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on February 20, 2013
I've been looking for a low cost, reliable repeater to get better connectivity to the back of my house for a while. I was really attracted to the small form factor and ability to plug it right into an AC outlet. I was extremely pleased with the "out of the box" experience. It's smaller than a credit card and feels really well made. Let me start by saying I'm not the typical end user...I work at a computer security company so I was looking at every option, not taking defaults in order to make things secure, etc. Also, my only goal was to use this as a repeater so I didn't explore the other options.

Pros - Works great as a repeater. I'm definitely seeing the performance boost in the back of my house. Well worth the $40 for a clear Netflix picture, Youtube downloads, etc. I'm recommending this....and hoping to save some others some time in setup/configuration.

Cons - This is where it's a little quirky.

1st Quirk- when using the wizard to set up my repeater, it doesn't allow you to manually enter an SSID. In my case, where my primary AP isn't broadcasting it's SSID, there was no way to use the wizard to set up my repeater. The solution is to skip the wizard and manually set up the repeater where you CAN hard code the SSID. This isn't very intuitive so the 5 minute setup that others are talking about only applies if you're taking defaults. It would have been awesome had the wizard allowed me to specify my own, unbroadcasted SSID. They should add that in the next firmware IMO.

2nd Quirk - There's some very confusing broken English in the Wizard explanation of the different modes (AP, Repeater, Bridge, etc.). They have a nice picture but the explanation is very confusing....and I know what all these modes really do. It would have been SO easy to have an English speaking person hammer out a sentence or two that could have been very tight. My confidence level always goes down when they don't take the time to get the basics right.

3rd Quirk - When you go into repeater mode, you lose your ability to access the management interface to the repeater. The broken english explanation (in 2nd Quirk above) made mention of not being able to access the device unless you changed an IP...but it's so broken as to not be able to easily understand the instruction. Tech support emailed me back and told me that "once you change the mode, you lose management access for good. So, make sure you get all the settings the way you want BEFORE you go into Repeater mode. The only way to get access back, is to reset to factory defaults." So, sort of strange but, that's the way it is. Tech support got back to me within about 4-5 hours so not too bad.

4th Quirk - Initially, it was hard for me to tell if I was really riding the new repeater's signal or not. Once you go into repeater mode, you lose all "connectivity" with the management interface. So I'm sitting in the bedroom wondering "am I just riding my original wireless AP signal or getting benefit from the new?" There doesn't seem to be any way to tell....especially since the signal in my bedroom was hit or miss originally. Sometimes I'd have 1 bar...sometimes 4. I found myself doing all kinds of strange tests where I'd go to a far corner with the new AP unplugged, see that my signal would drop to 1-2s bar and validate bad Netflix connectivity. Then I'd plug in the new repeater, go to the same place in the house, have 2-3 bars but see good Netflix connectivity. There should really be some type of management interface (again, see 3rd Quirk above) where you could go in and have the repeater tell you what clients are riding the connection. Maybe this exists and I didn't see it before I lost my connectivity.

5th Item (not a quirk...just an observation) - Compared to a more established AP interface (like Netgear), the Satechi interface seemed a little sparse. Can't say it's missing anything, per se, but it was clear there weren't as many clickable areas. This could be a plus though.

Again, overall I'm SUPER happy with my purchase. I'm hoping/betting that a firmware update in the near future will remove some or all of these concerns. I'm hoping this review makes some others have an easier time.
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on June 17, 2013
I don't live in a big house. My apartment is 2 bedrooms and I'm fairly certain I could throw a frozen turkey from one end to the other on one bounce or less, but it was probably built in the 1950's or 60's and between the layout and the materials used I have wifi dead zones. So in the last few weeks I've been working on improving my wifi signal.

To start I had an AirPort Extreme 802.11n (5th Generation) broadcasting both 2.4 and 5.0GHz signals from the front of the house (where the cable hookup comes in). Signal in the back was weak even for the 2.4GHz network which is supposed to be fairly good at penetrating walls. I thought I wanted to repeat both networks to the back of the house so I bought a big, expensive repeater (Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Gigabit Dual Band Range Extender Repeater (SR20000G)). It worked well to extend the signal, but it forced me to set up new network names for the repeated networks. I ended up with 3 network names and had to switch networks every time I walked from the front of the house to the back (not a terrible hassle, but something I wanted to avoid whenever possible especially on my phone (2.4GHz) where the wifi connection menu is more difficult to get to).

Thats where this product came in. Its tiny (taking up just a single wall outlet), its easy to move around (once set I could take it to any room and plug it in to boost my home signal (as long as the home signal is reasonable)), and it allows me to create a single seamless network. Setup was incredibly simple (I was able to do it on just an iPhone). The steps were:

1) plug in the router to any wall outlet
2) connect to the SATECHI wifi network that pops up
3) navigate to their setup page by plugging in the provided IP address to your browser address bar (
4) follow the directions in the setup wizard to link to my home network
5) enjoy a seamless 2.4GHz extended network covering the whole apartment

When I connect to the 2.4GHz network now I see only one network name (SSID), but if I use a third party software to get a closer look at my wifi signals (I use wifi-explorer) I can see that this SSID is now being broadcast by both my main router and this repeater and in the back of the house the signal from the repeater is significantly stronger with significantly less noise (about the same signal to noise ratio as the secondary wifi network the more expensive and much larger bridge router set up). I log into this wifi network and my computer/phone chooses the better signal with no input from me. Its exactly the setup I wanted I get the benefit of speed without the hassle of figuring out exactly when I'd be better off switching networks.

For home use I'm thrilled, but I see even more potential in brining this thing on the road. Because its so small it would be easy to pop in your carry on bag or briefcase and bring on a business trip. I've never had great luck with hotel internet. It always seems like they router must be at the other end of the hall (if there is a router at all and not just ethernet). By bringing this I would expect to be able to repeat the hotel's native network or make my own wireless network using their ethernet network. If its as easy as setup at home was (and it should be as long as you know the hotel's wifi password), I'd expect to be up and running within 5 minutes.

Overall I think this is a great product. I haven't had cause to try out all of the modes it can be run in (repeater, bridge, client, access point, and router), but from what I have seen its well built, well thought out, easy to use, and an all around great product. For home or on the road, anywhere I need to boost my productivity and my wireless speed I know I can rely on this product.

5 stars
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My house is long and I was looking for a way to extend my current wireless network. My current wireless access point did not allow good connectivity throughout my house. I have moved it all over and could never find a good place to service the entire house. The Satechi Wireless Min Router solved my problem.

I set up the mini router as a repeater. It can be set up as a router, repeater, access point, bridge or client. The product description adequately explains what each mode does if you're not sure what mode you want. A YouTube page ([...] also walks you through any questions you might have.

After you plug it in, it will appear as a wireless network called Satechi. After you enter the IP and the user name and password (admin for both) you will access the configuration page. I clicked on Wizard and selected Repeater as the mode I needed. It then scans local networks and I saw the SSID of my current wireless network. I selected it and entered my password and clicked Save and Reboot.

Here's where I ran into a bit of a problem, or so I thought. I saw a progress bar that told me not to disconnect the router, but nothing appeared to be happening. I thought I did something wrong. I finally figured out that I was no longer connected to the Satechi network, but my current one. This is why the configuration page would no longer work. The manual was unclear as to this point. So I wanted to see if the minirouter was actually extending my network. I used the Mac software iStumbler to verify my new connection and was able to see that the minirouter was seen and extending my network. I now had coverage in my whole house!

One other bit of information that was not present in the manual, but I was able to find on the Satechi website was the reset procedure for the router. (The manual says to hold the reset button down for 8-10 seconds, but that didn't work) Here is the info from the website "You can reset your wireless router, by holding down reset button 3 seconds, and let it go, than hold again until only power light is present ( This could take 8 to 10 seconds) . Than unplug wireless router and plugged back in. This should reset it." I can confirm that this procedure works.

The router is small (smaller than a deck of playing cards) and comes with a short piece of Ethernet cable. Overall, this is a great little router at a great asking price.

Disclosure: I was given a sample to test and evaluate in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
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on June 21, 2013
I bought this to extend my wife's computer connection in her sun room to the rest of the wireless network in the house. Seemed to work fine for a while. I have a Cisco wireless router in the house that works great for everything and I just wanted to extend it.

Then my whole network started disconnecting from Bright House. Not just my wife's computer, but *everything* in the house (which is like a dozen devices, including NAS, servers, phones, printers, etc). I reset everything and went back to work. Day or so later - same thing. I finally put two and two together and unplugged the Satechi. No problems.

So I bought an Asus USB wireless product that was really awesome. So I put it on my wife's computer and suddenly I was getting 45mbs no sweat. OK, I thought, Maybe it's the way I had the Satechi configured.

The Asus was fabulous, so I promptly bought two more and put the Satechi away for a bit.

So I thought I'd put the Satechi on my bedroom home theater system since the existing Ethernet over power lines solution was really awful. Seemed to work fine. For a while. I started getting network problems again and this time I had to factory reset the Cisco router. Pulled the Satechi - no problems from then on.

I thought I would look for a firmware update, but their idea of a product support page is an FAQ and that's it. Can't find anything on the net about it. Was thinking about OpenWRT and maybe replacing the operating system, but it doesn't seem to have any support for this device.

I guess I'll just give up. Too bad, too, because it looks like a really great idea: two LAN ports, dedicated configuration by purpose and other neat stuff.

Oh, well. Time for another ASUS.
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on June 14, 2013
Bought this product for my trip to Japan. Best idea ever!!!! For some reason hotels in Japan does not have wifi in the rooms, but they do have free wired internet connection. I didn't have a laptop because it was too bulky to carry around but i did have my ipad. I just plugged in the satechi and was on the internet in minutes. Made my trip a lot better without the anxiety of being disconnected from the rest of the world.
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on October 19, 2013
Note: this review is only for Repeater Mode. It was not tested/used in any other operating mode.

I needed a Wi-Fi repeater for my home which has spotty coverage in my upstairs bedroom. I decided on this one after struggling with a TP-Link unit for a few weeks. Customer reviews seem to favor this unit, at least for its repeater mode performance, so I decided to give it a chance.

The unit is compact and self contained with its internal power supply, looking like a cordless wall wart. I was fine with the non-folding power prongs as my intended use was for a home repeater and not for traveling. Set up is fairly straight forward. I just plugged it in to an AC outlet and looked for a Satechi SSID Wi-Fi signal from my computer. The only thing that surprised me was my computer wanting to create a new network, which I cancelled. Otherwise, the set up process was just like what they showed on their YouTube video or what was detailed on their instruction manual.

As others have mentioned, you have to do a hard reset to be able to change the unit's operating mode. This is quite understandable since the setup is done wirelessly (without a cable). Once the unit is set up in repeater mode, it no longer broadcasts the Satechi SSID so there is no way to access the control/set-up page. I can understand this inconvenience if the unit is used for various purposes. This was a non-issue for my intended (dedicated repeater at home) use.

Overall, it is performing flawlessly as a repeater and hopefully for a long time.


Using this over a year now and it is still functioning as intended without any problems.

One thing that I just observed recently (since Comcast was recently boasting about faster speed service they are providing me) is the fact that the speed on the signal from this repeater is only about 1/3 the speed of when I'm connected directly with my main router. I still have 5 bars of signal but I noticed a more sluggish ipad operation when I'm connected through this repeater. Not really a big enough issue to change my rating at this time.
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on October 31, 2013
Exactly as advertised. I am very pleased. Made my very own hotel room HotSpot. I would recommend this to all travelers
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on March 7, 2014
This mini router is so simple to configure,I was done in about 30 seconds. I needed to provide network access to several devices that died not have Wifi integrated. One of the option is client mode, it just worked. As simple as that. I connected a TIVo to it and it was able to detect other TiVo instantly. Then transferred a TV show from another TIVo and it was as fast as with wired Ethernet. Now I do not have to install Ethernet cable to that room. It saved me a lot of work.

I am so pleased with this product.
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on February 22, 2013
I purchased this device to use as a repeater due to the size of my facility not have good signal strength throughout. Most areas only two bars. I received my device a day early. Took it out of the box and found that the enclosed start-up instructions were so skimpy as to be useless. I went to to my computer to write a scathing review only to find I had already received an email with more complete (step-by-step) instructions. Following those instructions, I was able to have it up and running as a repeater in less than 10 minutes. Every location now was showing 5 bars for signal strength. A week later I changed internet service providers so had to reset my little marvel. Unfortunately, The instructions for resetting provided in that the email were not complete enough. I sent a reply to the original email and in less than 3 hours I received a phone call from a technician who walked me through the reset process. I wish every manufacturer and the support they Provide their customers were even half as good. I would awarded a 5 star rating if the information which would have easily fit on two pages had been included in the box.
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on February 17, 2013
I bought this primarily as a repeater for my home network and it works great. It was simple to set up and I had it extending my network to the corners that were previously dead in no time. I have not tried other modes but did browse though the admin console and it looks very robust. The only con I can think of is that if you want to switch modes from repeater or bridge to router mode, you have to reset the router to factory defaults (as far as I can tell from the docs.) This isn't a big deal for me since I'll be using it at home as a repeater and when traveling, I'd have to run through a setup anyway. The wizard for selecting modes is simple as could be. Nice value in a tiny little package.
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