard flash drives and memory cards so I hadn't considered upgrading to something else. The device itself isn't much larger than one of the older SanDisk® flash drives from a decade ago and comes in 16GB and 32GB models. The one I am reviewing is the 32GB flash drive. It works just like a regular flash drive but has the added convenience of wireless mobile access to your movies, photos, music, and documents from anywhere in the house or while you are on-the-go, and all without the internet! According to SanDisk® it works with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Kindle Fire and Android devices, as well as a PC (Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac (OS 10.6 or higher) computer. I've already heard that PC/Mac users are not very satisfied with this device.

This device works wirelessly using Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n); no internet or router required. It can connect up to eight devices at the same time and stream video to as many as three devices, with accessibility up to 150 feet from the "SanDisk® Connect Wireless Flash Drive." Unlike a standard flash drive, this device must be charged up first and can then be used for up to four hours of continuous streaming on a single charge. Charging is easy and can be done by either plugging the device directly into a USB port on a computer or by using a USB AC adapter. I plugged it into my PC to charge it up. There is a small light on the flash drive to let guys like me know when it is fully charged. This is the kind of detail I really like because, as I noted earlier, I can be technically challenged at times, especially with new innovations like this one. An additional feature my wife discovered is the 32GB memory card is removable which means once it is full either move some or all of the data to another location or just slip in another card and you're ready to go.

After charging the unit you then need to download an App so you can control your "SanDisk® Connect Wireless Flash Drive." I found several places the App was available for download (Amazon, Google and the Apple App Store), but I decided to download it to my wife's iPad from the SanDisk® website; it's FREE! After that is done just press the on/off button on the "SanDisk® Connect Wireless Flash Drive" and it creates its own WiFi network. By the way, all of the information you need to get started and use this device is available in written and video format on the SanDisk® website. Based on what I've already written, I doubt you thought I was technically adept enough to set this up and use it without professional help. You were right. The videos on the SanDisk website are especially helpful. Kudos to SanDisk.

I wasn't interested in using this device to transfer data between our home computers, we have other ways for doing that (like Drop Box), but my adult children did find sharing and streaming digital files to and from their laptops "really cool" and my wife really enjoyed wirelessly moving files back and forth between this wireless flash drive and her iPad. More importantly, for my children to have a device to stream movies and such between their smartphones was even "more cool." Watching my family enjoy this SanDisk® product may change my mind about joining them. As with most new devices there is always a learning curve to master before becoming proficient at using a new device. The "SanDisk® Connect Wireless Flash Drive" is no exception. The device comes with Quick Start instructions in the box and as I mentioned previously the website videos are excellent and easy to understand; a toll-free phone number is available for technical support on the SanDisk® website.

This product is brand new on the market and frankly not that easy to find yet; it's not even available on at this point. Like any new product it's not inexpensive right now. I'm sure this comes as no surprise since it is the "next new thing." It retails for under $60. Oh, I almost forgot, the WiFi network on this device can be password protected for security. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty.

It will probably take some time before I put this device into general use, using all the capabilities it has to offer. I stream movies through other devices hooked up to my TV and I don't own a tablet or smartphone. However, I am sure that my children will give it a full workout each time they come to visit; which is often. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease by which we were able to set up and use this relatively small device. I think my entire family was pleased with the "SanDisk® Connect Wireless Flash Drive."
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18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon August 5, 2013
This product fills a very specific niche market. It will let you create an adhoc WiFi connection that your tablet, smart phone, or computer can access. If you are using Android or iPhone/iPod Touch you can connect using SanDisk's applications and connect to the Internet via a separate connection. I attempted to link to it using my laptop that runs Knoppix Linux, but while it was able to connect the computer could not access the shared files. I can't fault it for that though, the system requirements do not say it will work; I mention it only in case you're thinking of using this with a Linux system.

The network that the drive will create is quite good. It reaches for about 160' according to their documentation and I didn't notice any deviation from that. When turned on, it will blink periodically to let you know it is on and when nothing was connected for a while it turned itself off. You don't even need to use the apps to access it if you have a web browser you can log into the URL provided in the manual and view all the files. The network however is wide open to anybody who wants to snoop on it. By default there is no security. You can set a wireless password (WPA2), but there is a slight hitch doing that. I'll explain why a little further in the review. One other heads up, while plugged into your computer via the USB drive for file transfer/charging, you will be unable to generate the WiFi network.

I had some reservations when I first picked out this item. I didn't have time to look over all the specs so I was assuming it'd be a normal USB drive with a WiFi card and a battery slapped in. For any of you who are equally obsessed with non-replaceable batteries, which probably isn't many, that was a big turnoff; however, I discovered when I received it that it's more of a USB card reader than a regular flash drive. That means if the battery does die at some point, you still have a 32 GB memory card you can use. Just awesome, I could not have designed a better product myself in that respect. The sliding cap at the bottom isn't exactly my favorite thing, since dirt could still get into the connector while it's in your pocket as well as making the end a little too fat for some USB ports when one port is already in use, but very minor complaints in that regard. Overall, great design.

The only real thing that keeps me from voting this thing an absolute perfect vote is that a lot of stuff is only really useable if you have an Android or iOS device. For example, at the time of this writing I can locate no PC software that corresponds to the aps for those other operating systems. You can still access the files as mentioned previously, but you cannot share an internet connection at the same time you are logged into the drive, at least not in anyway I've found. You also cannot set up the wireless password to encrypt your network or perform other checks like what firmware revision you're using (tip: you should go to their site and look for this drive under support to find the firmware to update it anyway). This comes across as something of a slap in the face to PC users and more importantly significantly reduces the functionality if you can't use the apps. I hope it's just the newness of the product and they'll release a Windows tool to configure it.

A last thought about the drive. If you need something to backup your tablet or smart phone or you want to share files with a group of people quickly at the same time without passing a drive around, then this is just about perfection. If you just want to share files over your network without having a computer turned on, you're likely better off getting a router with USB ports and plugging in a regular USB drive; routers with that feature can be had for nearly as low as the price of this product. My advice, don't just buy this because it's cool, which it really, really is, but plan out if you'll have practical use for it. If it is something you need, you'll be far happier with it and might even consider buying a second one for work or as a gift. With the exception of the aforementioned PC limitations, this is the device I would design to meet all of my practically insane level of criteria in a USB drive. A definite recommended from me.

---Update 08/18/13---

I just found that you can set up WP2 security! The instructions didn't mention it, but when you log into the drive through your browser to view files there's a little cogwheel type icon in the upper right side of the screen (sort of like Google has). If you click that, you go into settings and can select the security and add a password or rename the WiFi network. I'm not sure if that was present before or if the last firmware update included it, but either way that makes this drive even better.
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