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From Cichlids to Fancy Goldfish I've been keeping fish for 30+ years.Just about every major manufacture and boutique specialty company has a water conditioning and treatment product.I can't say I've tried them all, but close too it. Some products have at the least, minimal effectiveness while others can be potentially dangerous.

An example would be Stress Coat which has binding sugar strands in the Aloe. This isn't a problem unless one of your fish has a small scratch or wound.The sugar feeds the bacteria which can lead to major infection and dire consequences.I've been using Amquel for years and it's a fine conditioner, excellent at removing chlorine, and Chloramines, but like all these products - they come with limitations.

Well, with one exception and that's Prime by Seachem.

A few months ago, I decided to give it a try, and haven't looked back since. Prime doesn't just remove the chlorine and Chloramine it does much more:

* Detoxifies any and all heavy metals in your tap water

(you can call your water company directly for a list of them and PPM)

* Neutralizes Ammonia

* Neutralizes Nitrite

* Neutralizes high Nitrate to non toxic levels

* Removes toxic gases

* Will not foam or change PH

* Helps regenerate natural slime coat

Since using Prime, I've seen a dramatic improvement in all of my fish. In 2010 one of tanks was hit with the dreaded and rare Toxic Tank Syndrome - within 48 hours I had lost nine gorgeous fish - except for one survivor, a single Broad Tail Nymph.Since that ordeal, "Roxy" became a bottom dweller spending most of her time laying in a corner. Treatments were conservative, but nothing worked.

After my first 50% water change using Prime her behavior began to improve. Now she swims among her tank mates, her color is better, gill movement stabilized and her appetite ferocious. In fact I see improvements in all my fish and in every tank.There simply isn't anything like it, Prime is hands down one of the best things you can do for your fish.

In addition to the outstanding, patented formula of Prime - it couldn't be more economical to use. A single 500 ml bottle treats up to a whopping 5,000 gallons of water. A tiny bit goes a long, long way.It should also be noted that in times of emergency the dose can be increased five times, Prime is harmless to fish.It's the only product of it's kind, and towers above any other water treatment on the market - period.

If your an aquarium hobbyist be it novice or advanced - I would urge you to add a bottle of Prime to your arsenal of fish care products. Your finned friends will thank you for it.
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on September 30, 2015
When I moved into my new house, I knew that meant setting up a new tank. There was no way I would be shipping all of my old tanks and fish to the new house, so I would have to start over. Obviously, I was a bit nervous about this. I had worked hard on my old tanks, getting the water to just the right chemical levels and temperatures. I was unsure how long it would take me to condition the new tanks in the same way.

In my old tanks, rocks and pebbles covered the bottom of the aquarium. I wanted to go for a new look, so I began looking online for some greenery to spice up the new aquariums. I found the LUFFY balls Luffy balls, and I knew that they were exactly what I was looking for. They gave the tank a fresh, clean appeal that I absolutely loved! However, with fish and live plants in my new tanks, I knew I had to be careful about watching my chemical levels in the water. I filled the tank with tap water, and I ordered this primer to take out any harmful chlorine or other metals. With just ONE CAP the water was ready instantly for both my fish and my plants, I was amazed!

Now, I've been using this product for quite a while, and I know the ins and outs of all of it.

- Just a few drops will clear up an entire tank. It doesn't take much to make a difference.
- This product will keep your fish and plants safe from harmful chemicals.
- Even shrimp, which are more sensitive to chemicals than fish are safe with this formula.
- This product works instantly.
- Could also be used in small fish ponds.

**I do recommend that you change the water in your tank and use this water primer during each change at least every 4-5 weeks.
** Also recommended that you try to keep away from small children.

I know I will never use another water primer for as long as this product is available. I've even convinced my Mom and sister, who both have at home aquariums, to start using this product to better protect their fish. I would recommend this product to anyone with an aquarium in their home or office.
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on November 18, 2007
I usually don't write reviews, but I did want to take the time to recommend this product. I have been keeping fancy goldfishes for over ten years now and finding the right tap water conditioner had always been a headache for me. I have tried most of the popular products on the market and they have always given me either mixed results or no results at all. Too often, I've had the fish die on me after a water change. However, when someone recommended the Prime water conditioner to me during a visit to the pet store, my problem was solved. I have used this product for a few years now and never since had any more fish die after a water change. I sincerely believe this is the most effective all-in-one solution on the market and for regular fish keeping, this is the only water conditioner one really needs.
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on February 1, 2008
In my opinion, SeaChem's Prime is the best water conditioner on the market. I've tried a few of them and Prime does the best job. It removes chlorine/chloramine and other toxic metals from water instantly. Plus, as little as literally ONE drop treats a gallon of water. I have a total of 115 gallons of water in my 3 tanks. I perform 50% weekly water changes in all of the 3 tanks. To give you an idea of how economical Prime is, I've had a 250 mL bottle of it for more than a year. Only a few dollars' worth will treat hundreds of gallons of water. And as I've mentioned above, I perform 50% weekly water changes for my 115 gallons of water. Now, that's what I call a really great product. Highly recommend it to any serious fish keepers :o)
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on September 20, 2013
Prime is the best, hands down. It does everything other water conditioners do PLUS it neutralizes ammonia and nitrites. However it isn't magic and isn't an excuse to not change the tank water! It neutralizes ammonia and nitrites for 24-48 hours only. It's best for those with traces of ammonia in their tap water but I recommend it to everyone.
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on November 7, 2012
This product has saved the lives of many fish. I have had a hard time getting control of the water in my tank. I used two cap-fulls in 20 gallons for weeks when my nitrite and ammonia levels were off the charts. It saved my only remaining fish. I didn't discover this product until most of the fish were dead. Now I use this regularly for water changes and when there are problems in the tank. It is hands down the best product out there.
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After using some other chemicals in my 55 gallon tank for years I found myself starting to use more Seachem products such as Neutral Regulator and Phosguard so I decided I would give this a shot. As other reviewers have stated it will do a lot more than just remove chlorine and Chloramines. Detoxifies any and all heavy metals in your tap water, Helps regenerate natural slime coat, Neutralizes Ammonia, Neutralizes Nitrite, Neutralizes high Nitrate to non toxic levels, Removes toxic gases,Will not foam or change PH. For the price you really can't beat this stuff..A few drops in a 55 gallon? At first I thought to myself no way that little bit treats all of that water. I took the gamble and half expected to wake up to some dead fish but no..Everything is good...water levels all check out and the fish are happy.. I have done 3 - 30% water changes with no issues and I got rid of at least 3 other products I was using. For the price...In My Opinion, You cannot go wrong with this.
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on July 10, 2015
Its awesome my discus were kinda edgy at first when adding it but they adjusted quickly and flawlely it is a heavily planted tank sadly and the buffer does cause the dreaded black beard algae,
I was prepared already since I use seachem flourish products which keep by plants bright and healthy but do cause algae I had bought 47 flying fox algae eaters for the tank and they keep every thing away don't worry the dish army crowded it's a 520 gallon tank.
Never the less this product is great for sifting and lower ph in your aquarium planted or not just be prepared for algae!
Here's what black beard algae looks like so you know if you have any in your aquarium.
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on February 29, 2012
Shrimp are more sensitive to chemicals than fish are and this is the only brand I trust. I use it between water changes to prevent and ammonia spikes and I have not lost a single shrimp. A little goes a long way.
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on July 24, 2015
What a godsend to have discovered Prime. Performance wise, it beats everything else I've tried & is more versatile as it can be used in case of dangerous spikes to detoxify nitrites & nitrates: - so very important for the beginner &/or new tank set ups. The real kicker is the per gallon treatment doesn't cost nearly as much as the Tetra. You cannot compare bottle to bottle cost ($/ounce) since Seachem Prime is super concentrated: 5 ml treats 50 gallons, while 5 ml of Tetra treats only 10 gallons. The Prime cap measures 5 ml & for smaller amounts it advises each cap thread will treat ten gallons, Personally I find it easier to use a hypodermic (sans needle!) to measure ml of the product as it can simply be adjusted for less than ten gallons. I was most impressed by their website & encourage you to visit as well as they explain all their products usages in easy to understand language.
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