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on December 9, 2011
My doctor diagnosed me with bad knees last month and recommended that I get more bicycle exercise to strengthen them. I usually prefer full body exercises, such as an elliptical. However, the doctor told me bicycle exercise was best because it puts my knee at a 90 degree angle, whereas ellipticals only achieve 20-30 degrees. I looked at other exercise bikes, but disapproved all of them since they only worked the lower body. Luckily, Schwinn's great reputation in quality exercise bikes helped me find this one. Here are the pros and cons:

-Full body workout that strengthens knees (like an elliptical, but better for knees)
-Low cost (I paid only $399)
-Easy assembly (took just 30 minutes--$200 savings from other Airdynes which require professional assembly)
-Digital workout display shows time, calories, distance, speed, and rpm--I love how it cycles through them automaticaly every 30 seconds
-Kicks up wind which helps you stay cool
-Not as loud as other Airdynes (I can watch TV if I turn it up)
-Lighter than other Airdynes (but will still be a 2-man lift for stairs)
-Takes up only a small footprint (about 4' x 2' area)
-No electrical connections required

-Cannot "dial up" resistance (must pedal faster)
-No handlebars for hands when I want to work just legs
-No waterbottle holder (I just set mine on a nearby table)
-Not as durable as all-metal Airdynes, but still good durability
-Although the seat is not like a skinny bicycle seat, it took some getting used to before I felt comfortable on it (you might want to buy a seat pad if you are worried about this, but you can order that later, if needed)

I consider Airdyne bikes to hit the mark as far as giving me a full-body workout which strengthens my knees. The one drawback is that you cannot "dial up" the resistance on this bike--in order to increase intensity, you have to pedal faster; however, my lower body is sore after riding on this for 20+ minutes. Schwinn has three models of Airdyne bike, and I was prepared to get the most expensive. I consider this one to be the best since it does not require professional installation ($200 savings), is cheaper to begin with, is easier to move around the house, and provides the same great full-body exercise as the more expensive models. Unless you are adamant about passing your exercise equipment down as a family heirloom, this bike is the best.

I have also purchased a couple sets of Power Systems Versa-Loop Resistance Band, a couple of Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle XL (one for the office and one for home), and a pair of Valeo Adjustable Ankle or Wrist Weights for leg workouts (see my other reviews on these items for details). I consider them to constitute a complete strength-training program targeting my knees.
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on January 19, 2012
Great Purchase. I Spent a lot of time looking and comparing reviews before purchasing this bike. I was torn between the wind resistance bikes and the basic battery operated resistance bikes. I ordered this one, received it within a week and it took, literally, 10 minutes for my boyfriend and I to set it up.
He is right at the weight limit (250) and were worried that the bike would shift side to side while riding but it doesn't at all! It's really sturdy and its a GREAT workout! I could only do 15 minutes for the first few days and was completely out of breath (and definetly felt it the next day).
I love that there is 2 ways to use it: Upper body only (Arms/back and chest)with your feet on the footrests, or upper and lower body together. When your legs get tired, you can always put them on the foot rests for a minute and work only your arms.
I have only had the bike for a couple days and there is only 2 "con's" I can think of is:
1. With wind resistance bikes, the resistance increases as you pedal faster. BUT as you pedal faster, the sound of the bike increases. Makes it really hard to watch tv.
2. There is not a console for magazines, ipods, etc. (I knew this when I bought it, and it wasn't a big deal to me, but since it is louder when you pedal faster, it would be nice to be able to read while working out)
1. Awesome workout, love that the arms are involved too, makes it like an elliptical but WAY easier on the knees
2. Nice breeze generated when you pedal to keep you cool
3. sturdy, even at the 250lb weight limit
4. easy to set up (10 minutes with 2 people) - comes almost completely assembled, all we had to do is put on pedals, seat and arm things
5. good range of motion & smooth gliding of arms and leg elements)
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on March 28, 2012
Just finished a 30 minute workout on this machine. Could they have made the seat ANY more uncomfortable? The person who designed this seat for this product should be fired. It feels like a rock hard, narrow, speed racing bicycle seat with NO padding! Why would they even THINK of putting this seat on an exercise bicycle? I am a 5'6" female of average weight and have to lean slightly forward to hold the handles to use the upper body workout. It makes me feel like my center of gravity is slightly off. Other than the feeling that it is designed a bit ergonomically incorrect and the feeling of sitting atop a triangular rock hard seat, this could have been a wonderful workout machine. I am a bit disappointed because it is a Schwinn and I expected more from the name. I want to continue using this product to maintain fitness because I purchased it but must replace the seat with a more comfortable one. I ended up ordering a replacement seat and required adaptor to attach it to the bike which now makes it tolerable to use. I would have gladly paid a little extra to have had it arrive with a comfortable seat in the first place. I found the derri-air website very helpful in getting the required adapter plate and a comfortable seat. They had a great selection of exercise bicycle seats to choose from and also good customer phone support.
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on January 9, 2012
Ordered this bike from Amazon last Fri; received it Sat. Well packed with all necessary tools/hardware. We are not mechanical, but it went together very easily and quickly (30 min). One person could have assembled it, but it was easier with two. Hardware is well machined and everything went together smoothly, so there was no frustration. Assembly instructions were very clear; excellent illustrations. As another reviewer mentioned, the hardware for attaching the handle bars was already affixed to the place where the handle bars attached. The instruction book should have said, but another reviewer gave the heads-up on that, which was helpful. It is sturdy and well designed. I can workout in boot-cut jeans and there is nothing to catch your pantleg, and I can work out barefoot or in houseshoes (probably not recommended, but if you have only a few minutes to be on the machine, it works). You can vary your workout, doing only the handle bars to work the upper body. You can push the handle bars away from you (no pulling) and work the triceps, or you can pull only (no pushing) and work the biceps, or you and just push & pull working all muscle groups at the same time. You can pedal forwards or backwards and work the leg muscles more fully. I had no trouble reading a book while I worked the legs. There is no book rack; you have to hold the book, but that wasn't a problem for me. Had no trouble pedaling without holding on to anything. As others have mentioned, it is quiet enough to watch TV or listen to music. It is fairly easy to move the bike around, but the wheels are small and don't roll very easily on thicker carpet/rugs. As others commented, the seat is the only detractor. Overall the bike is so good, I am giving it five stars anyway because it is a well-crafted machine that exceeded our expectations. We have not found the seat terribly uncomfortable, but others have. It could just be a lot more comfortable than it is. We can always look for a better one, but it would be nice if Schwinn would address this one weak point. I can certainly recommend the bike. Small foot print, versatile workout, quality product.
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on June 2, 2012
This is the first piece of exercise equipment we have purchased in many years. Other equipment had turned into a coat rack,clothes hangers, etc.. and the dust would collect. We actually wanted a treadmill but due to the size and weight of a decent quality one, we opted to instead purchase an exercise bike. I have been looking at reviews from different sites as well as Amazon on all types of bikes, the issues with them, pricing, etc...

It was a frustrating search and never knowing what price to pay for a good bike........that is, until Amazon put the Schwinn AD2 on a daily deal special. I read about it, read the reviews and again compared it with other 'under $500' exercise bikes. I put this in my cart and after reviewing for a couple more hours and debating, I decided to take the plunge. The price was a great price and with Amazon Prime, I got it delivered in 2 days. I was at work when it was delivered and so my wife received it and put it together by herself. She said besides for the weight of maneuvering the bike when putting it together, it was pretty easy. Once built, the wheels that are attached to the front make it easy to maneuver from room to room if needed. The bike is set on a carpeted floor and works well and steady.

I am 5'7 and my wife is right at 5'0. I mention this as it seemed what bikes I was somewhat interested in might be comfortable for me, but not for her. This bike fits us both although the arm bars are a bit of a reach for her, especially after getting a new seat (more on this later). Our grown children also enjoy using this machine. I am hoping we can use it for years to come and not as a coat rack - LOL.

The LCD screen is somewhat basic to me but does display in large enough numerals that are easily readable. The workout itself for us has been more an aerobic workout than strength but can see where you could strengthen if this is what you are looking for. The handles can be used alone or the bike pedaling can be used alone. The problem with just using the pedals is that there is nothing to hold on to. The handles move forward and back as you pedal, so it sort of feels like I am riding my unicycle. To use the handles only, it is easier to do as there are foot rests at the bottom of the handles to place your feet. It is nice to use this bike for both an upper and lower body workout.

THE BAD: Now, the reason for the 4 stars instead of 5. Did any other reviewers mention the seat? Actually, I think almost all of them did. The seat is awful. It hurts. I do not need to say much more. After awhile, you feel pain, but not from the workout. We decided to get another seat after having the bike for a week. We took the advice of another reviewer that we read on a fix for the uncomfortable seat. I went to the Derriair website and purchased the 11" wide seat and the 3 hole adaptor kit. The web address is [...] and for a little more money you can have comfort as you exercise. The adaptor also can be purchased separately and then you can add your own seat. The adaptor is a must and requirement due to the design of the stem and seat of the AD2. The adaptor has a regular seat tube on one side and is flat on the other where you attach to the original stem. The seat tube works like any other seat tube on a standard bike that allows you to put on any seat from any manufacturer. Why Schwinn did not design the seat to be easily changed out is beyond me and is a big flaw in my opinion (and obviously many other too).

NOTE: Once we added the new seat and adaptor, it raised the seat and sitting position all around by a good 4". I expected a little bit of difference but it is like losing a notch in the seat adjustment area. It may not sound like a big deal for many and it is fine for me, but for my wife at 5'0", it changed the gameplay a little. The bar at it's lowest notch is borderline too high for her now although she can still use it. Anyone under 5' may opt for a lower profile seat, which we still may end up doing. Time will tell.

Overall, besides for an awful seat, this Schwinn AD2 Airdyne exercise bike I would highly recommend for the price, quality and workmanship.
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on February 19, 2013
This basically repeats the information in the video, feel free to take in either or both. I purchased this bike in November so me and my wife could get some exercise over the winter. The bike arrived quickly although the size of the box caught me off guard. It's also heavy! Not as bad as a treadmill but thankfully I only had a few stairs. Assembly was easy however the screws for the hand holds were already in place, not in a bag or a blister pack and they had come loose. At first I thought they were missing until I dumped the box upside down and found them.

The bike is made in China like so much stuff nowadays however the build quality doesn't seem to have suffered for it, welds were nice and neat and there were no sharp edges. I tried it out at a local store before buying it but these fan style bikes all seem pretty interchangeable in terms of the feel of riding them. The action of riding it is smooth, the fan really lets you start slow or fast whatever you want. The built in 'computer' keeps track of your distance, time traveled, RPM of the fan, and calories burned but these are erased when the computer shuts down. It boots up when the bike starts moving and shuts down after a few minutes of inactivity.

Before buying the bike I saw all the reviews about the seat. Yes, it is hard as a rock. I purchased the recommended Imitation Sheepskin Padded Bicycle Seat Cover and it helps but not a lot. Although the bike has a variable resistance it is never enough to where you can stand up and really go all out peddling. Your foot sinks to the floor too quickly so you are forced to sit down. Because of how uncomfortable the seat was it did not get a lot of use and it's a pain in the rear that it has that strange connection of bolting to the bike so you can't just put any seat on there. Hence all the covers for seats that people buy with this.

I went to a welding shop and asked if they could fabricate an attachment to 'convert' to a standard bike seat post but they wanted $$$ to get that done. In the end I ended up buying a 1/2" floor flange and a length of 1/2" diameter pipe to screw into it then drilled out a piece of wood to go over it and screwed the wood directly to the bike. Now I can put whatever bike seat I want on this, in my case I went with the Sunlite Cloud-9, Bicycle Suspension Comfort Saddle, Comfort Gel Ladies, Tri-Color Lycra because as the reviews say, it's like riding on a cloud.

Butt comfort out of the way the bike is an excellent machine and I feel satisfied with the purchase. I am only docking a star due to the seat and the difficulty the manufacturer made of replacing the seat.
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on December 7, 2011
As usual with items bought from Amazon this purchase arrived promptly and is all it was advertised to be.
It was easy to assemble, is very very sturdy and well built, it exceeded our expectations.
The roller wheels make it easy to move around.
This is truly a one size fits all machine, my wife is 5' tall and I am 6'3" and I push the weight limit for the bike, but with the ease of seat adjustment it is comfortable and stable for both of us, and did I mention, this thing will give you a workout, nothing to adjust, the faster you go the more resistance you get. The information readout gives you plenty of information on your progress.
At last a product that lives up to it's advertising hype.
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on April 9, 2012
The AD2 is a great product for me. No longer do I have to drive to the gym to get a decent aerobic workout. The AD2 is very rugged yet attractive with an eye-catching color scheme. It was easy to assemble. I've calibrated the AD2 relative to the original D4. For a given RPM, the workload of the two models is identical. In other words, pedaling at the same speed, one gets the same great workout on the AD2 as with the AD4. The one negative is the seat which created soreness for me in the perineal area. I replaced it with an 11x11 gel pad seat from Derri-Air. Now I ride in excellent comfort. Bottom line is that I am as happy with the AD2 as I was with my old AD4 years ago.
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on November 19, 2014
I have a small fitness studio and we've used the airdyne bikes on a sporadic basis for about a year. The average use of each airdyne is about 5-10 minutes per day and we only use it as part of our workouts once every week or two. In other words, each bike gets about 5-10 minutes of use every 1-2 weeks--very infrequent use and would approximate the same usage in someone's house.

We have 8 AD2 bikes and within a year, 4 of them have failed in the same spot--the weld attaching the arm to the frame. The other items have been fine but this design flaw is fatal. It's simple, order to hit a $300 price point, they went cheap on the part that would receive the most usage--not a good decision.

Most of the reviews you see on this item are within the first 60 days. Of course the product will be new and beautiful. I'm giving you a picture of what that item will look like in a year or less. The takeaway is that if you don't intend to ride the bike and instead allow it to sit in your bedroom as a piece of eclectic furniture--then go right ahead. However, if you actually intend to ride the bike, yours will fail within about a year at the same spot that 4 out of 8 of mine have, virtually guaranteed.

The problem for me is that I was honest with the company and told them my use--allowing them to weasel out of a warranty. If they would simply stand behind their products I wouldn't be writing this email. At this point I'd rather place my testicles in a vice than buy another piece of garbage from Schwinn. Buyer beware are my final words of advice for you.
review image
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on August 24, 2012
Do not buy this exercise bike unless you are willing to spend a minimum of $50 for a seat AND an adapter plate. The seat is worse than uncomfortable, it may be downright dangerous. After using the bike for about 30 minutes, my legs were so numb I could barely walk. It cuts off your circulation and is very painful. Get one of the many seats available for any bike and a 3-HOLE adapter plate from I would have given the bike a 4-star rating otherwise.
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