Customer Reviews: Save My Soul
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on April 10, 2012
The story kicks straight into action with Kendra, the heroine, lying on the operating table, dying. She miraculously survives, but there is a catch: her life and soul will only be saved if she manages to make the doctor who operated on her believe in God again. Dr. Chamberlain is embittered and has good reasons to have lost his faith, so it's not an easy task. Kendra is helped by her guardian angel Rhyan, who also happens to be really hot :)
This is a refreshing change from the 'paranormal-romance-involving-angels'-theme, because I always wondered (while reading other books in this genre) whatever happened to God as one of the main characters. Mind you, I am not a die-hard fan of Christian literature or anything, but when a story is about angels, you sort of expect them to have a connection with God, having to do assignments for Him and all that. At least Rhyan was doing something religion-related in this book, so thumbs up for not slacking off :) The only thing that didn't work for me was that good and evil were portrayed sort of black-and-white in the story. Because Adam (the doctor) lost his faith, he has a guardian demon. That's a bit too harsh for me. But I understand why the author used it in the story.
Definitely give this one a go, for a mere 5 dollars it's worth your money and time.
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on April 21, 2012
While I was expecting a religious book, I was greatly surprised by the fact that it isn't. The story is very well written with enough twists and turns to keep me up until way after my normal sleep time. I'll not go into the details of the story as others have, instead I'll just say that there are many pleasant surprises in this book and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a bit of fantasy wrapped in mystery with an easily followed, but unpredictable, path to its end.

I'm looking forward with great anticipation to any and all future books by Ms. Haigwood.
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on April 20, 2012
Save My Soul gets you hooked within the first chapter. The lead characters Kendra, Rhyan, Mason and Adam are so well written you can picture them perfectly in your mind which means you get involved with every single one of them and their journey throughout the book. I loved reading every page of this book - always wanting to know what happens next and there are a few plot twists that are very suprising and keep the excitement coming. If you like romance real this book. If you like things paranormal read this book. In fact read this book. You won't regret it!!
Thanks to the author Kristie Haigwood for writing such a great book and she is talking writing about a spin off about Ryhan which I can't wait for!
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on March 31, 2012
I just finished reading `Save My Soul' and I have to say that I did enjoy it, it took me right back to the romance novels that I used to read when I was twenty or thirty years younger. Although I do prefer my paranormal fantasy to be darker, bleaker and grittier, this story sucked me in until the end - I had to see how it all worked out for the heroine. Christian readers will greatly enjoy 'Save My Soul', as well as young women. I did trip over a few typographical errors in the text, and it would have been great to have a description of the heroine earlier in the story rather than later; however I feel the book will be a fluid read once these couple of very minor concerns are attended to. A good solid four (and a bit) stars out of five from me.
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on March 22, 2012
My Thoughts

Well I really enjoyed this book. I was honored that I was one of the very first to read it. Kristie has definitely put a new spin on Angels. She has set a good story line with awesome characters who are in no way perfect, but if they where perfect then this story would not have been a gripping read.

Kendra our heroine is unlike any other heroine. She has to make Dr. Chamberlain believe in something that he has not believed in in many years. She needs him to believe in god in order to save both of their souls. Getting Dr. Chamberlain to believe again is easier said then done.

There are many twist and turns in this story that will leave you wanting to read more and more. This is a definite page turner so make sure you go grab yourself a copy today.
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on August 10, 2012
Book description:

'Save My Soul' is a story about a young woman who finds herself in a hospital after a repelling accident that nearly kills her. She discovers that she is on Adam Chamberlain's operating table. After the surgery, she is contacted by her guardian angel. He is ready to take her to heaven, although he is not alone. The guardian angel of her handsome surgeon came along for the ride.

Adam's guardian angel offers Kendra, the protagonist, a deal. If she can help with Adam's salvation, she will get a second chance at life. The fact that there are guardian demons around to block her efforts, will not stop her from giving it everything she's got. If she is unsuccessful, she will spend eternity keeping the hell fires burning. The catch is that she only has one week in which to do it.

My review:

This book grips you at the start, as this very unique and stirring plot is unfolded. You meet Kendra's handsome and yet humanly flawed guardian angel, Adam's corrupt guardian angel and Adam's charming yet mischievous guardian demon. This demon becomes more than just a simple distraction for Kendra and while all this is going on, the book is almost impossible to put down.

Somewhere in the middle of the book, everything slows down. Our protagonist is a photographer and there is quite a bit of activity regarding her work that appears to be pretty irrelevant to the story. Although it does make notice of her expertise and passion for her work, the fire and excitement dies considerably. This segment eventually ends and the story picks back up again but there is yet another hurdle. Without giving too much away, because the reader knows so little about Adam, it is difficult to identify with the relationship he has with Kendra.

That being said, it is a fun read. It is understandable that the guardian angels may play it fast and loose while in human form and why shouldn't they? Humans certainly do. It is witty and charming and will certainly make you laugh and smile as you travel through Kendra's journey. The end of the book will certainly keep you hanging on for the resolution and when it does end, you may be wishing she chose someone else. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars, only because I prefer a faster read. But the reviews are good, stop by and take a look.
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on April 5, 2012
Lucky me! I had the pleasure to be one of the first to read and review this awesome story. Save My Soul has so much going for it. Kristie Haigwood has such a uniquely charming voice in this debut novel. I honestly felt like I was reading about a real person. She is a force to be reckoned with that's for sure. Although quirky at times, Kendra is a strong, likeable young woman and pulled at my heartstrings immediately. This story was so charming and had the magical influence of the old angel on my shoulder, devil on the other. It reminded me of a few old movies I'd seen; Heaven Can Wait, It's A Wonderful Life just to name a couple. A quarter-way into the book, I started questioning whether or not this was a religious book, but then realized there wouldn't be any swearing in it then. There's not much, just a little. Kristie made Kendra so believable the way she showed her working with the students during their photo sessions, I had to wonder whether Ms. Haigwood was in fact a photographer on the side. She did a remarkable job with the details.

There were a few twists in the story, I won't give anything away, but for me, the more twists and surprises a story has the better. The love Kendra had for her guardian angel was an honest love that no one could deny and his love for her was one you would expect if you knew your own guardian angel and could actually see and talk to him. If you love books about angels this is a great one to read. You will be charmed along with everyone else who reads it. Great Job, Kristie! Great Cover too! Thank you for allowing me to read this little gem.
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on March 1, 2015
Reading this book was like being in dreamland. I guess that is what a paranormal book is supposed to be. I am not sure it is a dream I want to be in since it determines who is going to heaven or hell.

The author is gifted in how she presents an alternate world of good and bad guardian angels who are not always what they seem. The angels are controlled by some sort of "angel board" that doles out assignments and judgments which affect the human responsibilities. God stays pretty much out of the picture in this book. Even when prayed to, the message is heard by and acted upon by angels and God seems eerily silent. This may not be a problem for some of you reading my and Ms Haigwood's words . I was discomforted even though I knew this was a book of "fiction"

That being said, I liked and cared about Kendra and Adam as they went through their trials. It is hard to get to know all you would want in a first book of about 250 pages. Since this is the beginning of a series I assume the characters will evolve and grow. She has made a good start.

There is a lot of "romance" in the story line. Add to this that the angels(both good and bad) keep popping in and out of heads involved in said "romance". And then this romance kept jumping from angel to human to angel again. I was left with an "ewww" feeling. Maybe someone younger than I would not feel the same.

The author has an interesting premise. I feel those who like paranormal will eat this up. It was just too far outside my comfort zone to say I would read any more in the series. If Ms. Haigwood decides in the future to explore another genre, I would welcome reading her works again.
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on July 29, 2012
There were positives and negatives for me, but I think the positives win out.

Let's start with the negatives. If you are expecting Christian fiction, think again. Although the main character, Kendra, has a goal to convert her doctor, Adam, to Christianity, her view of it is simply believing in God nothing more. The term is very, very loosely used and she certainly doesn't live it. She cusses like crazy and if I hear the term "friends with benefits" one more time, I might scream. (We get it already!) Not only was that phrase used excessively, the author felt we, as readers, aren't intelligent enough to know what it means, so she gives a definition. She over explains things like that several times and it really made me feel like I was being spoken down to. One more thing I didn't really get was the attraction she had to her guardian angel. He came off as an overly hormonal (do men have hormones?), emotional, lovesick kid. And finally, the writing was good but it seemed, at times, to lean more toward explaining the story to me instead of letting me experience it.

Now for the good stuff! I liked the characters of Kendra & Adam and I became emotionally involved with them. I was cheering for them right up to the end. The story was like nothing I've read before and was fresh and exciting. It kept my interest and had me eager to find out what was going to happen next.

Overall, it was a good, quick, fun read. Although, this was a freebie for me, I would have been happy to pay a buck or two.
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on May 13, 2012
Our story concerns Kendra Larkin. A professional photographer and avid mountain climber, she falls off a cliff to her death. She regains consciousness and is surprised to find herself very much alive. Badly beaten up, with numerous deep cuts and gashes, she is rapidly bleeding to death. But for now she is alive. She is rescued and rushed to a hospital. There she is placed in the hands of a very talented surgeon. She dies twice on the operating table, but both times the doctor saves her.

In the recovery room the doctor's guardian angel appears. They can appear in human form when they want to. He explains the doctor didn't save her, he (the angel) did. Because he has a job for her. He explains she will die in a week, for real. He offers a deal. If she can convert the doctor, an atheist, to a Christian in seven days she can escape her death. If she fails she loses her soul, and will go to hell. So will the doctor. She has no choice but to accept the challenge.

She also meets her guardian angel. Although she has hundreds of stitches he removes them and heals her wounds. She can't even see where her wounds were. She is a good as new. She also finds out everyone has one good guardian angel and one bad demon angel. And they are constantly at war with each other. The seven day clock is now ticking.

She wastes about three days of it by starting to fall in love with one of the nurses who had treated her. She is also falling in love with her own guardian angel, when he appears in his human form. In their human form guardian angels are subject to all temptations humans are subject to, including sexual urges. Her angel tells her the only way to convert the doctor is to make him fall in love with her. And she only has four days left to do it. Her angel will be around, and she can summon him in his human form just by asking for him.

This is the story author Haigwood presents. Will Kendra be successful? This is a story about a strong determined woman and a powerful guardian angel fighting a very powerful, very evil demon angel. The author throws in so many twists and turns, and roadblocks, it appears Kendra has no chance, with only hours left to her life.

Although this book could be sold as a religious romance the religious aspects aren't played up much. The book is really more a paranormal romance/mystery. The character of Kendra develops fairly slowly, but that doesn't really hurt the book much. The plot is solid, and is what you'd expect from a good mystery.

The one criticism of the book I have is there are a fair number of errors in it. There are misspellings and punctuation mistakes. There are a also a few factual errors. The book could have used an editor. For the most part I suspect readers won't notice the mistakes or just skip over them. Despite the errors I would recommend the book.
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