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on August 17, 2011
We really liked the original 'Scaredy Squirrel' but not sure how we feel about this one. Same paranoid squirrel and same format...lots of planning...but that might be the problem. There isn't enough story or substance in the book. Lots and lots of pictures and words on the pictures deatiling his plan, if that makes sense. I would have liked to have seen more of a storyline. It is a lot of explaining what he is doing and why in my own words instead of the author doing that in the story. My daughter still loves it b/c it is Scaredy Squirrel, but I don't enjoy reading it like I do the original.
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on March 7, 2011
I loved the message in Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend. Well, not only is the delightfully funny Scaredy Squirrel back, but his friend Buddy the Dog is back too.

Scaredy's birthday is coming up, so he's planning a party. At first, he decides that he's just going to invite one person -- himself -- because he can manage that. But then he gets an early birthday card from his friend Buddy the dog (star of Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend, my favorite book in the series), and decides that he would like to invite his friend. Because he's inviting a friend, he needs to be prepared with good conversation starters to use and not so good ones to avoid (like suggesting a breath mint). It's funny, but honestly as a parent, I try to coach my kids in how to make and develop friendships all the time, and the idea is a valid one.

This book brings us more of Scaredy's delightful humor and fearful bravery. The formula is exactly the same as in the previous four books, but I haven't tired of it at all. Why fix what isn't broken?

Scaredy Squirrel is guaranteed to delight any 5 to 10 year old child.
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on January 5, 2015
It appears most of the "Scaredy" books follow a certain formula but my kids really enjoy them. I usually just pick one that's themed around something they're interested in. We enjoyed this book.
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on February 18, 2014
This was a funny book about a squirrel who only wants his birthday party for himself , but then he gets a birthday card from his best friend ,Buddy and decides to invite him. Turns out that Buddy has invited 9 friends to come with him. Scaredy Squirrel freaks out when he sees all of these guest , but the party actually turns out to be fun ,and Scaredy decides to invite all of his guest to his next year's party.
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on March 22, 2011
My son loves the scaredy squirrel books. I have also read them to his 2nd grade classroom, and the kids in there loved them, too. It also made them think of telling me all sorts of stories that were similar in some way to those of scaredy squirrel's. These books are incredibly funny, written such that adults can enjoy them also while reading them to or with their kids. Great for a child's independent reading also. I recommend the whole series.
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on March 19, 2015
Hilarious illustrations. The illustrations are the meat of the book. It could have had a better storyline, but I think the author was allowing the plot to speak for itself. A story about a neurotic, "scaredy" squirrel who plans a Bday party for himself using a dozen unnecessary todo lists, certifications, safety precautions, etc. only for a crowd of friendly dogs to come crash the party.
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on May 26, 2011
Whee! More phobic squirrel. I'm happy to report the squirrel is back for his fifth adventure, this time he's clad in a sweet powder blue tux!

For those who are familiar with Scaredy's antics, it comes as no surprise that he usually celebrates his birthday quietly in his tree, and is not prone to hosting raucous parties. In fact, he will be inviting just one guest: the guest of honor. A party of one pretty much guarantees there will not be any nasty surprises to ruin the party, like Bigfoot, a pack of surly ants or the dreaded confetti. After receiving a lovely birthday card from his friend Buddy, Scaredy decides to invite him to this year's party. Because allowing an outside guest to attend is a risky move, Scaredy jumps into super plan mode.

I love Scaredy's birthday checklist and corresponding exhibits. Paint chips displayed to choose the party colors, nutty cake recipe at the ready for the cake, dry cleaning slip for aforementioned powder blue tuxedo, and Scaredy's birth certificate to verify the date. Watt is so careful to include so many funny details: boxes checked yes for cute and no for fleas on his birth certificate; the invitation's response choices are Yes, I can or No, I can't - I have to wash my fur. The Wheel of Dos and Don'ts include the single acceptable party activity of sitting quietly and seven bad choices, ranging from listen to loud music to surprise the birthday squirrel.

Although Scaredy is as careful as can be, erecting a germ-free party sign and selecting coversation topics ahead of time for small talk, the party spins out of control. Buddy shows up ... with a dozen of his closest dog friends. Scaredy panics, falls on the ground and plays dead. It always takes a couple hours of playing dead for this little squirrel to aclimate to the situation.In the end, he enjoys his party immensely and begins preparations to make next year's party even better.
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on December 19, 2011
So many things frighten Scaredy Squirrel. He wants to have a birthday party, but he's worried about all the things that could ruin his party: clownfish, ants, ponies, porcupines, confetti, and Bigfoot. He makes plans to thwart trouble. He only invites one friend. Unexpectedly many, many party animals appear and Scaredy Squirrel panics.

"Birthday (Party of 2) Plan:

Bigfoot is a huge party crasher. Build a house of cards so he stomps on that instead of the tent.

Confetti gets out of control. Keep it away by celebrating under cover.

Porcupines and balloons: need I say more? If disaster pops up, think fast---put on goggles and earmuffs!

Note to self: If all else fails, play dead and cancel the party!"

Funny for kids and parents.
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on September 7, 2013
It's so much fun when Scaredy's one invitee spreads the word and a crowd arrives to the party. Scaredy Squirrel has to play dead and hope they all go away.

Fun, fun book -- for everyone, not just reclusive hermits.
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on September 29, 2011
A testament to the extendability of a great character. Scaredy's fears run so deep and his voice is so clear that the author can take him anywhere with hilarious results. My hunch is that, by going completely over-the-top with his paranoia, the character actually helps kids deal with their own fears. What I admire most about Ms. Watt's creation is that, even though he always has a good time by the end of the story, he never completely overcomes his irrational fears, which keeps him real.
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