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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 4, 2012
Color: BlackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We have used the Schwinn Aerdyne AD4 in our home for about three years. I'll start with a review specific to the AD6, and then provide some observations about how it differs form the AD4.

The AD6 came in a "Shipping-proof" box. Very well-packaged and secure. It is very heavy, of course, so be prepared to have help brining it in the house. The AD6 arrived completely unscathed. Not a single scratch or dinge on any elements of the bike. All parts were there and easy to unpack. Great job on the packing and shipping.

A very straightforward once-person job (but note that the instructions recommend that two people set it up). It took me about an hour from opening the box to using the bike. All parts are clearly labeled "left: or "right", there are just a few screws, bolts, and washers that re sealed in a labeled hardware card, and all required tools are provided. Holes for bolts lined up perfectly. Schwinn clearly made ease of assembly a priority.

The AD6 will fit in a 28" by 52" space. Very compact and fits fine in our relatively small family room. It looks great, with a professional black finish.

The AD6 is a pleasure to use. The fan is quiet (but will blow up any dust in the area), and has very good resistance when using your legs and arms. Of course, as you increase speed, the wind really blows all around and the AD6 becomes fairly blustery and loud. But the fact that the wind does not hit you in the face is a big plus over the AD4. For upper-body-only exercise, you can place you feet on two stationary stems near the fly wheel, or on a space behind the wheel. Resistance when doing arms-only is a bit tough, but it gives you a good workout. I find that there is not much, if any, wind in my face when using the AD6. The seat is large and comfortable, and the pedals include adjustable foot straps. There is an easy-reach bottle holder at the front, and you can buy a reading rack accessory from Schwinn. Without that reading rack accessory, there is nowhere on the bike to put a magazine, ipad, ipod, etc.

The console displays RPM, speed, distance, watts, and calories. It will also display your pulse if you buy that accessory from Schwinn. Initial setup requires that you enter your altitude. While the console itself provides decent information, it is dark and hard to read, even in normal room lighting due to the low contrast and high level of glare. The AD6 is moderately portable on a hard surface (it is heavy, but has wheels on the from; but to use the wheels you have to lift up the rear of the unit... a good 60 lb lift). The wheels on the AD6 are small, so moving on carpet is more difficult.

The AD6 is a very solid exercise bike. The fan area is solid, the bolts secure well, and there is no rattling when we use the bike. It feels like it is built to last. As I mentioned earlier, the blade is very secure and feels to be built into the frame.

The AD6 is a great piece of exercise equipment. It is compact good-looking, and effective.

The AD4 has served us well over the years. The AD6, however, is clearly a step above the AD4. First, when using the AD6, the wind from the blade does not blow straight up in your face like it does for the AD4. The blade assembly on the AD6 is also more secure. On the AD4, we frequently need to re-set the blade cage so that it does not rattle against the blade. On the AD6, the blade assembly seems to be more securely attached to the actual frame of the bike. The blade and cage are also much smaller (22" vs. 27") but in our tests, gave the same level of resistance. The AD6 blade is also a more solid blade, while the AD4's blade has small metal spokes and a few tin-looking blades. The belts that drive the blade are enclosed in the AD6's frame and are not visible. The AD4's drive chain is visible. The AD$ does not really have an enclosed "body" like the AD4 does. Again, this is not to take away from the AD4. It is a very good bike as well.

The seats appear to be the same on the AD4 and AD6. The pedals on the AD6 are large and have straps, while the pedals on the AD4 are smaller, essentially the size of a typical bicycle pedal. The computer consoles are different, but it's really a wash on which is better. The AD6's console is larger and shows all values at the same time; the AD4 console is smaller and you must hit a button to scroll through values. However, the AD4 console is higher up, so it is easier to read and access. But the AD6 does have a water bottle holder, which the AD4 does not have.

As for portability, they both have wheels on the front. The AD4 has larger wheels which are located on the blade cage, and the AD6 has smaller wheels on the front footing. The AD4, because of the larger wheels, is a bit easier to move about.

The foot props (where you place your feet near the axis of the fly wheel when you are doing upper body only) on the AD4 are stationary, while the props on the AD6 actually move with the upper body handlebar arms. A small distraction.

Overall, the AD6 is the clear winner. It seems to have a better build, is more compact, and is better-looking overall. Schwinn has obviously taken the time to improve upon an already great product. Especially at Amazon's price, don't hesitate to invest in the AD6 (or even the AD4).
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71 of 72 people found the following review helpful
on October 16, 2012
This exercise bike is amazing! I had meniscus knee surgery 1 year ago and it is still not right. So it has been difficult to workout at the gym. On this bike you use your arms as well as your legs which takes pressure off of my knee. My arms and chest are sore my first week but that will go away. My mom had the original Airdyne when I was a kid and so I was happy to find that they still make it. This model apparently is their newest for 2012/2013. When I called customer service they had no idea it even existed. I guess corporate does not communicate with customer service or it is that new? But the lady was very helpful and found all the information I needed. I paid $721 including tax. My 2 local sporting good stores only had the 'Evo' for $750, $58 for tax and $200 for shipping and assembly. If you have 'PRIME' with Amazon you get free shipping, that alone would pay for Prime plus some. It is manufactured in China but the Schwinn Quality (now owned by Nautilus or Bowflex or Universal, not sure) is still there. It took me almost 2 hours to assemble. But I could have done it in an hour, I was just being extra careful. The instructions were written in perfect English but obviously by an engineer. It came by FedEx in 1 box about 130 pounds. Most of it is pre-assembled you just have to add the arms, pedals and small parts. I suggest you remove the nuts and bolts in the order needed and leave the rest on the labeled cardboard until you need them. Remember all nuts, bolts and washers go on the outside of the part you are putting on. Also the computer monitor is AWESOME, you can see all 7 functions at the same time like calories etc. I do wish it had a light button. You can also push a button or just get off the bike to pause it for 5 minutes if you need a break. Also remember to buy a NON-coded heart monitor chest strap! The computer monitor feels cheap but once installed it is well protected between steel tubes. As you install it remember to tuck the extra wires into the back of the monitor so it sits on the bike properly. I have used the bike everyday since I received it Saturday. It is super sturdy and seems well built to me. It is far more compact then the original ones. The fan is smaller and does not blow wind all over you. I got the black color and it looks great! I am super happy with the bike!
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126 of 136 people found the following review helpful
on February 22, 2013
Before I purchased the Schwinn Airdyne AD6, I did my homework. I read the product literature as well as the mainly favorable reviews. It sounded great, just perfect for my needs. I tried to find it in a local store so I could see how it felt before ordering it, but wasn't able to. The service I received from Amazon was top-notch, as usual. Unfortunately, though, after the bike was assembled I discovered I could not reach the hand grips when the arms are in the fully-extended position (I'm 5'4"). And there are no adjustments provided to address this issue (adjusting the seat height doesn't solve the problem). I have to conclude that Schwinn/Nautilus does not test its designs on a range of real people. Very disappointing, especially since the AD6 seems to be an excellent piece of exercise equipment in most other respects. This same user-height-related issue likely applies to the other Schwinn Airdyne bikes as well -- the AD2, Evo Comp, and the AD4.

4/17/13 UPDATE: In an attempt to solve the problem, I purchased a new bike seat which has rails (along with an adapter) and positioned the seat as far forward as possible. Unfortunately, that did not make enough of a difference. Though I could always compensate by leaning forward, the body should be in an upright position when using the bike (I was informed of this when I called Schwinn since I couldn't find a clear answer on the website). I bought the bike to help strenghten the muscles supporting my temperamental knees and don't want to end up hurting a new body part due to bad ergonomics. The average American man is 5'10" and the average American woman is 5'4". The length of people's arms differs significantly too of course. Perhaps Schwinn should indicate up front the average height for which these bikes were actually designed.
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26 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on January 4, 2013
I had one of these back when they were big and gold - this is MUCH better. Small footprint, very quiet and solidly built.

There are some other things worth mentioning. If you want to use the heart rate monitor feature, you will find in the manual it says "The heart rate chest strap must be an uncoded heart rate strap from Polar Electro or an uncoded POLAR® compatible model. Coded POLAR® heart rate straps such as POLAR® OwnCode® chest straps will not work with this equipment." Polar heart monitors come with coded transmitters. The only uncoded transmitter they make is the Polar T31 Non-Coded Transmitter and Belt Set Definitely worth the $35.

Also, if you've read the reviews here, most have been 5 star but I looked at the less than 5 stars, the reason that they gave, and then responded. First, what they said and then added my NOTE:

1)The reason for four stars versus five is that the seat makes me feel like I am falling forward. It is adjustable but I haven't been able to find the right setting - -this may be a user issue versus a bike flaw and I will update my rating if I am able to find the right position.
NOTE: This can be adjusted using the bracket under the seat. See page 10 of the manual.

2)Expensive, but perhaps worth it - Could use a bit more resistance
NOTE: Whether or not it's expensive to someone, I can't address, but resistance is based on how fast you pedal.

3)ordered the AD6 and put together and start to ride - the feel of it was definitely off. Turned out the seat kept adjusting as I started to ride - the bolt used to tighten the seat on is such low quality that it stripped with only a few turns and now have to find replacement.
NOTE: The Seat Post Adjustment knob is well made. I think what the problem was for this person is it has a pop out pin that needs to enter one of the holes on the seat post. Then you tighten down the adjustment to snug it in. See page 14 of the manual.

When you first start up the Console it will ask you for your elevation to better calculate caloric burn. If you don't know, go to veloroutes dot org/elevation/ and enter your address to get it. The manual that comes with the AD6 says you can enter it later by going to the Console Set-up Mode section but I couldn't find that part of instructions in the manual provided. It is available in the more complete online manual you can get by going to schwinnfitness dot com >Customer Support and Product Manuals.

The AD6 is new for the 2012/2013 year and replaces the Airdyne Classic (AD4) & the Airdyne Evolution Comp. It's a great machine and, imho, well worth the money if you buy it at Amazon. If you have Prime, you can even get it next day for $3.99! :) If you don't have Prime, this would be a great time to get it as it will pay for itself right now.
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31 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on December 20, 2012
I think overall this is a very solid piece of workout equipment. I am just getting back into exercising after having my daughter (two years ago - oops). After five minutes I am definitely feeling the burn in my arms and legs. It is nice to have the option to rest your feet and just work the arms. It is also nice to be able to pedal backwards or move your arms in reverse motion and have the fan blow the air directly onto you; it is a very nice cooling effect. The product is not overly loud. It is simple to use - not a lot of controls - but gives you basic information. The reason for four stars versus five is that the seat makes me feel like I am falling forward. It is adjustable but I haven't been able to find the right setting - -this may be a user issue versus a bike flaw and I will update my rating if I am able to find the right position. I would definitely recommend this exercise bike.
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21 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on January 1, 2013
Generally agreed to be very good low impact workout. Good choice for old guy like me with lumbar stenosis and recent 3 vessel CABG. Used an AD4 in cardiac rehabilitation and bought the AD6. Use it every day in conjunction with treadmill. Only caveat is that I strongly advise getting the more comfortable seat when you get bike. You won't be sorry. Trust me I'm a physician.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on April 8, 2013
I purchased the AD6 after numerous research on excersize bikes. I did not mind paying more because of the Schwinn name and all the reviews. Upon receiving my package, I assembled the bike only to find the cross bars that hold the digital console did not fit. They were a whole 1/2" off of center! So, I assembled the rest of the bike and thought it would be fine until I discovered the right bar that to use for your arms had some play in axle format. Customer service told me they did not know when the part would be available.ousy quality control. Made in china. I am requesting a new bike.

update 4/13: customer service did not know when parts were coming in. They did not know when tool needd to repair parts were coming in. I had a technician come who was unprofessional, came at the wrong time and broke the bike more after trying to man handle some bolts.

I requested a new bike because i do have faith this is a good product. Natilus customer service was very helpful in resolving the complaint and agreed to send me a new bike. Poor communication between technical and customer service staff. embarrasing quality control (yes QI people that would mean you. Why cant we do things right and make this in the USA?
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on September 25, 2013
I am very pleased with this machine, I was very reluctant to purchase it at first because of some of the research I have done made me feel perplexed about buying it. I almost didnt buy it at first because it was going to a be a multi family use purchase. Some of the reviews have stated that people averaging heights 5'6 and under would have a hard time with the reach on the machine. After putting it together and trying it out it fit me (5'6) and my wife (5'0) with no problems noted going through the range of motion.

1. New age design: with the airdyne technology being relatively old (30+ years) the new machine is very appealing to the eye. It space saving design really helps with being able to be maneuvered and out of the way in a matter of seconds. It's easy to move and virtually free of using any muscle to move it.
2. Intense Cardio like to no other: I own a treadmill, spin bike and a couple other pieces of workout equipment. This by far has nothing that I can compare to it in terms of intensity. The fact that I don't have to adjust it on the fly makes it that much better of a conditioning tool than the others that I have mentioned. The harder I push the harder it pushes back, reaching 100rpm's on the bike and staying at that rate is not easy. I pretty fit for my age, I bought this bike as a supplemental training aid to my jiu jitsu training and it works.
3. Informative heads up display: the LED display is a valuable tool as it showed me how fast/hard I was pushing. The RPM meter is one of the key treasures on the display without it you can't really know how hard your pushing yourself.
4. Buit in cooldown system: the fan just doesn't act as a means to give you a workout, it also cools you down in the process. It's a very nice feature to have as it comes in handy when you need to cool down.
5. Isolation is key: the fact that I can use both upper body at or not at the sametime is great. I like the fact that I can isolate my upper body and do cardio conditioning seperate or I can work the whole body together.

1. The heart rate monitor: There is only one issue that I have with the machine and its the heart rate monitor. I like the fact that it reads polar heart rate straps with no problem. My only gripe is that either my heads up display needs resetting or needs to be replaced. While I was on the machine it read my BPM at 212 when my BPM on my polar watch read 172. I was trying to go for redline in my workout so I'm not sure as to the calibration inaccuracy but its a thing I can live with.
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32 of 39 people found the following review helpful
Color: BlackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have to first give props for this being one of the easiest things I have put together this year in spite of it having the potential to be a nightmare. About a year ago I spent about 2 days straight trying to put together a treadmill with horrible directions and no labeled parts. This was just the opposite. It was a breeze.

Not only were the parts labeled as to which side of the bike they went on, it came with all the tools needed to put it together (even the screw driver) and many of the screws were already inside the pieces so all you did was loosen them and reattach to another part without having to figure out which screw goes where for the most part.

Considering I've begun many reviews discussing my wondering why they don't use a test market to see how hard something is to put together, it appears as though they did here. It was a snap.

Now let's get to the workout. I acutally have a full workout room but bypassed a bike forever. Why? the workouts on exercise bikes in the past have been nothing short of nothing. They typically burn half the calories in the same amount of time as you would burn on a treadmill or elliptical. So it wasn't my thing. This one wowed me.

Because the handles really offer excellent resistance and because you do a very slight turn of your body (which you likely won't even notice until you watch your abs) you get a true full-body workout. And likely evem more than you think if you use if a few different ways.

This one gets your heart rate up quickly and keeps it there...treadmill or elliptical style because you are engaging more muscles (I use a bodybugg to measure as I've mentioned in all my workout reviews.) You actually will feel it in your arms, legs and abs the next day. Really push and pull the handles to get the most burn while you pedal. Then stand up and pedal to engage different muscles. Then sit and pedal backwards to engage more (you'll love this one because the fan blows very hard in your direction when you reverse your pedaling.) Your bottom gets a massive'll feel THAT within hours. It's amazingly full body. Can you just sit and petal forward and use the handlebars? Yes and you'll still burn far more calories than I've ever found on other bikes...especially the ones with the backs where you sit low and lean back and have no handles. It equated to the same burn of a treadmill.

Because I have a treadmill too, this offers a great switch for me to use different muscles and burn more but this is SO compact that I can actually squeeze it in my workout room.

Now, my wish list of things I would change:

I wish I could program it to give me more resistance on my legs if I chose to. The good thing is that the resistance is great...but on days when I want a really tough workout, I'd like that.

I also wish that the instructions to actually use the bike were as good as how to put it together. I actually still am not entirely sure of what I'm missing. If I push the middle button (which I assume is the start/stop button based on reading although there is no picture in the book to tell you which that button is when they talk about the start/stop button ) The time button goes up. But it also does when I push the up button beside it. And then if I hold it down, it erases. Honestly, I played with it for a long time and read all the instructions and can't quite figure it. It also said for me to set the altitude on initial set up. I skipped that. What does that even mean?

Now, it very nicely guesses the calories I've burned but it never asked me my height and weight or if I'm male or female so it can't guess calorie burn at all. Someone larger than me can burn three times what I do. Usually when machines don't ask they base the caloric burn on a 150 lb male. But this was too low for that. It guessed the caloric burn actually far lower than what I really burned (again based upon my bodybugg which is the most accurate level of caloric burn outside of a hyperbolic chamber.) So most should know, if you really push and pull the handles and pedal fast, you are actually burning more than you think you are and more than it says. Because I'm quite small so I burn far fewer calories than most and even I burned more than it said. But I used it at full level engaging the bars.

If you plan to move this around your house, it very conveniently has wheels that engage only if you tilt up one end. So you may wish to put it together and then wheel it. If, however, you are like me and wish to put it on a second floor of a house it's pretty easy. You can take the parts up seperately and 2 people can easily lift the main body up the stairs. For my treadmill I had to hire professional movers. Even my bodybuilder friends couldn't get it up there.

So, in a nutshell, the workout was so surprising that I gave it 5 stars in spite of the lack of good instructions on its use (I'll figure it out and basically if I just pedal it starts so who cares). The instructions to put it together and how that was done was fantastic as well.

It does require AA batteries and doesn't include them. That's for the monitor. It has no plug for power which may be good if you don't want to have a cord across and it does give you a warning when you have 10 percent of the battery life left. It also turns off on its own to conserve the battery. It works without a battery in it....but the monitor does not which tells you time and calories. Best bet is to keep a battery recharger in the room to keep this feature free.

I loved the workout and I love the look of the bike and I loved that I worked out far longer than I would have had that awesome built in fan not been on the bike. When you don't overheat and sweat, you tend to stay at it longer as there is less perceived exertion.
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27 of 33 people found the following review helpful
Color: BlackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have always admired the Airdyne, with its simplistic design, sound mechanics, and classic styling so I jumped at the opportunity of owning the AD6. I have not been disappointed.

The box weighed a good bit over 100 pounds, but was in good shape considering weight and travel. Installation took about 20 minutes with me and my wife. Installation involved putting on seat and seat post, pedals, pedal straps, front and rear stabilizer bars, arm, foot rests and the control panel. All tools and hardware was included on punch card. Nothing more than a turn of a few screws.

The bike is very sturdy, which is in part due to its weight. I have been on other home exercise bikes that tend to sway from side to side even with less than vigorous pedaling, but the AD6 has no lateral movement. The stabilizer bars also have independent left and right risers to keep the bike level. There are wheels on the front stabilizer, allowing you to tip the bike and roll to where needed.

Pedaling the bike is a dream, and the progressive wind resistance gives a much more natural road feel. The faster you pedal the more force it takes. It is also nice to be able to get an arm workout with the lower body work, and you can make that as hard or as easy you want with the amount of effort you transfer from the pedals or the handle bars. If you were to only use the handle bars, it takes a good amount of effort to start the fan turning.

My only complaint would be that there is no stationary handle bar. If you didn't want to use your arms, they basically just need to hang from your sides, as there is no place to put them other than the moving handles. I can imagine this would be an issue for some people, as it does take some balance to ride even a stationary bike without hands. I isn't a big enough deal for myself to discount it a star, but it may be a consideration for others.
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