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on June 4, 2013
I have 4 of these now working with my MiCasaVerde VeraLite Controller. I am very happy with them.. They report quickly when a status changes, The first 3 paired immediately when I pulled the battery tab after touching the + button on the controller. The forth one, which I just received, gave me a little more trouble and I had to remove the battery for several seconds before trying again.. while I was waiting and counting to 10, I noticed a small screw down contact header attached to the circuit board.. I checked the included paperwork but there was no mention of this header. I attached two small wires to the header (and after closing the cover to clear the tamper condition) I found I was able to clear and trigger the sensor by shorting the wires together. This undocumented header allows external switches to be attached! This is great news! I like this item better than the Everspring Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor which I purchased only because it has an external sensor interface.. This Schlage sensor costs less as well.

With an external sensor switch you can use plunger stitches or other inexpensive security switches wired in series to monitor multiple windows with a single z-wave sensor. I also plan to install a plunger inside the well of one of my standard deadbolts to remotely detect if the deadbolt is locked.
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VINE VOICEon December 31, 2012
We all know this sensor works well with a Nexia setup, but I use a MiCasaVerde Vera Lite, and have excellent results. Good range, quick triggering.

It also comes with different colored covers. Definitely one of the better sensors available.
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on August 20, 2013
I have a Z-wave network at home controlled by a Mi Casa Verde VeraLite Home Controller, White and Green, which I also got from Amazon.

I bought this sensor because it was the cheapest of the Z-wave door sensors when I was shopping--I was also looking at the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor and Everspring SM103 Z-Wave Door/Window Contact Sensor door sensors. What helped seal my decision was this review from TeknoKid ( The Everspring had the most users in online forums, but some were having issues with it. What it had going for it was connectors for an external sensor, which meant that you could use it basically anywhere, even for doors where it would be difficult to install the sensor. I was planning on using this for my garage doors (I have two), and from visual inspection, I knew that I may need to use an external sensor. Because I did not want to deal with any of the Everspring's issues, and because I had success in the past with a couple other Schlage Z-wave modules (door locks plus a Nexia-compatible Trane thermostat), I opted to go with this Schlage sensor, trusting TeknoKid's report that this had an undocumented external switch connector. (I tried looking for documentation on the web for this, but found nothing.) Moreover, this looked like this was smaller than the Everspring.

When I got the unit, the first thing I did was include this in my Z-wave network and test it out of the box. It worked flawlessly. Using Vera Mobile on my phone, I could immediately see when the sensor was tripped or not. Next, I looked for the external switch/sensor connector, and true enough, it was there! I then looked for a spot on my garage door for installation. The best place I could find had the sensor about 1 inch apart from its magnet, which was outside the recommended distance. I then opted to get a Potter Amseco ODC-59A Overhead Door Switch, which was a more secure way of using this sensor on my garage door.

I've been using this for about 3 weeks now and I've had nothing but consistent notifications whenever my garage door opens or closes. This has been one reliable sensor and I plan on getting another one for my other garage door. The battery level as reported by Vera is still at 100% (the battery is a CR123A battery, as reported by other reviewers here).

Note to those shopping around for Z-wave door sensors: this comes with both white and brown sensor and magnet plastic housings, so between those two colors, this unit should match (or at least not be too obvious when seen against) your door jambs or painted walls. Screws and double-sided tape are included to help with your installation. The included installation sheet/manual makes no mention of the external switch connector, but rest assured that it's there (it's a header inside the sensor with 2 holes and built-in screws for your external sensor's wires).

I hope this review helps those who are looking for a Z-wave door/window sensor. (Note that I'm reserving my 5th star for long-term reliability, which means I'll revisit this review in a few months.)
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on November 11, 2013
I purchased this along with the Potter Amseco ODC-59A Overhead Door Switch to use with my Vera Lite Z-Wave System. Everything worked great and you can see the external contacts and how I mounted it on the top of my garage door in the attached pictures.
review image review image
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on January 22, 2013
I put a couple of these on my garage doors and use them in conjunction with the Evolve's LFM-20 to view the status of my garage and close it if necessary with my smart home system (MiCasaVerde Vera 3). Works great and shows me a "Green Man" when it is closed and a "Red Man" when it is open. Then I can easily close it if necessary. I also have cameras to see if something/someone is in the way before I close it.
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on May 16, 2013
Works great with the Vera Lite once it gets paired properly, which can be a little tricky unless you know this trick (found this on the internet, so credit is not all mine):

1. Put the vera lite into add mode.
2. With the sensor in close proximity to the vera lite, pull the plastic tab out or the sensor and then leave the sensor next to the vera.
3. Assuming you are logged into your vera through the micasavera web site, check to see that the sensor has been added. The sensor will have the name "motion sensor". A notification should be present that says "waiting for sensor to wake to configure."
4. Come back to the vera lite which has the sensor laying on top, remove the sensor cover to wake it up. The sensor led should now be on.
5. Return to the micasavera web interface and open the sensor settings. Click on the settings tab and click on the button "configure node now."
6. Some messages should scroll by on the top of the web interface indicating a successful configuration. When finished, no warning messages should appear on the bottom of the sensor icon on the web interface.

Biggest con: The plastic tabs that secure the sensor to the mounting plate can be broken off quite easily; I have a pull down window shade that accidentally did this.
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on October 12, 2012
Alright, you go to buy a home automation system, and think this isn't going to be bad now that everything is wireless. Then you remember how many windows and doors you have in your home and you begin to think this might not actually be as inexpensive as was sold to you. You now decide you want to get the least expensive yet reliable window and door sensor for each of your doors and windows. The sensor you come to is this baby; and not only is it a supreme brand; Schlage, it is also available in two colors. So you found out that you didn't really compromise after all, you found a good product at a good product.

This sensor is a breeze to pair with your controller, and is quite a bit smaller than some Z-Wave window and door sensors on the market. I still think that they can do better, but for now these seem to be about the best you can get.
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on September 3, 2013
I have had a large Z-wave network for many years with no sensors and loved it, but it just wouldn't do everything I wanted it to.


The Good: These babies are wireless, completely, so you can use them for anything you can come up with. Want to know if the Garage Door is shut? Slap one on there and you get an alert when someone opens it, and you can tell at any time if you forgot to close it or not. Add a couple more controllers and now you can close your garage door from the office or the moon. Want to know if your teenager is sneaking out without setting off the house alarm every time? Slap a couple of these up and have your system alert you quietly. Keep track of just about anything, laptop, classic car, your Trix (that rabbit is everywhere). Set up Alerts for both open and close instances.

The Bad: None besides price so far, batteries are still kicking at almost a year.

The Verdict: I'll be buying more of these, until I control the world!
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on May 22, 2013
Like the other reviewers, I purchased for my Vera3 unit and the syncing couldn't of been easier.
Literally installed each unit in 2-3 mins. Put Vera in search mode, pull the battery plastic tab, wait for it to show up in Vera 3, then open the cover slightly until the Red light flashes.
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on February 4, 2013
This is a nice z-wave door closure sensor - I have several of them in my Micasaverde Vera 3 installation. They were easy to install and set up, and the kits contain both brown and white plastic housings for the magnet and sensor to match your interior. I have white painted doors with wood trim around the frame, so this works especially well. This is one of the better sensors I've used, in that the magnetic reed switch in the sensor is fairly forgiving with regard to distance to the magnet. So long as the magnet is within about 3/4" of the sensor, it will read as closed. Some similar devices need much closer tolerances to close the magnetic switch, which is troublesome in some applications, like the garage door. There are also a set of screw terminals inside in case you want to use it as a contact closure indicator instead. The battery is a lithium CR123 cell, which should last quite a while. My only complaint is that the sensor is fairly big - so it isn't exactly a cosmetic installation. On the other hand, most z-wave sensors are not exactly subtle either, so whether or not that's a problem is up to you. Overall - good product.
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