Customer Reviews: Scorpia Rising (Alex Rider)
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on February 7, 2015
I am so sad that the Alex Rider series is over. This book is last one of the series and I am going to really miss the characters. Alex Rider has to travel to Egypt and go up against scorpia for the last time in, hopefully everyone will make it out alive. There were some unexpected things that happened that would never be imagined, although they do add a nice twist. All in all I am sad that this series is over but I am satisfied with the ending. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and all the other Alex Rider books and recommend them to anyone who likes spy novels are just action adventures. Whenever I was reading an Alex Rider book I could not put it down.
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on August 10, 2014
I've been a devoted fan of the Alex Rider series since the debut of Stormbreaker in 2006, and this final installment maintains the high quality fast paced thrill of adventure that distinguishes this eminently readable collection. Designed as a junior James Bond, Alex is always presented as the reluctant teenage spy. His nemesis, SCORPIA, is an evil organization for hire which masterfully uses murder, torture, blackmail and subterfuge to achieve its ends. Countering this is a sometimes morally questionable MI6 run by the outwardly stiff and bland Alan Blunt, his mint sucking second Miss Jones and Smithers the somewhat puckish stand in for Q, who finally gets in on the action.

This time out SCORPIA is hired to "convince" the British government to return the Elgin Marbles to Greece. They develop an elaborate plan of deception to implicate Alex in the murder of the US Secretary of State (obviously Hillary Clinton, but unstated) and blackmail the British into submission. MI6 takes the bait and Alex soon finds himself planted in a elite school in Cairo, this time accompanied by his legal guardian Jack Starbright, bringing her into the danger as well. There are also elements of previous episodes in the book. Julius Grief, a malevolent clone altered to look like Alex from Point Blanc has a pivotal role, and Joe Byrne (the book's Felix Leiter) also makes an appearance.

Horowitz not only has a gift for describing action but he is also an expert at getting us inside his character's thoughts and he adroitly inserts plot elements early on which are later used to good effect. It is a pleasure to read his work and the only regret is that this is the last book in the series as Horowitz promised that he would stop when Alex turned 15. Though there's still some wriggle room for the author as Alex hasn't actually had his 15th birthday in the book. Like Rowling's Harry Potter series, many kids grew up with Alex, and while another teen adventure novel is likely out of the question, perhaps we can hope that Horowitz will revisit his character at a later age to match his grown up audience.
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on June 23, 2012
This last in the series, and Anthony Horowitz's best work out of all of the stories. Since my son introduced me to them, I have virtually devoured all of the books in the Alex Rider series as soon as they were out and this one took only a few hours for me to read, it was so gripping. Darker than the others, it is a fitting end to a great story line.
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on August 29, 2014
Scorpia Rising was fantastic! It was very suspenseful and made you want to read more. In the story Alex Rider is a secret agent working for MI6, the British version of the CIA. He has just defeated a terrorist organization known as Scorpia and now they are back for revenge. Scorpia lays a trap for Alex so that MI6 sends him to Cairo, Egypt. Alex starts investigating Scorpia when he thinks he is foiling their plans when it turns out to be there plan all along. It turns out even worse when Scorpia sends a boy with plastic surgery to look like Alex comes along. And Operation "Horseman" starts. There is a lot of action along with sadness. Some parts are quite sorrowful because this is the last book in the series and everything has to end. There are components that if you don't pay attention you'll miss interesting information, so read closely. Anthony Horowitz does a smashing job with the final installment of the Alex Rider series. I highly recommend reading this book if you are into action-packed adventures that will leave you on the edge of your seat!
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on July 14, 2015
Alex Rider was out of the spy business. Well, he thought he was until MI6 sucked him back into the world of death and espionage. Everything he cared about was at risk, his friends, Jack Starbright, his chance at ever being a normal teenager. But what MI6 want, they generally get so Alex is off to Cairo, Egypt- but this time he's not alone, Jack Starbright is coming with him.

The final installment in the Alex Rider series, I think, has the most emotional impact and the most serious voice than the others. Anthony Horowitz still manages to create a nail-biting atmosphere. While reading the book I constantly found myself almost at the edge of my seat, reading as fast as I could to figure out what would happen next. He really is a master at his craft; blending realism and fiction together in a way that flows and makes sense. I hope he writes more young adult books in the future as they are almost guaranteed to be great.

The ending. Oh the ending. So bittersweet and unexpected. Horowitz doesn't end his series as most would: in a word, happy. I have to admit that I was disappointed at the ending, although it was probably very realistic. But admittedly it is an ending that will stick in the minds of the reader for a while and as an author that's something to hope for. The only thing I have to say bugged me about Scorpia Rising is that the dialogue between Jack and Alex seemed almost stilted and awkward, and I'm pretty sure Horowitz didn't do that on purpose.

Overall, throughout nine books, nine different missions, numerous life and death circumstances, a plethora of cool gadgets, and many bad guys, I have been engrossed by the life of Alex Rider. Every book was great and although this book wasn't as fantastic as the others it is still as entertaining and as thrilling as the books that came before.
I salute you Mr. Horowitz.

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on April 18, 2011
Alex Rider is out of the spy world, for the last four months he has been doing nothing but what any other fifteen year old would be doing: going to school, hanging out with friends, playing sports.

But there is one enemy that just wont stop. Scorpia.

Alex has defeated them twice, which is bad for their reputation, but now a plan has come along for them to make forty million dollars and get their revenge, in effect taking them back to the top, restoring their reputation.

And this plan has everything to do with Alex Rider dying.

If you are like me you will not be able to put this heart stopping, adrenaline rushing ninth novel down!!

MI6 once again drags Alex Rider out of his ordinary life, and back into the spy world after info comes along that creates a mission he is just suited for in Cario. Sending him off to Cario though this time he is not alone as Jack Starbright, his house keeper/best friend, and Mr Smithers, the gadget master comes with him. That in it self ups this novel. How the two character are incorporated when we have Alex in the middle of action. As we usually only see them after and before his missions.

And like all the missions that MI6 has sent him on it is supposed to be easy and not dangerous at all. Alex should have known better. One thing they didn't tell him, was that Scorpia is at the center of it.

The author has really out done himself this time in sending Scorpia to the Middle East with a plan that has Alex once again in the middle. But this time it is different, the series is at an end, and Alex wont be going back home this time.

In this book, Alex Rider's mission: to stop Scorpia, once and for all.

This book was by far the most emotional and out right shocking in the series. Especially what we learn about the head man at the MI6, Mr. Blunt. I have never really liked him, but never could have foreseen what we learn in this novel.

This was the most amazing book, by far my favorite in the Alex Rider!! It was just shock after shock, I was never off the edge of my seat trying to anticipate what would happen next. Major suspense, action-adventure and even if we didn't know for sure that this was going to be the last book in the series you could tell by reading it, the whole book rings of finality. If there is one problem I have with the book it was that, there will not be anymore Alex Rider books which makes me want to cry but at the same time happy.

Again for those of you who trust my opinion, read this series. It has never let me down!
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I love the Alex Rider series and I'm so sad to see it come to an end. It's so hard to find a book series I like and when I found the Alex Rider series I was so excited. But every good book series has to come to an end.
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on February 23, 2013
I almost cried when SPOILER Jack died SPOILER ENDED I am done with the series and it is one of the worst times in a reader's life the book was amazing and Alex finally had a gun except he had to name him Julius I kept thinking of DQ the book had action sadness and humor but Horowitz should make another series kinda like the lost heroes of Olympus by Rick riordan (another one of my faves) and make it focused on someone else
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on June 6, 2014
I've been with Alex since the beginning, and I love the series, completely and utterly. My favorite thing about the series is the ability that it gives us to connect with each and every character. It shows everything, and while I admit that the first few chapters were slow without Alex, as soon as he was thrust into it, it became much better.

Now, I gave it five out of five stars because of character development. In Alex, Mr. Blunt, Jack, and even Mr. Smithers, we see so much character development, though Especially in Alex. When he first started all we saw was a fourteen year old boy thrust into a world he never knew existed and most likely never wanted to know. In this book, the end, we see that Alex has grown so much, physically and emotionally. I really noted the growth during his (almost) torture scene. Fairly calm, for the most part, but still alert, aware. I loved this book, this whole series, in every twist, turn, and death.
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on December 6, 2013
I have loved this series from the very beginning and have followed it faithfully. It has been a fine ride, Alex Ryder, and worth every minute I have spent with you (which is quite a compliment when you consider how many pages are in each book!).

In this last installment, Alex is absolutely fed up with MI6. He's been an unwilling spy at the expense of his childhood, but he is determined to enjoy being a teenager. Once again, though, he's roped into an espionage game that is way above his head. He is sent to the far East to pose as a schoolboy. He seems to hate everything about this new mission and, yet, he pursues it with the most passion I've seen yet. As Alex is getting more mature, more dangerous and more grown up, so are the villains. This one seemed impossible to beat. The reader also gets to see much more of Jack in this book than every before. It made their situation more dire to see the devotion between the two of them.

The pages just flip themselves, so eager was I find out what happened next. This book did my time, and the series, justice. My biggest wish is that Horowitz would take Alex into adulthood and launch a new generation of 'James Bond' era books. I would love for Alex to continue!
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