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on July 13, 2011
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I just pre-ordered this set after checking the contents on Mill Creeks site, looks like another great offering from Mill Creek, even with overlap from previous sets, Ill add to my review after receiving it, here's the title list, a lot of great b and z scifi cheese in this one
984: Prisoner of the Future

Abraxas - Guardian of the Universe

The Alien Factor

Alien Prey

The Amazing Transparent Man


The Bat (1959)

Battle Beyond the Sun

Beyond the Moon

Brain Twisters

The Brother from Another Planet

The Crater Lake Monster

The Creeping Terror

The Day Time Ended

Death Machines

Escape from Galaxy 3

Evil Brain from Outer Space

Extraterrestrial Visitors

The Eyes Behind The Stars

Fugitive Alien

Future Hunters

Future Women


The Giant of Metropolis

Hands of Steel

The Head

Horror High


Hyper Sapien: People From Another Star

Invaders From Space

It's Alive

Life Returns

The Manster

Mission Stardust

Morons from Outer Space

Night Fright

Night of the Blood Beast

Primal Impulse


Raiders of Atlantis

Robo Vampire

Rocket Attack U.S.A.


Star Knight

Star Pilot

Top Line

Trapped by Television

War of the Robots

The Wasp Woman

Welcome To Blood City
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on March 11, 2012
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Since I've found other movie pack reviews listing individual movie ratings so helpful, I decided to return the favor here as I couldn't find the individual ratings in this Amazon page. I've listed them from "worst" to "best" as they've been rated by other people on a popular movie site. The Amazon star rating is the average of all the below ratings.

1.3 - Rocket Attack U.S.A. (68 min - Thriller - June 1961 (USA))
1.8 - Extraterrestrial Visitors (Sci-Fi - 13 December 1983 (France))
1.8 - The Creeping Terror (75 min - Sci-Fi | Horror - 1964 (USA))
2.0 - R.O.T.O.R. (90 min - Action | Sci-Fi - May 1988 (Japan))
2.0 - Fugitive Alien ((TV 1987) 102 min - Sci-Fi)
2.2 - Night Fright (75 min - Horror | Sci-Fi - November 1967 (USA))
2.3 - The Crater Lake Monster (85 min - Horror | Sci-Fi - March 1977 (USA))
2.5 - Abraxas - Guardian of the Universe ( 90 min - Adventure | Sci-Fi | Action - 1 March 1991 (Canada))
2.5 - War of the Robots (99 min - Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi)
2.7 - Night of the Blood Beast (62 min - Sci-Fi | Horror - August 1958 (USA))
2.7 - Evil Brain from Outer Space (Starman - Japan (TV 1965) 78 min - Action | Sci-Fi)
2.9 - It's Alive ((TV 1969) 80 min - Drama | Horror | Sci-Fi) (Italy))
3.0 - Galaxina (95 min - Adventure | Comedy | Sci-Fi - 6 June 1980 (USA))
3.1 - Death Machines (93 min - Action | Drama - June 1976 (USA))
3.2 - Escape from Galaxy 3 (92 min - Sci-Fi - 12 February 1981 (Italy))
3.4 - Robo Vampire (90 min - Action | Crime | Horror - 1988 (USA) - Director: Godfrey Ho)
3.4 - The Amazing Transparent Man ( 57 min - Crime | Sci-Fi - July 1960 (USA))
3.5 - The Eyes Behind The Stars (90 min - Sci-Fi - 21 February 1978 (Italy))
3.5 - Future Hunters ((1986) 96 min - Adventure | Action | Sci-Fi )
3.6 - Brain Twisters (91 min - Horror - 1 May 1993 (South Korea))
3.7 - Star Pilot (89 min - Sci-Fi - October 1977 (USA))
3.9 - Raiders of Atlantis (92 min - Action | Mystery | Sci-Fi - 25 November 1983
4.0 - Mission Stardust (95 min - Sci-Fi - November 1968 (USA))
4.0 - Star Knight (90 min - Romance | Adventure | Sci-Fi - 23 May 1986 (USA))
4.0 - The Alien Factor (80 min - Horror | Sci-Fi)
4.2 - The Day Time Ended (79 min - Sci-Fi - 31 July 1981 (West Germany))
4.2 - Morons from Outer Space (90 min - Comedy | Sci-Fi - 20 September 1985 (USA))
4.2 - Invaders From Space (Starman - Japan - (TV 1965) 78 min - Sci-Fi)
4.4 - 984: Prisoner of the Future (76 min - Drama | Sci-Fi)
4.4 - Battle Beyond the Sun (77 min - Sci-Fi - 1962 (USA))
4.5 - Horror High (85 min - Horror - March 1974 (USA))
4.5 - Hundra (90 min - Action | Adventure | Fantasy - 1983 (UK))
4.5 - Hyper Sapien: People From Another Star (92 min - Sci-Fi - December 1986 (USA))
4.5 - Beyond the Moon (Rocky Jones)
4.8 - Future Women (94 min - Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi - 14 March 1969 (West Germany))
4.8 - The Giant of Metropolis (98 min - Sci-Fi | Adventure - 26 October 1961 (Italy))
4.8 - Slipstream ( 102 min - Adventure | Sci-Fi - 22 June 1989 (Australia))
4.8 - Life Returns (63 min - Crime | Drama | Sci-Fi - 2 January 1935 (USA))
4.9 - The Manster (72 min - Horror | Sci-Fi - 28 March 1962 (USA))
5.0 - Hands of Steel (94 min - Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller - August 1986 (USA))
5.0 - The Head (97 min - Horror | Sci-Fi - 24 July 1959 (West Germany))
5.0 - Assassin (74 min - Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller)
5.0 - Welcome To Blood City (96 min - Sci-Fi | Western - 2 March 1984 (Portugal))
5.1 - Top Line (94 min - Sci-Fi - 16 August 1988 (Italy))
5.2 - Alien Prey (85 min - Horror | Sci-Fi)
5.3 - Silver Needle In The Sky ((1954) Sci-Fi)
5.8 - The Bat (80 min - Horror | Thriller | Mystery - 9 August 1959 (USA))
5.8 - Trapped by Television (64 min - Drama | Romance | Sci-Fi - 15 June 1936 (USA))
6.8 - The Brother from Another Planet (108 min - Comedy | Drama | Romance - 7 September 1984 (USA))
7.0 - Primal Impulse (96 min - Mystery | Thriller - 1 February 1975 (Italy))

Additional comments: So far I've only sampled the 8 first films in this list, as I like to start from "worst" to "best". The only true snoozers so far have been "Extraterrestrial Visitors" and "Night Fright" (which in my opinion deserves only 1 star). The rest were either interesting as a snapshot in time, or as cheesy fun(particularly "The Creeping Terror" and "Abraxas"). If my experience with other sets is any indicator, I will eventually find some films which are also entertaining in a more serious fashion.

I also like the fact that a good number of the movies in the set date from the 70's onward.
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on December 5, 2011
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You're parked in the back row of the Drive-In for a triple feature date night. It is 2:00 am and very bright lights come on; the movies are over. You fumble around, throw the speaker on the ground, drive out as fast as you can and again . . . you have absolutely no idea what that third feature was all about. You read on the marquis: "Female Aliens in Nebraska" or some such title.

Now here is a collection of 50 those "Movies" that you were too "preoccupied" to watch then. You didn't miss much. There is a reason why they were third . . . and you'll find out why.

But it's a great trip down memory lane; well worth the price. And if you never heard of the Drive-In, you're in for a special treat. Watch these "movies," laugh hard and just try to think of why Grand Ma or Grand Pa can't remember them.
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on December 18, 2013
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Bought this set because it seemed like an unbelievable deal for less than $10 with tons of B-class scifi. What isn't to like? I figured if even 5 of the movies were B class, I'd be happy.

Since the collection arrived, I've looked at the transfer quality for the first 80% of the movies. They are about VHS quality, which really shows in a projector setting. After all, when 4 movies are put on a single side of a DVD, quality is NOT a top priority and it shows.

Most of these movies I've never heard of before, but a few have interesting premises. A mix of SciFi and Fantasy movies are included. It appears that most from the 1980s were shot on video (cough, cough).

All the discs were readable, no physical flaws.

The prior list of movies above doesn't completely match my set. I'll post them below.
1x1 Brain_Twisters
1x2 The_Head
1x3 The_Day_Time_Ended
1x4 The_Eyes_Behind_The_Stars
2x1 Hands_of_Steel
2x2 War_of_the_Robots
2x3 984-Prisoner_of_the_Future
2x4 Top_Line
3x1 Night_Fright
3x2 Slipstream
3x3 Extraterrestrial_Visitors
3x4 Star_Knight
4x1 Hyper_Sapien:_People_From_Another_Star
4x2 Invaders_From_Space
4x3 The_Alien_Factor
4x4 Escape_from_Galaxy_3
5x1 Welcome_To_Blood_City
5x2 It's_Alive
5x3 Future_Hunters
5x4 The_Creeping_Terror
6x1 Trapped_by_Television
6x2 Rocket_Attack_U.S.A.
6x3 Hundra
6x4 Mission_Stardust
7x1 The_Gypsy_Moon
7x2 The_Brother_from_Another_Planet
7x3 Battle_Beyond_the_Sun
7x4 Primal_Impulse
8x1 Morons_from_Outer_Space
8x2 Prey (Alien_Prey)
8x3 Future_Women
8x4 Star_Pilot
9x1 Assassin
9x2 Fugitive_Alien
9x3 Beyond_the_Moon
9x4 The_Crater_Lake_Monster
10x1 Raiders_of_Atlantis
10x2 Robo_Vampire
10x3 Horror_High
10x4 Galaxina
11x1 Night_of_the_Blood_Beast
11x2 The_Manster
11x3 Evil_Brain_from_Outer_Space
11x4 The_Bat_(1959)
11x5 Life_Returns
12x1 The_Giant_of_Metropolis
12x2 R.O.T.O.R.
12x3 Death_Machines
12x4 Abraxas-Guardian_of_the_Universe
12x5 Rocky_Jones_Space_Ranger-Silver-Needle_in_the_Sky

I hope this list helps someone.
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on April 26, 2013
Format: DVD
Mill Creek Entertainment is a great company for video geeks like us. They have fifty movie packs (and others) dirt cheap. I look at it this way; I buy one of these fifty packs for fifteen bucks (sometimes cheaper), and if I see a movie I really like, I can go out and track down the best copy available. Mill Creeks movies are mostly public domain and sometimes they get rights to certain films, or catalogs of films. (The Crown International Films are licensed by mill creek at the moment.)

Now the transfers on these fifty packs aren't always the best. You'll run the gamut from great to horrible all in one fifty pack, and that's why I've started to review these packs. I'll be putting a short synopsis of the film followed by an excellent to poor rating of audio, visual and I'll also state if it's widescreen or full-screen, and color or black and white. Some movies repeat in different sets. I think I may have four or five copies of The Bat on different sets, but the price of the packs make it still worthwhile to pick up a set even if you're only going to get twenty or so new movies out of a fifty pack.

I'd like to state again that these sets are excellent starting points to find movies you might be interested in getting a better copy of later, exploring a genre you're not familiar with, and at the very least, getting a bunch of movies that might never see another DVD release besides the one in these sets. Besides the reviews here, I also recommend going to Amazon and looking at the reviews there. Some kind people have put in the scores for each movie from the IMDb, and some go as far as to write down which movies are repeated in other sets. A valuable resource.

Another note about the Mill Creek company is that their customer service is excellent. I've had troubles before with the discs, or the cases, and each time they've sent me replacement copies, usually with a free goodie included. They are the best company I've dealt with in this regard, bar none.

A final note: these ratings are comparable to the material in the sets. Excellent doesn't mean it's Criterion quality. It means that it's comparable to a regular DVD. Good means it's comparable to VHS quality. If you own one of these sets, you'll already know this. I've read about people complaining about pixelation or blocky darks on their 70" 1080i widescreen TV's. This is going to happen with two or three movies on each side of a disc (or four movies on one side of a dual layer disc). So, I thought I'd mention this before continuing.

Now, on to the movies in this Sci-Fi Invasion 50 Movie Pack.

1.Brain Twisters-(Starring-Terry Londeree-1991-Not Rated)-A mad, sci-fi thriller about an experiment in computer-generated mind control that goes out of control...and the body count is building! -(Widescreen/Color) / Audio:Great / Video:great

2.The Head-(Starring Horst Frank-1959-Not Rated)-In this macabre tale of science gone wrong, a scientist is successful in creating a serum capable of keeping a dog's head alive after the body dies. Before the scientist can take advantage of his new discovery, he suffers a fatal heart attack. His assistant uses the formula to keep the scientist's severed head alive in an attempt to transplant the head of the beautiful, but hunch-backed, nurse to the body of an exotic dancer.-(Full Screen/B&W) / Audio:Fair-Muffled / Video:Fair

3.The Day Time Ended-(Starring-Jim Davis-1980-Rated PG)-A typical middle-class family finds themselves thrust into extraordinary circumstances when their ranch is visited by extra-terrestrials. The aliens somehow transport the solar-powered ranch home through a time warp into prehistoric times. Our family thrown out of time faces creatures from long ago and dire circumstances while they desperately look for a way back home. -(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Good

4.Eyes Behind The Stars-(Starring Robert Hoffman-1978-Not Rated)-A photographer and his model are on a photo shoot in a remote wooded area when the photographer takes a picture with something mysterious in the background. Upon examining the photo, the couple realizes they have photographed aliens and their spacecraft. Returning to the scene of the incident, our couple discovers they are being pursued by government agents looking to suppress the story.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

5.Hands Of Steel-(Starring-John Saxon-1986-Rated R)-An international industrialist is determined to stop the interference of a world-leading ecological scientist. The industrialist hopes to continue his profitable, but environmentally unsafe practices, by sending his cyborg assassin to kill him. His plans take a turn when the cyborg's human side takes control and he refuses to kill the scientist, thus threatening to expose the evil man's enterprises. -(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Fair-Muffled / Video:Good

6.War Of The Robots-(Starring- Antonio Sobato-1978-Not Rated)-Representatives of an alien civilization on the brink of extinction arrive on Earth and kidnap two top research geneticists in the hopes they can find them a cure to their problem. Looking to stop a potential alien invasion and rescue the scientists, a group of soldiers is sent on a mission that could decide the fate of two civilizations. -(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

7.984:Prisoner Of The Future-(Starring-Stephen Markle-1982-Not Rated)-In a futuristic world, a man is taken prisoner and jailed for alleged crimes against the government. Imprisoned without true cause, the man is tortured by a sadistic warden who is trying to get the man to confess to his crimes. The constant torture plays havoc on the man's mind with the only thought he has is to one day reunite with his wife.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

8.Top Line-(Starring-Franco Nero-1988-Not Rated)- A down on his luck author makes the find of a lifetime in the form of an alien spacecraft when he visits a remote Colombian jungle. Hoping to capitalize on his discovery and resurrect his career, the author eagerly heads off to announce his find to the world. What he ends up with is a bevy of government agents, organized crime members, neo-Nazi extremists and extraterrestrials pursuing him to stop him from revealing his discovery.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Poor-Faded

9.Night Fright-(Starring-John Agar-1968-Not Rated)-A Texas community is beset with a rash of mysterious killings involving some of the students from the local college. The sheriff investigating the death discovers the startling identity of the killer responsible for the murders. A NASA experiment involving cosmic rays has mutated an ape and turned it into an unstoppable killing machine with a thirst for blood. -(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

10.Slipstream-(Starring-Bill Paxton-Mark Hamill-Ben Kingsley-F. Murray Abraham-1989-Rated PG13)-In the near future when the Earth has suffered an environmental disaster, a fugitive has been captured by a pair of cops with the intent of bringing him in for the huge reward. A bounty hunter learns of the capture and takes the fugitive from the officers, to claim the reward himself, and escapes with his prisoner into the slipstream, a region of howling winds that encircle the Earth, with the cops hot on his trail. -(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Great / Video:Good

11.Extraterrestrial Visitors-(Starring-Ian Sera-1983-Not Rated)-A boy fascinated by animals finds a mysterious egg and brings it home to hatch. What emerges from the egg and rapidly grows is a strange looking creature with amazing abilities. The boy and the creature develop a bound of friendship that is put to the test when another similar creature begins attacking people in the area. The truth behind what the boy's new friend actually is puts him and his family in great danger.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

12.Star Knight-(Starring-Klaus Kinski-Harvey Keitel-1986-Not Rated)-In a medieval European country, a lovely young princess is taken captive by a dragon. A knight and the king's alchemist are rivals hoping to be the one to slay the beast, rescue the princess and take her as their bride. A complication arises for our would-be heroes when the "dragon" turns out to be an alien spacecraft and the princess falls in love with the alien inside.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Great / Video:Good

13.Invaders From Space-(Starring-Ken Utsui-1965-Not Rated)-Everyone's favorite interstellar hero, Starman, is back in another mission to protect the Earth against marauders from the cosmos. Starman will have to use all of his skills and amazing powers to thwart the plans of the alien invaders with plans to take over the planet.-(Full Screen/B&W) / Audio:Fair / Video:Poor

14.The Alien Factor-(Starring-Donald Leifert-1978-Not Rated)-A rural town becomes the location of a crash-landed alien craft with a cargo of strange creatures from distant planets. The crash releases some of the alien beasts which allow them to roam the countryside, killing and mutilating some of the local populous. Upon discovering the source of the bizarre attacks, a local man decides to track down and destroy the creatures before anyone else becomes a victim of their rampage.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

15.Hyper sapien:People From Another Star-(Starring-Dennis Holahan-Keenan Wynn-1986-Rated PG)-Three aliens escape from a mother ship located on the Moon and seek refuge in Wyoming. Once there, they are befriended by a rancher's grandson who falls in love with the one of the alien girls. Vowing to help them in their plight, the grandson finds some difficulty when the captain of the alien mother ship arrives in search of the escapees at the same time a U.S. Senator comes to visit his grandfather's ranch.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Great / Video:Good

16.Escape From Galaxy 3-(Starring-Cheryl Buchanan-1976-Not Rated)-Fleeing from a despot out to control their galaxy, two space travelers arrive on a primitive planet hoping to lose their pursuers. Our star-spanning couple find conditions on this backwater world called Earth very strange but interesting nonetheless. Their love for each other puts their lives and Earth at risk when the evil ruler arrives to punish them once and for all.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Poor-Soft

17.Welcome To Blood City-(Starring-Jack Palance-Keir Dullea-Samantha Eggar-1977-Not Rated)-A group of people find themselves in what appears to be a Wild West town without any knowledge as to how or why they are there. What they do find is to advance in the town you must eliminate your competition, one way or another. The shocking truths behind the town and the real reasons behind the need to kill your way to the top become apparent as the competition draws to a conclusion.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Poor-Soft

18.It's Alive-(Starring-Tommy Kirk-1968-Not Rated)-A backwoods farmer discovers a reptilian creature living in a cave on his property and decides to make him his pet. In order to feed his new-found friend, the farmer decides to take captive a bickering couple who have lost their way and mistakenly stopped to ask for directions. Will the couple be saved by a paleontologist who happens to be doing research in the area?-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

19.Future Hunters-(Starring-Robert Patrick-1988-Rated R)-A man in 2025 A.D. discovers the location of the Spear of Destiny, the Roman spear used on Christ at the Crucifixion. In order to keep it out of the hands of those who would use it for evil, the man travels back in time to 1989 but is mortally wounded in the process. Before he dies, the man entrusts the spear in the hands of a young couple with instructions to return the spear to its sheath, thus eliminating its danger forever and changing the future.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

20.The Creeping Terror-(Starring-Vic Savage-1964-Not Rated)-A spacecraft lands in a remote area outside of a small California town and a hideous creature emerges which begins to devour members of the local community. The newlywed sheriff discovers the victims and is stunned when the killer is reveals to be the alien creature. Our hero must now put a stop to the rampaging monster before anyone else fall victim to the alien. -(Widescreen/B&W) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

21.Trapped By Television-(Starring-Mary Astor-Lyle Talbot-1936-Not Rated)-An inventor is working on his latest creation, a new form of television monitor and camera, but is struggling to complete his invention due to lack of funds. His monetary problems are compounded by an aggressive bill collector looking for payments and competition from a rival scientist. When organized crime figures are added to the mix, the desperation level rises for our intrepid inventor.-(Full Screen/B&W) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

22.Rocket Attack U.S.A.-(Starring-Monica Davis-1961-Not Rated)-It's the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union with the Communists launching a spy satellite that has the Free World leaders in a panic. Fears about the nature of the satellite force the United States to send an agent undercover behind the Iron Curtain to discover what the Soviets have learned. What he finds is the Communists have used the information acquired from their spy satellite to help them perfect a new and even more deadly nuclear weapon.-(Full Screen/B&W) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

23.Hundra-(Starring-Laurene Landon-1983-Not Rated)-The leader of an all-female warrior tribe returns to her village to find everyone has been slaughtered in a raid. Desperate for revenge for the murder of her people and to find a way to perpetuate the tribe, our warrior woman sets out on a quest. Her skills and training will be put to the test as she searches for the barbarians and the perfect mate.-(Widescreen/Color) / Audio:Great / Video:Fair

24.Mission Stardust-(Starring-Lang Jeffries-1968-Rated G)-An expedition to the Moon is sent with the intent to aid a female alien on her mission of preserving her race. It seems there are hostile forces out to destroy the population of her planet and they intend to stop her at all costs. The expedition's efforts are hampered by the plans of an evil businessman who intends to rob the Moon of its riches.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

25.The Amazing Transparent Man-(Starring-Douglas Kennedy-1960-Not Rated)-Crazed ex-military officer Paul Krenner has dreams of world domination when he forces unwilling scientist Peter Ulof to do his bidding. Ulof must develop a process to induce invisibility though atomic radiation. With this in his armory, Krenner plans to create an invisible military force and sell it to the highest bidder. They break safe-cracker Joey Faust out of jail and make him invisible so that he can steal more radium. Then events take an unexpected turn. -(Widescreen(?)/B&W) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

26.The Brother From Another Planet-(Starring-Joe Morton-1984-Rated R)-Crashing his spacecraft in Harlem, an alien on the run takes up residence in the neighborhood hoping to avoid his pursuers and blend in with the locals. The alien, who looks like an Africa American but is mute and has strange looking feet, finds a place to stay and employment while trying to make sense of his strange new surroundings. While some of the locals think him a little weird, many open their doors and hearts to this "out-of-town" visitor.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Good

27.Battle Beyond The Sun-(Starring-Ivan Pereverzov-1959-Not Rated)-Two rival and powerful nations are racing for supremacy of the stars in a bid to become the first to reach Mars. One country's experimental flight to the red planet results in a crash landing on one of the Martian moons. The other country's expedition arrives to attempt a rescue of their stranded rivals, hoping to save them from strange creatures roaming the lunar landscape.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Poor

28.Primal Impulse-(Starring-Florinda Bolkan-Klaus Kinski-1974-Not Rated)-A woman awakens to discover she has no memories of the previous three days and her only clue to follow is the torn photo of a seaside town. Upon visiting the town to hopefully restore her memory, the woman becomes confused when locals appear to recognize her even though she doesn't remember ever being there. A recurring dream involving astronauts on the Moon offers little comfort and more concern for this amnesiac woman.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Good

29.Morons From Outer Space-(Starring-Jimmy Nail-1985-Rated PG13)-Three aliens crash land their spacecraft on Britain's M1 after they have an accident with the ship's controls. The trio of interstellar travelers turns out to be complete simpletons and end up becoming media darlings through the efforts of their "manager". While their companion attempts to rescue his friends to return home, the three inept aliens find themselves in one bizarre and hilarious situation after another.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Good

30.Alien Prey-(Starring-Barry Stokes-1978-Not Rated)-An alien on a search for new food sources for its people lands in the English countryside. After meeting and killing a young couple, the alien assumes the guise of the deceased human to continue his quest. His travels take him to a reclusive mansion that is the home of a strange pair of women, who invite him to stay with them. Their bizarre behavior prevents them from seeing the true identity and motives of their new house-guest.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

31.Future Woman-(Starring-Shirley Eaton-George Sanders-1969-Not Rated)-Sumuru, the leader of an all-female army, plans to use her troops to take over the world. From their secret base near Rio de Janeiro, Sumuru and her femme fatales are prepared to strike terror across the globe in order to complete their evil plot. A male secret agent arriving in Brazil and a local crime kingpin may be all that stands in the way of Sumuru, her warriors and their goal of world domination.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Poor-Low-Volume / Video:Poor-Shaky

32.Star Pilot-(Starring-Gordon Mitchell-1967-Rated PG)-An alien spacecraft crashes on the island of Sardinia, where the ship's occupants kidnap a scientist to force him to help make repairs. Once the ship is fixed, the aliens decide to take the scientist and his companions back to their home planet for study. En-route to their home in the constellation Hydra, the aliens find the captives are plotting to take control of the ship, which causes some unexpected problems.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Poor-Color Problems

33.Assassin-(Starring-Robert Conrad-1986-Rated R)-A scientist with plans to control the world sets those plans in motion by dispatching a robot to kill the President of the United States and other key world figures. A retired CIA agent is called back to service to track down and stop the robot, as well as find the man responsible for sending the robot on its deadly mission. The robot is human-like in appearance, is programmed to be an efficient killer and is nearly indestructible, so stopping it will not be easy for our agent.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Good

34.Fugitive Alien-(Starring-Tatsuya Azuma-1986-Not Rated)-A member of an alien race attacking Earth refuses to kill a small boy and instead kills one of his fellow attackers to defend the child. Now branded a traitor by his kinsmen, our reluctant hero must hide on Earth to avoid being executed. Now residing with some new-found friends, the alien must deal with the oddities he discovers about Earth culture while protecting him and his friends from his vengeful people.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

35.Beyond The Moon-(Starring-Richard Crane-1954-Not Rated)-The United Worlds are stunned when long-time aide Professor Newton declares his allegiance to the planet Ophiuchius and its ruler Cleolanthe. Space Ranger Rocky Jones and his sidekick Winky set out to Ophiuchius in order to learn the truth about Professor Newton's defection. With Vena Ray along for the ride, Rocky hopes to save the professor and his ward Bobby from the nefarious schemes of the evil Cleolanthe.-(Full Screen/B&W) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

36.Crater Lake Monster-(Starring-Richard Cardella-1977-Rated PG)-Crater Lake, Oregon is the site of a meteor landing that causes a long-buried dinosaur egg to hatch. The creature quietly stalks the countryside and finds the locals as a good food source. The mysterious deaths confound the authorities until the dinosaur finally reveals his presence to the townspeople.-(Widescreen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Great

37.Raiders Of Atlantis-(Starring-Christopher Connelly-1983-Not Rated)-A cataclysm is unleashed when an attempt to raise a sunken Russia submarine off the coast of Miami inadvertently restores the city of Atlantis to the surface. The survivors of the recovery platform's destruction find their way to a Florida coastal island where they discover everyone has been massacred. The group comes face to face with those responsible for the killings, warriors from Atlantis looking to re-establish their dominion over the planet.-(Widescreen/Color) / Audio:Great / Video:Great

38.Robo Vampire-(Starring-Robert MacKay-1988-Not Rated)-A narcotics agent is killed in the line of duty but is given a second chance at life when he is transformed into a part-man/part-machine cyborg. After his recovery from the procedure, he is sent off on a mission to locate a missing agent who was working on a case involving an evil drug lord. It seems the drug kingpin is using vampire-like creatures to maintain his power and terrorize the populous.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

39.Horror High-(Starring-Pat Cardi-1974-Rated PG)-A brilliant but socially awkward high school science student is the butt of jokes from his classmates and teachers. His chemical experiments lead him to discover a potent yet dangerous drug that unleashes violent tendencies in those who take it. After suffering long enough, the student uses his newly discovered drug to help him exact his revenge.-(Widescreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

40.Galaxina-(Starring-Dorothy Stratten-Stephen Macht-Avery Schreiber-1980-Rated R)-This beloved sci-fi parody chronicles the adventures of the starship Infinity where Captain Cornelius Butt finds himself playing "mommy" to a baby alien while handsome crewman Thor falls in love with the beautiful robot pilot Galaxina and tries to turn her into a real woman. This adventure/comedy/sci-fi hybrid stars the beautiful Dorothy Stratten, whose tragic death has made her become a cult fixture.-(Widescreen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Great

41.Night Of The Blood Beast-(Starring-Michael Emmet-1958-Not Rated)-An astronaut dies while returning from a mission and his body is recovered by the military. The base where the dead astronaut is taken to becomes the scene of a bizarre invasion plan from outer space. Alien embryos inside the dead astronaut resurrect the corpse and begin a terrifying assault on the military staff in the hopes of conquering the world. -(Full Screen/B&W) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

42.The Manster-(Starring-Peter Dyneley-1962-Not Rated)-An American reporter traveling in Japan stops to meet and interview a reclusive Japanese scientist at his mountain laboratory. The scientist greets the curious newsman and, after getting to know him, concludes the reporter is the perfect test subject for his latest experiment. After injecting the reporter against his will, the scientist discovers his serum changes the man into a hideous two-headed creature. -(Full Screen/B&W) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

43.Evil Brain From Outer Space-(Starring-Ken Utsui-1956-Not Rated)-A giant alien brain is leading its forces across the far reaches of space with the intent to conquer the universe. Arriving at Earth, the monstrous brain unleashes a horde of monsters upon the planet to spread disease and destruction. The Earth's only hope of survival rests with Starman, the hero from another world, who must use all of his awesome power to defeat the monsters and stop the alien brain. -(Full Screen/B&W) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

44.The Bat-(Starring-Vincent Price-Agnes Moorehead-1959-Not Rated)-A mysterious mansion holds secrets and terror for the owner and visitors alike in this thriller based upon a classic stage play. Cornelia Van Gorder (Agnes Moorehead) has taken up residence in an old mansion that was the scene of some mysterious deaths years ago. The recent owner of the mansion was a banker who had embezzled money and had hidden it somewhere in the mansion but, he was killed before he was able to retrieve it. Now it appears that someone is stalking the mansion to find the money and protect its secrets. -(Full Screen/B&W) / Audio:Good / Video:Good

45.Life Returns-(Starring-Onslow Stevens-1935-Not Rated)-A scientist has been working on a life-restoring serum for years but finds his funding has run out and his business associates no longer have faith in his vision. Desperate to continue his research, he puts everything aside in his life to risk perfecting his serum. A tragedy in the family offers the scientist a chance to regain his confidence and the love of his son.-(Full Screen/B&W) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

46.The Giant Of Metropolis-(Starring-Gordon Mitchell-1961-Not Rated)-On the ancient continent of Atlantis, the capital city of Metropolis is home to King Yotar and his scientifically advanced civilization. Yotar and his subjects reign over all they survey, using their technological advantage to control and oppress everyone. A small rebel group of Atlanteans oppose their king's vicious methods and they come to the aid of Obro, a man of amazing strength who is leading an army to Metropolis to stop Yotar and his evil plans.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Poor-Muffled / Video:Poor-Washed Out Colors and Too Dark night shots

47.R.O.T.O.R.-(Starring-Margaret Tigg-Richard Gesswein-1988-Not Rated)-An experimental robot being developed for crime prevention use malfunctions after being placed on active duty. With its programming issues, R.O.T.O.R. creates havoc on the roadways by issuing extreme punishments for the most minor offenses. When the creator of the cybernetic patrolman learns of his creation's actions, he sets out with his assistant to stop the mechanized marauder.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

48.Death Machines-(Starring-Ron Marchini-1976-Rated R)-Three expert martial artists are injected with a mind-controlling drug that turns them into zombie-like unstoppable killers and are sent out to do the bidding of a mob boss. When the mob boss sends the trio to a martial arts academy, they end up wiping out the entire school, save for one man. The survivor of the massacre vows to avenge his classmates and trainers by tracking down the three killers and the man responsible for ordering the killings. -(Widescreen/Color) / Audio:Poor-Muffled / Video:Great

49.Abraxas:Guardian Of The Universe-(Starring-Jesse Ventura-1990-Rated PG13)-An alien fugitive arrives on Earth hoping to evade detection from the authorities sent to find him. What he didn't factor in his plans was the determination of the agent dispatched to retrieve him, Abraxas (Ventura). Complicating this situation is the fugitive taking up with an Earth woman and impregnating her with what could be a dangerous alien/human hybrid.-(Full Screen/Color) / Audio:Fair-Drop-outs / Video:Good

50.The Wasp Woman-(Starring-Susan Cabot-1960-Not Rated)-The aging owner of a cosmetics company has been working with a questionable scientist on a beauty formula based upon queen bee secretions. Insisting that she be the first to try the formula, she is transformed into a remarkably younger and more vibrant looking woman. Unfortunately, the formula has side effects that cause her to eventually transform into a human wasp than preys upon it's victims at night. -(Widescreen/B&W) / Audio:Poor-Low Volume / Video:Good

And there you have it. Fifty movies for fifteen bucks or less. If you read all the synopsis, you'll see that fifty sci-fi movies is stretching it quite a bit, but that's forgivable. Another thing you'll notice is that quality is all over the place. This is another item that I'll forgive. You've got some pretty rare gems in this set, and to have them at all is pretty good. Some of these movies are surprising in their quality when the age of them is factored in. And other times it's puzzling when a newer movie is in widescreen, but the audio is not up to snuff. As I said at the beginning of my review, I look at these sets as primers for the genre they represent, and if a movie seems really great to you, go out and grab a remastered version of it. And the other reason for grabbing these is because some of these have never been, and probably will never be released on DVD except on these sets. I hope you enjoyed the review of this set, and find it informative. Hopefully this will be popular enough to have more of these sets reviewed for you. I'm giving this set an 8/10.
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on October 29, 2012
Format: DVD
The good: 50 b-movies, dirt cheap and spread across 12 dual-layer DVDs! I snagged my copy for all of $10, and a going rate of 20 cents per film is insane, even for schlock like this. And where else are you likely to find a DVD release of something like R.O.T.O.R.?

The bad: The manufacturing quality of the discs themselves seems pretty low. I've only looked at four of the discs and already noticed a couple of defects in the disc media itself. Playback's been OK so far, but I'm taking the liberty of making digital backups in case the discs go bad in the future.

The ugly: The mastering quality of these is all over the board, but generally ranges from mediocre to horrifying. Some appear to have been pulled from VHS, with intermittent tracking artifacts. In particular, Hundra is almost unwatchable, with a mix of VHS chroma artifacting, MPEG macroblocking, and rampant posterization in evidence. Other than dodgy source material most of these issues can be traced back to the squeezing of four or five movies onto a single disc. For technical wonks out there, the average video bitrate seems to hover between 2.5 and 3 Mbit/second for most of these. MPEG-2 just doesn't deliver great results at that kind of bitrate - it's about on par with Netflix's lower levels of streaming quality. Audio is Dolby Digital stereo across the board, and other than the intermittent quirk of the source material the films in this collection show faithful but unremarkable audio presentations.

Overall: Kind of a treasure trove at the price point, but keep your expectations reasonable.

Edit: Having made backups of all the videos, I can confirm that I DO have the copy of Raiders of Atlantis in anamorphic widescreen. *HOWEVER,* it looks like that particular film is a 4:3 pan 'n' scan stretched to 1.85:1. I'm not sure whether that applies to any of the other films in the collection, but be aware. There was a defect in the disc containing Horror High that prevented me from viewing more than the first minute and a half of that film. After e-mailing Mill Creek Entertainment, they sent a replacement DVD *two days later,* and included a copy of their Aliens, Abductions and Extraordinary Sightings DVD set as well. That's terrific customer service.
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on December 12, 2014
Format: DVD
This Mill Creek collection contains more 70's, 80's, and 90's Sci-Fi than found on their Sci-Fi Classics collection, which also results in a better picture quality. It also means there are rip-offs of popular films from that time, such as (obviously) Star Wars, E.T., The Road Warrior, and Terminator. Hands of Steel, which is the Terminator rip-off on this set, is actually one of my favorite films on this collection. I knew what I was getting into when I bought this collection, so I enjoyed it from the beginning. If you are absolutely clueless that this is a collection of B-Movie sci-fi, and think that you are purchasing a 50 movie collection of Empire Strikes Back quality films, move on. Don't rate this a 1 and say you were suckered into schlock. This is 5 star B-movie sci-fi at it's best and cheapest.
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on November 22, 2013
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
I'm hooked on these 50-movie Mill Creek/Treeline dvd sets. I own 14 and plan to own many more! They are an unbeatable mix of the unexpected, the silly, the rare, and the hilarious. These are bad movies - possibly the best/worst of the bad movies - all at once, mixed up in a bucket, about 4 movies for $1.

Yes, the video quality is mixed. Yes, most of these seem to be transferred from VHS sources. Yes, some movies are edited, and yes, sometimes the sound quality isn't ideal. If any of this bothers you, do not buy a 50-movie pack. You will need to pay a little more for individual dvds.

"Sci-Fi Invasion" is one of my favorites! Plenty of bad, laughable, colorful, and genuinely bizarre movies. Overall the movies are newer than the "Sci-Fi Classics" set, mostly color, mostly '60s-80s. A few made-for-tv things. A couple films that don't belong. Lots of personal writing, bad acting, desparate production, and cheap effects. Lots of stuff that is simply hard to believe!

"R.O.T.O.R." is a comedy, sort of, about a murderous robot traffic cop. "Morons From Outer Space" is a great comedy from the British duo Smith & Jones (RIP to the great Mel Smith). "Prey" is a moody portrait of a morose lesbian-eating alien. "Hundra" is a passionately pointless movie about a woman warrior who Needs To Mate, and "Future Women" shows women taking over the world with eyeliner, wigs, and lots of writhing. I might be wrong, but I think "Alien Factor" was an inspiration for "Tom Goes To The Mayor". "Horror High" feels like a Troma film. "The Day Time Ended" is a fluffy vision of brainless '80s heaven. A few Italian films bring eyeliner and Euro style to outer space. A wealth of cheap effects, rubber monsters, implausible writing, appalling acting. And much more. Endless fun.

Have a Klaus Kinski double feature! In "Star Knight", which simply must be seen to be believed, he plays an alchemist helping a space alien woo a princess against the efforts of an abbot played by Fernando Rey and a knight played by Harvey Keitel (with a thick Brooklyn accent). In "Primal Impulse", Klaus is the malevolent and possibly imaginary evil overlord controlling a doomed space mission, as seen in the dreams of an amnesiac Italian woman. Ah, Mill Creek.

Not too many truly "good" films, excepting "Brother From Another Planet" which is terrific. Not many famous faces either. But there are so many strange and silly worlds to look at! Some are gory, and some are at least PG-13 so this is NOT a set for young kids.

There are some repeats here from other Mill Creek sets: "Hands Of Steel", "The Bat", "Creeping Terror", "War of The Robots", "Manster", "Night Fright", and probably others. Look at the listing before buying.

Overall, if you like old sf trash, this is a great buy. Lots and lots of laughs.
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Format: DVD
The Movies on Sci-Fi Invasion are the following:

Disc 1 -Brain Twisters, The Head, The Day Time Ended, Eyes Beyond the Stars

Disc 2 - Hands of Steel, War of the Robots, 984: Prisoner of the Future, Top Line

Disc 3 - Night Fright, Slipstream, Extraterrestrial Visitors, Star Knight

Disc 4 - Invaders From Space, The Alien Factor, Hyper Sapien: People From Another Star, Escape From Galaxy 3

Disc 5 - Welcome to Blood City, It's Alive, Future Hunters, The Creeping Terror

Disc 6 - Trapped by Television, Rocket Attack U.S.A., Hundra, Mission Stardust

Disc 7 - The Gypsy Moon, The Brother From Another Planet, Battle Beyond The Sun, Primal Impulse

Disc 8 - Morons From Outer Space, Alien Prey, Future Women, Star Pilot

Disc 9 - Assassin, Fugitive Alien, Beyond the Moon, The Crater Lake Monster

Disc 10 - Raiders of Atlantis, Robo Vampire, Horror High, Galaxina

Disc 11 - Night of the Blood Beast, The Manster, Evil Brain From Outer Space, The Bat, Life Returns

Disc 12 - The Giant of Metropolis, R.O.T.O.R., Death Machines, Abraxas - Guardian of the Universe, Silver Needle in the Sky

This set features classics, aliens, and a few horror movies, such as the cult classic Horror High about a teenage version of Dr. Jeckel & Mr. Hyde. The movie was released in 1974 to mainly drive-ins; despite being PG the movie is actually bloody. In The Day Time Ended (which is produced by Charles Band), A normal family is visited by alien beings, and these beings transports the family's home to prehistoric times. My favorite is Future Hunters starring Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) and Linda Carol, who play a young couple who are given the Spear of Destiny by a man from the year 2025. The spear happens to the exact one that was used on Christ at the Crucifixion. If it falls into the wrong hands the world is doomed.

Disclaimer - I received a free review copy from Tower PR in exchange for an honest review.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on February 21, 2015
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
You can't go wrong with any of the 50 packs! You may get a couple of duds, but who cares! Show me a better deal! Some reviews mentioned picture or sound quality being an issue. Hey! This is before they had dolby, hi-fi and all that! I assume most of the negative reviews come from younger folks who were raised on HD TV! I haven't had any problem listening or watching any of these movies! Sure there are a few places where there might have been a film splice, or the sound may be less than 2015 standards, but it's nothing that's really going to bother anyone except for the spoiled younger generation! I own close to 20 of these 50 packs and I'm glad I bought every single one of them!
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