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on July 8, 2009
This bike is a perfect combination of features:

-substantial wheels stand up to cracks and dips in the road
-adjustable handlebars allow for a more or less upright riding position (I love to cruise with a tall straight spine... hate hunching my back on other bikes)
-shocks on the front wheel and under the seat make for a smooth ride despite potholes
-wide comfortable seat doesn't dig in to the wrong "parts"; instead, there's some nice padding under the sit bones
-plastic guard protects pants from getting caught in the chains

I've been riding my new bike to work every day through the city, where I encounter all sorts of conditions; the bike gets me through them all pretty comfortably. Pedaling up hills has never been easier and I don't even have to stand. The brakes are responsive and smooth. This is a hardcore comfort bike.
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on August 23, 2009
1. weight slightly on heavy side. close to ~40lbs. so going up hill might be little bit challenging.
2. Grip shift is OK but prefer trigger shifter "Schwinn Broadway" has that feature [...]. Faster gear shift with trigger shift.
3. Minor thing but unlike Giant, Kenda tire does not provide "self sealing tube"
4. Water cage position of the bike is too low (awkward position). Instead get a water bladder back pack.

1. Good components overall.
2. Comfortable..front shocks and seat shock are mediocre.
3. Good pedals (metallic vs. cheap plastics)
4. Fenders keeping from dirt and other element is good and so is carrying cage.
5. Does come with kick stand

Overall relative good buy but I wouldn't pay more than $300.00 for this bike. Wait until it gets $250 or lower.
Assembly wasn't took 30 minutes. Didn't even have to read the instruction...well packaged. Allen wrench is all you need.
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on July 4, 2009
I am so happy with this bike. The only thing to irked me is it is now $50 less than what I paid for it. But what can I say, I still like this bike. I was a little challenged when I realized there was partial assembly required. I would have liked more directions on putting on the front tire. Once assesmbled I took it to a bike mechanic and had the assembly work checked over and he told me it was all good. I like that the bike as a rear fender rack, I like that it has fenders both front and back. The seat is so comfortable LADIES this is the bike seat for us. I am still getting down shifting, but any problems I have with shifting is about me and not this bike. The handle bar shifters work well. But I can see that sometime in the future I will have thumb shifters installed (this is for the ergonomics of it for me as I am an older bike rider). If you are looking for a versatile bike that can do some urban trail riding and just get you around the neighborhood. Then you will like this bike.
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on July 6, 2009
My wife and I decided to purchase bikes to expand our exercise options. Neither of us had ridden in decades, but our son is an avid cyclist and he suggested we look at Hybrids. After looking at several options, we decided to purchase both a Men's and Women's version of this bike and we couldn't be happier. They're relatively lightweight and the components all appear to be of fairly high quality for a bike priced in this range.

The limited assembly was easy, although I must say the 1st one took me longer than the 15 minutes referenced by the original reviewer. Almost everything is adjustable for comfort, and like the original reviewer on the men's version, we too took off the fenders and like the result. It would have been nice if Schwinn had included a couple of allen wrenches, and maybe a pouch to carry them in, since that is the tool most often needed for assembly and adjustments.

We have been riding for a couple of weeks now and really like the way the bikes handle. I'm a big guy, well over 200lbs, yet the ride is smooth and comfortable. We are amazed at how those gears smooth out the hills. Most of our riding is on pavement, but we have ridden on some gravel/dirt roads, and the "Hybrid" tires performed well.

My wife and I agree that this is definitely a great bike for the price
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on January 9, 2010
I looked at bikes at several local bike shops but couldn't really tell from riding why I should spend an additional $200.00 or more on another brand. This one has everything (and more) that I wanted. Shock absorbers in the comfortable seat and handlebars, gear shifters, a more upright sitting position...a nice ride for taking in the scenery or getting a good workout. Thanks to other reviewers, I knew I couldn't go wrong ordering this online. My husband is handy so assembling it didn't take too long. I love this bike! *****UPDATE 9/29/2010: MY GARAGE KEPT BIKE HAS RUST ALL OVER IT. THIS PAST JUNE WAS LAST TIME I RODE IT. TOOK IT OUT TODAY AND NOTICED RUST ALL OVER IT. WE HAVE 4 BIKES IN OUR GARAGE (ONE OF WHICH IS MY HUSBAND'S 28 YEAR OLD SCHWINN TEN SPEED) AND THIS IS THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS RUSTED. AM GOING TO CONTACT SCHWINN FOR REPLACEMENT. WILL UPDATE AGAIN LATER.*****

****update May 2012 - Schwinn replaced my bike after contacting them about the rust! I had to send back the rusted one, but they did send me a brand new one.....its been two years and still looks great and I still love my bike!
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on February 18, 2011
I bought this bike last June when walking just wasn't cutting it anymore.

Fast- it has 21 gears and it's meant more for speed, not at all as slow as a cruiser.
Reliable- i've beaten this poor bike up and it took the hits like a champ: crashing it, knocking it down, etc.
Handles New Orleans roads decently- despite it's thin tires, it goes over bumps pretty smoothly.
Pretty good gear shifting- a little difficult sometimes, but over all pretty awesome.
Awesome metal peddles- not those cheap plastic pedals that eventually crack. really sturdy.

Heavy- biking uphill is semi difficult with a bike that weighs 45 pounds, but it could be worse.
Rusts easily- after 8 months of riding it, it was COVERED in rust.
Brakes- the brakes are good, but it's really difficult finding the sweet spot to where your brakes work awesomely and your front tire can still come off without having to tweak the brakes. really annoying.
Bolts- some of the bolts didn't even come with the bike and some mysteriously disappeared while riding.

Over all, it's a good bike. It is fast and sturdy. Just make sure to wipe it down when you get out of the rain. Don't ride in the sand because the tires are too thin. Don't worry about your tires when going over big bumps, they can handle it. However, it just got stolen and for me, the pros didn't outweigh the cons enough to buy the same bike again.
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on January 16, 2010
This is really a great bike, and I've owned some great bikes. It does not come with model specific instructions, but it's not to difficult for anyone who has ever raised or lowerd a seat or handlebars or changed a flat tire. Be sure to have your allen wrenches ready. You will have to put on the handlebars, the front fender and wheel, the seat and the pedals (I added toe clips to my pedals). This is a good solid commuter bike for the price.
UPDATE: I have been riding this bike for a few months now through the Vermont winter. I still love it. I fell on a patch of ice on this bike hard enough to break a bone in my left hand. The front wheel went a bit out of wack and I ended up doing a little bit of work on it - nothing major. Still, I have the skills to do the work myself. If I had to take it to a bike shop it still would have been worth the money to repair it. Even with the added expense, this bike is saving me much bus fare and will pay for itself in the first year. I used a milk crate to add a basket to the back rack. This is still the best commuter bike I have ever had, and I have had bikes that cost a great deal more than this one did. I still say BUY BUY BUY!!!
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on October 4, 2010
I bought this bike because it comes with a lot of the extra things I wanted (a rack, fenders, etc.) and it was a great price. (I bought it for about $300.) It's a great commuter bike.

Reasons I love this bike:
* It's really comfortable to ride. It is configured for a more upright riding position than my old mountain bike and that takes pressure off my wrists.
* Everything is very adjustable. The stem can be adjusted to make the handlebars closer or farther away to make a more comfortable ride. The seat is very easy to raise or lower.
* The seat is the most comfortable bike seat I have ever had.
* The hybrid tires are fast on pavement, but handle my gravel driveway and all the potholes on the road well.

A few little things you probably want to know:
* Be ready to do a little adjusting on some things. The brakes on mine are a little off center and the wheels aren't quite true so they rub a little. I need to adjust the brakes and the spokes. You'll definitely need to turn the handlebars right-side-up because they pack them in a really weird configuration.
* The color is a lot brighter than it shows up on the website, but it's not hideous.
* The front wheel has a quick-release spindle, but the back requires two wrenches to get it off if you have to change a flat.
* It doesn't come with a water bottle holder. I thought that was weird, considering all the other things it comes with. There are holes in the frame where you can attach a water bottle holder, though.
* It's kind of heavy (but not as heavy as Amazon says for the shipping weight). It's not heavy enough to make it hard to pedal uphill, though.
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on March 3, 2011
Here's some helpful numbers for those who buy this bike. 1-800-626-2811. That's the number for Pacific cycle. You will need this number to buy extra tubes. Don't do what I did and go all over town, and the internet looking for replacement tubes as you will not find them. I called all my local bike shops to no avail, they did say this problem is getting worse, as in more people asking for this type of tube and they don't have them.

Pros: Awesome bike.

Cons: Tubes are very hard to come by if you don't read this review. I ordered 8 so I know I'll have extra. They don't have thorn resistant yet, but maybe soon.
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on April 24, 2013
My fiance and I ordered the men and women's version of this bike. I was very torn because I am tall for a woman being 5'8" so it was difficult to decide whether I should get a mens or womens bike. His brother had just ordered a different model by the same company and it was too large for me so I figured I couldn't go wrong with this one. The seat height can be adjusted for my height the problem I had is that the handle bars feel like they are too close to my body while riding it. Even with the seat at my height I still feel like I am riding a kids bike on this thing. My fiance's mother who is 5'3" got on and said it is perfect for her at the lowest seat setting she could get her toes on the ground comfortably. We did not take it for much of a ride because I felt awkward with the handles, I just figured I would post my review for those wondering about the size, 5'3" and it's perfect but 5'8" and the handlebars are too close. I think you should be 5'6" or shorter for this bike.

I got on my fiance's bike which is the mens version and it fits me wonderfully at the lowest seat setting, my toes can touch the ground while on the seat and the handlebars are the perfect distance. I will be returning this one and ordering a second men's version, so I do like this model.
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