Customer Reviews: Sandpiper of California Rolling Loadout Luggage X-Large Bag (Black, 15.5x37x17-Inch)
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on August 6, 2012
I purchased this bag for a deployment to Afghanistan and it has held up well. No signs of wear, tears, or broken zippers. The expansion zipper is great and you can easily exceed the common 70lb weight limit. My only complaint is getting the bag to stand up without assistance. This is not an issue and I needed that only once.

The bag is huge! You could easily hid a person in (my 9 year old surprised me with this). After three months of living out of it it has proven itself.
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on September 19, 2013
So I ordered this bag to carry all of my stuff from Germany where I was stationed to my PCS location in Korea. As you are only allowed two pieces of luggage I wanted something roomy with a lot of pockets. This product delivered in that respect but that was the only area in which it excelled. The Handle is a soft handle so controlling it while trying to roll it through airports at Frankfort and Incheon was difficult to say the least. But most disappointing was the fact that somewhere in transit between Germany and Korea two of the long plastic rods riveted to the bottom to help give the bag form busted loose and now stick out at odd angles. This makes the bag all but unusable. Overall very disappointed with this product.
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on December 3, 2012
Pros: VERY VERY large. I fit 2 duffle bags worth of items into this bag and still had room left over. The wheels roll extremely smooth and the material feels heavy duty. The zippers appear to be constructed well, but only time will tell how well they actually hold up. The handles are great for guys who a taller, but those of us of a shorter stature will find them more difficult. This bag would be my all time favorite if it had a hard plastic pop up style handle attached to the bottom. I would easily spend another $130 for a second one with that option.

Cons: I received this bag from via Amazon. I ordered the coyote tan bag but instead received the black one. I immediately checked online and the packing slip to ensure I had indeed ordered the correct color. Both sources confirmed that I had ordered the coyote tan. I then called 800 line directly. They apologized for the wrong package being delivered and offered to exchange it. That is great and all but I am about to deploy and cannot wait for the exchange. I told the customer service rep this and she kindly offered to put a note on my order that includes a gift certificate for the right colored bag upon my return. I was impressed with this level of customer service, but the skeptic in me will wait till I get back to see if it is too good to be true. However, because of that very kind lady on the other end I still recommended to several of my fellow service members that they too should buy from E-bags via Amazon. Apparently, most of them did and absolutely love this S.O.C. bag.
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on March 5, 2014
Do not listen to the other review. That guy wanted Coach luggage with a small puppy sticking his head out his purse. This bag is great, so much that I ordered a second one. Comparatively with other like bags, the wheels are beefier that can actually handle a beating. Ive drug them through gravel and sand and performed exactly the way I expected, your dragging heavy s***. No kidding. Ofcourse its going to be a pain unless your going through LAX but I assure you with the environments of transitioning from base to base in other countries, this will be worth it and makes your life easier.

The handle drag strap is indeed a strap, but it is a durable strap that I can't complain about. If my bag is too heavy (which it has many times) then I just switch hands and remember not to skip arm day at the gym. Could it benefit from a solid extending handle, yes, but its also something that could easily be broken and render the bag partially unusable. The strap I like because its simple, durable and in the off chance that it were to break, I can have some afghany boy sew the crap out it and make it 100% again.
I honestly haven't used the big shoulder straps much at all because of natural travel snagging. But when it was a light enough load for me to throw on my shoulder I found it comfortable.

Space. This thing can easily carry two duffle bags worth of stuff, a spare tire, shetland pony and a petit woman. Ok maybe not so much on the other stuff but two duffle bags worth, absolutely. Though it always seems when I feel I might be pushing the brink of useable space in the bag, I cinch it down and realize that I could've gotten more in there. The only downfall is it can fit more then you'd want to carry in weight. So when you cinch your whole lockers worth of stuff down, remember your going to have to lift it into a truck at some point.

Zippers are solid. I have some other SOC gear and this bag holds true to the rest and the zippers are rugged, havent had an issue in the years of owning the brand.

To wrap it up, the bag is awesome for the field and deployments. SOC is an awesome brand that ill continue to trust and use their products, especially at their competitive prices. Hope this helped.
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on January 26, 2013
When the box arrived it was beat to death. The luggage bag was wrapped in a plastic bag and all was fine. It arrived fast, without paying for the two shipping. Amazon is ALWAYS good with shipping, never had a problem with speed.

The bag itself is BIG! I needed it to fit some of my photography extras. I am able to fit two Flashpoint 320 strobes, two light stands, folding 5in1 reflector, tripod, mono pod, and various other smaller items. The bag has wheels, which is good for me. I have about 65lbs worth of stuff in it. Its NOT padded, so probably not the best choice for my expensive gear, but I'm careful.

Over all the bag is strong, durable and has a LOT of room, with side pouches for additional storage. 5 Stars!
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on February 7, 2015
I used this once for a trip to New Mexico. I had roughly 74lbs in this bag. The stitching from the seams underneath the handle came undone. Now I have a huge hole underneath the handle were the stitching from the seams came undone. I missed the return window now I have this worthless bag that I can't do anything with. Unless you want to lose your money please do not buy this product. Learn from my mistake do not buy.
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on August 24, 2015
This bag is amazing. I use it to carry my arsenal of rental airsoft guns. Each bag can hold about 10 carbine rifles. It has lots of side pockets and a good strap that will keep the guns in place. Nice sturdy wheels. Handles off road great my only complaint is that the bag cannot stand upright by itself. It still gets a 5 star I own two of them both are excellent!
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on August 7, 2014
I purchased this bag for a military deployment which I am currently on. My job requires me to travel frequently throughout the Middle East which puts a lot of wear and tear on the bag and gives me the opportunity to see how it holds up. I have been living out of this bag for the past 4 months and can say I am very satisfied with it.

Overall, I would say the bag has performed very well. It is has ample space which allows me to pack everything I need for my deployment with plenty of compartments on the outside and inside. The stitching, zippers, and material have held up nicely even under the frequent travel and daily usage. The wheels, although showing visible signs of wear and tear, handle very well over the rocks, sand and other terrain they encounter.

I did have one issue with the bag, not due to the manufacturer, but it was resolved immediately by Amazon which I am deeply grateful for (one happy customer). During my last move, it appears that two of the rivets that hold one of the wheel assemblies together snagged on something while in transit causing them to become loose. This caused the entire wheel assembly to drag which made it impossible to wheel the bag around. I reported the issue to Amazon and within a few hours they responded that they were waiving their 30 day return policy and sending me a new bag.

To be fair, and the reason I gave it four stars is because of the handles. They are nice because you have the ability to store them away inside of pockets but when used for their intended purpose of pulling the bag feel a bit awkward. The handles are soft and short which take some getting used to especially when fully loaded. This is a very small issue when compared to how well the bag is constructed.
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on April 11, 2015
Purchased this bag for short deployments throughout the Pacific Rim. On its first trip the seam ripped open just below the pull handle. The bag didn't even make through the first leg of my journey before it was virtually useless. Another soldier travelling on the same trip had the same bag. His lasted until we reached the airport on the return trip before tearing in the same place. The problem lies in the fact the handle is sewn directly to the wall of the bag with no reinforcement. The bag is massive and could be fantastic for deployments. You could easily pack 100 lbs of gear and clothing into this product but I would be surprised if it could handle more than 40 lbs as designed. My bag had about 70 lbs loaded when it ripped. My partner's was packed with closer to 55 lbs. Poorly designed and manufactured. This product only inhibits the target audience's ability to complete assigned missions.
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on August 8, 2012
I used it during military training in Custer State Park. I lived out of it for 24 days. Worked much better than a duffel bag. I could easily get into it and find my gear. The wheels rolled over everything that came its way. It makes it ruff when we have to form a line and pass duffels down a line to load them on a plane or bus. That is the main issue I se with them when using them in a military setting. The bag's material held up well. I would recommend this.
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