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on May 1, 2005
The Old Scofield Study Bible is an excellant value. First the construction: The Berkshire leather cover is durable, pleasant to the touch, and very attractive. At 1616 pages long, it's not so big that it's cumbersome to carry around. The page layout, and print are attractive and easy to read. The paper quality is better than average, though I prefer the paper in the Cambridge and Thompson Bibles.

This Scofield is published by Oxford. They use a KJV text with the old time spellings: saviour, privily, and etc. If you compare the Oxford Scofield KJV with the Cambridge KJV Bibles you will find that while the Cambridge updates the spelling in a few places, in the Oxford Scofield it is updated in only a very few places. This would be very important to someone who wants to be sure he has a "genuine King James Bible." The only places that I found where the spelling was changed my Scofield was the use of "inquire" in place of "enquire" in Genesis 24:57, and the use of the lower case "s" in place of the upper case "S" in Matthew 4:1.

The only downside to this edition is that Scofield can go off on a tangent with some of his notes, although I did find them helpful more often than not.

The other strong point of the Old Scofield KJV is that the concordance is among the best that I've seen in a medium priced study Bible. I've got about six daily use Bibles including some by Cambridge and Thompson Chain, (see my other reviews) yet this is one of my favorites. Amazingly enough, the Scofield was the most inexpensive. All in all, the Old Scofield Study Bible is worth every penny, and deserves your consideration if you are shopping for a nice KJV study Bible.
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on June 18, 2003
I own and use the NIV, NASB, NKJV, RSV and NRSV study Bibles and three Life Amplification Bibles. While each of these Study Bibles have their individual strengths and weaknesses, all are indeed helpful in understanding the everlasting messages given to us from God. It is not my intention to critique each version in detail. My purpose for this review is to, hopefully, add some information a first time Study Bible buyer might find useful.
Of the Study and Life Amplification Bibles I own, Dr. Scofield's is my personal favorite for several reasons. I will briefly describe those reasons.
A] Some Study Bibles somewhat overwhelm the reader with information while others are far too abbreviated. Since the foregoing statement is a personal opinion, I will not name the too much and too little Study Bibles. I do not want to add more confusion to a selection so important to one's spiritual growth. Dr. Scofield's essays, commentaries and explanations are an excellent middle ground to the above listed pros and cons.
B] All study expositions are thoughtfully placed on the same page - bottom - of the passages they refer to. As way of example, Dr. Scofield lists the Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew words that can have more than one translation and tells the reader the possible meanings of the translations. However, Dr. Scofield does not restrict his commentary to semantics. He also explains difficult passages and gives details about customs and life in Biblical times. Other Study Bibles do this also but Dr. Scofield's approach is far more "down to earth" and in clear language.
C] The center column cross-references are exceptional. The first to last listing of a particular word or idea is cross-referenced so the reader can easily go back or forward to see each reference. This is very useful in understanding the growth of God's plan for us.
I own the NKJV and the KJV. The NKJV of Dr. Scofield' New Study Bible does not have his original notes and comments. I find the study notes in the NJKV scanty compared the original KJV.
Finally, a comment about the various Bible versions. The NIV, NASB, RSV, NSRV, et al are in today's English. Some people find these versions easier to read and some say the KJV is difficult to read. Others claim the KJV is inaccurate. True, we now have more documents than the translators in the 1600s BUT the message is still the same. I, personally, prefer the KJV to all others. I will read a couple chapters in the today's versions and stop. That is not the case with the old KJV. I will read an entire chapter at one sitting. The reason is the beauty of the English of the time King James commissioned the translation. Yes, there are words we no longer use like thee, thou, art, and verb endings like dost and commeth. To me, that is the sheer poetic beauty of the language. The Old English has a lyrical flow that is a pleasure to read. I could compare the Old English to reading Italian opposed to Russian.
The KJV Old Scofield Study Bible is an excellent choice for those beginning to study God's word and those who are more advanced. Oxford University Press does a superior job in printing and binding. My copy is genuine leather and indexed. I am very pleased with my purchase and would not hesitate to buy this Bible again.
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on March 31, 2003
If your looking for a good quality Bible with solid and reliable study notes this is the Bible for you. I would avoid the "New" Scofield for reasons below:
The first and most weighty reason why the New Scofield Bible is not a Scofield Bible at all is shamefully simple. Dr. C.I. Scofield did not edit it. Dr. Scofield died in 1921!
A book which claims on its title page that a dead man (Dr. Scofield) is one of its editors.
The text of the New Scofield Bible is NOT a King James Bible and it is NOT a Scofield Bible.
See also pocket size.
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on June 14, 2003
Great binding, soft (real not pressed) leather and the notes are helpful and handy. Someone else suggested The Companion Bible as a better study Bible. I have to disagree. Scofields notes are only to help guide you, the Companion Bible will bogg you down (and build your arms) with far too many notes to be helpful to the average reader. I have the same feelings for the Ryrie Study Bible. Scofield is the way to go and Oxford Press offers a high quality Bible at a good price. (note: avoid the so-called "New" Scofield, buy the "Old" Scofield Study Bible)
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on November 21, 2005
A friend at my Church turned me on to the Old Scofield Study Bible. I have had it for a couple months now, and I absolutely love it! It really unlocks the Scriptures, and transforms mediocre bible study habits into Spirit-filled absorption of the Word of Truth! It has even turned me back to using the KJV (I was reading the NIV before...).

One thing that I don't buy in the notes is the support of the events that allegedly occured between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 (the Gap Theory). The Scriptures used to support this position are questionable for this application. Of course, no notes added to a study Bible are ever going to be infallible. Only Scripture can make that claim. Overall, this is the best study Bible available for serious study of God's Word. Just make sure that you get the OLD Scofield Study Bible (Not the New politically correct one).
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on April 6, 2007
C.I. Scoffield's study Bible has stood the test of time. I appreciate the way he reverently "compares spiritual things with spirtual" when commenting on passages and doctrines in the Bible. His writing his insightful, edifying, and enlightening.

The Bible itself is a work of art. The concordances and indexes in the back are the next best thing to having a Strong's concordance built right in! The name index, whereby you can look up the meanings of the names of people and places, is a priceless addition to this already stellar work.

I cannot reccomend this study Bible enough. 5+stars.
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on March 14, 2009
I took the advice of an Old Baptist Preacher and purchased this study bible, I'm so glad that I did. Scofield's study system is unmatched in any other study Bible bar none.
Some criticize Scofield calling him a "fanatical fundamentalist". The man had a few faults like the rest of us do, but it is not Christian to Judge another. His work still stands as the measuring stick against which all others are judged.

I strongly recommend this Study Bible to anyone.
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on March 13, 2007
This was a gift for my Mom, who was thrilled with it. It is a beautiful leather bound Bible with tabs to make finding the books easy, and it has Scofields original notes, which is like gold to a Scofield lover.
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on August 5, 2015

By 70 years old, I've read a few different Bibles in my time. Whereas the Word of God NEVER changes, various publication interpretation DO. I personally, like the OLD Scofield Study Bible. Not necessarily the new III edition, which veers from Scofield's original notes. I am privy to various reviews on that edition from folk favorable to Scofield's original work.

A great feature is that Scofield keeps most notes on the same page as the verse it commentates, even in the Kindle edition These may be extensive, but very informative with historical, cultural and biblical references. I also like the center reference section. Within the verses, references to the center cross reference, i.e. (a, b, c, etc), or commentary (1, 2, 3, etc.). Both leather bound editions and the Kindle edition have the Words of Christ in Red, deep color not the faded, harder to read hue. The book Bible may be thumb indexed, or not. I prefer the thumb index. Both are bound in cow skin; not the unclean pig skin often used for Christian Bibles?????

I read my Kindle on either my 11" MacBook Air or iPod Touch 5th generation and have no problem seeing the lettering, reference numbering/lettering, commentary or verses. With the capability to enlarge the screen and reading parallel the font size is not much smaller than the printed version.

Tapping the upper left corner of the iPod screen brings up the screen allowing me to advance forward/backward; a good feature IF you know what page you want to travel to. There is the option to view 12 pages at one time, a single page, and dim or brighten a page for easier reading. This is also a double column page choice. Of course, there is the ability to highlight, delete, bookmark and star a page. A forward > and back < arrow allow for fast page maneuvering.

Each book of the Bible is preceded with a content summary. This is especially informative for the new student to God's Word. The study Bible includes an Index to the Introduction, analyses, notes, definitions, summaries, and subject references within the (hard copy) Bible (7 pg.); Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names (43 pp.); Subject Index (37 pp.); Concordance (161 pp.); Indexed Atlas to the Holy Bible including a List of Maps and List of Names (6 pp.) and color maps including: Lands and Nations of the Bible; The Promised Land; the Roman Empire, listing some (12 pp.). NOTE: The Kindle edition includes the Map Index but NOT the maps. I don't find this a problem. Most Bible students have a myriad of Bible maps and atlases on hand.

These Bibles do not include a page for the owners name/ gift, or family history.

Overall, I believe you will find this an excellent study Bible (Kindle edition or hard copy) to add to your study of God's Word.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND. PRODUCT AS DESCRIBED. Very well done as a Kindle book. Easy read. Page is proportioned to the iPod screen. Someone did an excellent job with this Kindle edition. I just switched to a new text offered when I opened the book and it is excellent as well.

CON: (not really) Because the content is large, it does take a few to download onto your reader. Big deal. Patience is a virtue. Right?
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on September 14, 2013
I have a printed copy of Scofield Study Bible so was thrilled to see it offered for Kindle. But..the first thing that I noticed was that you could not change the font! Then I found I could not navigate to chapters, only the books of the Bible. Finally, it did not contain the same amount of reference information that my old Bible has. So I returned it almost Immediately. Now I just ordered a less expensive version. ($1.99 compared to $14.73) I see that I can change the font on that one. Guess I should have looked a little further before I ordered the first time. The MacArthur Study Bible and Matthew Henry's Commentary Bible are both great and fairly easy to navigate. That's why this one (The Old ScofieldRG Study Bible) was a big disappointment in comparison.
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