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on November 6, 2011

After searching forever and buying way too many portable speakers I finally found the perfect one!

A: VERY small. (2 x 6.8 x 4.8 inches)
B: VERY loud. Much louder than the insignia speakers I purchased for 3 times the price that take up 4 times the space and use 4 AA batteries.
C: Rechargeable! No batteries required, charges fast via usb
D: long battery life Haven't run out of batteries yet!
E: Great design, even comes with a velcro wire strap to keep things neat.

Bottom Line: Buy it! I'm buying more to give as gifts right now. :-)
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on July 21, 2011
Purchased one of these at the beginning of the week without actually looking at the product dimensions. When it arrived I was shocked at how small it was and at first was disappointed. But my buyer's remorse left me as soon as I tried it out. These speakers really pack a punch for their size and produce very crisp, clear sound. I went back and ordered two more, one for myself and one for my brother. I'm curious to see how they sound linked! Highly recommend for anyone looking for a HIGHLY portable speaker for their mp3 player/phone/laptop etc. Also comes with a little silk carrying bag.
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on December 9, 2011
I have a decent laptop but it does not always have enough "power" to let me hear things clearly. So I have been looking for a while to find a reasonable speaker. Meaning I don't want it to be confused with a Hello Kitty speaker...LOL!

I looked at MANY videos and finally decided to take a chance with this one. I knew it was small, but when I got it I was concerned for its ability. So I took it right out and plugged it in without any program loading or sync needed.

I about jumped back when it started to play! I only had it on one and had the sound on the computer a little over half way. I could not believe the powerful and clear sound!! I tried a couple of songs with base (Addicted to Bass which I brought up on YouTube) just to see what this little dude could handle. I can't believe how good it sounds! I actually turned down the sound on the computer. Have not tried level two on this, but I can just imagine.

This speaker, on the bottom, has one switch which goes from off to level one and then level two. I don't consider that to be an issue since I prefer to adjust the volume on the computer. It also can be paired up with additional speakers. I am seriously thinking of getting another to see what happens.

I use my computer as part of my work and sometimes the worst issue, during a PowerPoint presentation, is the lack of clear and powerful sound. I somehow don't think I will have that problem anymore.
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on February 4, 2012
First off, this speaker is smaller than you might think. It's a little smaller than a typical shot glass (see my photo). For the small size, it does produce a lot of sound. Unfortunately, the quality of the sound suffers because of simple physics. In order to get "full sound", you have to move a lot of air. Headphones get away with smaller speakers by reducing the volume of air between the speaker and your ears. The odds are stacked against the Scosche.

Using Maciré (Kar Kar), I compared the sound quality to my:

1. Kindle Fire
2. 2GB CHUMBY8 Internet Radio
3. Dell Latitude E6410 14.1" Notebook

The boomCAN does produce "more sound" than the built-in speakers of any of these three. The volume is considerably more than the Kindle Fire's maximum volume. The Chumby8 and Dell E6410 attempt to provide a fuller sound by limiting the maximum volume to match the full range. So, the Chumby8 and Dell E6410 sound better, just not louder. The Chumby8 provides the best all-around sound. Simply put, the boomCAN will augment a Kindle Fire or laptop nicely, especially for watching videos. But the sound quality is lacking enough that you won't really want to get up and dance to it.

The form-factor and packaging is the strongest area of the boomCAN. It is very small. It comes with a simple cable with standard 3.5mm on one end and a USB mini B connector at the other. The USB mini B plugs into the boomCAN and the 3.5mm connector plugs into your headphone jack. there is also as standard USB 2.0 connector that you can plug in to charge the boomCAN's battery. You can listen on the boomCAN while it is charging.

A small velvet pouch is included that everything fits in. The cable even has a velcro wrap attached. Very thoughtful additions for low price audio gear.

I've been waivering between two and three stars - mostly because of the sound quality. But to be fair, I gave the boomCAN four stars because it delivers well within it's category. You just cannot deliver full sound from a single, small speaker. It is a matter of physics.

I would have given five stars except that the speaker picks up static when the USB is plugged in for charging. This was consistent on the Chumby8 and Dell E6410. When it wasn't plugged into a USB port for charging, there was no static.
review image
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on April 23, 2013
First, this is not for rocking out a house party. What it does do is make a tremendous improvement from your stock laptop speakers. Like someone else mentioned I was skeptical because of the tiny size. It's about the diameter of a can of red bull. I'm planning on using it to run video loops and casual listening to internet radio while working. If I wanted to do audio editing I'd use a set of monitors. I love the fact that it is rechargable. I don't have to burn through batteries. It really is suprisingly loud with a decent sound field. I'm tempted to do a little haking to see if i can get too into a stereo setup. For the price I've never heard something this good. 15 bucks or so...go for it. Just don't think you're going to get earth shattering bass. It's the size of a salt shaker for goodness sakes. But it holds up great!
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on March 1, 2012
Clear crisp sound, even when cranked up loud, make this a great little speaker for listening to podcasts. However, when listening to music I found the sound to be very tinny when used with my iPod. Even when saving songs with extra bass on my Mac, and also setting my iPod to extra bass, the lows were still lacking. I'm not talking about heavy metal or rap either - I listen mostly to alternative rock with a mix of classic rock and the occasional ballad. While everything had a clear sound without distortion, even when cranked up, the quality of the sound was still comparable to using an old fashioned transistor radio on an AM station. Very disappointing.

BTW, the comments about the size are spot on, this speaker is only about half the height of an iphone, which make it small enough to throw in a purse, laptop case, or backpack. The thickness of it makes it too big to stuff into your pocket though.
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on February 20, 2013
I just got this product two days ago. I purchased this item at Stable for $9.99+ free shipping.

First expression of this product is not that good. Don't let your eyes fool you.

This product is very light,feel cheap on hand, I almost regret my 10 dollars until I turn the speaker on!

The sound quality is good. Loud and clear. The blue LED light is pretty as well. I got this speaker for my nexus 7

Beside sound quality, there are few more things I want to point out that made me love this product.

1. It has rechargeable battery. You just need to plug in the usb cable to your computer OR a USB power source (Such as nexus 7 power adapter), and it will start charging. Led will be red to blue

until fully charged.

2. It provide you a small leather bag for you to store the cable and speaker! I love it. I was thinking where I should store this when it's not used. Here I got my answer!

3. You can adjust the power volume from your tablet or at the button of speaker. from low to high. I prefer adjust from tablet tho. The volume control switch on the speaker is a bit tight to


4. Playback time claim to be 4-7 hours. I'm playing this boom for 4 hours none stop right now. So far so good.

I will update this review if I encounter any issue with the speaker. Overall, I recommended this product, and definitely worth every penny of your 10 dollars!!! or $14 :P
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on June 6, 2015
I ordered three [3] of these boomCANs and plan on ordering more for gifts and personal use. Each boomCAN package contains two [2] devices; the speaker and the cerberus-like three-headed cable (USB/miniUSB/3.5mm jack). I tested all six devices. Here are my results:
One of three cables was bad.
Were you to receive a bad cable the results would be what you see in the 1 or 2 star reviews; eg the cable doesn't work, or sometimes works, or makes poor connections, causing weak to sporadic sound. If you have the spare parts lying around all you need is USB male to miniUSB male (for charging), 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male (for connecting it to your device). Both of which are less than a dollar if you look in the right places.
The sound quality, volume and frequency response is quite impressive for such tiny speakers.
These speakers can also be daisy chained together using the cable provided (if it works right). There is no drop or gain in volume across all the speakers.
I will be probably be ordering 9 more of these for future gifts. Unfortunately I will have to open every single one to make sure it works as I do not trust the manufacturer's quality control. However, if the next batch have better statistics, I will update this review.

If you found this review helpful please make note of it.
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on August 15, 2012
Impressive volume for the size of the unit. LOTS of midrange, treble is good but very directional. Instead of standing it up on end, I have taken to laying it on its side pointing at me, just for the treble. Frequency response only goes down to 100Hz, so mid-bass is just barely strong enough to hear that its there, and you can forget about sub-bass. Granted, what can you expect from a 40mm driver.

Big improvement over my laptop's built in speakers and blows my PSP's speakers out of the water. Doesn't seem to be much difference between the two volume settings, so I leave it on 1 for the extra battery life. This thing will put out some serious decibels, but if you do, EQ out the bass if you can because, again, small 40mm driver will start distorting quickly if you feed it too much bass.

One is working great for personal use, but if I had to do something like a powerpoint presentation in a conference room, id run two. Which is easy, the built in audio out port lets you daisy chain as many of them together as you want.
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on June 9, 2013
Easy to charge and hook up, nice sound for such a small speaker. Was given as a gift to a teenager, she takes it everywhere now, even the bathroom.
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