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on December 6, 2001
I'll try to keep this short, but it's hard with such an amazing CD. Here's a quick description of the tracks:
1. Set it Off: Amazing guitar riffs, and outstanding vocals. Perfect introduction.
2. Alive: If you don't already know and love it, come out from under your rock.
3. Boom: Equally as good as Set it Off, but with a much different tune.
4. Youth of the Nation: Eerie beats and a solemn teenage choir-fits the song perfectly.
5. Celestial: A cool, instrumental interlude.
6. Satellite: One of the best songs, with great lyrics and a cool alternative background.
7. Ridiculous: An odd, fast-paced reggae-rock song featuring Eek-A-Mouse. I personally don't like reggae, but I love this catchy song.
8. The Messenjah: Perhaps my favorite, this track features pure words combined with an adrenaline-pumping heavy metal beat.
9. Guitarras de Amor: A happy little guitar interlude.
10. Anything Right: Though it starts out much like Alive, the melodic violins and swaying vocals make this a unique song. Features Christian Lindskog from Blindside.
11. Ghetto: At first I didn't like this slow tune, but I soon realized the powerful lyrics that balanced it out.
12. Masterpiece Conspiracy: I'm not saying it's bad, but it's my least favorite song on the album. (Although I do admit I like the odd ending.)
13. Considered an interlude, it is really a fast-then-slow-paced punk song including H.R. from Bad Brains.
14. Thinking About Forever: A mellow yet incredible song.
15. Portrait: A peculiar mixture of different styles of music.
If you haven't heard this album yet, get it!!!
Got to go.
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on September 12, 2001
This cd without a doubt shows that POD's capable of so much more. Yes, all of Sonny's rapping is still in tact, not to mention his trademark scream, but in comparisson to their last album, there's a whole lot more singing. The songs are still as aggressive (if not more) as ever when they're suppose to be and the softer parts hold their ground and make them so much more dynamic through contrast. The beauty behind this cd is that it is a sound that's real. It all comes together quite well. Taking a stand and expressing their feelings and beliefs that doesn't sound like some fake put on angry sound or the other extreme with really panzy flaky music. A problem that many spiritual groups seem to stumble into. To me it takes on a stand that there are things to look forward to in life. That God is constantly watching over us. And it's all done with a confidence that just seems to say to me that POD's out there with their priorities in life. God plays a huge factor in their day and yes, they do go through their problems but because of their faith, they overcome them. POD reveals who they are and don't feel like they need to prove anything to anyone because it's already so real in their hearts. This cd is definitely worth checking out, I was skeptical because I never got into their last cd but this time around they've really gotten a bit of everything in there, rock, metal, rap, hip hop, spanish guitar, tribal and even some strings and a childrens choir. I'm not saying that you'll fall in love with every track because I myself haven't yet, but it looks like this'll be one of those albums that can grow on you the more you listen to it. My personal favorites so far are: Set It Off, Alive, Boom, Satellite, The Messenjah, and Portrait.
Set It Off: Kicks off "Satellite" with a driving intro, the song goes back and forth with having quiet verses that sound like they came out of "Tribal" then to a very aggressive chorus that sounds like an order to start a riot.
Alive: Great rock guitar work and a very uplifting over all sound, where the solid girth of the overall tone make it sound confident and true in the lyrics.
Boom: The intro sounds like one of Rammsteins new songs (track 8, I don't know the german name for it). Lots of palm muting guitar work and I myself get a kick out of the "boom!" yelled during the chorus.
Youth of the Nation: This is a deep song as it does summarize the truth concerning many troubled incidents that take place at schools across North America. Dealing with suicide, and the shootings. The instruments sound like something that Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit would've put together. It ends with a childrens choir singing the chorus.
Celestial: An instrumental piece. It sounds good but I find myself skipping this track as it repeats itself over and over again.
Satellite: I can see Maynard singing this chorus. The verses sound like it is a cross between "Set Your Eyes On Zion" and parts of that Offspring song "The Kids Aren't Alright." This song has great progression as it builds itself into the chorus very well.
Ridiculous: This song's got a raggae sound. Not my cup of tea but it works.
The Messenjah: This is a great song. It's one of those rally around the cause kind of songs. It's got a very aggressive full sound overall. Once again though, the clean work makes me think of Limp Bizkit.
Guitarras de Amor: This instrumental just sounds cool. Without a doubt, it's a spanish guitar piece.
Anything Right: This one reminds me off, Metallica. The way the band itself plays, not mention the string arrangement that immediately makes me think of "S&M".
Ghetto: It builds up eventually but seems to drag a bit too much. It's got a hint of Alien Ant Farm riffs in it.
Masterpiece Conspiracy: A good song when I'm in the right mood.
Without Jah, Nothing: Crazy punk song with histerical yelling. I can't figure if the guest vocal's voice is extremely funny or just annoying.
Thinking About Forever: A quiet and sobre piece based on reflection. One of those songs that those who have lost a loved one can really relate to. With the whole terrorist thing that just happened, I'm sure that those who lost their mom's would feel this one out.
Portrait: Taking a bite out off religion and putting a personal touch on Sonny's interpretation of a Jesus that's a reality in his life. All done in a very no nonsense and aggressive manner. Great Song.
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on January 15, 2002
I had been hearing a lot of System of a Down's "Toxicity" album lately--and loving it. This made me reflect on the new music I had listened to in 2001, and got me thinking on my picks for my favorite album of the past year. I basically narrowed it down to "Toxicity" and "Satellite." For a while it was a toss-up. However, I just got done listening to "Satellite" again, all the way through, and there's no longer any doubt in my mind--P.O.D. has produced THE best album of 2001.
The CD is AMAZING. Songs like "Set if Off," "The Messenjah," and especially "Portrait" can rock the hell out of you and still manage to be inspiring on a very sublime level. Track-by-track, the band stays true to its roots, but never becomes predictable. Yes, you'll here that Jesus loves you. But you'll also hear songs about school shootings ("Youth of the Nation"), moments of well-deserved self-promotion ("Boom"), and even an angry rant against judgmental Christians ("Anything Right").
There's considerably less screaming on "Satellite" than on albums past--vocalist Sonny Sandoval spends more time with on-the-money rhyming and several forays into straight-up melody (all of which wind up being successful --and moreso than last albums's "Set Your Eyes to Zion," in my opinion). This maturing of style will inevitably lead some to claim that P.O.D. has "sold out." I pity those people--they cheat themselves out of the best sonic experience of the year!
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on October 4, 2001
I borrowed P.O.D's "Satellite" from a friend and I really did not expect much at all from it. I had thought "Fundamental Elements" was a decent CD but nothing great. Anyway, I was really blown away by this CD the first time that I listented to it. It is full of all different types of music (ie "Ridiculous" and part of "Without Jah, Nothin') so do not expect an album that sounds like something Korn would release. The CD starts out with the catchy "Set It Off", and it does exacly that to this CD. "Alive", the first single, is next. I was not into this particular song the first time I heard it, but I have grown to really like it. "Boom" takes over next, and it is a great track that keeps the CD rolling. It is sort of like "Set it Off" part two in it's message and it's style. The chilling "Youth of the Nation" is next. This song is pretty much just a freestyle rap song, but it's lyrics are really..chilling and the end with the children singing the chorus is really well done. The filler "Celestial" is next. It is better than the fillers off of "Fundamental Elements" but it is still..a filler. "Satellite" is next up, and it could likely be the next single. I am pretty sure this song is inspired by the unfortunate death of Sonny's mother. This particular number is a nu-metal staple. "Ridiculous" is the next song up, and it really slows the tempo of the CD. It is a funky sounding reggae tune, nothing like anything on a Limp Bizkit or RATM album. It's really woth listening to though. "The Messenjah" is a great all out rocker, but it's nothing really special at all. It sounds alot like the title track but it's not quite as good. "Guitarras de Amor" is the second filler, it's just the guitarist playing some Spanish-sounding thing. "Anything Right" is a nice stellar song that really sums up the CD up to that point. It is full of great screaming and angst. "Ghetto" is an ok song, but it's the low point of the album. "Masterpeice Conspiracy" is a fast paced rock song that is really good. The guitars are somewhat like a RATM song. "Without Jah, Nothin'" is one of my favorites. It starts out like an all out punk rock song and turns into a mellow reggae piece. This song was really well thought out and the result is great. "Thinking about Forever" and "Portrait" are both decent song, but they are at the end of the album for a reason. All in all this CD is a great buy, and anyone who is even slightly interested should pick it up.
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on November 3, 2003
I hadn't heard of these guys until Alive first hit the radio. While I really like that track, it was Youth Of the Nation which really hooked me, a sensitive, powerful song which will be inspiration to Christians and non-Christians alike, with an honest look at the problems young people face. It was that which tempted me to buy the CD. Although nothing quite matches YOTN, the overall quality is high.
The comment I really can't understand is that the album is repetitive. While many tracks are rooted in hard rock with a touch of rap, there are also slower moodier numbers and a touch of reggae, with guest performers on several tracks. Things like Ridiculous and Without Jah, Nothing make a nice change from the normal sound, with Ghetto also especially inspirational, and Thinking About Forever takes a subject which causes some horrible songs (the death of your mother) and still carries it off.
That the group are Christian may make a little difference to your perspective on the album. I'm not religious myself but I didn't find it preachy, except for maybe 1 or 2 tracks. It makes a change from much rock and rap endorsing violence, hatred, negativity and mysogeny, which is all very well but doesn't save people (in any sense). Listening to the CD ought to make you feel happier and more positive about the world as a whole, whatever you believe
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on August 10, 2002
Even if you are not a Christian you will fall in love with this CD if you're a fan of rock, rap, or punk. POD's sophomore disc shows how this band has grown and matured from their last album (I rated their last work, THE FUNDEMENTAL ELEMENTS OF SOUTHTOWN with 2 stars). Every song has a special spark to it that keeps you spinning this head-bangin' album. Here is a song-by-song
review of P.O.D.'s SATELLITE.
1) Set It Off - A heavy rock song to get this party started.
2) Alive - Possibly the best on the album. If you haven't heard this track before, then you are obviously from another planet.
3) Boom - Another awesome song with a heavy beat that you'll be playing again and again.
4) Youth of the Nation - Calmer than the first four tracks but is excellent in it's own rank.
5) Celestial - Interlude. Decide 4 Yourself.
6) Satellite - A slower beat but don't get me wrong. You'll be bangin' your head to this one as well.
7) Ridiculous - Has a reggae beat to it and is a very funky track.
8) The Messenjah - A hard heavy beat with great spiritual lyrics.
9) Guitarras de Amor - Interlude. Great guitar talent which sounds a little like Santana.
10) Anything Right - OK
11) Ghetto - OK not the best.
12) Masterpiece Conspiracy - Another dancable track.
13) Without Jah, Nothin' - My least favorite but I would still rate it a 8/10. It starts out with an EXTREMELY FAST beat and Sonny (the lead singer) screaming. Then it calms down after a bit with whoever is the guest singer.
14) Thinking About Forever - An excellent ballad.
15) Portrait - This song is a bit crazy but is in a league of it's own. You can't really say it's a fast song, cause it's not. But you can't really say it's a slow song either cause it's not. The beat is wacked out and is weird but still a great track.
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on July 24, 2004
I bought "Satellite" a few days ago because I had heard songs like "Alive", "Boom" and "Youth of the Nation". I already owned P.O.D.'s "Payable On Death" album, which was my favorite P.O.D. album. But wow.... did Satellite ever amaze me! On "Payable On Death" Sonny became a full-time singer, which I enjoyed, but gosh do I ever miss his rapping/screaming from albums like Satellite! An excellent album both musically and lyrically, this is THE P.O.D. album to own. The emotion that Sonny puts into his vocals and the musical expertise that this band has is all here in Satellite. It really amazed me. Here is a song-by-song review:

1 - Set It Off - 10/10 - The perfect opener. "Set It Off" has been one of my favorite P.O.D. songs for a while now, and it never gets old! The chorus is something else! One of the heavier songs on this album.

2 - Alive - 10/10 - "I... I feel so ALIVE!" Awesome! Sonny does a fantastic job of the vocals, especially on the chorus. Definitely one of the best songs P.O.D. has ever made. Emotional and fun to sing along to.

3 - Boom - 10/10 - Fun song! I really like this one, Sonny is a very good rapper, and the chorus is great -- BOOM!

4 - Youth of the Nation - 10/10 - My third favorite P.O.D. song of all time after "Satellite" and "Southtown". The drumbeat Wuv does on this song is stuck in my brain at this moment... Sonny again blows me away with some awesome vocals! This is a song about suicide, and it really moves me every time I hear it. Incredible song.

5 - Celestial - 7/10 - Nice little interlude that showcases some echoing guitars from Marcos. Helps give "Satellite" its spacey feel.

6 - Satellite - 10/10 - The best P.O.D. song ever (in my opinion). The chorus... something else. And the message... not to be missed! Check out the Oakenfold remix if you can find it.

7 - Ridiculous - 9/10 - Another excellent song. This one is a little more reggae-flavoured than the rest. No flaws whatsoever.

8 - The Messenjah - 9/10 - This one is really good. A driving chorus and a powerful message. Not to be missed, and most certainly one of P.O.D.'s best!

9 - Guitarras de Amor - 7/10 - Another interlude. I would have rated this one 5/10 if I hadn't heard it backwards.

10 - Anything Right - 9/10 - Wow! Christian of Blindside and Sonny both sing in this song. The verses are the highlight here. A bit of an angry song, however, just about everyone feels like they "can't do anything right" at some time in their lives. Emotional and hard-hitting. REALLY good!

11 - Ghetto - 10/10 - This one really blew my mind. This is probably the best I have ever heard Sonny sing. He puts on a soaring performance, plus the song's message is just amazing!

12 - Masterpiece Conspiracy - 9/10 - Great song! Sort of similar to "Set It Off"... with a bit of a different ending. Nice guitar work. I found this is a great party song.

13 - Without Jah, Nothin' - 8/10 - The weirdest song on the album. It starts out with a bunch of screaming from Sonny and some singing from Bad Brains. Then it suddenly falls in to this reggae groove with Sonny doing a great job at singing background vocals and Bad Brains just messing around. Interesting... and fun... that's why it got an 8/10!

14 - Thinking About Forever - 10/10 - A song about Sonny's mother who died when Sonny was 19 or something like that. Beautiful song, probably the softest one on the album.

15 - Portrait - 9/10 - P.O.D. started the album with a heavy song and ends it with the heaviest. Great lyrics and the music is superb as well. A suitable closer, and a must hear P.O.D. song: "Some people call you father... maybe you can set me free. These people hate each other... but you've always been there for me".

Well, if you got anything out of this review, you should know by now that this is a must-buy album. Rolling Stone even gave it four stars. And even if you don't like the heavier stuff, buy it for "Ghetto" and "Youth of the Nation". An incredible and moving album all around, not to mention one of my all-time favorites. With not one bad song and a message the world desperately needs to hear, this is THE P.O.D. album to own!
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on September 23, 2002
I received this CD for Christmas last year, and was NOT disapointed. P.O.D. supremely blends metal with rap to create a powerful mix of songs. Here's some of the more important tracks, IMHO:
#1 Set it Off: 10/10, this song is IMHO the best on the CD. A powerful up beat song that sets the way for the rest of the album. This song should have gotten more play time on the radio if it even got any to begin with.
#2 Alive: 7/10, definitely the most populer song by Payable On Death. This song is more rock then metal or rap, but its not that bad. I just don't see anything awesome about it.
#3 Boom: 4/10, actually I don't like this song, its a fast beat rock song that seems to be all about self promotion.
#4 Youth of the Nation: 7/10, a really good emotional song that seems to speak of all the school shootings lately. The Youth choir really sings beautifully, and surprisingly Sonny can sing as equally beautiful without screaming or rapping.
#6 Sattelite: 8/10, This song is really awesome, while the title might seem odd it speaks of how God is always around and there for us.
#8 The Messenjah: 9/10, Imagine Korn fused with Toby Mac, now thats how this song sounds. Certainly a song that has been skipped by most radio stations Messenjah really hits hard with a Christian message.
#14 Thinking About forever: 8/10, this song is pretty much an emotional personal song that seems to tug at you from the inside out. Definitely a softer track (track 14) this song is melodic.
#15 Portrait: 9/10, P.O.D. ends the album just the way they started it VERY LOUD. This is definitely their hardest track, and it sounds as if they are calling out to God about something personal. This song really reminds me of Korn, but with better lyrics.
I highly reccomend this CD, there is NO profanity, and it sollidly rocks!
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on December 30, 2005
This... IS amazing. So what if there are a couple of weird parts that maybe you like and somebody else doesnt. It's still one of the best cds. .period. And they really are christian. Listen once again to those awsome lyrics. Closer. There is no cussing. Maybe a hell yeah in some of their cds, but read the line before it. You'll know what I'm talking about. Buy this cd. Nothing like Brown or FEOS.

Do me a favor.

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on November 6, 2015
great album by p.o.d. looking forward to more music by this band, south-town was a great album their blend of SKA, reggae and heavy metal and Christian lyrics make them one of a kind, Sonny's stories in life give anyone something to relate to. If you have this already sessions is awesome as well with some of these songs done acoustically
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