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on July 8, 2011
I purchased this unit a few years ago (my plumber actually did) and had it installed by my plumber in a basement bath with a toilet, sink and stand-up shower, about 3 feet below the sewer main. Installation was complicated due to the pipe runs and tying into the copper main and soil stack,and there was no way I was going to touch that. Since then it's been running strong, even after my two year old dropped a thomas train in the toilet. I had to disconnect the toilet pipe from the unit, but reaching inside, with the unit unplugged of course, I felt inside, felt it with my fingers, promptly removed it and disposed of it in the trash.
Recently, my wife began using the shower downstairs to keep from waking the kids. Well, she has long hair and we don't have one of those hair catchers in the drain, so over time, these long hairs have collected in the intake of the pump. The other day I saw it was backing up and remembering back to the piles of hair I've been removing recently, I knew what was wrong. I had to remove the unit from all the pipe connections which was relatively simple, the complication is the water that wants to drain out during disconnecting pipes. I found that the top is held on by three tabs which can be released by gently prying on the top cap lip, and proceeded to remove water using a small cup. I wish I had installed a shallow pan underneath to catch small dribbles of water.
The pump assembly comes free from the casing with three screws and after that I hosed down the entire thing, making sure I did not get the plug wire running into the box all wet. I cleaned out the intake, put it back together, re-installed it behind the bathroom wall and now it's running just as strong as before. After some use, I'll check the connections to make sure they are still watertight.
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on May 24, 2013
I purchased the Saniflo Compact. We hooked it up per the instructions and tested it. It cycled once. When we tried to flush it again....nothing. The electronic valve to fill the bowl would not open. So we were instructed by tech support to return the guts. So we disassembled it... Which was time consuming. Saniflo shipped us a replacement unit or should I should say, the guts. So we reassembled it. Plugged it in and the same thing happened. It cycled once and then quit. Saniflo told us to check the water pressure. It was within spec at 72 PSI. Then we checked the 20 Amp GFI circuit. It to was in spec. So Saniflo sent us another guts assembly and we replaced it again. Same thing happened! Nothing after the first flush. We gave up! We went to Home Depot and purchased the Thetford Macerator toilet. Plugged it in and it worked first, second and every flush after that. It is quieter too!

I spend 3 weeks and a contractor fee trying to get the Saniflo to work. I had to pay for the return shipping too! I asked for this to be refunded and they refused! I have nothing good to say about the company or the product! Good luck with this product.
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on July 4, 2012
Had one of these pumps installed 7 years ago when I finished my basement. Powerful flush and pump. Worked as designed. Totally adequate so long as you ensure it handles only human waste and toilet paper. It is my understanding per manufacturer docs that paper towels, feminine products, dental floss, are enemies of the Saniflo. My setup is pretty straight forward. I have a 1/2 bath constructed in which the wet wall abuts the utility room so I have easy access to all plumbing. The toilet is against this wall and the mascerating unit is on the other side of the wall out of sight. I have a rise of roughly 3 feet and run of about the same to the sewage line. The mascerating pump handles the toilet as well as grey water from an attached sink. In the time I have had this unit,I had no problems until recently and these were quickly remedied. In year 6 the capacitor went. This was indicated by the unit continuing to run on when not in use and by a weak flush. Cost to repair $50 for the new capacitor from Saniflo and roughly 1hour of my labor. Second issue was my fault. In replacing the capacitor I did not seal up the inside of the unit adequately and the pressure switch failed due to moisture I suspect. This is a simple switch and easy to replace. Whereas Saniflo wanted $12 for it, I was able to source for less than $1 apiece. I bought several. Saniflo tech support is excellent and gave me step by step instructions on how to replace the capacitor including clear photos. Repair history is comparable to my normal toilets in which I've had to replace flappers, etc.. over the years. Only one real complaint- a very small water pool. You will find that you will need to clean the inside of the bowl regularly if used often.
So to summarize, not bad when working, easy, but not for the faint of heart,to work on when there are problems. Pricey though for what it is, a plastic enclosed macerating pump. I paid $650 total for both the toilet and macerating unit new. I think it has been an excellent value for that price, but notice that the price has gone up considerably over the years. Oh well what hasnt?
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on January 21, 2013
In use 6 years 8 feet below septic line with 20 feet of horizontal 3/4 inch run to 4 inch main. Always caution visitors that nothing goes in but waste and TP. Not a problem. Not a leak. Lately comes on hours or days after last use and might well run forever but I go down and flush it and then it goes back off when it's done. The review mentioning hair in the shower seems like it might be the problem---float may be obstructed? I'm going to put bleach down the sink and see if it helps digest it. Our unit is in the closet and it's noisy and leaks a bit of sewer gas somehow but the unit has served us well.

And to the fellow who said his plumber was unimpressed with the fittings: The unit is made for European systems and so they furnish adapters to go with US pipes. They are good quality, just different from usual: stainless clamps and rubber adapters worked well with my PVC waste pipe.
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on October 22, 2012
We have had a SaniPlus unit in our basement bathroom since we had it built in spring of 2010 and have had nothing but problems. First we had an issue with the motor, and returned it under warranty. Less than a year later we found that the case had been cracked when it was shipped back to us the first time and caused a major leak and damage to our bathroom. At this point it was just out of warranty, but after a lot of complaining on our part based on low usage and them shipping it back to us uninsured they replaced our unit with a floor model. That now second unit (less than two years after having the first one installed) which has only been in use for 1 1/2 months has now failed and we've still only been using it 2-3 times per week! Maybe we just got some duds, but so far we are less than impressed considering retail these units )combined with the special toilet you have to get) cost upwards of $1,500. At this point Saniflo needs to do the right thing and just replace our unit outright with a new unit that has an extended warranty. We may invest in their overflow alarm system since it would have saved us the hassle of the two dirty/sewer water floods we've had as a result of owning one of these units. Unless you need to put a bathroom below ground avoid any type of macerator pump units if at all possible.
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on November 26, 2012
Kind of pricey but it sure beats having to dig a whole in the basement floor. Installation was simple, and the unit works great.
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on October 5, 2014
I installed 2 units in my basement and they have worked flawlessly, 1 for 3 years and the other one for 6 years. Once I had to clean out the unit because of hair build up but other than that they work great and no sewer backup as with regular toilets installed in basements.
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on April 14, 2014
My second toilet is in the basement. This unit is quiet, powerful and efficient. It does exactly what it is designed to do without fail.
I do recommend that if you are not a plumber to hire one for the installation of this unit. it does take a plumber's know how to plum this unit in correctly and to building code.
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on February 21, 2014
I bought this for a suite I was turning my garage into. Figured it would be better than going through all the trouble and expense of tearing up the floor and installing real plumbing. I just ran this through the attic and connected it to another drain line. For awhile it worked nice and was great. It is a little loud, but i expected that.
The problem came when it broke in less than a year from moderate use. I originally called customer service to see if this was meant for heavy use or just casual use and I was told it could be used for very heavy use and was rated at a very high number of flushes. So, it was surprising when it broke so soon. It breaking was not the worse part though, when i called tech support i was eventually advised to buy this one piece ($70). Later I found out that the piece is a very common problem in these pumps and a couple electrical engineer friends of mine who saw it told me why, it is too small, i guess saniflo did not have enough space in their machines for a bigger one, but instead went along with the design anyway. So, after replacing the piece it still did not work. I was then informed i could send it in for a free fix and they would ship it back for free... Great... but why did they not tell me this in the first place?? I guess i should of known better, but I had no idea it had a 1 year warranty and i explained when i bought it the first time i called... So, it cost me $20 to ship it to them and $70 for the piece that did not fix it anyway... Again why not just tell me to send it in the first place and save me some money? Later after receiving it I called to ask about a refund for the part since it was not the problem, i found out through my same engineer friends before i sent it that the problem was the motor was done. The tech support said there was something in the notes about the one piece.. i was like "yes obviously, I ordered that piece originally.. but sent it back with my unit with a note explaining (plus i had explained the whole refund situation before even sending the unit)"
I gave up with that refund, and about 6 months later the unit broke again.. this time i just gave up on the unit (as it was out of warranty anyway).
Just look elsewhere... it would be really bad to be in my situation, a finished studio/suite all done up but with a broken bathroom that was designed around this garbage pump so now I have to redesign the bathroom or tear apart half the suite to do proper plumbing, or spend $700 every few months for a new pump that will keep breaking,it is frustrating. Not worth it.
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on October 1, 2010
The unit works as promised. But it's certainly not w/o issues. The toilet is clearly not as good as a modern bottom outliet toilet, and do you really want macerated feces sitting in the unit? I've asked people to use it for #1 only. I'm sure it works for #2, but I'm sure not all of it gets out right away. If you're like me and use it only occasionally, I'm sure it gets ugly inside.

The pump is perhaps too strong too. I have a 6' rise and only 2' horizontal. when you're in the shower it turns on for only a second or 2. I could throttle it down by partially shutting the outliet pipe, but then stuff from the toilet might not make it through.

still, it does what it needs to do.
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