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Schwinn 450 Elliptical Trainer
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I'd been shopping for an elliptical for a few weeks before receiving the Schwinn 450 for review. There were several makes and models that I compared at online and also tested at a few local sporting goods stores.

The Schwinn 450 elliptical is sturdy and offered the features I was looking for. Here's a short video review to give you a better idea of the machine.

Note: If the display is not something you really need, the Schwinn 420 is an excellent alternative to the 450.
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on June 22, 2012
Verified Purchase
It's soon for me to be writing this review, but I'm excited about my Schwinn 450 elliptical. A few years ago I bought an elliptical I didn't like. It was just too hard to use and too noisy. A friend of mine has the Schwinn 420 and had recommended that model. When I started shopping again for an elliptical, I saw that the 450 is an upgrade of the 420.

I'm only 5 4" and just turned 50. I do hike and walk regularly, but I've known for some time I need to really increase my exercise program and I've just not been getting myself to the gym like I used to. I was concerned about the 20 inch stride on this machine, but it's no problem at all. I'm very comfortable with the stride. The arm bars are a bit of a reach for me when fully extended, but I prefer the stationary handles any way. To use the arm bars I have to lean forward.

The first package arrived so beat up I refused it. Large chunks of the box had been torn away, exposing the insides, where Styrofoam was broken all over the inside. The CEVA company that delivers really throws these things around! The second package arrived slightly battered, but I accepted and all was well.

It took my son and I 55 minutes to put the elliptical together. The directions were amazingly clear and well illustrated. I was really impressed with how they packaged the screws and washers, with everything clearly labeled. I used an adjustable wrench where it said the 10mm was needed. All the parts went together easily, and we had no problems screwing anything in. We didn't experience any holes out of alignment as some other reviewers seemed too.

Upon first using, we noticed some clicking sound. Fortunately, I had read about that and how to adjust here in the reviews. We adjusted the bottom levelers, tightened a few screws, until the clicking went away. With my first workout, it clicked twice, but not since then. So I'm wondering if everything is now settled into place. I will report back in a few months. I'm super happy with this machine!


* Easy to put together with two people. Individual parts are heavy and seem really well made.
* Instructions were great! This is rare in instruction manuals.
* The console is easy to read and intuitive to use. I had no problem entering my user info, and getting started.
* There is a nice variety of programs with varying levels, and you can create custom programs as well.
* The water holder in the console is nicely placed.
* After tinkering with the levelers, the machine makes a soft whir sound that seems normal to me. I can hear my music or podcasts just fine.
* The stationary handles are great.
* The touch heart monitor works great.
* All readings on the console provide just the kind of info I want to see. It's really great.


* CEVA freight delivery was horrible. The first time I turned down the package it had been battered and beaten so badly. I accepted the second, though there were holes and smashed and torn areas on the box. After cutting away the plastic yellow strips the box literally fell way. None of the staples were attached any longer! Schwinn needs to create the elliptical box better, and Amazon needs to hire less rough delivery.

* Clicking and clacking sounds are a bit scary, and I wouldn't have known what to do were it not for reviewers here on Amazon. Maybe some documentation about adjustments in the manual would be a good idea.


* I'd like Schwinn to get rid of the speakers and fan in the console, and move the magazine tray down three inches. I have an awesome speaker for my iPod, and that fan is so far away it's useless. I have a nice overhead fan in my room:-)
* I'd like the console to be angled forward about two inches. When reading the iPad or magazine lean back to far. I have overcome this with props behind it.
* The arms are hard for me to reach with my short arms. Schwinn has done a decent job of making them adjustable, but the kind of adjustments don't help me.

I'm very pleased with my purchase. I've only worked out twice so far, so I'll report back as time ticks on. If the machine continues working as it is currently, I'd give this a 5 star rating instead of 4. If it starts failing, I'll let you know, and I'll let you know how good the insurance is that I purchased here through Amazon. I do recommend this elliptical!

NOTE! After two days my elliptical developed a loud, annoying squeak. I tried loosening and tightening screws, leveling and re-leveling. Finally I found the same complaint for the 420, and some good explanations of how to fix the problem. We had to loosen, not the screws, but the nuts where the foot arms join the wheel. Because the nuts have rubber in them, these can be somewhat loose, not completely tightened without becoming more loose. When we loosened these two nuts, the squeak went away completely!
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on March 10, 2012
Verified Purchase
After working our treadmill to an untimely demise, we started to think about replacement, and my wife and I both agreed that we'd rather have an elliptical. There were a ton of things to consider, and lots to choose from. We did a lot of research online, and price compared to the physical stores before deciding on the Schwinn 450. It's a new model, so there wasn't a ton of user feedback, but the earlier Schwinn models were well reviewed and well priced, so we took a leap of faith with the 450. I couldn't be happier. The package, due to its size, was delivered by ABF, and it arrived about 4 days earlier than Amazon's estimation.

This unit took me about 3 hours to assemble, but it could be done quicker. It wasn't difficult, I just took my time. It's only the second step in the assembly that requires a 2nd person, the rest is a one person job. A word of advice on the assembly: don't overtighten when attaching the mast or the pedal arms to the crank assembly. If you overtighten when attaching the pedal arms to the crank assembly, you may experience a "clicking" sound when in use. If you overtighten when attaching the mast, you may experience a creak similar to bedsprings. Both can be easily remedied by loosening each hexnut or bolt (depending on which is making noise) just a quarter turn. I initially overtightened both, and having loosened the appropriate hardware, the machine is now virtually silent. We have this in our basement, but I doubt I'd wake my wife up early in the morning if this was upstairs. Additionally, this unit is rather heavy (I believe it's over 200 lbs), which means I wouldn't want to carry it up the stairs (in other words, assemble it where you intend to use it), but it does have rollers in the front that allow you to lift the back of the machine in order to move it around the room. The substantial weight also means that the machine is extremely stable when in wobble to speak of.

The machine offers a relatively wide variety of pre-set programs and 16 resistance levels. We've only had this assembled for about a week, so I can't comment on all of them, but there appears to be enough variety to keep things from getting stale. If you do get bored, there's a manual setting with which you can design your own workout. There's a manual incline that you can use to adjust the incline in stages up to I think 15 degrees. There's also the option of creating up to two user profiles, wherein you'll enter your age, weight, and gender and the machine will track your "stats" over time. There's a fan built into the console which I haven't used yet, but which I wouldn't count on to produce a real strong wind. Let's be realistic, it's a small fan. There's an ipod connection and speakers built into the console, if you'd rather not use earbuds, and a reading shelf for a magazine or e-reader.

So far, I can say that I'm extremely pleased with this purchase. It's whisper quiet (when assembled correctly) and offers a reasonable variety of workout options. A huge improvement over our dearly departed treadmill. I would not hesitate to recommend this to a friend.
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on February 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
I ordered with Amazon Prime and got free 2 day delivery. To my surprise, it was delivered on a Sunday morning, after ordering it the previous Thursday evening. I didn't expect it until Tuesday. They did call on Saturday and asked if I'd be home Sunday for delivery between 11am and 2pm. They showed up right at 11am Sunday. The deliverer sent two men out to deliver it. They brought it up half a flight of steps and into my living room.

Setup was fairly easy. There's only one step that it suggests using two people for, but I managed to do it on my own. It's I believe the second step in the setup, where you have to lean the flywheel part over (that's the heaviest part by far) and secure four Allen bolts to the bottom side of it. I just used some folded up towels to lean it over onto and did it myself. After that, all the steps are easily done by one person. The parts that go on each side of the machine are always labeled with L or R stickers, so it's easy to figure out which side they go on.

I've had it over a week now and have used it 7 times for 30 minutes each. Resistance level is good. I think there's 15 levels, I usually use between 5 and 8. I have not tried altering the incline. You do have to stop the machine to change this and it offers 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% values for the slope.

There is a bit of noise from the machine during work out. Very quiet squeaks and occasionally a mild knocking noise.

The fan on the console is completely useless. I thought it wasn't working at all as there's no indicator light on the console to tell you if it's on or at what level it's on. So I held my hand up to the fan and could barely feel it. Pressing the fan button 3 times takes it to max level, at which point you can still barely feel it by placing your hand to it. I could not feel it at all on my face, even at max level. You'll need a separate fan to go with this if you want to be cool while working out.

I have not tried the built-in speakers. I already have an LCD monitor with nice speakers in the room. I simply plug my laptop into that and watch TV while I workout.

The workout quality is great. I can easily get my heart rate up to the 160-170 range and get a nice sweat going. I do not have any joint pain at all after workout. I'm 6'1", around 195 pounds. The stride length is perfect for me. I was worried about getting one of the other models that only have an 18" stride length, so I opted for this model with the 20" stride length.

I already had a Polar heart rate monitor and chest strap and was happy to see that this elliptical supports that. I was expecting to have to set some configuration option to get it to read it, but it read it right out of the box, no settings to change at all.

Three times now the wheel under the left side rail has come off the tracks. This is not a safety hazard in my opinion, as the footpad still rests along the rail and still slides along it. However it does result in serious scraping of the rail as you have metal on metal sliding against each other. I'm not sure what's caused this, so I try to be careful not to exert any sideways pressure on the footpad during my stride.

Edit: March 20, 2013
After about 45 days, squeaking has noticeably increased to annoying levels. Then a couple of days ago the RPM sensor inside it stopped working. This resulted in the machine stopping the workout every 5 seconds because it thinks you've stopped moving. I had to open the machine up using a crank puller to inspect. The plastic clip that held the RPM sensor in place had broken. I have no idea how it broke, since it's not a part that moves and the object it's attached to does not move either. So I simply taped the RPM sensor back in place and put the machine back together. In the process, I tightened the non-swiveling joints where the foot pedals connect to the crank shaft very tight. Note, I did not overly tighten the swiveling joint in the same assembly. This resulted in the reducing the squeaking almost entirely.

Due to the fact the machine broken in less than a month and a half, I've removed 1 star, though it was an easy fix (if you have a crank puller on hand).
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on April 1, 2012
Verified Purchase
I purchased my first elliptical about a months ago, spent about 2 hours putting it together. However, step 3 was impossible to attached 2 (what I now now are vital screws) screws to stabilizer bar. I was only able to get one in on the first machine. After assembly, the machine worked fine, however, a loud banging noise was emanating from the wheel. I called Schwinn 3 times. Finally, after an almost hour wait, I spoke to a representative who told me to stabilize the machine. It was as stable as possible, then she told me to remove arms & pedals and reattach. Still noise. I called Amazon, they sent me a replacement and we had the original machine shipped back (no charge). Second machine had the same defect. This time we could not get either screw into the stabilizer bar. The 2 parts simply do not line up correctly. It is a defect. Even if you loosen the screws from step 2, they still do not line up. Needless to say, that was it. I did not go any further and I am now sending my second machine back. Amazon, has been terrific through this whole process. Also, good luck getting a hold of Schwinn customer service. Terrible waits. You need to block out at least an hour or more just to be on hold.
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on September 13, 2012
Verified Purchase
Sorry about the 1 star. It's just that after having the shipping Dept. ship me three (3) Elliptical Trainers to my home, it has been a real mess. Each time it came badly damaged. Finally one came that was just slightly damaged we tried it out. Well it was broken in the fly wheel. making a loud grinding noise. they sent over a repair men. yes i said men because we are now on our third one. and they just told us the part is on back order until the end of Feb. 2013. Mind you we paid for this back in Sept. 2012!!!! We have never used this Elliptical but once!! it's been 6 months. AMAZON WILL NOT GIVE US BACK OUR FULL PAYMENT! I am just scratching my head wondering why Amazon can get away with this? All we wanted was a $800.00 Elliptical and now we have a bunch of metal laying in our room. WOW!
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on March 6, 2012
Verified Purchase
The package was bulky and extremely heavy. I am glad I was home to help unload the product because the shipper only sent one person to unload the package and we could have used about three. There are no handholds in the package and it weighs about 235lbs.
Unwrapping was simple but getting it out of the box required brute strength. Some parts overlapped or were designed to be taken out in a different order, but for whatever reason it seemed slow going.
The directions were very simple, sequenced impeccably, and written in a direct manner.
In short order (about 2 hours), I had it up and running and sweating up a storm.
I must say it's very quiet.
The programs are simple to set up and a lot of the selections on the computer module are easy to follow and navigate.
I really like the low impact of this trainer. My feet never move from the stepper but the workout is draining.
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on November 26, 2012
Verified Purchase
I never post reviews, but I was so impressed with this machine and the delivery I am this time. I was concerned about buying this online and having it delivered due to the size and cost of the machine, but the delivery service called to confirm a delivery time and they actually showed up right when they said the would. Crazy... That never happens!

The machine is heavy, and I carried it piece by piece where it would be set up. My husband put it together without a hitch and without complaining. (that never happens). The directions were so simple AND parts were labeled correctly and with helpful hints that made it so easy to follow. They even have all the bolts/screws attached to a board that is labeled instead of coming in a bag for you to figure it out.

The machine is so smooth and quiet. It gives a great workout for a beginner like me and I can see that with the incline it will challenge me for a long time.
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on December 4, 2012
Verified Purchase
I had wanted an elliptical for some time having owned one in the past. Having young children, it was difficult to find the time when I could get to the gym so I wanted something that would give me a decent workout at home.

I had almost decided on another manufacturer's model when this Schwinn 450 became available on an Amazon Lightning deal during their Thanksgiving sales. I decided to take the plunge and buy it.

The unit was received on the Monday originally estimated by Amazon in good overall condition, (despite them texting my cell phone on the previous Friday telling me delivery would be made then - which was annoying as I changed my plans and stayed home.) There are some slight cosmetic scrapes and scratches on the main fly-wheel housing and plastic surround - although nothing major and barely noticeable unless you look for it.

Assembly was straightforward and presented no problems at all. It was fairly time consuming, taking about 90 minutes in total. I did require my wife's help for one section involving turning the unit sideways as I didn't want to lay the unit onto the floor and risk bending the steel protrusion that the lower leg connects to. Other than that part of the assembly, the construction of the item can be completed by just one person of at least moderate strength.

Once constructed and moved into position, I set up a profile on the built-in computer of the unit for both myself and my wife to monitor our progress and climbed on board to test the machine.

I was immediately satisfied by just now solidly made and sturdy the unit is - there was very little vibration or horizontal movement from the unit. It certainly feels like it is built to last. Time will tell, but I was immediately confident that I'd made the right choice by buying this model.

My only minor criticism of this unit thus far are that the built in fan is pointless and pathetic, and also that the built-in speakers to play an MP3 player through are tinny and quiet even when the player is turned up full. Of course, as I am using this unit at home both these additions to the unit are surplus to requirements anyway. I'll point a tower fan unit at the unit if I need it, and play music through something else, (or just use headphones in my MP3 player if I'm not in charge of watching my kids at the time.)

The different levels of tension and elevation make a huge difference when working out. Of course, one of the first things I did was crank the tension up all the way to the max and try all the different elevation settings. This unit will enable even the fittest person to have a very tough workout - it's comparable in that respect to the many commercial cross-trainers I've used in various gyms over the years. On the higher levels and elevation, I was breaking quite a sweat within ten minutes of "running" moderately quickly and able to get my heart rate up to a decent fat-burning level long before that.

To conclude; while I've only used this machine a little over a few times so far, I am very happy with my decision. I will definitely update this review should I have anything further to add over the coming months and years. As things stand though, I'm confident this machine will be a great asset to use in my daily home workouts. I would not hesitate to recommend this model to others.

EDIT: December 27th 2012 -- Both my wife and I have now used this elliptical dozens of times, so I thought I'd add to this review. Firstly, after about ten days of use, the unit started squeaking excessively. It was frustrating trying to locate where the squeak was coming from as the sound traveled across the unit uniformly. Eventually, I found it was the left-side handlebar, right at the bottom where it joins onto the part containing the foot support, and so I tightened this after greasing the joints. Since then, the unit has performed quietly again and we've had no further issues. I'm still very happy in my decision to buy this particular model.
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on June 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
I assembled the Schwinn 450 with my son in about 2 hours. After about 2 days of use it began to squeak. I called Nautilus and they sent a new hub assembly in the mail and a service technician to install it. This technician detached the arms from the hub and didn't notice any squeak when he then revolved the hub. So he figured the problem was elsewhere and didn't bother to install the new parts which Nautilus had sent. He simply reattached the arms and the machine didn't squeak until I used it the next day. The squeak only happened when I stood on the pedals and started walking, not when I merely rotated the hub with my hands. So I called Nautilus again and this time they sent out someone who really knew what he was doing. He took the hub assembly completely apart and installed the new parts that were sent in the mail. It took about 5 hours, including two trips to the local bike store and hardware store for additional tools. The elliptical has been working fine ever since.

There are 16 resistance settings. I usually set it at the highest setting and go for about 45 minutes. It would be nice if I could crank up the resistance a bit higher, but I can usually get a pretty good workout at the highest setting.

There is a nice stand for attaching an iPad at the top of the unit. Watching a movie seems to make my exercise routine go much faster.

The fan that is built-in to the unit is a completely useless feature. I can hardly feel the air move even at its highest setting. Instead I have attached a small 6" clip fan to one of the hand grip bar supports and this really helps keep my core temperature down while I exercise, which I find essential.

I'm giving the Schwinn 450 3.5 to 4 stars due to initial problems with the squeak (eventually resolved), the slightly underpowered resistance, and the totally useless fan.

Other than that, I am pretty satisfied with this elliptical exerciser.
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