Customer Reviews: Satin Pleasures
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on March 13, 2012
A bad health scare brought workaholic Dan McDonald to rethink his priorities.
Now he's left the stress behind and vowed to take better care of himself. On
his way to help his aunt with the opening of her lingerie store he meets Tess
Emory. The brunette embodies everything he should avoid like the plague. She's
married to her work, constantly pressed for time, and very unbalanced. No, no, no
- not what he wants! Right? Too bad his dog doesn't seem to agree with him.
That's because Colby has good taste in food...and women, while Dan takes a bit
longer to realize what's good for him.

*Sighs*. Such a cute feel-good romance! I read it after a long day and was happy to finally just kick back. Today the sun has come out to play. I'd also recommend this novel as a beach read.

Normally I'd start out with my thoughts on the hero or the heroine, but today I need to give a shout-out to Dan's aunt Mary first. She's a lovely lady and cared deeply for her nephew (just like his mother and step-dad). A great little cast! I came to hold Tessa's parents in high regard, as well. It was palpable how important it was for them to see their daughter happy. Nothing else mattered. Nice people, concerned parents.

Dan requires a "good guy" tag on this post. He's there for his family - always. Even though he'd have preferred to stay in seclusion a bit longer, he drives to San Francisco to give his aunt Mary a hand. Dan obviously didn't expect a certain brunette to cross his path, let alone call to his libido like that. The last woman in his life inflicted some serious damage. I applauded his decision to turn his back on the "fast-track", but thought it about time for him to give love a second chance. I knew from the beginning that he wasn't the "bag `em and leave `em" kinda guy. He didn't play games or tried to be someone he's not. You got what you saw. That's refreshingly honest.

Because his heart and brain were busy in a stand-off, he didn't grasp just how much his laid back personality affected Tessa. She knew she was more worried about the well-being of others than her own happiness, but talking to Dan put the floodlight on that particular circumstance ("Must he rub it in my face like that?" - Yep!) Not that she could change anything about it!?! The story of their first time meeting on a bridge is one for the grand children. Hilarious, yet very sweet. Dan acted like a true gentleman and stirred up my blood but good in the process. I love, love, love when a person is able to smile with his eyes. Such a huge turn-on!

Tessa was terrified by how good and save she felt in his presence. Her opposite lifestyles made it all the more complicated. I can't tell you anything about where her relentless drive to make it in the business came from, for it would spoil the fun in finding out for yourselves. What I will tell you is that she, too, got "burned" by a man and still carried the scars. Despite their different attitudes towards how far one should go to reach their goals, Dan and Tessa were two peas in a pod. This didn't make fighting their explosive attraction any easier. :-) <-- Me *gloating* all the way though the first half of the book.

The poor girl was desperate to keep Dan at a distance and came up with the funniest lie of omission I've ever heard. It took me a couple of minutes to pull myself back together and stop with the giggling. She was often drawn between putting him in a choke hold and admiring his calm and relaxed demeanor. Meanwhile Dan's hanky-panky fantasies about Tess drove him up the wall. Couldn't wait for them to give in and jump each other's bones. Let's just say the experience included two of my favorite...errr...ingredients. Coffee and a man's privates *coughs*. Also, I really liked how quickly Dan got the handle on her (as in he knew what made her tick). I only wished for him to be just a teeny-weeny bit more bad boy, but that's just a preference of mine. Can't help it!

There's no way you won't like this contemporary romance. It's fluffy, sexy, and I immensely enjoyed the time I spend with Dan and Tessa. No unnecessary or implausible drama - instead a blooming romance spiced up by a couple of obstacles the main characters had to overcome (and not to forget the lemony lemons). That's how I like it! 4 stars to Satin Pleasures by Karen Docter.

Beware of Spoilers!
A few of my favorite quotes for those of you who are interested:
° "The blend of cool professionalism and hot sensuality."
° "He reminded her of a grizzly bear she saw once at the San Francisco Zoo, fierce and dominating."
° "What she wouldn't give to bottle this man up and take him home, to be opened for those times when life got her down."
° "She was a businesswoman first, a woman...well, never."
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on August 25, 2012
Satin Pleasures by Karen Docter is pure romance, and wonderful one at that. This was such an enjoyable read, that I couldn't put it down, since this was such a feel good book.

The story begins with Dan MacDonald, who is returning from a year of a peaceful seclusion from a stressful career, to San Francisco to help his family. He is stuck with his dog, Colby, a German Shepard, on the bridge due to a overturned truck. While he waits, he spots a beautiful brunette sitting on the hood of her car, talking on the phone, and begins to fantasize what sex would be like with her. Of course, at that moment, a group of young men were passing the time playing Frisbee and boom.......the girl is hit in the head, knocking her unconscious off the car, and the phone into the water.

Dan to the rescue of the damsel is distress. Meet Tess Emory, who wakes up in the arms of a handsome stranger. Dan brings Tess to his trailer to make sure she is ok, and suspects she may have a concussion. Tess, who is a business woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, is in a panic. She was on her way to a meeting that was important to her career, and with her phone in the water, she cannot call to say she will be late. Dan tries to calm her, and explain they are stuck there for a couple of hours. He keeps Tess busy, talking to her, and just about when the traffic backlog begins to open up, Dan surprises her with a kiss.

Both have had relationship failures, which have turned them off from looking for any kind of romance. But before they go their separate ways, there is an attraction, and we know they will meet again.

Tess is a manager of a Mall, and is fighting for a promotion. She is working long hours, and is totally stressed out. Unbeknownst to Tess, Dan is going to help his family for three months, to operate a lingerie store. This of course is in the same mall that Tess manages...small world...but not in romance. 

Dan who has been there and done that, stepped away from a high profile job, that threatened to destroy him. So he knows that Tess is on her way to a breakdown. Not only because he is attracted to her, but because he is concerned for her well being, Dan tries to help. Tess fights off her attraction to Dan, and is determined to let nothing stand in her way. But each time she sees Dan, she finds it harder to keep her distance. Dan is sexy, handsome, smart, a family man, dog lover, and all in all, a great guy. The sexual tension between them is hot, and soon they cannot resist each other.

It was beautiful to watch their romance, even if both were afraid to allow this to become something permanent. But love has a way of sneaking up, despite the two lovers fierce determination not to do so. Dan learns that Tess needs this promotion, as her father needs an operation, to allow him to walk again. She blames herself for an accident that happened years ago, and refuses to face the fact that he may never walk again. Dan begins to understand Tess, and though he tries to make her understand that she needs to live for herself, and let things go, she refuses to see this. During the course of their romance, Tess gets angry at Dan, and they fight, and near the end, it begins to look like they will never be able to get past these issues.

Karen Docter has done a wonderful job with this contemporary romance, which grabs hold of your heart and will not let go. I loved Dan and Tess, and the battle to fight off their attraction, only to see themselves fall deeper in love. There are twists and turns, but you find yourself rooting for them from the start. Docter has done a good job of creating great secondary characters, such as Tess's mother and father, Dan's family, and even Anthony and Cleopatra, not mention the wonderful Colby, who decided that Tess was his. I truly enjoyed this book and would recommend this to anyone who wants to sit back read a beautiful romance.
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on July 13, 2016
This has to be the funniest “meet cute” I’ve read in a long time. Dan McDonald meets up with Tess Emory on a bridge over the San Francisco Bay. You’ll have to read about the funny meeting yourself, though, as I couldn’t do it justice. Both these characters need to work through issues in their life, some that could be life threatening to their health, and they both need to learn to lean on others – or each other – in order to be happy and successful in life and love. The actual love story moved fast, at least to me, but it was a fun story. And I loved the dog.
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on October 9, 2012
I hesitated with this one because of the title. The description sounded fun and it was a free download so I gave it a try. The story and characters are good, just not memorable. Nothing stood out for me about this book, good or bad. I am rating it right in the middle at 2.5 stars. If you like the typical romance formula, you will enjoy it.
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on December 14, 2014
I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This was a spicy romance with well developed characters. This romance kept my interest until the end. Dan and Tessa were meant for each other but resisted the attraction until they could resist no longer. If you love spicy romance you will love this book.
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on April 27, 2016
Dan MacDonald has been driving from Florida to San Francisco with his dog Colby in a camper. He almost died from being to obsessed with his job that his health suffered. He has been resting for the last year in Florida. Dan is going to San Francisco to help his aunt open A Touch of Silk and Satin store. The traffic is stuck on the bridge going into San Francisco and people were out of their cars. A group of college kids are playing frisbee and hit the woman named Tess in front of Dan with the frisbee where she hits her head and falls off her car. Dan helps her and takes her back to his camper. She feels better and the traffic begins to move. Dan follows Tess and she thinks it's nice that he made sure she made it to her destination. She soon finds out that he is at the mall she runs because his aunt's store is in her mall. Dan is attracted to Tess even though he doesn't want to be. Tess is a workaholic and doesn't take time for herself. She reminds him of how he used to be and swears he will never be like that again. Tess is working so hard to save money for another operation for her dad so he will be able to walk. You need to read the book to see how Tess and Dan's relationship progresses.

I loved how Ms. Docter told this story and it unfolded. I loved Dan and could feel for him with how his past had gone and what he wants for his future. He was good to Tess and tried to show her how to relax. I loved how Tess cared so much for her family that she would do what ever it took for her family. Dan's dog, Colby, was a sweetheart. I loved the book and can't wait to read more of Ms. Docter's books. I was given the book for an honest review.
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on August 5, 2015
Tess is a workaholic and Dan gave up that life a year ago when it almost killed him. The only problem is, the sparks have ignited when they met on the bridge during a traffic jam and now are working in the same mall. Can love be far behind. This was a sexy, smart, cute and lighthearted story. I recommend this one!

**Received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**
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on September 3, 2013
This is a pure romance novel with a little bit of heat. Not really that much and that was exactly what kind of disappointed me. Just when I thought it would give me the heat it seemed to build up to the author didn't follow through. Don't get me wrong, the book is very well written and captivating to the point I had moments of Gone With the Wind sighs, but by leading me to believe there would be explicit content while it never ever went there was a bummer. (Sorry I do love my steamy windows every now and then.) This author chose to keep the intimate scenes suitable for all audiences. Which is a good thing I guess. Oh, well, I just didn't get what I wanted and shouldn't moan about it, but tell you how the story is very well developed and the characters come alive. This author had me rooting for them all.

One other thing I kind of missed was the fact that there isn't a real `bad guy' to hate. It is all pure romance and revolves around the question if they will end up together rather than having an elaborate plot.

If they end up together is something I will not give away, but there are some twists and some turns, yet nothing really unexpected.

Still a very nice read which had me glued to my ereader.

(I did not receive any compensation for this review)
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on December 4, 2014
Sweet Mercy! Tess and Dan's sweet story of romance and finding a true balance in love really had me flipping the pages. Finished this one in one sitting. Thanks for the great read Karen. Off to your next title!
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on September 2, 2012
I tucked this one away in my Kindle while, like one of the main characters, Dan McDonald's old self, let myself get pushed away by "life". Yesterday, I decided to follow his example by putting down everything so darned important--take a little time and smell some roses.

This definitely turned out to be a great read. It was sexy in a smart and entertaining way. A great little love story with enough push and pull between hero and heroine that you could almost "smell the ozone" building up with the tension.

Karen Docter definitely deserved to win the award she received for writing this one. It was very well done, very entertaining and a great way to break free of all those pesky things that "have" to be done. And, it was perfectly executed and definitely deserves a 5-star!
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