Customer Reviews: Schlage BE365 PLY 619 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt, Satin Nickel
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Style Name: Plymouth Keypad|Color Name: Satin Nickel|Change
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on December 19, 2008
For years we have been using a key pad activated deadbolt for front doors in our various homes - no keys to lose or give to various family members - only four digit codes. Up until now, all of the key pad units we have installed, extend and retract the deadbolt using a small battery powered electric motor.

This issue we've encountered is when the batteries become weak, the motor (in some cases) does not have enough power to retract the bolt and we must revert to another entrance to get into our home. Although these unit allow one to use a key to override the electronics, we never seem to have the key "on us" when it's needed. Fortunately we have a keypad on our garage door and that serves as an alternative entrance when this occurs. These deadbolt retraction failures have been occurring more and more often even with fresh batteries. I suspect the motor is or has worn out.

With this in mind, I shopped the market for an electronically activated dead bolt with manual bolt action. In other words, instead of a motor extending and retracting the deadbolt, one would use a lever or knob to perform this function. The keypad (electronic segment of the unit) would serve to activate the manual knob or lever. I found the Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Deadbolt Keypad, Satin Nickel on Amazon at an extremely reasonable price and it has all of the features I wanted - electronic key pad activation, manual extension and retraction of the deadbolt upon activation.

The unit arrived yesterday and after a few problems with the unit being confused as to whether the bolt was retracted or extended (my fault), the unit works perfectly. Note, I already had a deadbolt lockset on the door, so it was a simple process of removing the old, and installing the new.

It's an extremely high quality unit without the cheap plastic casing my prior unit had on the inside casing. It's all metal. Changing or adding key pad codes (combinations) is relatively easy. One must enter the units six digit master code (don't lose this code, keep it in a place that you can go to each time you wish to change the codes - Using a permanent marker, I wrote it on the inside of the lock), and then enter your personal four digit code. We use two codes however the unit can store many codes. You may want to add a temporary code to let a service technician into your home, then delete that code when the work is completed.

One feature I like is the lighted key pad which our old unit did not have. If we forget to turn on the porch light, by simply pressing the "schlage" button at the top of the keypad, the keys light up.

Here's the basic operation.

When you're leaving the house, close the door, press the "schlage" button, wait for the click, then extend the deadbolt. You'll hear a confirmation click confirming that the locking knob/lever has been disengaged from the deadbolt after the deadbolt has been extended.

When you arrive home, simply enter your four digit code, you'll hear a click, then manually retract the deadbolt and enter the home. I you wish to use the keypad light; simply press the "schlage" button to light it up. Obviously this is not needed during daylight hours.

Basically the nine volt battery is operating the keypad, a knob/level engagement solenoid and the keypad back light and should last for hundreds and hundreds cycles.

Bottom Line - I highly recommend this high quality unit.
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This keypad deadbolt is a great replacement for a standard deadbolt. Here's what I like about it:

1. This product is a deadbolt that you can lock and unlock without a key. Instead, you enter a 4 digit password to lock and unlock the door. Using a code to unlock the door is much faster and easier than fumbling for keys. Also, you'll never be locked out unless your forget your code.

2. If you have a deadbolt on your door, you can easily remove it and install this deadbolt using a regular screwdriver.

3. You can set multiple codes (at least 5) to allow friends to access your home. You can easily delete the codes later when access is no longer required. Codes are set up using a 6 digit master password (which can be used to add and delete 4-digit access codes, but not to lock or unlock the door).

4. You can lock the door without the code. Just press the rectangular Schlage button (at the top) and turn the knob to the right, and your door is locked. You will still need a valid code to unlock the door. This makes locking up when you leave very convenient.

5. This lock can be made "bump-proof." Bumping is a relatively new, and very easy way to pick most deadbolts. It can be done in about 10 seconds and renders most current locks worthless as security devices. If you want to know more, search the internet for "bump key" and you'll be horrified at what you see. If you take this deadbolt to your locksmith before installing it and tell him to disable the key mechanism, your deadbolt will be completely resistant to bumping (and keys). I haven't used a key to get into my house since I've installed this.

6. The keypad is backlit, but only if you push the schlage key before you enter your code.

7. The unit uses a standard 9-volt battery. I've had mine for more than a year and haven't needed to replace it.

8. The one feature that I wish this deadbolt had was time based entry rules. I'd love to create a password which only works during certain hours, so that a housekeeper could access the house on a certain day or at a certain time. Alas, nothing is perfect...
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on August 22, 2014
I bought this on August 15 and amazon had it delivered to my door on August 17.

The exterior escutcheon plate did not cover the exterior mounting plate and caused a gap between it at the door which could lead to water infiltration.

I contacted Schlage for warranty service and spoke to Deborah Acosta on August 16. I explained to her my situation and she wanted photos of the defect. I did not hear anything back from her for a few days.

On August 20, I asked amazon for a replacement. They had it delivered to me next day!

The replacement had the same problem as the original purchase but not as severe. I sanded down the exterior mounting plate and the escutcheon plate finally sat flush with the door. The replacement also had a lot burrs inside from the metal molding process that were not trimmed off. It also did not come with the 9V battery. I believe I received the two locks from a bad batch and lazy quality control.

As of August 23, Deborah Acosta of Allegion (parent company of Schlage) still has not contacted me.

I still recommend buying this item because after you get it installed and properly flush to your door, it has a lot of good features:

1) I like the fact that it is a manual turn keypad lock. In other words, you still have to lock or unlock it manually after entering in the pass code. It does not automatically lock and unlock the door for you. I figure that the less motorized parts, the less chance of failure.
2) It's convenient when you need to lock it from the outside because it's smart enough to know that you're trying to lock the door, you just need to press the Schlage button, and turn to lock.
3) Convenience of not having to remember and take keys out.
4) I'll never lock myself out again.
5) Matches nice with my Schlage Georgian style knobs.

Shame on Schlage's customer/warranty service.
Big yay to amazon's fast delivery and awesome service!

Photos can be seen on amazon's product page on the Customer Images section.

Finally after 6 months, Deborah Acosta responds with absolutely incorrect resolution and sad attempt to assist me with my warranty claim. This shows me she has no idea what she's doing. Horribly disgusted. Taking this rating down from 3 to 2 stars. After all, the warranty is also part of the product.
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on September 10, 2011
Just in case you were wondering why you find two products on amazon that look exactly the same, I actually contacted schlage. You can find this same product, on, under model number "BE365 CAM 609" (notice there is no V), and it is actually a little cheaper, plus you are saving the environment!

Here is what John from Schlage said about it:

Packaging only. The V indicates "Vispack", which is the packaging you see with all the clear plastic. Without the V, the lock come in a nice brown carton. Go with the best price, as it's the same product.

*Update* Going on year two, I love love love love this product! I get out of my car, and I can put my keys right in my pocket, grab whatever bags of groceries I have, and easily enter my combination, and boom I'm in. I don't have to worry about locking myself out of the house anymore! (only did it once lol) I can just shut any door behind me without thinking, because worse case scenario, I just go to my front door and enter my combination and boom!
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on August 26, 2012
These locks look great an fitted easily on my doors. They matched the original builder's hardware perfectly. I was afraid of the installation but after I started it was easy. The second one that I installed took me about 7 minutes. It's that easy!
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on October 13, 2013
The two most common hole sizes in the U.S. and Canada are 1 1/2" and 2 1/8". This is a nice product, the instructions are straightforward. However, it requires a 2-1/8" mounting hole. If you are using it to replace a deadbolt, check your hole size. Mine was a standard 1/1-2" deadbolt (2-1/8" is standard for door knobs). Thus, you need to bore out the hole in the door if you have a deadbolt hole.
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on June 4, 2010
I bought this locally (Lowes) and installed this for my front entry, with a dual knob/deadbolt set for my rear door and another keyless locking door knob for my garage entry door. Before installation I had the locksmith at the local hardware store key them all to the same key. The silicone coated buttons look very durable, even without a storm door protecting them.

Another application of this product is for homes with the elderly, who if incapacitated, can't open the door for emergency services (fire, police). Having a dedicated code that EMS can use saves them precious time in getting to the resident.

Replacing an existing Yale dead bolt with this was very simple, the instructions were relatively easy to follow. All that was needed was a screwdriver. Installation instructions are available on Schlage's web site, so you can see what is involved before you buy.

The lock comes ready to use with two unique user codes and a unique programming code, all of which can be erased and set to one of your own. You can also disable a user code and re-enable it later, or disable all of them (e.g. going on vacation, disabling the maid service's unique code). You can also turn the beep on and off, and disable the quick method of outside locking in case you have curious children (it then requires a valid user code to lock from the outside). You can essentially disable the keypad entirely if you're going away. Due to the design, if you're the only one with a key, then no third parties can gain entry while you're away.

I haven't had this installed long enough to attest to battery life, but the product is supposed to flash the "Schlage" button in red, then green if the battery is low, or flash red repeatedly if the battery needs immediate replacement. An added convenience for me is that you can change the PROGRAMMING code for these, so that mine are programmed with the same code of my own choosing. If you forget all of this for some reason, the lock can be reset to the factory codes if you have access to the internal lock (don't throw out those installation sheets, and keep them in a secure location like a firebox).

The finish (bright brass, 505) matches those mandated by my HOA, Schlage claims to warranty the finish for lifetime, but for me the lock is behind a Pella storm door anyway.

One of the best features isn't in the lock at all. These products come with a new, two-part strike plate with 4" screws ... one of the most important upgrades you can make to your entry door security! Many home intrusions are accomplished by "kick-in" entry, in which the door is simply kicked in and wimpy strike plates with 1" screws (a favorite of cheap builders) break through the door jamb with minimal force. No burglary tools required (other than a heavy boot). All the Schlage lock sets that I've bought this week come with screws which penetrate the jamb, frame, and perhaps even the adjacent stud, securely anchoring the strike plate and making the door virtually impervious to kick-in intrusion.

Yes, you can go buy a stronger strike plate, and 3" screws, at your local hardware store for less. If you do NOTHING ELSE, do that. Though the Schlage door reinforcement strike and cover strike were nice, I set them aside (I actually used the reinforced strike as a shim underneath the latch strike for my keyless door knob lock) and used a more secure "box strike," bought locally.

"Lock bumping":

Some reviews have complained that you can't make this lock secure against "key bumping." The "bump" meme seems to me less of a worry, as a burglar would have to possess just the right type of key to match this lock. (It's a little more of a worry in an office or apartment building where all the locks are undoubtedly the same make/model.) But you may be able to make this bump-free -- just take the lock before installation to your locksmith and have the key cylinder disabled (instead of rekeying all locks to the same key). Voila -- you're bump-proof. (Schlage Customer Service strongly discourages this, warning that it could void the warranty if done improperly.) But then you can't open the lock without the 4-digit code; if the battery goes dead, you're out of luck.

UPDATE: the "Schlage" button will flash red, then green if the battery is low, or flash red repeatedly if the battery needs immediate replacement. A regularly used Schlage digital lock on my garage entry door worked off a single battery for 3 1/2 years before requiring a replacement.

Best to leave a conventional keyed lock elsewhere on your home (mine is in the rear, which has less visibility) - you can make THAT lock a high-security, more difficult to pick or bump model, like those from Schlage (Primus) or Medeco (M3). After reading the original "lock bumping" white papers by Barry Wels and Marc Tobias, I'm not concerned about bumping, as it is more difficult than many Internet (and marketing) fearmongers proclaim.

"Lock override":

There has been confusion in other reviews/comments about the "lock override" instructions in the Troubleshooting section of the installation instructions. I've tried this ... it disconnects the DIGITAL KEYPAD function from the deadbolt so that ONLY THE KEY will open the deadbolt. This "override" does not disable the keyed cylinder. To do that, consult with a locksmith. (Some suggest inserting a blank key and breaking it off in the cylinder. No, no, no, this is a bad idea IMHO.)

A persistent reviewer here has touted the Sunnect AP501 keyless deadbolt (I've linked to the one with the same finish as this one). It looks like a great product: it uses a digital key, and comes with a "box strike" for the door jamb. Worth looking into, but ... it costs more than twice the cost of this, and the box strike will perhaps require more installation work. Set your budget and make our choice.
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on June 4, 2013
Got it...local locksmith put it on for $ right into the previous keyed bolt deadlock can enter 19 different codes and any code can be deleted in seconds. Comes with the 9 volt battery. Did lots of research on various type....called the Schlage about helpful and customer service. This is my second one...ordered one 3 weeks ago, had it installed...BRAVO ordered another one. When you open the box be sure to KEEP the "factory" program code which is imprinted on a sticker (you can't miss it as it is on top).....this is might never need it but then again you'll be up a creek if you don't have it and do need it. Reliable? Hey the company has been around a looooooooooooooong the locksmith told me it was first class. BTW...if you are wondering the difference in description...same lock but it has a "V" in the model number....that means visible which is important to vendors selling the item in a retail store (you can see it). Like I could care and actually wanted it in a box not plastic sealed. Price ?? Amazon had the best price beat by at least $15.
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on January 28, 2013
I was looking for a digital lock that wouldn't have the key override option, so it couldn't be key bumped. I couldn't find such lock for less than $200 and decided to go with this lock and just jam the key hole with some aluminum foil. But as it turns out - there is simple modification that can get me where I want to be without damaging the lock.

Watch a video on YouTube called "Removing the Cylinder from the BE365 for Re-keying". At 1:20 narrator is talking about removing the block and the washer. The modification I came up with is to swap those two - this way the block can't be pushed into the the cutout and thus can't engage the deadbolt - simple and efficient. As a result, you can't open the door from the outside even with the proper key, so key bumping is rendered useless.

Granted, you should not do this if you have only single door in your house/apartment, because when the battery is dead - you have to break something to get in. I have front door, back door, and garage door, so there is no chance that I'd be locked out in case battery goes down in one of the locks. And even if in some crazy coincidence the battery goes down in both locks simultaneously - garage door is operating on AC and the battery for remote is replaceable from the outside.

If you give everyone in the family their own code - buttons will wear out more evenly and it will be harder to guess combination.

I hope this helps someone.
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on May 30, 2007
I selected this version of the keypad lock because it did not use a little electric motor to move the bolt. I felt that that motor might wear out or get effected by weather (it gets COLD in northern Illinois). The Schlage uses the keypad to engage a manual turned hand key, similar to the way you lock a deadbolt inside. This hand turned method is much better than the battery powered motor in my case because the door has a soft weather stripping. The door must be pulled to compress the weatherstrip before the bolt will slide into place.

A little bonus, the keypad lights up.

Installation was fine, but then again I enjoy that type of thing. It came already programmed with two codes and I did not bother to change them or add others. Very sturdy materials, easy to use, simple to operate and looks like it will last. Of the similar options this has all the features I wanted.

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