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153 of 160 people found the following review helpful
on May 30, 2011
I've had my eye on this knife for more than a year now and noticed a drop in price... and then another drop, $33.50 with free shipping and it was just a reflex at that point. After I bought it I watched it go down to $29 here on Amazon... THIS IS CRAZY!!! Getting 1/4" thick, 1095 steel blade at this price is absolutely SICK! If you're looking for a Tough, Beefy, Heavy Workhorse of a knife... Look no further. An Incredible buy at this price! I'm not a prophet but I predict this knife will be one of the most popular survival knives in a year or so. I bet they will fly off the shelf once everyone catches on and gets over the overseas production thing.

After I opened the box and pulled the plastic off I was in love. My next observation was that it seemed smaller in person than it did on the video reviews I've been watching - it just has a larger look on screen than in real life. This is a meaningless observation but thought I'd share it. The next thing I took note of was the removable handle. Most all of the Amazon reviews and video reviews lead me to believe the handle was a soft rubber... it is not soft rubber or at least mine isn't. It is a hard, kraton material that seems to be very durable and is quite comfortable. It's not perfectly flush with the tang but I feel no discomfort and have no concerns with this. It's a large handle and provides several different grips. You can choke up by placing your index finger on the choil which provides excellent control for close up work. My hands are small and can grip it behind the index finger groove for better chopping leverage. The contoured shape fills the hand and the flared end keeps it there. The raised circle pattern provides excellent grip and looks pretty cool.

This knife is so thick and heavy for its length it feels like a club in the hand and makes you think it's indestructible. Makes that other "Ultimate" Knife look like a toy. After ogling for a while I inspected it more closely and found it to be very well made. The steel is finely and evenly shaped. The edge is precise and sharpened right down to the choil. The flat grind is only slightly beveled to form the edge giving it better cutting power than some of the more deeply beveled blades that are out there. The dark gray blade coating is tough and very handsome. It prevents corrosion, glare and reflection. The modest thumb ramp has large knobby jimping and works well but not so outrageous that it interferes with batoning or other camp/survival tasks. If you have to choose one knife this one can do it all!

The nylon sheath is fine. It holds the knife securely with plastic insert and the handle retention strap length is adjustable thanks to velcro... it still secures with a snap. It has a removable front pouch that can attach to your belt separately. There is a velcro strap and snap on the back of the sheath that can be used on a molle system. Velcro belt loop allows removal of sheath without having to take your belt off. There are lots of ways to modify and upgrade this sheath with a little bit of planning. I added an extra retention strap by burning 2 holes through the belt loop with a torched nail and adding paracord with a spring loaded cord lock. Quick, run... buy this knife!!

Update July 2012:

Still lovin' this knife. It retains its edge and the blade coating holds up well. I chopped a 6" fallen tree in half very quickly and batoned many a big log into smaller logs for the camp fire. I have no complaints with this knife and highly recommend it! It is starting to catch on!
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129 of 135 people found the following review helpful
on August 17, 2012
It was my birthday and I had a gift certificate burning through my pocket, so I decided to check out some fixed blade knives for camping/ hiking/ general outdoors usage. I've been really happy with my orange folding Endura for all of the finer cutting and slicing, but wanted something beefier for basic woodcraft and firebuilding. I am by no means a wilderness or survival expert, but I grew up camping, hiking, and occasionally short backpacking trips. Now my wife and I mostly camp in the local national forest system and enjoy less-than-rustic, mostly clear sites, so I am not constrained to weight (and this guy is a solid fellow). I already have a Ka Bar I like, so I turned to the Becker line first. I was on a pretty solid $70 budget max, so I could have covered the BK2 or the BK7 with a few extra bills and, originally, this was my plan. I was bothered by the rather simplistic looking plastic grips, upgrading to Micarta was an extra expense I couldn't afford. Then came the blade thickness. I really had wanted a 0.25 inch thick blade, which the BK2 bears proudly, but unfortunately is shaped short and fat like a trowel to me. People's only complaint about that knife seemed to be the heft to it, even moreso than the BK7. The BK7 had the 7 inch blade size I liked better, but the thinner blade and was at the max of my price range.
Enter the SCHF9
It had the 1095 steel, the 0.25 blade width, and just shy of 7 inches (with 6 " of actual cutting surface). I had a small Schrade folder from when I was a kid, but I haven't seen any since, so I thought I would test it out and if I hated it I could just exchange it towards one of the Beckers. The knife arrived beautifully, protected well in it's box, even though some textbooks in my order crushed it. The blade steel was clean and spotless, almost a bead blasted- gunmetal gray tone. Heavy, as expected, with a beautiful curve to the blade that resembles the kopis style on my CS Spartan. The blade was sharp enough to shave a small patch of hair on my arm, but still got even sharper with a few pulls through a carbide sharpener I have. The Kraton handles don't line up perfectly with the tang, but are definitely close enough for a knife in this price range. It does not effect the grip or functionality of the knife. They have a comfortable swell to them and are "checkered" with a circle/ half circle pattern which gives it a nice, slightly rubbery grip. I fastened a 550 cord wrist strap to the knife, and I can comfortably move from choking up on the blade with the extra notch in front of the handle and my thumb on the spine of the blade for more control, to a basic forward grip with my thumb on the jimping, to just my first two or three fingers on the end of the handle with the support of the strap for chopping.
Much has been said about the relative cheapness of the sheath. Is it as good as a custom molded sheath? Most probably not. But is it functional as it stands? I think so. I haven't gone and hiked the Appalachians with it on my hip or anything, but the ballistic nylon- type material looks as if it would hold up for most average activity transporting the knife on the hip. You can velcro the sheath onto your belt, which is nice if you hate taking your belt on and off for holsters and such. There is a shoelace strength cord on the bottom for securing around your thigh, which I automatically replaced with more 550. It sits nice on the hip, a little lower than the top of the belt so you can move around without it poking you in the side (if you have some extra in the middle like me, or wearing a puffy jacket, this would be a very nice feature). One thing I was concerned about from the pictures was the retention strap and the plastic insert to protect the blade. It looked to be velcro, but the strap does have a metal snap on it, which I liked. Schrade must have read the complaints about the blade bouncing in the plastic protector as well, because the first time I attempted to seat the blade into it, the blade physically separated a small portion of plastic holding the sides together. I had to shake some plastic slivers out after, but from then on, it felt fairly snug. Still not tight enough to hold it in place if you turn it upside down, run, or jump with it, but just enough that I don't notice much rattling. There is a little place on both sides of the blade surface that looks like the plastic rubs gently with the blade, but I take that as a tradeoff for not having it shaking around in there. Nothing a little oil didn't fix right up. There is a small pouch on the front of the knife for a whetstone or fire steel (or both, actually), but not really big enough for, say, a pistol mag if you had that in mind for any reason (unless its a 380 sized mag). It could probably fit a multitool of some sort as well.
All and all, I am very happy with this purchase. I looks promising enough that I am going to keep it and take it on the next camping trip to test it outdoors. If you actually read all of this review, thank you. It took me a lot of time looking around on Amazon to find something that fit my needs, and I was hoping I could help answer some questions that I originally had about it before I bought it.
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71 of 77 people found the following review helpful
on September 25, 2011
For the price, this is a helluva knife! It's beefy, the handle is comfortable and provides numerous hold positions, it sharpens easily and seems to hold a good edge. The choil in front of the handle allows me to choke up on the blade for delicate, close work, while gripping it by the swell at the pommel between the thumb and the index and middle fingers allows leverage for chopping. The concave reverse curve near the choil also facilitates close cutting, while the convex belly curve towards the tip replicates the curve you'll see on the business edge of a hand ax for deep penetration when chopping or splitting. The balance-point is located between the blade choil and the first finger-groove on the handle, so when I choke-up on the blade it feels blade-light and handle-heavy, while with my forefinger in the first finger-groove it feels blade-heavy; this also contributes to the feel when alternately doing close-up work or more substantial cutting. The sheath is also well-made and versatile, with the detachable velcro-fastened pouch handy for extras like a fire-steel, small sharpener, etc.

The only problem is that the knife alone weighs a pound, and with the sheath and a few items stored in the pouch it tops a pound and a half; and the sheath is 14 1/2 inches long. I figure that, since I'm not the die-hard survivalist/militia-type, I'm not going to be packing around that kind of weight and bulk while hiking in the woods. So, unless I'm deliberately out there testing my survival skills with this specific knife, it's not likely to be with me when I inadvertently wind-up needing it the most... I'd be much more likely to have a smaller 3 1/2" puukko blade and a 10" folding Japanese pruning saw with me (my current preferred set-up), which can do about the same work as--or more--efficiently and at a third the weight (8 1/2 ounces).

But, boy, it sure can feed those self-sufficient survivalist fantasies I'm prone to at times...

PS: This is NOT a collector's display knife; it's a working tool. In no way does it compare to the fit, finish and aesthetic appeal of handmade or collector's knives (like my Randall-Made Model 7--a high-end handmade working knife). It's an inexpensive knife that happens to be made of good quality materials (like 1095 high-carbon steel) by a mass-production process to an affordable price point. It is not offered or represented to be anything other than what it is, which at the current price is quite a deal. For instance, the grind on my knife wasn't even or flawless, there was a small pockmark near the choil where they tested the Rockwell hardness, and the handle scales don't line-up perfectly, etc. If you want near-flawless, be prepared to pay big bucks for it: like $350+ and a waiting list of 5 years for a Randall-Made direct from the maker, or twice that from a knife dealer for instant gratification.
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37 of 40 people found the following review helpful
on October 13, 2011
this is a great knife! I read all the reviews and watched all the videos I could find on it before deciding to get it. I ended up ordering two. the edges of both needed a little help but I expected that. The edge holds up very well to chopping tasks.I hacked some pretty thick citrus branches in my backyard and it was still very sharp afterwards. I'm looking forward to putting these knives to some field testing on some upcoming deer and elk hunts. I did dress one of the knives up with a kydex sheath I made, a firesteel and holder, and some paracord.For the price I don't think you can go wrong. I really want aKa-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knifeto do a side by side comparison with. Anyway, I'll be putting some abuse on this knife and I'll add to this review after testing... But as of right now I'd say go get one for yourself!!! oh yeah... check the pictures I added of the new sheath!
review image review image review image review image
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114 of 134 people found the following review helpful
on March 16, 2013
I was excited when I received the Schrade SCHF9 via USPS in only one day. Great job there.

I took the knife out of it's packaging and loved the feel of it. It has a great big beefy Kraton handle sandwiching a 1/4 inch of 1095 steel. It had great balance, and I was looking forward to using it. And, that's pretty much where the good feelings started to fade.

The first thing I noticed was that the "grind line" (which is the line where the first bevel starts as you move toward the cutting edge/edge bevel) is higher on one side than the other. So much so that it causes the cutting edge to be lopsided. In fact, the grind line is straight until it nears the end on one side, and sort of re-curves on the other. I also noticed that the point of the knife, when viewed on edge from the spine, was poorly milled. The primary bevel almost looks like it is hollow ground on one side and flat on the other. As another reviewer put it: instead of /\ it's more like )\.

I tested the knife on a piece of 20lb. printer paper and it simply didn't cut it for the first six or seven attempts. On the eighth try the result was a rather short and jagged cut. This didn't really bother me. Not all knives come with a great edge so I gave it a quick hone which seemed to only help a little. If I don't return it I will try to put a whole new edge on the blade. The other thing I noticed as I ran the knife bevel between my thumb and forefinger was that the thickness was very uneven as in undulated between thicker and thinner a number of times. Also the spine of the knife is not flat. It too undulates.
I tried notching a piece of 1x1 inch pine and my disappointment was complete. It did notch the wood, but with more effort than my other knives.

I'm not a perfectionist, but I don't want to have to rework a tool right out of the box to get what I should have gotten in the first place.

I really wanted to like this knife and tried to talk myself into it, but the amount of work it will need seems unreasonable. I know that the SCHF9 is a relatively inexpensive knife, but I have gotten more bang-for-the-buck from other knives. This may have been a reject that fell through the cracks. If so I'll keep the next one. If not, then Schrade has a product with great potential, but poor QC.

***I wrote the following two months ago and for whatever reason never posted it. I apologize for the delay.

Update 3/22/2013: Let me say this. Amazon has been absolutely fantastic about everything from delivering this product super fast to providing timely, cooperative and professional customer service. They have in fact been all over this issue. I filed to returne the Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife to Amazon and received the new one before I even got to send the new one back.

As for the replacement knife, It had the same exact issues, but to a lesser degree. The same grind issues, the same slightly offset point, the same edge issues but, all to a much lesser degree. In fact, I wonder how much I would have noticed them if not for my experience with the first knife. So now I'm left wondering if this was a batch issue.

As I said in my original review I really wanted to like this knife, so I decided to try one more time. But, by this time the knife was out of stock and was indeed difficult to find anywhere on-line. A very professional Amazon rep told me that they would prioritize my order when the new ones were delivered to them. It wasn't long before they received the new batch. I was informed that they would not send me a replacement because upon inspection the new knives had the same problem. I got my refund and that's how the story ends.

Again, I can't stress how great Amazon was about handling my concerns. Thank you Amazon.
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20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on January 23, 2012
The Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife with Fixed 1095 High Carbon Steel Blade and Black Kraton Handle and Sheath are one of the best knives I have ever purchased and I love this knife.

Being the knife lover that I am and owner of numerous survival knives I was a bit skeptical when ordering this knife knowing it is made in China now. However, after receiving it and putting it through my testing phase for new knives I have to admit that the knife will fit well in any woodsman's survival tool bag or bug-out bag and be an awesome and useful addition.

The Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife is a very well made high quality knife which not only looks awesome but is very much a heavy duty workhorse of a survival tool. This knife is not only awesome looking but very comfortable in the hand with its black kraton handle and its hefty weight. It has a real good feel. It is also delivered super sharp right out of the box.

It has become one of my favorite knives along with another Schrade Survival knife equally as well built and in hand comfortable.

The nylon sheath that comes with this knife is also a very well made and well designed product with matching quality and not only holds the knife securely within a nylon covered protective plastic insert but also enables you to carry a magnesium fire starter, small folding knife or any other small survival item you might consider a necessity in a small sturdy detachable nylon pouch. The sheath comes with a leg tie and is a good quality addition to the knife.

To summarize In my own opinion I personally absolutely highly recommend this knife as a useful survival tool to carry on your outdoor adventures or in your bug-out kit.
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24 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on September 1, 2012
Here is my review of the knife put simply. I bought mine to keep in my Bug Out Bag/ Go-Bag and the knife is heavy duty and strong and I feel it will last through a lot of abuse. I added some pictures as well to compare it to other popular knives and also the sizing compared to my hand.

1. The knife is under $40 and heavy duty
2. Easily can be used for batoning and other bushcraft.
3. Comes with a sheath, not the greatest but at least it comes with one.
4. Good grip which looks to be removable for lashing blade for bushcraft/hunting.

1. Made in TAIWAN, but at least its not China. You want made in U.S.A you got to pay starting at $50-60 for a KA-BAR.
2. Sheath is weak but can be beefed up with some better stitching or broken down to just plastic insert.
3. It is somewhat heavy but for a Go Bag or B.O.B its fine.

Overall I recommend this knife because in the long run its $35, built well, comes very sharp, has a sheath that could be reinforced but works well for strapping to my Go Bag. I could buy 3 of these knives for the cost of the Buck Knifes, Ka-Bar or Ontario knives I was looking at which is great because I intend on using this but more so purchased for Emergency situations.
review image review image review image review image
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on July 21, 2011
I bought this knife after looking for high carbon survival knives. The reviews were good enough for me to make the investment.
This knife is better than I expected, the blade is 1/4" thick and is shave sharp, my arms can prove it. The sheath is not leather, but has lots of nice features, snaps and clips not just velcro. The weight makes it great for choping and batoning wood.
My best friends wife bought him a USMC Ka-Bar knife and after I showed him this one, he fell in love with it. After I told him the price his wife kicked If you are looking for great camping survival that won't break the bank. This is the knife for you.
review image
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21 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on June 6, 2014
I bought this knife a little over six months ago, but being in the dead of winter I never used it much. I took it out into the yard today and used it to split some branches, chopping then using another branch to tap it through. I set the knife aside and when I picked it up again I noticed the tang was cracked all the way through. You can see in the video that the enamel on the knife was only lightly worn on the blade. I hadn't even used it enough to require a second sharpening.

Upon inspecting the crack I notice spots of rust on the inside of the fracture, so clearly the crack had been partially open for a long time to expose the metal to rust. It's an obvious manufacturing defect. We'll see how Schrade deals with me and I'll update from there.

Update: Emailed both the Schrade factory as well as their online retailer. It's been two weeks and I have not received a reply. I won't be purchasing from Schrade again.

2nd Update: Schrade did eventually get hold of me and sent a new knife so I updated the review to 3 stars. I ended up giving the new Schrade away to a friend as I had already purchased a different knife for my kit. I don't think there's been any problems with the new knife so far.
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15 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on January 13, 2014
After receiving the knife and looking it over I started to look at the negative reviews as it clearly is not worthy of any stars above 1. I too discovered a slight bend in the knife when looking at the length of the knife down the spine/top. The grind is not symmetrical (first grind or cutting edge grind) The spine (along the top) isn't straight/flat. It has high and low spots along the length. I didn't expect the grind or handles to line up perfectly for the price. I could overlook the poor attention to detail all over the knife as its a beater and $40. I cannot overlook the fact its bent! and for $41 I got the SCHF10 from the same manufacturer and it is superior in every way. (amazon supplied) Considering the hundreds of 5 star ratings this blade received it leaves me wondering if I got a fake. The company whom supplied it was called TIGER SUPPLY. Buyer beware. Sad thing is I will not be returning it as I live outside of the USA and I combined shipping to save in the first place. Amazon will you pay my shipping costs or send a replacement to New Zealand if so i'll have the SCHF10 please.
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