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on February 4, 2015
5 stars for the product, it is what it says it is. However this thing is difficult to replace. If you have large hands or are not ready to get into the guts of your ipad mini, walk away. Of course walking away means giving apple $150 to do the replacement. Maybe it's worth the gamble on getting into the guts even if you have large hands! Here are my notes from my screen swap;
*First the package includes a link to a video created by "". The video is pretty good. However! The guide has you replacing the inner LCD as well. When it gets to the part about removing the tape from the inner LCD, ignore that part.
*First you have to get the glass off. The theory is you heat the edges with a hair dryer to loosen the glue and lift with the suction cups to squeeze in the "slyply" tool. Great theory, unless your glass is shattered like mine. Then the suction cups don't really help. I found using credit cards to stop the screen from re-sticking helped. Under the glass is a LCD screen. Be careful not to scratch the LCD screen while removing the glass. For those with broken glass, you end up using the scraper tool to get each piece of glued on glass off. Glass goes everywhere! Also, for mine, the metal edge had bent in where the ipad had hit the ground. I had to bend the metal back out so the new glass would fit. Another note, don't lift by the home button. There are cables there. You will lift the glass off starting by the camera side. I suggest watching one of the youtube videos
*now you unscrew the LCD. These are tiny screws. I've replaced hardrives, RAM, repaired eyeglasses, etc. These are smaller. Plan to have a place to save the screws. Again, lift starting at the camera side as you don't want to break the cables
*Then you remove the metal plate which involves removing 16 screws that are even smaller then the LCD screws. This is where large hands won't help you. Then you remove a 2nd smaller metal plate
*you remove the cable connectors with out breaking the cables or connectors. The video shows using the scrapper tool or similar and that worked fine.
*This is where the video leads you astray. The video is replacing both the glass and the LCD but we are only replacing the glass. So when the video says "remove the tape" from the LCD, don't. Just leave the LCD there and slip out the glass cable from under it. The small scraper tool worked great to lift the cable off. Your old glass is now removed.
*slip the new glass cable under the LCD. Reconnect the glass cable and then the LCD cable
*screw the metal plates back on. Screw the LCD back on.
*before you take off the adhesive cover, just place the glass over the LCD and turn the ipad back on and test. Then turn it off again. If it doesn't work, check the cable connections. You can't do anything after it's glued down again so I would test.
*important note not in the video. There is a small magnet attached to the original glass. This allows the apple cover to snap to the ipad and auto shut off. Move the magnet to your new glass! I missed this as it wasn't in the video.
*clean up the LCD. It will be full of your finger prints and you can't clean it once the glass is back on. I suggest having screen cleaner available before you start
*take off the adhesive covers on the glass before you remove the protective film. Also, this glass is extremely thin. Be very careful handling it.
*On mine, the home button doesn't work that well now. I suspect I didn't have it lined up prior to sticking the glass back down. Check your home button and make sure it looks good.
*remove the glass protective film from the inside. Line up your glass carefully and stick it to the ipad
Your done. It looks good. I'm a bit nervous on how well the glass will stick down so I'm going to buy a new cover. Also, because I didn't move the magnet over I can't use one of the fancy apple covers now
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on February 13, 2015
My 5 year old dropped her ipad mini, and unfortunately the screen was badly cracked. We went ahead and bought a new one, but I figured why not try to replace the screen. It was already broke so there was really no risk if it didn't go well. Anyway, after watching a ton of Youtube videos I felt at least somewhat confident that I could handle the repair. I highly suggest you watch repair videos several times until you have a good grasp of how to do it. This kit arrive in perfect condition and with pretty much all the required tools to complete the job, and no soldering required. The hardest part is getting the old screen off, but it still went better than I imagined. This probably would have been easier with a heat gun, but I used a hair dryer and it still came off mostly in one piece. The entire replacement from start to finish took around an hour and a half, including vacuuming up all the broken glass. It's definitely worth a try, and the ipad looks and works as good as new. I would highly recommend this replacement set.
review image review image
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on November 26, 2014
This screen DOES come with the chip, the Home button installed and the adhesive already attached. It is advised to ensure you buy a screen with these items already on the screen, as some of them aren't and it isn't the easiest thing to transfer - it needs to be lined up just so.

I have installed a lot of these screens and the most important thing to know is to TAKE YOUR TIME! Watch videos, watch videos, and watch another video. The removal is a slow and tedious process, use the heat from a heat gun or a hair dryer to get the screen to where it is just too hot to touch for more than a second or two. Be very gentle prying the cracked screen up as you can break the LCD easily. Once the screen is completely removed, gently pry up the LCD as there is a little adhesive holding it down.

The most important part of the repair is to make sure you DISCONNECT the battery before you disconnect LCD and digitizer. If you do not, you can "pop" a fuse on the motherboard / logic board.

If this is your first attempt, just make sure you have a full belly, a good workspace and great lighting... you will be there a while; but, it will be worth it when you're done.
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on March 25, 2014
The screen didn't work, it doesn't stick to ipad and the video the company recommended for me to use wasn't even the right way to do it. So, now my ipad doesn't work.
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on April 14, 2015
This kit saved my iPad mini, model md528ll/a. After viewing several you tube video including the one suggested with this kit, i attempted the repair after grabbing a few additional i teams. 1' dental floss, three cotton balls one splashed with goo off, and the other 2 with rubbing alcohol, medical gloves and a hair dryer. I would also recommend safety glasses. Also i did not like the suction cups so i went around the house and found a different type. Shower Suction hooks worked great. It was not a success the first time the LCD screen would not light up. After a few more attempts, it was ALIVE!! Now i know why people, charge what they do.
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on February 12, 2014
Used other digitizer before and it worked. This one had blobs of dried glue on the back of the digitizer (not adhesive to attach screen) from the fabrication that were very visible from the front. It was difficult to clean off and some still remained. Home button did not work and had dried glue all over the front of it. Found where 2-3 pins appeared separated on the home button cable under the flap. "Once repair begins, returns not accepted." Yep, I'm stuck with it. I guess I got what I paid for it.

Positive about it was that it arrived quickly and was packaged well.
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on April 30, 2014
Worked great! My iPad Mini is like new. Tip: the repair is not easy and should not be attempted by those without mechanical ability.
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on January 3, 2014
Replacing broken digitizer glass on an iPad Mini is not for the feint of heart. But with patience, it is with the grasp of those with decent electronics repair skills. This part comes with no documentation, but there are multiple YouTube videos that illustrate the steps. The part comes with a separate sheet of double sided tape pieces that do not match up with the iPad Mini. It turns out that the correct strips are already attached to the part - this is not documented. I successfully installed the part, turned the device on and discovered a bit of debris; I took it apart and found the debris was between the plastic digitizer sheet and the glass - i.e. Defective. The new part cracked after trying to remove the debris.
I contacted the company, documented the problem, returned the defective part, and received a replacement. I suspect people break this part frequently when trying to repair iPads; kudos to their customer service department for working with me to replace the defective part!
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on January 21, 2014
This screen had everything I needed except the double stick tape was a little hard to use. I ended up purchasing 3M double stick tape and even that has one edge that just doesn't stick perfectly and lifts up. If you are good at fixing things go for it, if you are a little unsure I'd have someone else do it so you don't waste your money. Note: you need to get all the lint and everything out from behind the glass before installing or else it might bother you.
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on June 7, 2014
Do not waste your money. This kit did not come with the items as shown and no glue to double sided tape to stick screen down. The tools where of no use and screen was of poor quality. Order from Apple instead. Ended having to buy a different kit in the end.
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