Canon PowerShot SD1100IS 8MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Blue) (OLD MODEL)
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Scratches noticeable on Bohemian Brown or Gold? I'm considering purchasing the brown or gold SD1100IS, but I'm wondering if anyone has experienced noticeable scratches on either of these two colors......if scratches are too noticeable, I may just go with the standard silver. Any input would be appreciated!

Also, what stores can I see the brown and gold in person? I've looked at Best Buy, Office Depot, and Office luck....
asked by imaginarywave on November 3, 2008
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I don't own either colors, and am currently awaiting my pink one (finally decided on that since it matches my ds lite that was a gift to me)...but was deciding on whether i should get brown or gold before i finally picked. The nice thing about the brown one is that it appears to show the pictures nicely because it's darker. I think someone made a comment on the brown one here on Amazon. The reason the gold one was on my choice list too was because, well, it was a nice classic-looking gold color that wasn't too flashy and wasn't too typical looking. My mom would have picked a gold one if she had the choice I think :P)

You can also check the canon website. the color there appears more accurate and the sample picture on the camera shows up nicely. I haven't seen a gold one in person, but I have seen the brown one in staples once or twice.

The other day, before I made my amazon order for the pink one, I was again at staples and was gonna inspect the brown one more closely, but found that it's been removed from the display (but the tag was still there). Anyway, from what I remember, it was quite a nice brown color, and scratches...if there was any, wasn't very apparent. Try checking your local staples, they might have it there :)

I've been worried about how noticeable scratches would be in the colors available, but didn't find anything just thought I'd reply coz I was also in that situation

Anyway, good luck :)
ImaJANNAtion answered on November 6, 2008
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