Customer Reviews: The Sands Of Time (The Witching Pen series Book 2)
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on September 3, 2012
A 5 * read for adults.
I liked the prequel, enjoyed the Witching Pen book one and am now really building an appreciation of the talent of this author. Sands of Time is a novella with the emphasis no longer on the first couple but now on Amy and Pueblo.
Even though the emphasis shifts, this novella serves as the spice to what promises to be a very interesting and delectable dish. The prequel served as the base of the story and the dish, book one, served as the basic ingredients, wetting all our collective palettes. And the Sands of Time most certainly serves to spice up the dish, I was reminded of the intricacies of a rose as I read this novella, as one after the other petal opens up in new bloom, it serves to bewitch but promise so much more. This is truly a must read for all adult readers with a love for the paranormal.
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on July 30, 2012
Never before have I read a series where I have been so completely immersed and invested in 3 couples with such diverse (and otherworldly) backgrounds and histories! Karl & Elena, Gwain & Mary, Pueblo & Amy ~ LOVE them all and cannot wait for the 3rd installment to see where their futures lie. I am reminded of the Sookie Stackhouse novels when Charlaine Harris was at her best - sexy, raw and creative with a paranormal flair ~ love it!

The demon mythology that Dianna Hardy has created is truly mesmerizing and the relationships and bonds that are created between beings that have been raised and ingrained to despise one another is remarkable - I read Wilted, The Witching Pen and this novel in less than a week and am at a bit of a loss having to wait until the end of August for the next "chapter" ~ REALLY ENJOYABLE and creative read!
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on August 6, 2012
I hoped it was possible, and indeed it was; The Sands of Time was just as amazing as The Witching Pen! Hurray! Book two is somewhat darker and sexier than book one, and it still managed to completely hold my attention.

The Sands of Time is a beautifully crafted novella, that once again reads like a book; it has the meat and depth of a full length novel. The characters are intriguing, and it was fascinating looking at the development of Elizabeth's character and her relationship with the endearing Pueblo. I know who would have thought after book one that would be how I described him!

It was equally an eye-opener to follow Mary's character. Geez, I was so taken aback - completely not what I expected - bravo Dianna! It's quite rare that a book effectively drops a major bombshell regarding one of its main characters that I wasn't at least a little bit privy to, yet Dianna managed to successfully blow me out of the water with this one! Just you wait guys!

A phenomenal follow up to The Witching Pen, and a series that is clearly delving into a much darker place. An awe inspiring 5 stars! I can't wait until book three, The Demon Bride which is available on August 31st 2012.
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on July 28, 2012
This is the second book of the series "The Witching Pen" all of which are exciting and entertaining. I was so hooked after book one that I had to find out what else was going to go on. Of course we are stuck with a cliffhanger. I will be looking out for the third book in a few months. *Grins*

This one is just as good as the first book and it has twists and turns and the unexpected. It picks up where the last ends and then adds to the chaos that was already ensuing. The characters are cute and easy to fall in love with or hate. Take your pick but it is just as good as the first one and that is hard in itself to follow up on since most series are so predictable or loose their "flare" along the way but not this... if anything it hypes it up.

I do recommend this book and the first one and the Prequel "Wilted" to everyone. Remember it is hard to find good books that keep you engrossed and this is one of the ones that you will want to read and re-read then share and re-read!
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on February 11, 2012
The second installment in the Witching Pen Trilogy was wonderful. It was passionate,entertaining and ,truly, a joy to read.

Picking up a week after the last novella, Pueblo is searching tirelessly for Amy who disappeared after the big showdown at the end of the last book. He accidentally blood bonded with her and his inner beast is going crazy without her.

Amy wakes with no memory of who or where she is. She's told her name is Elizabeth but it just doesn't seem right. All she knows for sure is that there's something (or someone) missing from her life. It's only when she dreams that she feels truly whole, because he is there.

I really enjoyed this read. Dianna Hardy does a fantastic job creating a world where demons aren't all bad and the power of a bond can prevail against even the strongest magic. I usually try to stay away from novellas and short novels because I'm afraid there won't be enough time for character or world development but not in this little gem. Not only was I surprised to find an in-depth plot but wonderfully established characters. I cannot recommend this series enough. I'm highly looking forward to the next installment (The Demon Bride) to be released in the summer :)
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VINE VOICEon June 4, 2014
I was really excited to see the Pueblo would be one of the main characters in Sands of Time. I fell in love with him in The Witching Pen and couldn't wait to see what happened with him and Amy. Amy was kidnapped right at the end of book one, and now everyone is on the hunt to find her. Pueblo shouldn't have a problem tracking her down by their blood bond, but where ever she has been taken, hides her even from him.

Most of the story seems to be told by Elizabeth May - she is the piece of the puzzle that holds everything together in this story. She knows that something isn't right - she's knows that the life she is living isn't her own, but she's not sure how it happened or what to do about it. Her struggle was hard to watch at times as she tried to make her current feelings match what she had been told about her life.

There is a lot happening around Elena as well. She is still new to her new powers, and needs Karl to help keep her balanced. But when something happens to Mary as well, we find a new hero ready to save the day. While this was a great story, there is a time paradox involved and I always struggle with those a little bit.
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The following review is my opinion and not a paid review.

I read and reviewed the first book of The Witching Pen Novellas called The Witching Pen. It was an amazing read. When I wasn't reading I thought about it all the time. Always wanting to know what was happening. I couldn't wait to start the next book in the series called The Sands Of Time.

The Sands Of Time starts where The Witching Pen left off with Pueblo the demon blood-bonded with Amy. He is going crazy trying to find her. Pueblo can't even find her with their bond. He can't feel her. Pueblo knows that if he can't feel her she must be lost in a time loop.

Elizabeth can't remember who she is. Nothing seems familar to her not even her husband. It just does not seem right to her. I mean if two people love each she should have some kind of memory or feel for him, right? but she doesn't. She has dreams of a black panther that she has a physical feeling for. She is very determind to find out who she really is.

The most mysterious character in the book was Mary. I couldn't quiet figure out exactly who or what she is. When she is blamed for murder and put in jail Gwain is the only one that can help Mary with the nighmares that she has. Mary has a problem that no one knows about but Gwain he is the only one who knows and can help her after she has one. Gwain becomes very attached to Mary. I hope in the third book of the series The Demon Bride due to be published August 31, 2012 that we find out more about Mary. August seems like a very long time to have to wait for The Demon Bride. I am just like a little kid with a new toy I want to read it now.

Thanks Dianna for letting me read The Witching Pen Novellas.
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on February 15, 2012
I really liked the first book in this series. This one, although well written again and had interesting characters, failed to engross me. There was plenty of action but I simply lost interest in them. The story also went into an unexpected dark sexual twist (BDSM) that, to me, just took over the whole tone of the book although there were only a few scenes of this. I wish someone had hinted about this in their reviews so I'm giving everyone a heads up. I did like the pacing and tone of the author and the premise of her world.

If I had read this before the first book, I would not have bought any other books in this series. I'm curious to find out how it would conclude in the third book but I'm not sure the BDSM tone indicated by this book for the main characters in that third story would make me pay more than $1 for it.
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I really enjoyed the first book of this series, but I must admit this was a stellar second part. In my experience, the second or third book depending on how many there are in the series, kind of lags. Not so in this case. In my opinion this book was actually better than the first.

In the first book you think you have all the good guys/bad guys nailed. Its black and white and you couldn't be more Wrong. That is an absolutely horrid assumption to make. This one lacks the sweetness of the first part and delves into the darker sides of love. It had an ingenious twist dealing with a time loop that has you drooling by the sheer creativity of the author. I admit it. I am absolutely hooked into this story.

We have Elizabeth who has lost all of her memories. She wakes up after apparently trying to commit suicide (her wrist is bandaged) to a life she feels no connection to. She is married to Paul and from his point of view they were extremely happy. So why did she try to kill herself if they were living in wedded bliss? Things don't add up and the only peace she has is when she sleeps. In her dreams she is comforted by a beautiful black cat who wraps her in a sense of familiarity that she lacks in her waking reality.

Pueblo is frantically searching for Amy. He hasn't slept or ate in the two weeks she has been missing. He doesn't feel comfortable with the mismatched group that he has come to know through her. Karl makes him feel humble while Elana, his half-demon/half-witch mate, secretly scares the crap out of him. She is like a bomb that could explode at any minute. He refuses to be around her if Karl isn't there and believes its in everyones best interest that Elena is NEVER parted from him. Look what almost happened the last time. He convinces the group to seek out another sect of demons with magical powers. Amy has literally fallen of the map, so shes either lost in time, or in one of the levels of hell. Piece of cake right? lol!!

Mary is the character that fascinates me the most. We have demons, angels, and witches (oh my!) already in this story, but Mary is on another scale altogether. I am leaning towards dark prophet. That is the best guess I have. Especially when she disappears from jail at the end of the story. Talk about a cliffhanger. This series has completely sucked me in and I cannot wait for the next book!! Dianna has added a dark edge to her story that is seductively addictive. I eagerly await the final taste!!!
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on September 2, 2012
The second installment in the Witching Pen Novellas, an adult paranormal romance trilogy.

The first book, The Witching Pen, was amazing but this book just stepped onto a whole other level. I was instantly hooked from the first page, and wasn't going anywhere until I finished it. Each reader is in for a roller coaster of a ride, and a few shocks along the way.

One of the best things about this series is how there are many main characters, who all have their part to play and the reader learns more about each one over time. There is so much going on but the reader never feels overwhelmed, just completely engrossed as all the pieces start to fit together.

This book got my pulse racing a few times, and those scenes were essential to the story, but written so well it didn't seem wrong or offensive.

I am now addicted to this series, and can't wait to get stuck into The Demon Bride later tonight (which thankfully has already been released), though then have to wait until next year for the spin-off novel :(

Contains sexual content and some violence, therefore only suitable for the older YA reader.

I received this book from the author in return for an honest review.
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