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on May 23, 2010
I bought a similar towel when in Afghanistan and was shocked by how unfulfilled it left me. Yes, the cheaper army towel soaked up tons of water but it wouldn't easily ring out, resulting in an uncomfortable cold sensation akin to the feeling of wearing a cold wet cotton t-shirt around at a theme park before summer's truly kicked off lol. Chilling is not something I associate with a towel. This towel however is equally thin and lightweight, but exceeded expectations: super absorbent (shockingly so), surprisingly soft, has the attached hanging loop, it's possible to ring it out and keep using to some degree, and it dries fast. To further drive home my point, the Sea To Summit's small sized towel is a fourth the size of my similar army towel and yet the Sea To Summit does a better job drying me off. Ignoring body coverage, the small is 100% adequate with drying you after a full shower. That said I did get my wife a large because she likes the sensation of being wrapped when toweling off. One last thing worth noting- these towels build stink at about twice the rate of your traditional hotel-type towel. I assume it's because these towels have so much less cloth and therefore your body funk gets all concentrated. Bottom line: very glad I purchased this towel.
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on June 5, 2012
I highly recommend my DryLite towels an effective and compact portable towel that dries you adequately and dries out quickly; However, be aware it does not dry a body like a cotton bath towel.

Normal bath towels scrub and rub and buff you completely dry. They don't stick to you. You have to press them on your body. (Think: "He-heee that tickles! OK, let's put on some clothes!")

This is not the DryLite experience. At its best, in drier air, the DryLite feels like buffing yourself with super-lightweight suede leather. At its worst, in a really humid steamy shower room, it feels like a clingy micro-sued cloth that gets damp and grabs and skids over your wet skin until you peel it off. In both cases it feels like your skin air dries a moment after the towel is removed. This is highly effective but sort of unsettling until you mentally adjust to the wet-suede-rubbing feeling. (Think: "Wait was I just licked by a moist calf tongue or...? Oh hey, I'm dry!")

While I would never admit to my girlfriend that I actually like that sensation, and I'm not sure that I do, I can completely justify paying good money for an approximately 2-foot by 4-foot towel that I can dunk completely under water, wring out well, hang dry and pack in 45 minutes. I'm 6' 210 average body type, and I can wrap it around my waist and change my clothes underneath. It rolls up and packs in my small toiletry kit with razor, comb, deodorant, camp soap, band aid box, sunscreen, etc. So far, I've used it about a week on the road, and I'm going to take it wherever I go camping again or swimming even.

Five-star travel/packable effectiveness. Three-star towel feel. Useful and effective, but they still leave you wondering if you like using them or not.
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on January 12, 2010
I ordered this item for a week hike in the mountains had absolutely no sun in the entire trip but my towel was always dry.

Excellent quality product I'm 5'10 and weight 190lb and the large size worked great.
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on December 22, 2011
Got this for a 28 day backpacking trip through Europe. GET THE LARGE! I have a 34" waist and I could wear it (as long as I was careful), yet it still rolled up small enough that I could stuff it in a sock.

It'll get you plenty dry. Not bone dry, but comfortably dry. I have short/medium hair and a quick rubbing helped a lot. Can't tell you how handy the snap-close loop is for hang-drying. Just don't forget it when you leave, people do this ALL. THE. TIME.

The towel dries quite quickly. I'd usually leave it out for 30 minutes while I packed and checked out of my hostel. That got it dry enough that I could put it in my bag, but I'd usually take it back out when I got to my next hostel. After a month of this it wasn't exactly "fresh" (had a hint of "person" smell to it), but it wasn't by any means unpleasant. Didn't need to wash it the whole way through, though I'm a pretty serious scrubber when I'm in the shower. My travel-mate's, for instance, takes 7-minute showers and ended up washing his after 3 weeks because it was getting a bit funky. He had a McNett MicroNet, which he was happy with, but I never used so I couldn't compare it with the DryLite.

The texture was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting a "rubbery" kind of feel, like an auto/boat chamois, but it's reasonably soft and doesn't "stick" to you while you dry off, you can slide it over yourself fairly smoothly.

I don't recommend putting it in the dryer, my mom did this without my consent and the texture feels odd now (though I haven't tested to see if it still works as well).

All in all, 5 stars. I'm now a firm believer in travel towels, and proud of my little blue DryLite.
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on January 1, 2012
While I've not yet used this brand, I have used similar towels camping for some years now.

How to use:
1# Do not wipe surfaces which aren't smooth (like skin!) Instead, blot with the towel, which puts the largest absorbent surface directly on the water. Fabric towels work by picking up water on all those carpet-like loops, which stick out at right angles and thus have more surface are when wiped than when blotted.

2# Don't expect it to double as insulation--unless it is DRY. Even then, it isn't designed as a wrap, and will only work well to obscure vision & sun--not wind, cold or water.

3# You don't need a very large towel to dry yourself.Very few people, smoothly coated with water, will have more than 2l (1.2 gal) of water on them--prime exceptions are very long hair (you already know this if it applies.) That is assuming an equal thickness 1mm thick over all skin (fudged a bit for hair.)

To choose a towel strictly for drying, the easiest way is to weigh a towel, then dry yourself with it and weigh it again. If you do this in grams (SI) rather than English units, the difference in weight in grams is the volume in ml of water removed. In English, ounces weight aren't exactly equal to ounces volume, but close enough for this.

These towels should be able to absorb twice it's thickness in water, or a bit more than 1/2 gal = 3 1/4lbs = 2 quarts 1/4 cup/ft2 ( 2l/m2 ) so even a very small towel can dry you. Also, these wring out nearly all the water, so you can stop and wring it out if it gets full.

Even the x-small should hold nearly 3x or more the amount of water on your skin.

To the lady who didn't like it because it didn't dry completely under humid conditions--I defy you to find a towel which is both super absorbent and dries completely in high humidity!

But it doesn't need to be dry to work! So long as it's not full of water, it will still pick up more & it wrings out easily.

If you have to travel in humid areas, there are all sorts of things to keep in mind, for this, carry a plastic bag which will hold it when rolled or folded.

Since they hold water well, you can use them as cooling neck or head wraps too.

I'll try to put together a video review for you.
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on March 17, 2013
I ordered this towel for scuba diving, where I wanted something that would dry me off quickly and pack tightly. Though the towel did pack small and it dried me off quickly, the color bled all over everything in my equipment bag and all over my skin. I now have an expensive white rash guard with a huge pink streak on the back, shoes that are pink inside, a dive computer strap that was yellow (now with pink blotches) and shorts and t-shirt all pink inside. In fact, MY SHEETS now have pink blotches on them and the counter where I set this wet towel before washing has a pink stain, too. My advice - wash this towel many times before you use it or be prepared to have pink stains on everything. I have now washed it three times and the water is still pink. I am incredibly disappointed. Not sure about the other colors, but I would NOT recommend the "berry" color to anyone...unless all your stuff is pink to begin with.
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on November 6, 2014
I've used only this one towel for at least a year now and I shower daily. I wash it about once a week.

It has never developed a smell or anything and does not appear to be fraying anywhere. I love this towel and my only real tiny gripe with it is that because of the weave it isn't as easy as a normal cotton loop towel to push along your wet skin. I prefer this one and to work with that issue because I'd rather have a smaller folded towel than the other available sea to summit weaves would be.

I use this in a medium LL Bean shower caddy and it folds right up into nothing. I can take it with me anywhere.
review image
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on September 29, 2008
Sea to Summit Dry Lite Towel (XS, SM, MD, LG or XL)This towel does what it is supposed to, it dries fast an easy. It is large enough to use on the trail, in base camp, at the beach, or at home in tbe shower. It is tough but also soft on the skin. It takes up little space in your pack and adds minimal weight for the ultralight packer. It is a great value for your adventures.
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on February 13, 2010
If you live out a of a bag in places that don't provide linens, you need one of these. A regular towel takes up a huge amount of room and bites into the area needed for extra socks, underwear and snivel gear, which are the real priorities. I pampered myself and bought the large size, which rolls up to only be about 2" thick by 6" long. It is long enough to wrap around my waist (36") without difficulty and it dries me off. I can't explain why, but it blots much better than it wipes. For backpacking and taking canteen baths, I'd get the small size.
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on March 13, 2011
I recently went on a tour with my band on the East Coast back a few months ago during winter. I was going to crash at random people's houses so I need to bring my own bath towel. I saw this DryLite Towel and it looked exactly what I needed: something extremely lite that I can stuff in a backpack and can dry itself super fast.

So I brought this towel with me as an all-purpose utility. Bath, swimming pool, face towel, etc.

It did what I needed it to do very well, except for one thing: it's not designed to keep you warm. It's only designed to dry you off quickly. I nearly froze to death when I was getting out the shower in New Jersey in the middle of winter and used the DryLite Towel. Now this is no fault of the towel and more the fault of me, but man, I think newspaper would have kept me warmer than this towel could.

I am definitely bringing this with me if I ever go camping or hiking during summer, though. This would be essential.
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