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VINE VOICEon October 23, 2010
I purchased this set of earphones to replace the uncomfortable ones that came with my iPhone 4. The earphones are an excellent value for the price paid. The package contains the earphones with remote and mic (many offer mics but not remotes that will work with iPods and iPhones), six color change caps, one set (sm, med, lg) of flanged ear covers, one set of double flanged ear covers (sm, med, lg) and a nice carrying pouch. The sound quality is fantastic. Music tones are heard in rich, full quality. Call quality is also excellent. I hear callers clearly and they hear me clearly as well. The remote is comfortable, with nice responsive buttons, (sometimes too responsive) and handles the iPhone voice controls, phone calls and music playback expertly. It also handles noise isolation very well. You may have to experiment with the flange sizes to see which ones will seal in your ear the best, but they are much more comfortable than the set the comes with the iPhone. This set does work with the new iPhone 4 with no problems. If you are looking for a great set of earphones at a great price with excellent features, these earphones are definitely the ones to get. This set is also available in black. Scosche also makes several others, but this set DOES work with the iPhone 4.
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on January 10, 2012
I started asking myself why I was walking around with a giant C Clamp on my head (which is how the stock iPhone earbuds feel). you know the ones... just large enough to require a hammer and wedge to get them to stay in your ear and don't sound much better than a 1960's transistor radio duct taped to your head? yea those. anyway, I was using those ear torturing devices because my vmodas had gone on the blink. I decided to start shopping for a pair of good buds with a mic.

After having spent more than my iPhone 4s on ear buds that just kept breaking, I was determined to find the best price*performance set this time... to avoid that "What an idiot I was for paying (to much/so little) for these things when they break" feeling. Truth Alert... THEY ALL BREAK. just accept that right now. you'll feel much better when they do. (Unless you paid too much, or didn't pay enough and you just bough cheap crap).

Ok. enough for the setup. Here's the review:

I tried to think about price first... just to decide what is too much to pay for something that is just going to break in a few months even if I take extreme care... THEY WILL STILL BREAK. for me, that number was about 30 bucks.

Price Score... as earbuds go, 30 bucks is well in the low to middle of the range. so these are pretty good there.

Next, I tried to establish a minimum quality and performance level. as for minimum quality, I think that they should not break with normal use. plugging them in or unplugging them should not cause them to just snap in two. they should be made of acceptable materials. plastic is ok if its good plastic. I don't really give a crap about natural wood, aluminum, bla bla bla. (and the eco nazis can kiss my arse.. I recycle every time I flush... thats enough for anyone). Just don't be a piece of garbage...

Quality Score: Not horrible. not excellent. but well within an acceptable range. in other words, they don't suck.

Ok. I know this is subjective, but these earbuds are EVERY bit as good as my vmodas that cost 100 bucks. they are as good as any I have owned. that includes skullcandy, sennheisers (most models up to 100 bucks), etc. they have 10.7mm drivers. larger than most.. and you can tell. so for audio quality, I score them as Excellent... The mic sounds clear as a bell. no clipping, it just works perfectly. in fact, it vastly improved performance when using SIRI. so the mic gets an Excellent too.

Performance Score: Excellent. Not the best, but Damn close to it.

This model has a little pad for volume, changing tracks etc. (It even works perfectly with SIRI just think of the center button as your iPhone button. hold it for a sec, and up pops SIRI. I wasn't expecting that. volume control works great, and the button pad is also the strain relief at the Y portion of the cable. putting it perfectly in your reach instead of dangling from one ear. (The mic is a separate little inline plastic piece on your right ear cable hanging at about your chin level.)

Feature Score: Excellent. everything works perfectly and as advertised.

Overall impression
After receiving these, I instantly purchased two more. They sit on my shelf. When these break, I have backups. (Perhaps I did that too soon, as time will tell how well these things hold up).. but for 30 bucks, these are winners in my book. One last thing: they come with a bunch of ear seals.. of every type.. if you can't make one of them work, your ears are just not a normal human shape. and by normal, I mean they supply seals as small as a pencil eraser, up to the size of the Olive I just dropped into my martini. If your ear holes are outside of that range, you should go see the plastic surgeon. You are frightening the children with those things.

Caveats and cons:
the audio might sound a bit thin for those wanting huge midrange (good studio mixed stuff sounds great... but my live recordings are a little thin in the mids). what sounds great: Ozzy & Priest type 80s metal, Sound garden, Alice in Chains type 90's alt., Disturbed, Sevendust type 00s metal. you get my point...

The little clip that YOU are supposed to install on the cord to clip it to your clothing. don't bother. it will break in an instant when trying to mash the cord into the little hooky thing on the back. just throw this away, or perhaps heat it up, bend it, install the cable, and then pray you can reheat it and bend it back without damaging the cable. (I WOULDN'T DO THIS, but its the only way I can see that MIGHT allow you to install the clip. ) this is obviously why they included it in a separate bag... they couldn't figure it out either.

The color ear things. big deal. just stick on your favorite color and ignore them for ever. they don't make you look cooler than you are, and they don't improve the sound. so... who cares? for the record, they are easy the change, so if your ear buds MUST match your outfit or mood, you can change them whenever you want.

Hope this helped someone.

FOLLOW UP: After 9 days, working perfectly... using them every day, not a single complaint. So far so good.

FOLLOWUP #2, three months later, Still working perfectly, not broken, and I've grown to love them like little screaming plastic children (with deep base and clear treble) that you ram in your ear... well, perhaps I don't love them quite that much, but you get my drift...

FOLLOWUP #3, wow. I am now into new territory. I have never had a set of earbuds last past three months. they sound exactly the same as when I bought them, they show ZERO wear, and they still work perfectly. (I'm beginning to think that these were actually made in America... this is not your usual overseas crap...) kk, I'm done updating this review now... Buy these. you'll be glad you did.
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on May 21, 2011
Apple headphones sound great, but just don't last; especially in the gym. I'm an audiophile and was skeptical but took the chance. I'm extremely pleased with sound and fit of these. It drove me crazy before, with the buds falling out of my ears ALL getting caught on equipment or breaking my concentration. These stay in until i remove them, they're very comfortable, and they completely block out bad music in gym.
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on June 1, 2010
I bought a set of these to replace the older version (IDR350md) that I lost. I had the IDR350mds for two months and used them at work and working out at the gym and was very happy with them.

When I received the IDR355mds I unpacked them and checked them out with my 3rd gen iPod Touch at home just to make sure everything was working. It was, so I put them in the carry pouch and took them to work with me the next day. I started listening to my iPod in the morning. Mid-morning I had a meeting, so took them out and set them down on my desk. When I returned the sound in the right bud was almost gone. The only way I can think to describe it was if the bass and mid-range were shot and all that was left was treble. I switched ears just to make sure it wasn't my hearing, and tried them in a couple of different devices to ensure it wasn't my iPod.

I contacted Scosche about the problem and they asked me to send them back and they would replace them under warranty. No hassle, no argument, which was good, but I had to pay to ship them back.

I got the new set and went through the same process with them. A co-worker came to talk to me, so I took them out, and when I put them back in both earbuds suffered the same loss of sound. The only thing I can think of was that I set the earbuds down on top of my laptop, but if getting the buds close to a computer messes them up that seems like a pretty fundamental problem. At any rate, I again contacted Scosche and this time they replaced them with the higher-end model (IDR655md), although once again I had to pay to ship the buds to them.

Unfortunately I never did get a follow-up from Scosche on what might have caused the failure. I can only assume there is some sort of design flaw with these buds and I can't recommend them based on two failures in a row that I experienced.

I should mention that I am a software developer and sit at a desk all day for my job, so it's not like the earbuds are subject to a lot of vigorous activity during the day.
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on June 9, 2012
I've gone through dozens of pairs of earbuds and IEM-style earphones with mic and iPhone controls for my 3Gs. None of them compare to this product in terms of build quality and performance. Like with most of you, my earphones would fall apart and tear at either the TRS connector point or the driver housing. Mic sound quality has always been sub-par, and they are usually junked within 3 weeks of use.

I spent endless hours reading reviews, and had just about given up. What a monumental waste of time is spent trying to buy a decent pair of earphones that won't fall apart in the short term.

I was really surprised by the build quality of these phones. They have proper molded ends which makes them much stronger than any IEMs I've previously owned. The ergonomics of the control module are well thought out. The raised rubber push buttons have a better tactile feel than other controls I've used.

Sound quality is average, and a lot of it really depends on the placement in the ear canal as well as the quality of the track you are listening to. They are not what I would think of as audiophile sound quality, but they are sufficient, and their reliability and build quality make them all stars. I don't think there's any great difference in sound quality between these and my old Nuforce NE7s (where one phone would crackle or lose signal completely, got replaced and rinse & repeat).

The Scosches come with an assortment of silicon tips to customize the wear, as well as aesthetic, snap on colored phone decorations if that is your thing. I'm a simple guy, and go with white. I couldn't care less about accessories. I want headphones that work, so that's my only criterion.

Now that I know they make reliable products, I would be willing to take the chance with this company should they offer larger or more audiophile-oriented drivers.

Edit: 07-31-12
About two weeks ago, they started to lose signal. The wire at the TRS plug has obvious gone tango uniform. Very odd, because there is absolutely no wear at all on the outside -- so the outer sleeve is well made, but th wires themselves, or perhaps the solder points are not up to par. Too bad, because these had the potential to be the sturdiest set I've owned. I will add that despite the various size adapters, they would continuously ease out of my ear canals. I may still yet buy another pair but I'm going to shop around first. I've demoted the product by one star given the current issue. I hate buying earphones...
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on January 6, 2012
Keep in mind that these are in-ear earphones so the sound can be different for anyone, depending upon how they fit your ears.

I first hooked them up to my iPhone to test. The remote and microphone work great, just as expected. The sound for me was a little worse than I had expected, with a lot of bass, which is good, but also pretty high treble. I went through all of the equalizer settings, and "Loudness" was the only one that seemed to make the treble sound normal. I also tried every one of the different rubber insert pieces, from small up to large and found medium was the best for me. The large ones made more bass, but much less mid and high as they seemed to depressurize my inner ear - they completely closed it off to the outside.

I will definitely keep them, as I had lost my original iPhone headset and these sound a little better, but do not expect to get the kind of sound you get from big over-the-ear headphones like Bose or other expensive brands. They are better than most little earbuds, and they will not fall out when working out, so they make a good replacement if you want.
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on July 13, 2012
At first I would have given these headphones 4 stars. The sound quality is solid (not amazing, but good to very good considering the price). For some reason the fit wasn't great for my ears, but they do provide several sizes of ear pieces you can try, and I'm willing to concede that maybe my ears are just a weird shape. The iPod remote is handy, though the it makes it a bit difficult to exercise with, because I found the control weighed enough to pull the earbuds out of my ears while running, etc. But still - good sound, great price.

After 2 months of ownership, though, I can only give them one star, because one of the earbuds has already stopped working. I generally use the headphones very lightly (sitting in an office cubicle), so there wasn't external damage. Apparently just badly made and stopped working. Sigh.

On to another brand in search of decent, not-too-expensive earbuds.
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on October 10, 2012
I was happy to see these scosche headphones look great and sound pretty good. The bass could be a little heavier, but for the price, the sound is not bad at all.

They are one set of headphones with five different colored caps that you can put on the headphones. I use the red ones, but you could theoretically change them out to fit your clothes, mood, whatever.

My complaint with these headphones is the absolutely terrible workmanship. Within a month of owning them, one of the earbuds came apart -- a complete separation between the casing and the actual speaker except for the two tiny wires that power the speaker. This can be fixed with a dab of superglue, but it doesn't bode well for the product overall. Two weeks later, the same thing happened on the other earbud.

It is clear that the company is saving money with shoddy work. I would not buy this product again.
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on May 2, 2013
I paid more in order to buy direct from Amazon, rather than just fulfilled by Amazon. Unfortunately, I did not get what was described.
The listing said this is what is included:

+ Oversized 10.7 mm drivers accurately reproduce brilliant highs silky smooth mids and powerful bass for all musical genres.

+ Includes 6 interchangeable color caps [NOT INCLUDED]

+ Integrated microphone for handsfree conversations voice commands and recording voice memos

+ S/M/L single and dual flanged silicone inserts provide unparalleled noise isolation and comfort [NOT INCLUDED]

+ Includes travel pouch [NOT INCLUDED unless you count a plastic bag as a travel pouch]

I can't comment on the quality because I am returning to Amazon. They need to learn that their listings must be accurate or their customers will lose faith. I certainly have.
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on August 20, 2012
I bought this set of ear plugs for jogging. 2 weeks later, and the up and down volume buttons don't work anymore. I also hear feedback when not listening to anything, just by plugging in the headphones. When making calls with my iphone, the ppl at the other end have trouble hearing me. Was this recertified or something??? Trying to get my money back or at least a replacement pair.
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