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5.0 out of 5 stars One heck of a review
I have read many many reviews about this camera and have looked at countless videos on YouTube about it. Radio Shack has a lot of reviews about it too.

Hopefully I can say something that hasn't been covered yet about this camera. First of all, there is a video cable that connects the camera directly to a HDTV. The number of the cable is Sanyo...
Published on September 23, 2009 by Rolla Gravett

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3.0 out of 5 stars Rich in features, Poor in picture quality but Best Bang for the Buck
I picked up one of these locally, intending to replace my MinoHD with it. This camera ended up being a disappointment to me. I really want to like it, but the reality is that the picture quality disappoints compared to the MinoHD.

PROs: LOTS of really nice features
- Compact pistol-grip design that's comfortable to hold
- Large, easy to view 3" LCD...
Published on May 30, 2009 by A. Y. Wang

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257 of 262 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Rich in features, Poor in picture quality but Best Bang for the Buck, May 30, 2009
I picked up one of these locally, intending to replace my MinoHD with it. This camera ended up being a disappointment to me. I really want to like it, but the reality is that the picture quality disappoints compared to the MinoHD.

PROs: LOTS of really nice features
- Compact pistol-grip design that's comfortable to hold
- Large, easy to view 3" LCD screen with rigid plastic screen to protect it
- Uses SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32GB
- Stereo audio
- Standard h.264/AAC codecs compatible with Apple's iMovie '09
- 5X optical zoom, able to change zoom range while recording
- Focus auto-adjusts while recording (not all cameras do this)
- Ability to take decent 10MP still shots without having to switch modes
- Has a flash for still pictures
- Easy to navigate menu system with customizable shortcuts accessed by the joystick
- Easy to operate joystick with positive click feedback that doesn't intrude while recording
- Manual adjustments (full manual, shutter priority, aperture priority, noise reduction, auto-focus mode, exposure measure mode, etc.)
- Comes with a lens cap to protect the lens
- Tally light is on the top of the camera to the rear where the person holding the camera can see it and not where it's distracting to the person being recorded (VERY important when recording small children)
- Easily accessible battery compartment / Battery cover is tethered by a plastic tab so it can't be easily lost
- Standard tripod mount on the bottom

CONs: Picture quality requires a lot of tweaking in the manual settings to make it decent.
- Low light performance is poor even for this class of camcorder
- Electronic stabilization tends to soften the picture, sometimes to the point of making it appear to be out of focus
- Color saturation results in a visual pleasing picture but inaccurate color reproduction
- Focus and Exposure reaction seems to be fairly slow as well
- Proprietary USB/AV port (I hate it when manufacturers eschew standard ports in favor or proprietary solutions. I'd rather have the camera be a little bigger to accommodate a mini-USB port as well as a mini-HDMI)
- Proprietary HD Component cable NOT included
- SD slot cover seems a bit flimsy
- Camera cannot be used as a live camera with Macs, only with Windows PCs
- Camera draws power from battery when used in card reader mode instead of drawing power from USB

Before I bought this camera, I did a lot of research on it, including viewing uploaded footage from this camera on Even though I've only had the camera two days, I've done a lot of testing with it.

[...] Keep in mind that I'm not saying the MinoHD is the best camera out there, but it is certainly better in my experience overall. I simply compared the CG10 to the MinoHD, because the MinoHD is the incumbent.

I gave the CG10 3 stars because I love all the features that Sanyo put into it, but the picture quality is such a disappointment. One of the major features is the electronic stabilization, and I found it to reduce the picture quality more than it improved it.

I think that a camera's auto/program settings should produce a good basic picture that serves as the camera's baseline, and then any manual controls should serve to tailor that picture to your artistic needs or to make a good picture great. The Sanyo's auto/program settings produce a sub-standard picture that's soft to the extent that it looks out of focus, it suffers from serious motion blur, and in the end simply looks like widescreen standard definition. The manual settings only serve to make a bad picture look good if you can find the right settings for the shooting conditions. Having said that, I don't find this camera to be good for capturing those precious surprise moments that young children present us because you can't expect a good picture by simply pulling it out, turning it on, and starting shooting.

I think Sanyo should spend some more time with improving their stabilization, 9-pt auto-focus, and exposure measuring algorithms. Out of the box, it just doesn't perform, and the plethora of features simply cannot make up for that.

UPDATE: I still stand by my initial assessment of the VPC-CG10's picture quality, but after spending quite a bit of time playing with various settings, I believe I have found a good setup which probably should have been Sanyo's starting point in its auto/program modes.

1) Turn off the stabilization: While this helps a little bit in extreme tele situations, it actually seems to hurt picture quality otherwise, resulting in a blurry picture that appears out-of-focus. Turning off the stabilization does result in more shake and/or jitter, but the picture is quite a bit clearer. I personally do not believe that there is any decent alternative to optical image stabilization. They could drop this feature from the camera altogether, drop the price a little more, and then I would probably bump this camera up a star even.

2) Enable Single-Point AutoFocus: The 9-point AF algorithm spends a good deal of time "hunting", i.e. trying to find a focus point even when the camera is not moving. The single-point AF does a much better job of providing a clear focus. While still providing a softer picture than the MinoHD, it is a vast improvement over the 9-point AF's performance.

3) Set Exposure to Aperture-priority with f=3.5: This is the camera's widest aperture setting and will let in the most light through the lens. It will then adjust the shutter speed as necessary to provide a decently exposed picture. Fine tuning can then be adjusted via the EV adjustment, which can be assigned to one of the joystick shortcut positions.

With the above settings, I have been able to record some footage that I think is close to the MinoHD's quality, both in bright light and indoor lighting. If they either ditch the electronic stabilization altogether or replace it with optical IS, address the 9-pt AF's poor focusing algorithm, and either lock the aperture at 3.5 or put in a faster lens, Sanyo would have a very impressive camera on their hands.

One distinct advantage that the Xacti has over the MinoHD is its optics. At full wide angle, the Xacti has a much wider field of view than the MinoHD, whose fov is significantly narrower when compared even to its SD sibling, the FlipVideo Ultra.

After using this camera for a couple weeks along with the MinoHD and Sony's DSC-T900, I have to say that the Xacti VPC-CG10 is probably the best bang for the buck. I'd maybe bump up the rating by another star, but I don't think any of these pocket HD camcorders really deserve 5. And yes, I kept the Xacti and sent the MinoHD and T900 back.
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160 of 163 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars One heck of a review, September 23, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Sanyo Xacti CG10 Dual Camera HD Flash Memory Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom (Black) (Electronics)
I have read many many reviews about this camera and have looked at countless videos on YouTube about it. Radio Shack has a lot of reviews about it too.

Hopefully I can say something that hasn't been covered yet about this camera. First of all, there is a video cable that connects the camera directly to a HDTV. The number of the cable is Sanyo VCP-CPNT01U Component Output Cable for Sanyo WH1, TH1, CA9, CG10 Camcorders, and Amazon sells it for $[...]. The cable is shown on page 159 of the manual.

Turn OFF the NOISE REDUCTION. To do this go to MENU 2 under the WRENCH MENU. It is actually the 5th MENU down. Go to NOISE REDUCTION, push SET, Then select OFF for both VIDEO NR and PHOTO NR. Push the MENU button to get out of there. I have never found a Noise Reduction on any camera that makes the pictures better. It usually degrades the quality of the pictures.

As others have said, put the FOCUS MODE to SPOT.

A good software program is AVS4YOU. Search for it. It is free to try and does a good job of playing and converting MPEG4 files to AVI or whatever.

Here is what I like about the camera:

You can join clips or cut out video with the camera in the playback mode. Manual PG 104-112.

You can take up to 11 pictures in sequence in the 10mb Photo mode. Pg 85 in the manual talks about that. To be direct, go to MENU, PHOTO, hit SET, Scroll down to 10mb burst mode, which is down past the .9meg picture selection. Just keep going down till you see it. It works great. Be advised it does not work with flash.

You can also put SEQUENTIAL (I don't know why they don't call it BURST) in your SHORTCUTS MENU. Page 128 in the manual. To do this go to MENU, then scroll down on the left side to MENU 2 under the WRENCH MENU. That is actually MENU 5 down from the top. Select SHORTCUTS, then SEQUENTIAL and push the SET button. Now once in the camera mode all you have to do to get Sequential is push the SET switch up. Pushing it up again puts you back in normal photo. Be advised if you have the photo set to 10mH (High) once you come out of the Sequential Mode the camera will go back to 10mS (Standard). To fix that you must go back to MENU 1, PHOTO, then select 10mH again.

You can take a photo just by pushing the PHOTO button while shooting video. Pg. 67.
It may not be a big photo file, but it works.

You can delete 1 picture, selected pictures, or all pictures in the camera. You can print from the camera. You can use the camera with the cable as a card reader. pg 145 of manual

I have found that using all the optical zoom, you can use 1/3 of the digital zoom and still get a good looking picture. I took a picture of my wife at 125 yards and could read the lettering on her shirt using the optical zoom and digital zoom at max. I am not saying this is the best thing to do, but in some situations that is the only way to get the shot. Optical and digital zoom max is 60X. The quality wasn't all that bad.

Macro goes down to .39 inches. You do have to set it to SuperMacro focus in the menu though.
To do that go to MENU, FOCUS, then select SUPERMACRO. Then push MENU to get back to the camera mode.

The ISO goes from 50 to 1600. Your best picture will be in the 50 to 100 ISO range. The higher the ISO, the more the noise in the photo/video. I noticed leaving the ISO in Auto is sometimes a mistake. I was going to take a picture and I knew the flash would go off. It was somewhat dark, but not very dark. When I looked at the screen the picture didn't look all that great. It was grainy and I could tell the Auto ISO setting was pretty high. I manually set the ISO for 100 and it totally cleared up the screen. I took the picture. It came out great. It was a little darker than I wanted, but the picture looked clear. I brightened the picture up with Photo software and the results were outstanding. While looking at the screen, you can adjust the ISO and instantly see how it is going to affect your picture. In some situations it is better to take charge of he ISO and set it manually.

In taking a photo, pushing the button half way down causes the camera to focus. Pushing it the rest of the way causes an almost instant shot with very little delay.

You can use the camera as a PC camera (like a monitor camera for your computer). Pg 150

In watching a video in playback, if you pause the video an image can be taken by pushing the PHOTO button. Pg 73.

There are a couple of things I don't like about the camera. One is the battery, but you can buy them on EBay. Search for "DB-L80 Battery". I found them for just over ten dollars for two. They are cheap and in most cases it also includes shipping. The battery that comes with the Sanyo is a 700mAh (Mili Amp Hour) battery. The two that I bought on Ebay are 980mAh. That means they are stronger and will play longer. They work great. So the battery isn't really that much of a problem after all.

The camera has a flimsy latch that covers the SDHC card. It is really flimsy. As a result, I just use the supplied cable and plug the camera into the USB slot on my computer to download files instead of taking the SDHC card out. The camera asks you if you plan on using it as a reader when you plug it in. Just click SET on that and the computer sees the drive instantly.

The last thing I don't like about the camera is the lack of a strap. I don't like holding a camera without something keeping it from hitting the ground if dropped. I found a couple on Amazon just doing a search under CAMERA STRAP. Nikon AN-CP14 Replacement Strap or Canon Metal Neck Strap 1 for All Elph Cameras, 34" Length. The cost is real cheap for either the metal necklace or the wrist strap.

Well that is it. I hope you enjoyed my review. Take care and get the camera. It is awesome for the price. I wish I could afford the Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000 "Dual Camera" with 8MP & 10x Optical Zoom "Full HD" 1080p Pocket Video Camera.. Wow, what a camera, but for $[WOW!]?

Oh, one last thing, the case. I found a really good cheap case for the camera. It is a Tamrac Explorer 15 (Model 5415) Compact camera case for slim-line cameras. The price is small and the shipping is free. The case is small, but the Sanyo fits in it perfectly. The front pouch is big enough for extra batteries.

At night, set the ISO to 1600, and the Sensitivity to HIGH. That is the best this camera can get in low light conditions. With the lights on in the house the camera did ok. The video was bright and looks good.

At night another accessory might be the answer. It is a video light. I have one and it works really great. Sima SL-20LX Ultra Bright Video Light (Silver). It works for about an hour before giving up the ghost. In most cases that is plenty of time. It comes with a bracket that mounts to the Sanyo. I found that mounting it catty corner (about 45 degrees) on the left side of the camera works really well. It is not in the way of the screen but right out there to provide the quality of light you need. Mounting on the right side interferes with your hand in holding the camera. Mounting it on the left side will not let the screen open fully. You have to mount it at about 45 degrees on the left side and then all works great. The light is really bright. I found that setting the ISO on 100 gives a great picture but the light only lights up clearly about 7 feet. If you need more lighting than that, set the ISO higher. Setting it at 1600 made the light really bright, and it made the whole area bright for the video. Maybe 1600 is the best place for this light. You have to experiment with it.

Someone emailed me and said the video was shaking using Quicktime. It is jerky. If you have this problem there are several solutions. One is to download AVS4YOU. It is a free trail but the program costs money. Another is to download ACDSee Pro 3 but you have to pay for it too. The third solution is to download the latest version of Windows Media Player (version 11). The link is posted in the COMMENTS Section of this review. You must also have the CODEC that goes with Windows Media Player to play the MP4 extension. Do a search on Windows Media Player CODEC on Google. Select the link that says "Media Player Codec Pack, Free software downloads and software" The link is posted in the COMMENTS section of this review. That should solve your video shaking problem.

To force Windows to use Windows Media Player to play your video files, go to the directory where your video files are located. Put the curser on one of the video files and right click on it. Select PROPERTIES and click. On the screen near the top you see the OPENS WITH then the box CHANGE. Select CHANGE and scroll down till you find WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER. Click on that then click OK. Now at the bottom of the page click APPLY then OK and you are set.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A GREAT CAMERA! Ignore negative reviews!, November 30, 2009
Juan (Knoxville, TN) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Sanyo Xacti CG10 Dual Camera HD Flash Memory Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom (Black) (Electronics)
UPDATE: Watch ABC TV's "America's Funniest Videos" Sunday evening, November 14, 2010. It's their special $100,000 grand prize episode. Look for my video clip called "Raccoon Hug". My first 15 seconds of fame shot with this camera. Don't ask how I got the raccoon to do what you'll see. The clip survived numerous cuts the past several months, made the final cut and into the finale episode. I just received the phone call from Vin Di Bona Productions. This paid for the Sanyo VPC-CG10 camera!
I'm going to try and answer some issues with this great camera because it makes me sick that so many issues listed here can be remedied by simply reading the manual for this GREAT CAMERA! I have had my VPC-CG10 since June and I love it. For a sub two hundred dollar camera, it is hands down the best. I tried around half dozen others and they all went back. This one is a keeper. The video quality, clarity, and color balance is on par with and better than some 1080P video cameras I've seen. I bought my red one at Radio Shack. Their website also has great reviews, tips, and advice about this camera.

sekander, did you burn it to a bluray dvd or HD dvd? Probably not, that's why you lost clarity. THE CAMERA SHOOTS IN HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO. If you're burning it to DVD, YOU ARE NOT BURNING IT IN HIGH DEFINITION. Your PC screen is HD. Your losing the HD when burning it to a DVD disc, cutting the resolution in half. Then you're making the video larger on a big screen... and you wonder why it's fuzzy?!?!?!? Just some things to think about.

The camera performs very well in low light, but not perfect, and if you can't make it do so, read the manual or study up on photography, lighting, and videos a bit before trashing the camera. I get GREAT results. Since Amazon doesn't allow web links, go to YouTube and search for my videos taken with this camera, search for user "MrJuanitoBandito". See my dim Thanksgiving 2009 restaurant video and my low light Delta 2 Rocket Launch, Sunrise.

I don't know how these people are getting fuzzy video other than operator error because this camera has the best video clarity I have ever seen in my life. Look at my other videos. The food in my Thanksgiving video is a bit fuzzy but that's because it was on the table about a foot away from the lens. I probably should have used the macro. Operator error.

The "ripply" or "tearing" effect in videos means you have a weak computer... it's NOT the camera guys and gals. It has to do with a few things, mainly the Flash Video format with web videos and/or your weak computer with videos and/or Quicktime AND the vertical refresh or synch setting in your video card's control panel... not the camera. I can suggest trying the FREE VLC Media Player program and you will see it less. If it still does it, adjust the vertical refresh or synch setting in your video card's control panel, buy a new computer and/or upgrade your video card to one with a MINIMUM of 256 megabytes of dedicated video RAM (VRAM) on board, the more the better. If your video card has that, try adding more system memory (RAM). Your PC is too weak for high definition video in MP4 format if none of these options works for you. Here's a test, watch one of my videos or any other on YouTube that's in HD. Click the HD button at the bottom right of the video, then the full screen button. If your PC locks up or the video is jittery and jumpy... if after trying the above options and they don't work, get a new PC or upgrade... yours is currently too weak. Every HD video on YouTube you should be able to watch in HD full screen, and it should be fluid like watching television, if you can't... you probably will have issues watching videos from this camera as well and maybe it's time for a new PC, processor, video card and/or upgrade. I recently had a friend that upgraded his processor from a Celeron to a Pentium 4 with HT and videos that he couldn't play before now play smooth, fluidly, and beautifully... full screen.

UPDATE ON THIS TEARING EFFECT ABOVE. Since upgrading my PC to Windows 7 Professional, which now supports MP4 video in Windows Media Player, I get the smoothest video ever with NONE of this effect above. It's gone!

Fuzzy video when you zoom? Again, take the time to read the manual and learn about the camera, read up on photography and lighting and video. The camera has both optical and digital zoom. Optical is real, mechanical zoom... the lens adjusts and moves. It is the best and usually satisfactory for my needs. I have digital zoom turned off because it's just cropping a portion of the last optical zoom... it's not REAL zoom like optical is. I read somewhere someone got good results after going about one tenth into the digital zoom then stopping, because after that it does get fuzzy... but ALL cameras with digital zoom do that... it's the nature of the zoom! Just remember, digital zoom is fuzzy... not the camera! Also, this is THE ONLY CAMERA in this price range that allows you to zoom in, to use the zoom, WHILE YOU ARE FILMING! A professional photographer once told me the best zoom was his feet.

"comparatively weak zoom"?!?! Compared to WHAT?!?!? 99.9% of cameras out there in this price range only have 3X optical zoom... IF they even have optical zoom... most cameras in this price range only offer digital zoom. This camera has 5X optical zoom as well! Complaints are being a bit petty. I think you work for a Sanyo competitor.

A "cheap" "flimsy" lens cover?!?! Again, Compared to WHAT?!?!? This is the only camera under two hundred dollars that comes with a lens cap! It's plastic. So? Aren't all lens caps? It snaps on. Don't all lens caps? Stop complaining, this camera blows away the competition in this price range. What were you expecting? A magnesium alloy lens cap with a 200 PSI vacuum seal? Come on, the camera sells for under two hundred dollars, not a thousand dollars. At least Sanyo had good sense to include a lens cap that works!

Audio? Take the towel off the camera because I can pick up people 25 feet away and on playback hear them crystal clear. Again, operator error. Watch my Ares 1-X rocket launch video on YouTube. When you hear the guy in the background "A four hundred and fifty million dollar bottle rocket...", remember this... he's behind me about two to three hundred feet away!

The camera doesn't lay flat? You knew this wasn't a conventional rectangular camera before you bought it just by looking at it! That's like buying a green car and complaining about the color AFTER you bought the car. BUY A 6" or 8" TABLETOP TRIPOD for $8-$10!

You DO NOT have to remove the tripod mount to replace the battery or download anything to the PC (I have no idea what camera he was reviewing here because it's not the VPC-CG10 I have). May I suggest you read the manual? If it is connected to a tripod... YES, you would have to remove it from the tripod to plug in the USB cable or change the battery. It takes about ten seconds to remove the camera from a tripod... no big deal. Next, just set the camera on the desk next to the computer! Are we getting a little petty about our complaints here? Or do you work for a Sanyo competitor or a life long fan of another manufacturer?

Battery life? About 45 minutes to an hour or so of continuous video shooting. I bought two more batteries on e-bay for $12 and that included shipping! Wow! It works for me!

Editing the MP4 videos made with this camera on the PC? I have used about a half dozen programs and they all gave me some sort of issue but that's the programs, not the camera. I have been using Microsoft Windows LIVE Movie Maker and it works just great for me without any issues (SEE comments of this review for more info). If I was a pro, I'd look into another program though with more options.

Buy a 6 speed/class SDHC card for this camera. If you use a 2 speed/class SDHC card, ANYTHING you do with this camera will really suck and you will be sorely disappointed thinking it's the camera's fault. These 2 speed/class SDHC cards are plentiful, common, and CHEAP! DO NOT USE THEM. A 4 speed/class SDHC card is MAYBE acceptable... barely. In reality though, anything less than a 6 speed/class SDHC card and your video playback will be slow and lag. I use both a 6 and 4 speed/class and am MUCH happier with the video and photographic results using the 6 speed/class SDHC card. I don't know what camera the reviewer below used saying it doesn't take 6 speed/class cards... my VPC-CG10 camera does.

I swear, either all these bad reviewers work for a Sanyo competitor, or they never read their manuals and/or don't know a thing about cameras (especially this one) or photography. I don't know what it is, but with almost all these bad reviews... I don't think they have the same camera as me!

That's all for now. I will update with more later when I have more time to read through these competitors bad reviews of this great camera. I hope I helped!

BUY THIS CAMERA! You won't be disappointed.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great cam for what it's trying to be, May 5, 2009
B. Yee (Cleveland, OH USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Sanyo Xacti CG10 Dual Camera HD Flash Memory Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom (Black) (Electronics)
I just bought this dual-cam recently and it's been great.

#1 it's made for portability - I'm a guy and this fits in a pocket just fine.

#2 features - unbelievable what Sanyo fit in this thing. 720p (vid quality is as expected for the price), photo during recording, Av/Tv priority, 7fps burst, built-in flash, in-camera editing, frame-by-frame in-camera playback, 5x OPTICAL zoom, (cheesy) image stabilization, focus/exposure lock, selectable iso, face recognition...etc etc

#3 build quality - amazing - it's a solid, well textured and designed little unit. It fits natural. The lcd is bright / clear / fast and its hinge is very strong. Feels very high quality, unlike my previous zi6. All parts are tight and smooth. The SDHC slot feels floppy though.

#4 for the $149 deal, it smokes anything else in its price range: zi6, flip mino hd, insignia, rca, vado as far as being a complete package.

It records just short of 4 hours on 16gb sdhc card at 720p. VGA / Youtube shooting is practically endless (12hrs?). eBay has some 900mah replacement batteries ~$5 each that get you ~50 mins video time per at 720p.

I got it mostly for golf swing videos - the sports mode and 60fps 640x480 fits my needs perfectly. But I'm completely confident in bringing this camera to anything else and recording great videos no matter what they might be.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good Camera for a great price, May 1, 2009
This review is from: Sanyo Xacti CG10 Dual Camera HD Flash Memory Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom (Black) (Electronics)
For the price, this is a great little dual camera. It is just the right size (easily fits in a pocket) takes good standard and HD video and acts as a servicable point and shoot digital camera.

Here are some cons:
* Proprietary USB - What's up with that? Sanyo - stick with micro or mini USB like every other camera on the market!
* 5X Optical Zoom - Ok, I know you'd need a bigger lens for more zoom but for me I'd like a little more (12x would be fine).
* No HDMI cable with it - I would have thought it would come with one
* Battery needs to be taken out to be charged.
* Camera sucks the battery down when plugged into the computer and it does not charge while plugged into the computer.

Here are some pros:
* Form factor - I've never had a pistol type camera and I really like it.
* Controls are very simple and easy to use
* Love that you can snap a picture while recording video
* The 720p HD video is very good
* It speaks well with my Mac thanks to mpeg-4. Plug the camera in and it opens up my camera right in iPhoto '09
* Good flash for such a small camera
* Price and features for price paid

So I bought this camera to take quick video and it has not disappointed. I have been looking at this for a while but could not find it available anywhere until May 1. I purchased my camera at Radio Shack for $149 but even at $199 it's a good value. I tried an Apitek and Insignia and hated them both (and they were a pain to get to work with a mac). They were priced comperable and I don't think they hold a candle to this. I've heard good things about Flip Mino but I just don't like them.

So far so good. I highly recommend this camera to anyone looking for a dual camera that can be carried around in a pocket or purse for quick use when needed.
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4.0 out of 5 stars You just have to know how to use it., July 23, 2009
This review is from: Sanyo Xacti CG10 Dual Camera HD Flash Memory Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom (Black) (Electronics)
These are the setting I have ended up with since buying this camera, and the picture is great!! There are a lot of test shots over [...] from various people who have actually have used this camera.

Video Stabilizer - OFF (you only need if you are shooting long distance, unless you pay for a Canon with optical stabilization, all digital stabilization cause the same wobble in the image)
Focus Mode - SPOT
Exposure - MULTI
ISO - AUTO (setting the f. will allow the camera to choose the right ISO for the job)
White Balance - AUTO
Exposure - Aperture locked at 3.5 (The camera only has 3.5-3.7 f. so just lock it at 3.5 and shoot)
Face Chaser - OFF (This just makes the image blurry when on)
High Sensitivity - OFF (Only needed in low light, again all Video Chips of this type has noise!! The Flips have a lower f. but check out Vimeo to see why this is a better camera, search for CG10 and a guy has done side by side shots with both cameras)
Digital Zoom - OFF (Again just makes the image bad)

Personally this is the best camera in its price range, only the Sanyo VPC-TH1 will beat this, but thats because its almost the same camera. This little thing is amazing. Don't listen to me, head over to Vimeo, search for CG10 and take a look at all the test shoots from me Nathan Hughes and Operator7G (this guys did all the side by side with the Flips!!)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Value for money, better than the Flip, July 31, 2009
This review is from: Sanyo Xacti CG10 Dual Camera HD Flash Memory Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom (Black) (Electronics)
We recently got the Xacti HD recorder to have a more portable solution than our other camcorders (Sony Handycam and Canon Optura), and got this model due to the great price ($190 at Amazon, and $200 at many brick-and-mortar stores). So far, we've been very pleased!

5x optical zoom doesn't compare to the 25x optical zoom we have on our Sony Handycam, but it's good enough! Like I mentioned in my review for the Handycam, when you're zoomed in so much, you often need a tripod to help balance an otherwise very shaky video. The Xacti obviously was designed with the idea of convenience, rather than creating a super-strong zoom that'll result in many shaky videos.

Unlike many other portable video solutions that boast digital zoom, this has optical zoom. For those who don't know the difference, optical zoom is tantamount to physically being closer to a subject, whereas digital zoom is more similar to zooming in on a picture on the computer. In other words, optical zoom is probably what you're looking for, since digital zoom results in loss of quality. This has 5X optical zoom, which like I said before, is more than enough for your portable video-capturing needs!

Looks great so far! I was surprised that for only $200 we were able to get HD video...although I must emphasize that it is 720, NOT 1080 which means it's HD but not officially "true HD" ... in other words, while this has a noticeable improvement of quality over standard-definition (which is 480), it is not as perfect as say, the image quality you get on many Blu-Rays. Still, for the price, the video quality is perfect!

They say these are 10 megapixel images, but the pictures don't look so great in my opinion. Again, good enough for the price, especially considering this is primarily a VIDEO camera, not a still-photo camera :-) I don't know why, but often times camcorders or other video-capture devices say that they can capture good photos, but I've felt that the images on said devices come out pretty weak, in spite of the strong specifications! Either way, it is convenient to be able to take a picture on the go.

This is by far the best feature of the camera aside from its design (which I'll get to next). Image quality and portability can only take you so far, but the best feature is that it takes SD cards which are cheap and affordable. I highly recommend the Transcend 16GB card/card reader bundle that sells for about $40 on Amazon, but you can get a smaller and cheaper alternative with the 8GB SD card that sells for about $20. The beauty of SD cards is that they can hold a lot of video and then can easily be popped out and replaced! Much better than relying solely on an internal hard drive, since you can keep capturing video on new cards without having to delete old footage (although you could obviously delete old footage and reuse the card). With a 16GB card though, you'll have enough space to not have to delete for a while (it takes something like 4 hours of HD footage!)

I was looking into the Flip recorder line, but much prefer the Xacti's design! It lends itself to simplicity; while I never handled a firearm, I'd say it's design is similar to that of a gun in that you just point, and shoot! MUCH more convenient than having a weird rectangular shape that you hold uncomfortably. The fact that the LCD display pops out and can rotate is also convenient, since your subject can watch the video you're recording of them!

Great, affordable solution. I don't mind that it's not "true" HD...the video quality is great! As for image quality, although I personally thought it was weak, I remind you that you're purchasing this as a video camera first, and a still-photo camera second. I'm very happy with this purchase and highly recommend this!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Ergonomic grip, simple design, right features, great price., September 13, 2009
ELR "Erin" (Jacksonville FL USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Sanyo Xacti CG10 Dual Camera HD Flash Memory Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom (Black) (Electronics)
I searched for weeks and read scores of reviews of HD video cameras (both compact styles and traditional styles) before settling on this camera. Ultimately, the clinchers for me were two things: 1) the pistol grip (much better design for controlling the stability of the camera than the design on Flip cameras, and much more comfortable, natural) 2) perfect combination of features for me (large LCD, decent zoom, HD quality, 10mp stills make carrying my digital still camera pointless, and, finally, *cool* factor). I'll say up front that I wasn't looking to become the next Spielberg with my new purchase, but I did want to be able to get a camera that impresses me and makes me feel like Spielberg whether I'm recording my kid's babbling, a vacation, or my dogs barking. :)

I am not one of the types of reviewers who tests all the features and settings of cameras -- some reviewers seem to have test labs set up in their homes -- but I do my homework and want the best mix of features I can find in a camera, so I search until I find that. I believe I've found that here. I am totally excited about this camera and haven't had one ounce of buyer's remorse since I got it a week ago.

I am totally happy with this camera because the video quality is awesome -- better than any camcorder I've ever owned (though this is the first one I've purchased in 7 years; my last one was a Sony MiniDV digital, fyi), and it is just plain fun to use. I've shown it to geeky friends and they are impressed as well -- not to mention, they love the grip!

To respond to a few concerns raised by other reviewers:
Yes, the SD card door is flimsy, but that weakness will simply make you handle your new toy more carefully. Not a deal breaker and I probably wouldn't have noticed had another reviewer not pointed it out before I bought mine. Just handle it with care.
Stability/Shakiness: Not a problem for me as yet. I've mostly shot fun little videos around the house so far, and none have made me nauseated. In my humble opinion, avoiding "the shakes" is more a matter of common sense (meaning, be a good camera-man/woman and you can minimize it); this camera doesn't have a problem with this as many Flip-style cameras do. I'd say that the pistol grip style is the main reason for that because that grip helps you hold the camera in a stable, comfortable way.
Soft Focus: haven't had a problem with that either. Again, I'm not in a labcoat testing for 100% accuracy, but, if you're a regular person with desire for nicer things like I am, you won't see any issues here either.
Low light issues: I've recorded in dark-ish rooms of my house and, yes, the images come out kind of dark, but not darker than the room itself was when I was recording! Again, not a concern for me. If I'm recording in low light, I expect that the image will not be as high quality as if I'm recording outside. Common sense. If I were spending $3K on a camera, this might bum me out, but not if I'm spending $200.

Main Pro's:
Size, Size, Size: camera is small, LCD is big, resolution (stills and video) is great. Period.
Price: Find a Flip-style or traditional style camera with this combination of features for under $200. I don't think you can (not yet anyway).
Grip: Pistol grip is WAY more ergonomic, which means your fingers don't get tired holding it (as they would with a Flip), your videos are more steady, and you get to feel like you're using your grandpa's Super8 from 1972. So, it's just better.
Lens cover: Who wants to spend money on a camera you can't protect from your own abuse? Many competing models don't come with this basic feature.

Only complaint: I wish Sanyo would make an AC adapter available! They have a picture of one (and how to use it) in the Owners Manual along with a model #, but, alas, I've yet to find the actual product available for purchase anywhere in the U.S. I'm going to buy a second battery instead, but I'd much rather just be able to plug this thing into a wall when my battery dies and there's currently no such option.

Just for fun: if you want it in Red, only Radio Shack carries that version and it does look pretty cool.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice buy. With few livable quirks., May 30, 2009
VP (San Francisco, CA) - See all my reviews
I thoroughly tested this product, Xacti VPC-CG10 before writing this review. I got mine from RadioShack for $149+tax. Here are my thoughts -

1. Very comfortable grip
2. Very intutive controls and user menu.
3. Very good screen size. Screen folds for protection.
4. 5x zoom is good enough for everyday shooting of kids, school, family events, picnics etc. Although it is not adiquate to record far away action.
5. Records on SD or SDHC card upto 32 GB.
6. Inexpensive replacement batteries and Sd/SDHC cards are widely available online.
7. One cool feature I liked - You can 'freeze' any frame while playing back a video clip on Xacti and 'save' it as a still picture. So don't worry if you you forget taking a still shot while taking video.
8. No noticabe hiss or wind noice while recording outdoors.

1. No HDMI cable connection even after being an HD camcorder. Some HD TVs like our VIZIO do not have composite cable connection on side and it is a pain connecting composite cable on the back of the TV. I bought 'composite to HDMI' converter box on eBay ($65). I connect this box to our VIZIO via HDMI cable and connect the Xacti to the box with the cable which came with this camera.
2. The USB/AV connector on this camera is propriotary. You cannot use any other cables to connect this to HDTV or regular TV. You have to use the provided cable.
3. Still pictures come out fine if you are steady like a rock and shooting in blazing light. Otherwise most of the still pics came out blurry.
4. Significant delay in focusing while panning or while zooming in/out (however clips come out fine after camera focuses)

All in all I found it to be a good camera in this price range. I was debating between this and flip HD. Preferred this one for folding big screen, choice of SD card recording and user changable battery.

Thanks for reading my review.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The best in its class, nothing else come close!, July 6, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Sanyo Xacti CG10 Dual Camera HD Flash Memory Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom (Black) (Electronics)
I have a couple sample videos online, go to youtube and look up kennedy7955, [...]

Update 11-2009 I have bought 2 of these cameras, one at Radio Shack and a black one on Amazon. The finish on the black is smooth and shows fingerprints. The red model only at Radio Shack resists fingerprints nicely and I like the red color better than the black. A great camera as I mentioned below.
I compared the CG10 to the Kodak Zi6, Flip MinoHD, Creative Labs Vlado HD and a few others. To my great surprise, the best in class by far was the Sanyo CG10, a brand I always associated with junk at Walmart. Sanyo has come a very long way!

I bought the camera over the July 4th weekend on sale at Radio Shack for $179.99. I have seen other reviews with a price of $149.00 but I haven't seen that pricing anywhere.

The pros of the camera:

1. Awesome build quality
2. Amazing price
3. 5X zoom
4. HD
5. Comes with all cables needed.
6. twin stereo mics
7. Image stabilization!
8. Very Small
9. large 3" screen, crystal clear
10. 10 mp camera with flash
11. Can shoot pics while shooting video
12. Wide screen format in both photo and video.
13. Uses cheap SD cards
14. Built in stereo mics, records audio extremely well.
15. Replacement batteries are cheap on ebay.
16. Wide angle lens, makes a big difference.


1. Clip on lens cap. (Built in would be better)
2. No wrist strap (what were you thinking Sanyo?)
3. Charger has a 6 foot cord. (I cut it down to 6 inches for travel, Why didn't Sanyo put prongs on the back of the charger and do away with the cord altogether? Pretty stupid Sanyo)
4. No case available yet(I want a case that fits like a glove with belt clip).
5. No external mic input.(not really a problem)
6. Battery does not charge inside camera. (A plus and a minus depending)
7. Proprietary USB cable (really stupid move Sanyo)

The Vlado, Zi6 and Flip do not have the 10 mp camera with flash, no zoom, no image stabilization, smaller screens, no stereo recording or poor audio recording. There is no comparison, and these inferior cameras cost nearly as much as the Sanyo.
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