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on November 5, 2014
I'm almost certain this could never happen. Those pesky Russians lobbed something into space eons ago and wouldn't you know it, it belatedly/suddenly heads for Seattle one rainy day and has to be shot down, which creates an even bigger mess, because there was a really bad experiment on-board. Thank goodness it happened on a day when scientist Tom (Esai Morales) and his intended (Ona Grauer as Lt. Cmdr. Emma) were in town with their bickering teens so they could handily save the world (and what was left of Seattle). And what a break, a Russian geezer (Jay Brazeau) happens to be passing by and it turns out that he's just the guy needed to explain the biological weapon they shot down. Too bad they first have to deal with a megalomaniac dope with a gun he's not afraid to use. He's miffed because they won't let him blow something up. How rude.

I had oodles of fun watching this mess of epic proportions. The characters were all stock. Just about everyone is plucky. The dialog is very gung ho. Ona Grauer does macho like no one can or should. The story is fanciful. People run and scream. I saw more close-ups of shoes than I ever wanted to. At least it had a dandy moral: the family that saves together stays together!

It's crap but it's funny crap.
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on November 26, 2013
1. Really bad science - not even up to middle school level. All of it and there was a lot just thrown in for no reason other than sound bites.
2. Stilted, robotic acting. A lot of unemotional read a line; cut and edit; read another line, etc. No more than a line at a time; sounded like memorized moments before. Stupid dialogue only possible from script writers who have no clue about real life conversations at any level.
3. Really bad visual effects/graphics; seemed more cartoonish than real. Especially the missile launched; falling debris; smoke columns; fake electrical storm; fake tornado.
4. Produced out of B.C. and probably filmed there with a few, repeated over and over, boring cut scenes taken from a Seattle tourist promo.
5. The usual fake few people running in a panic dropping groceries (cheap to drop) and locking as if they're really posing for the cameras. Usual fake debris flying about.
6. Predictable ending with the stereotypical teen coming up with an idea to save the world and it works.
7. In the credits it seemed as if every other person was an assistant to someone (brave of them to agree to have their names listed), even one called "Best boy". They'e assistants because the budget called for lots of free on the job training help.
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I ordered this today. I am a collector of schlocky disaster/monster/horror "B" movies from The Asylum and other
crank-'em-out-this-week movies. I prefer the titles that cost less than $13 [for superstitious reasons]. I cannot be-
lieve that I missed THIS one (I just ordered it after searching previous orders).

I'm popping some corn right now in anticipation of how CHEESY this will be. If it sucks, I'll edit this and tell you ALL
about it. After all, it DOES h-a-v-e Esai Morales in it. Bring it on!
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on August 27, 2013
Maybe I shouldn't have watched Star Trek Into Darkness right before watching this movie and expected too much.

The usual lame script, direction, special effects, and acting from the Syfy Channel. At least with their other movies they seem to be able to get some B List actors who make an attempt to salvage the movie. They probably read this script and passed. This movie had the formula family issue and then they come together in the end and save the world (or in this case Seattle) but was more clumsy and predictable by the lightweight actors. Instead of spending your money on watching Seattle get saved, I would spend the money on a double latte from a Seattle coffee company instead. Not a deep review but this is all the time and thought I wanted to spend on it.
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on November 9, 2014
This is one of those low budget Sci-fi movies, where a mystery object crashes in Seattle and the only people who have a clue of what is going on is the couple with the most bratty teenagers ever. You got the government type who is against our would be saviors. The couple of characters that we just know are not going to live to see the end credits but who come on the hero's side.
"Seattle Superstorm" is one of those Sy-Fy movie you watch once and then forget about and not really worth owning.
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on October 13, 2014
A soon to be new family - mother (a Major in the service) with one daughter and father (a scientist) with one son will marry soon. The soon to be new family kids hate each other and don't want this marriage to take place. They are all in Seattle close to the Space Needle. The parents are teamed up to find out what this is and how to stop the heavy rains and hurricane-force winds before it annihilates the whole planet. It's a pretty good story.
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on December 21, 2013
Okay, this may take a bit explaining, I mean folks I am still trying to wrap my around this excercise in special effects. USSR, heavy water, virus, flood water. Oh and by the way sinister government involvement, everything but the kitchen sink. We get the water being gobbled up and replaced by some kind of organism or maybe a secret weapon. When it was over I filed it in the deepest corner of the library. If you must, don't say I didn't advise you not too.
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on October 3, 2015
Wow, I saw that it was rated up there, and I realized it was going to be a B, but was not prepared for how bad B it was. The acting, along with the unbelievable scenarios, and a teenage girl providing solutions to people majorly experienced in their fields, all because she learned some chemistry in high school... ROFLMAO I remember chemistry in high school... definitely nothing in that class alone to even come close to the kind of knowledge that this chick had ... again above and beyond those in their experienced fields. LOL Just unbelievable. Quick ending that they solved the problem... I need a shotgun to finish this off! LOL
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on August 17, 2015
Great SyFy channel movie that I saw when first was on the SyFy channel. Great special effects, drama and a man made storm that should of never happen. This storm was some countries mad science project that some how in a sane moment saw the light and sent this horrible nightmare of man's doing into very deep space. Now we are safe...oh how they thought until the space craft drifted to earth and was pulled in by Earths gravity. You need to watch how the story is laid out
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on December 5, 2013
Absolutely awful story line, really bad acting and horrible premise for a movie. Total disappointment and a giant waste of $3.99. Don't bother. It made no sense and had no decent flow of the story. The characters are really bad actors and there was no chemistry among any of them.
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