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on January 19, 2011
My search for an MP3 speaker ended with this.

I own a Brookstone, a Veho, and an X-Mini-II speaker. They're all the pop-up resonator type. But when I saw that THIS one can play from an SD card, I was entranced because it eliminates the need to carry around (and charge) a separate mp3 player.
So I ordered this Satechi.
Now, here's what's cool:

It does play off SD cards and I ordered a couple of the Class 6 16GB SD cards so I could swap out "Classical" for "Soul & RB" and then "Dance Electronica" collections. If all these songs were on ONE card, then I would not be able to have "genres" for my different moods.

Also, this has NO SHUFFLE mode. And I loaded the SD card with albums, in order. My bad. Meaning, I'd hear the same song and artist all the way through. Workaround: I made ten folders. I arranged the songs in the donor folder by size. That mixed em up pretty well. From the donor folder, I transferred 10% of my music, all jumbled, into each of the ten folders I made on the SD card. (YES, the units seeks in sub-folders!) So when the unit powers up it goes through those folders and plays an unpredictable mish-mash of songs. The saving grace is that THE UNIT PICKS UP where you left off, unless you change the SD card's map (For example: add or delete files) or the unit dead-powers out. So if you loaded a 16GB card, jumbled, you would hear a different song and artist for a long long time, then it would start over.

Are essentially the same as the X Mini "Happy" for sale at $50.00. Satechi, multifunction jog switch, rechargeable battery, plays off SD card the whole nine yards....

Is a pain. Push it in, to turn the unit on. Once it's on, push it again to pause. Bump it left or right to back up or go forward to another song, and hold left or right for volume. Sounds simple, meh. No shuffle mode.

Plays through headphones, headphones AND speaker, or just speaker and the units can be daisy-chained. You could buy a hundred of them and have a rock concert.

Just umbaleevable. UMBALEEVABLE. The magnet in the thing is the heavy part. And this thing weighs a 'sturdy' bit. Won't deform your jacket pocket but there's a satisfying "heft" to it. And when that magnet hops, it makes the unit hop. Try this: (pretty funny) lay the thing on it's side and it moves across the counter like an inchworm.

It's rechargeable off USB, it's very solidly crafted with a grippable, almost rubber feel to the surface, the speaker on top is well protected from crush or pocket contents, the SD cards are cheap and the thing comes with all cords needed. In the pop-up resonator category of mp3 speakers, this is "it". I don't, (as a side note), understand how the X-Mini "Happy" is costing $20 more than this, since they have the same features.

Good day
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on September 13, 2012
Ya know when you buy something, then receive it and realize what you'd read was hyped-up and you end up feeling 'taken'? Yup...that's happened to me more often than not and here on Amazon it happens. We 'smart' shoppers read the reviews and based on them we purchase, or not. I wish I could have some of that money back!

To make a long monologue short: the reviews on this Satechi SD were absolutely on the money and correct. This is the best little gadget for playing my mp3 files whilst moving about doing housework. I even put it in my pocket (being careful not to smoosh it). I've thought of ways to put a lanyard around it and hang it from my neck - maybe not the best idea.....but you get my drift here? This thing is light, portable, easy to setup with MP3 files on an SD (class 6) card, AND the sound is great for such a little speaker. I expected a tinny sound. Imagine my surprise that there is no tinny sound! It has bass. It sounds really good. No; it's not bose or sony or a zillion watts of power. It is simply what it's supposed to be and in my opinion it is the BEST at what it does. I've purchased several similar devices that just were horrible. This little device delivers and plays several hours on one charge. It charges quickly as well. I'm thinking of buying another one! This would be a great little device for a person's work desk area. You can use ear phones with it. I hooked it up to my Ipad and it was a fine little speaker.

I'd recommend it highly.

Added note on Oct. 6, 2012: I ordered a second MP3 unit - black - same as the first one and it proved to be defective in that it did charge properly but wouldn't work. It did work when plugged in, however. Perhaps a defective battery? Not sure. I'm returning it for refund and ordering another (crossed-fingers). I still love these little things. Hope the next one works okay!

Added note on Oct. 21, 2012: The unit I ordered to replace the defective one - works great! No issues. Hope these little gadgets last a very long time because they do exactly what I need them to do and do it well. No tinny sounds!
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on July 11, 2011
This was such an awesome little music player that it was stolen off
of my desk at work within two days. The sound was absolutely amazing.
My only gripe is that it's easy to steal. Now I have to buy another one.
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on December 1, 2014
Okay I've had this little guy for three years and I love it.Actually I had bought one a year before but I lost it at park, the audio is great although its not bass of course-but for its size the volume isn't that bad, unlike other portable speakers at any retail store it has an sd slot slot to play music from the card which is a cool feature. Once turned on it has a lil light that will turn blue but once its dying it will start flickering and when the light is off that means its needs to be charged. Whenever I hangout with friends who don't have an aux slot in their car i just bring this portable speaker (it fits in my pocket or purse)and play music from our cells.If your looking for something with bass this isn't for you but if your looking for something functional w/ cool features I 'd recommend this one, with the price you can't go wrong with it ( it also has a headphone slot and can be used to connect with another speaker when desired for higher volume). I like it soo much I bought this for my dad as x-mas gift 2 years ago,my dad appreciates it and he always takes it to work (he has an own office, he also mentioned that he receive compliments from his co-workers which I am glad my gift is put into use ^_^.
I finally decided to review this because I am weirded out with 1 star ratings. I am the type of customer who always look through reviews before buying an electronic device,So I hope my review is helpful for those who are interested.~
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on January 22, 2014
This company must have the greatest customer service of any outfit on Amazon. Had trouble getting MP3 music to play on SD card. I e-mailed tech support and got a response in less than 24 hours with clear suggestions how to fix problem. I tried everything suggested and still no joy. Amazingly, the rep responded, that item was defective and asked for my name and address. Yesterday, a new item shows up in my mailbox. It was quick and painless! Now, how often does that happen? Since my phone has little memory, I keep my music on the cloud. This speaker allows me to still play music from the SD card when I'm not near a Wi-Fi portal. It is a very, very neat gadget. It feels like quality and compresses to a size a little larger than a golf ball. So you tuck it into a pocket or pack and when you're at the beach or park or stuck somewhere you don't want to be, just pull it out, hit the on switch and relax to cool jazz from Peter White! Want a little more sound? Twist it open and you're marveling at the bass from such a little speaker. It's a no brainer to buy one of these things even if you have a Bluetooth speaker. It's light, easy to carry and versatile with the SD card function. It's one of the few things in life that's worth more that what you pay for it.
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on January 20, 2014
Very good quality, awesome sound quality for it's size and prize. Still works perfectly after more than 2 years of taking it to the beach, mountains and everywhere I go.

I REALLY recommend it.

"You purchased this item on December 19, 2011. "
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on May 6, 2013
Love these speakers. I have two myself, though I have only used the SD card function once it was very convenient when we were camping...99% of the time I am just plugging it into my phone/tab/mp3 for the crazy better sound. I always carry one with me in my purse in the nice little bag they give you with it, and keep the chord and a plug in for the outlet in the same bag because you CAN use this while its charging, we do it at work all the time. There are three of us that each have this same model pop up speaker. You can daisy chain them together for a much deeper sound, doesn't particularly make it 'louder', though it does seem like it, but it DOES improve the quality. Back of the store sounds like a concert hall when the three of us are working together. Card games, parties, you name it if music should be involved I've whipped out my phone with pandora and this speaker from my purse and BAM its like we got a insta-boom box. Sooo many comments questions I've gotten about this thing's music quality, it really is hard to believe. Made a few fans, and I'm sure after writing down the brand name and Amazon's link a few times for people I know I've sent some customers their way.

Get this ball if you like to listen to music on your phone or something similar but the sound is either bad or too low, it works miracles.
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on March 17, 2011
Tiny. Powerful. Portable. Great Sound. Seriously, I had to turn it down! It will "dance" a little on the table if it's turned up really high, which is kinda cute, but you don't want the little guy to hurt himself, so I put a small piece of that slip guard meant for under rugs and kitchen shelves and it worked wonderfully! I'm buying a second one! Just the fact that you can carry all your music and different genres on cards that take up no room at all makes this a huge PRO factor for me. Fabulous BUY!!!
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on January 11, 2015
The list price for this is $60, I not sure if it's quite that good, but I got it for $15 and might would pay twice that. I love that you can easily load music onto the SD card (the larger ones which is what I already had). Music loads while SD in the device just by hooking it up to the computer (USB included) and dragging mp3s into the folder as you would a flash drive - so very easy and no need for an SD drive on your computer. It also hooks up to anything with a standard size headphone jack, like a phone, to play music from that. The controls are about as simple as they can be. Great quality sound for the price and size. The battery lasts a really long time; I'm not sure how long because it hasn't died, but hours - long enough for me and my friend to say wow, that's still playing. It would be nice if it would shuffle, but that's not enough of a con to lose a star.

If I needed something like this again, I would definitely buy another one of these.
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on March 30, 2015
This little thing is amazing! It puts out an impressive level of sound, loud enough to hear all over a 2-acre yard, with nice bass and little to no distortion. Operation couldn't be easier, just pop the loaded SD card in and go. The only thing I am not terribly fond of is the crazy-bright LED indicator, but I can live with that.

Side note for people like me.... the SD card has to have the gold connector thingies facing up, just like the little picture on the speaker. I was a little foggy last week & it took an embarrassingly long time for that fact to register.

UPDATE: Songs on the SD card play in album order if any tags are embedded in the file. To get around this, I put all the tracks I wanted to transfer into a folder on my hard drive, right-clicked, went to properties, and removed all file attributes. Then I sorted by title, then copied over to the SD card. Voila! Randomized!
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