Customer Reviews: Scratch Guard 87009 Caster Covers for 1-3/4-Inch to 2-1/8-Inch Dual Wheels, Charcoal, 10-Pack
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on September 15, 2012
First of all, don't be scared-off by reviews that say these wheel covers are impossible to install. If you have anything resembling a semblence of mechanical aptitude (as well as a little hand strength), you won't have any problem at all. I put them on partially shrouded 2 1/8" wheels (max reccommended diameter is 2 1/4") and they went on just fine.
Now, that being said, they DO require a little preparation to make the installation as easy as possible. As others suggested, I started off by soaking them in a bowl of hot tap water for a couple of minutes to make them more pliable and then stretched them firmly but gently like a rubber band just before installation.
The biggest issue I see with these covers is scratches are still a possibility. Yes, they're not AS likely to scratch your floor, but they still roll across the floor. If there's debris on the floor (or stuck to the soft material of the cover), the floor can be scratched. With a chair mat, the wheels never touch the floor, so their cleanliness and the floor's cleanliness is never really an issue. Since my chair is on hardwood, I sweep/vacuum/wipe-down the floor around my desk every other day, and wipe-off the wheels once a week. Time will tell but the area around my desk certainly looks nicer without a giant chair mat.
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on September 30, 2012
They fit fine but they are useless, unless you are looking for something to completely STOP your wheels. I just wanted something to protect the floors and these won't even let me move the chair at all. I wasted $$ on 3 boxes and now they are going straight into the trash.
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on February 20, 2012
I bought these thinking that if my caster wheels were 2", surely I could stretch these covers to fit on them snuggly as the range says 1-3/4 to 2-1/8. This despite the other reviews noting how difficult they were to put on. I assumed they were reaching the extreme end of the range at the time. Wrong. I tried putting them in hot water, holding the wheel stems in a vice, and using pliers. They're essentially thick molded rubber circles that doen't stretch at all which I'd bet is for durability. They're approximately molded for smaller 1-3/4" wheels much like you see in their pictures. It's simply not sold according to the description with the range in sizes.

So beware, you'll spend $$$ shipping them to your place only to have to spend $$$ shipping them back if you don't have smaller wheels. Better to try to buy them locally before wasting your time and money on the current seller.
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on January 4, 2015
First, if you bought these, you bought them to same some $ and protect your floors. I had doubts that the covers would fit between the wheel and the wheel protector/housing....but after stretching out, they fit great!

Second, you get what you pay for, in terms of installation frustratin and time. They will work, but you'll need to invest some elbow grease and some time to get them installed...there is no such things as a free lunch as they say. Oh, and 1+1 =2... I mistakenly ordered only 1 set to cover two get 10 pieces, enough to cover 2 wheels per caster for a 5-pronged chair, duh! I'll have to go order another so cover the other chair....I did not order one and determine the utility before ordering another, which might be a good idea for some.

Thirdly, these are made in the USA, a plus in my book.

Finally. pay careful attention to the reviews about hot water. Soak these in hot water to make them more pliable, the closer to 120 deg. F the better as cooler temps will make installation hell. I suspect you can go hotter (assuming this is TPU material) but they warn against that likely to avoid scalding your hand. Also, trim your fingernails to avoid cussing out the surrounding air when you inevitably break or chip a nail.

INSTALLATION: I removed the casters from the chair and worked at a table, soaking 5-6 parts at a time in a large mixing bowl. I used a turkey thermometer to estimate the temperature of the water. To make things easier, I slipped the cover on the exposed wheel end and then rotated the wheel around so that the wheel cover protector/housing will "lock" the covers in place and they won't slip out.

Installation was a 3.5 on a frustration scale from 1 to 5, 1 being lego-like easy and 5 being giving up and buying actual TPU wheels/casters. Assembly time was ~ 30 minutes, and you will get more proficient as you work. It does require some significant hand dexterity and finger strength, so a smaller/weaker person will have to ask for help.

USE: The wheels noise is considerably damped and the chair rolls across the floor with great grip. We have 3-inch plank cherry wood flooring. I reckon that we'll have to keep the area around the chair clean to avoid scratching the floors from dirt picked up by these covers. These also do not easily roll onto a carpet from a wood floor area...likely due to the grippy nature, but it could be my carpet setup to blame.

Overall, a great idea and a good product if you want to go the cheaper route.
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on October 12, 2012
After reading the negative reviews, I was a bit tentative about ordering. Nonetheless, I gave it a shot. If you are installing on 2" casters, you MUST follow the included instructions for the "trick" to getting these things installed. The instructions tell you to soak in warm water. I did this, then gently stretched the rings using two fingers from each hand. The rings then went on perfectly. Caution, be sure the orientation is correct, or the rings will spin off of the caster (curved side to the outside of the caster wheel, you'll see what I mean when you install them). At any rate, these things work perfectly and are indeed a blessing to my hardwood floor!
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on October 14, 2011
I bought new casters for my hardwood floors, but they didn't fit my IKEA chair (those wacky Europeans!) Anyway, instead of buying a whole other set and praying that they fit, I just bought these. They work great and are not leaving any marks on my new laminate floors.

They are REALLY hard to get on though. Be prepared with a lot of patience and strong fingers. Heating them up in some warm water helps.
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on September 27, 2015
These wheel covers should be advertised as "Make Your Wheels No Longer Roll" - of course that would protect a floor if you don't actually get to roll the chair because the wheels won't move! This is what happened to me. I had no difficulty installing the wheel covers after soaking in hot water for a minute, but now, the chair will no longer roll. I have to pick it up to move it close to the table, and pick it up to move away. I cannot slide the chair! I wasted time and money on this protect and would recommend it to nobody! Don't waste your money. I would return it, but first I have to remove the blasted pieces from the wheels, which may take some time.
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on June 5, 2014
I went looking for something to cover the wheels on my new Koala Rolling Sewing Room chair. I would have purchased new wheels, but unbeknownst to me, the wheels on this particular brand of rolling chair are welded to the base. These covers are great! Now our laminate floor is protected, and the covers have made the movement of the chair quiet, and also slowed the chair down a tad as it was rolling to quickly on the laminate flooring.

I followed some of the suggestions here for installing the covers. The heat from the hair dryer tip worked the best.

I do think you need a lot of finger and hand strength to get the covers onto the wheels. Once you initially do a few, you get the hang of it, but you do have to work fast or the material starts to get hard again. You have to hit a happy medium of not getting the covers too hot, stretching them onto the chair wheels before the covers start to cool off.

If you have any lack of hand strength, then I suggest finding someone who can put them on, or don't purchase these covers. They do present a challenge, but it can be overcome with some patience and techniques suggested here.
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on June 5, 2015
These arrived 7 days early which was a perk. I like that they are made in the USA by a company in Cleveland, Ohio. I got these to go on 4 caster wheels on a wooden table that goes by an armchair in our living room. I just redid the floors in there so I didn't want the newly refinished wooden floors getting scratched by the casters. The table would not need to move very often but, it would be nice to easily move it. With these things on it does move just fine. Getting them on the casters was a bear of a job though. I heated them up and I don't know if the casters are slightly larger than those that go on chairs or what but man! I did two wheels (four stretchy rubbery things) and took a break. Then I returned to do the remaining two wheels. So far these things are doing their job, but the company could make a killing by selling or including some sort of tool to make it easier to stretch these things around the caster wheel to install them. The box says "Installs in seconds" Um... 900 seconds per rubbery thing maybe?!!
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on March 19, 2016
While I don't doubt that these will work well now that they are installed, the installation process is rough. I really enjoyed that the manufacturer claims these install in seconds... they don't. Wrestling with these creates fun injuries like broken fingernails and bruised fingers as you try in vain to stretch them. The best tip was soaking them in warm water (insert sarcastic tone). This is great because it makes the tiny wheel prophylactics still hard to stretch while exponentially adding to the difficulty to install by making them slippery. If you want to be cruel, gift these to one of your happy go lucky friends who never seem to be down. Sit back and watch the meltdown. On the plus side, our hardwood floor is happy about the sacrifices we made to install these.
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