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on December 1, 2013
When you finish reading a book and feel a sense of wonder linger in your mind you know it's a winner!!! This book rekindles the imagination and belief in fairy tales that we all had as children but lost or forgot about when we became adults. It causes that spark to be reborn, that desire return to find a sense of wonder in a twinkling light (could it be a fairy???) Every character in this story, though broken from life's experiences, has their life changed all because of a woman named Wendy, an elderly woman who never lost her belief in the fairy tale world of Peter Pan. The characters include two children, their mother, a lonely scientist, and an adult child (Wendy's daughter.) It is a delight to read and to share!
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on April 10, 2014
liked the book because it took me back to the days of make believe, and made me want to believe all over again. And, not only that but, it has me reading bedtime stories to my grandchildren. And, this couldn't have come at a better time. I have just moved in with them, their dad died suddenly at a friends house where they were celebrating his promotion.
They asked me what I was reading and when I said a book about Peter Pan, that's how we got started. So, we will be on Amzon shopping for more books for their ages. The each get to pick out a book.
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on December 17, 2013
I wanted a little light read and as I love stars decided to try this book and I just got lost (in the best possible way) in the story and found myself thinking of people and moments and memories that had lain dormant. This is now one of my favorites as it had a message that I needed to hear as the well woven tale moved ahead. I do indeed BELIEVE!
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on March 14, 2014
When I was little I remember going to the Muny Theater in St. Louis to see the play Peter Pan. I loved it as a child! I also love the ride at both Disney parks. To me Peter Pan inspires your imagination. Mary Alice Monroe takes on Peter Pan in her latest novel Second Star to the Right.
Faye O’Neil and her children Tom and Maddie move to a flat in London. Tom has suffered emotionally and psychologically from an accident. His sister Maddie is very cautious and looks after her brother. She is there to start a new job. This flat is special in many ways because the children begin to have hope through the little lights they see in the evening. They also are obsessed with Wendy Darling Forester who shares great stories of Peter Pan. Faye is not sure about encouraging the imagination of her children. Will her son Tom’s struggles change her mind? Will he succeed in encouraging Faye’s imagination?
My Thoughts:
I unfortunately did not love this novel. I very much enjoy Mary Alice’s writing but this novel struck me as being different than what she usually publishes. Don’t get me wrong I love the idea surrounding the idea of Peter Pan. I just struggled in keeping my interest in the story.
I thought the setting was great! The Flat is described as the Darling home which Wendy inherited. Her daughter later transforms into apartments. This house includes a description of the garden. This garden was influenced by Wendy’s experience with Peter Pan.
I was also able to share the emotional up and down of the characters.
Don’t miss her next novel coming out soon!
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on January 3, 2014
To read this story you must leave your adult baggage at the door to the ancient house where all takes place. An American mother and her daughter and son move to England to escape an abusive husband and rent rooms in an old home. Basement area is rented by a handsome, and fun, man. And upstairs in the nursery rooms lives a delicate old woman who is...Peter Pan's Wendy. She has been waiting for his return for years and always leaves the window open for him. This is a beautiful story about the old, the new and the magic that exists if we allow ourselves to believe. The ending is a surprise and will cause a giggle and a sigh!! The author is excellent in keeping your interest as she weaves the sad, love and make believe into a delightful place that you won't want to leave. You will reluctantly close the book, but NEVER close the window.
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on July 25, 2014
Read from July 05 to 06, 2014

4.5 Stars

Peter Pan lives if you believe; just look and wish upon the Second Star To The Right. Faye O'Neill and her two young children arrive in London. They are quite subdued. Faye's divorce has had quite the effect upon all three of them. She's not the same confident woman she was before marrying Rob O'Neill. Six year old Tom has not spoken a word in over a year after...

Maddie is precocious. She is bossy with a heart of Gold yearning to be safe and loved. She is very protective of her mum and younger brother. No. 14 just may be what the Doctor ordered. No. 14 is where Wendy Forrester lives up in the Nursery that looks amazingly like Wendy Darling's. And the old woman truly believes that she is THE Wendy. Her daughter sternly tells the O'Neill's that they are not to disturb the old lady. Do they listen? Nah! And that's the magic of the story, or at least part of it.

The other part of the story is in the 2nd flat. Jack Graham is a very handsome world renown scientist and loves the house and ol' "Crazy Wendy." He himself is a Lost Boy. (Peter Pan's Lost Boys? Maybe, maybe not.) When you believe, anything is possible! Can this old house with the overgrown garden that the children clean up with the smiling Peter Pan fountain heal two broken adults and two frighten and sad children? Believe, and wish upon the second star to the right and you'll too will begin to hear a flute and see a small ball of light flying throughout No.14 in London.

I just loved this novel! Mary Alice Monroe has brought Peter Pan's magic to the novel, but not in an overt way. I laughed and cried in various parts and when it ended, my heart was swollen with joy!
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on December 30, 2015
Mary Alice Monroe does a marvelous job of providing a beautifully written story as a sort of "Epilogue" to the well-loved tale of "Peter Pan." Two unhappy children and a worn and weary mother move into an apartment belonging to an elderly woman named Wendy. As the tale unfolds more and more convincing evidence seems to point to this women as the now grown old "Wendy" taken by Peter Pan to mother "the Lost Boys" in Neverland. Th children are quickly charmed whereas the adults in the story: the mother, their apartment neighbor, and Wendy's grown children question the old lady's sanity and her fitness to serve as an occasional sitter for the children. Monroe quickly captures the reader's Interest with this moving tale that reminds us of the resilience of childhood and the power of believing. This is a book most any reader would find captivating and a most enjoyable read.
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on January 3, 2014
I have to admit I was attracted to the characters, but in the end I just kept shaking my head. I think the worst part was when the first big kiss happened, I had to read how he used his tongue like a sword. Please.
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on April 24, 2014
Dr. Jack Graham: sworn bachelor, loner and physicist. An American in London while on temporary assignment at the Institute. "The hired gun brought in to fix the problem." He currently lives in a garden-floor apartment in a three-story flat. On the top floor is the eccentric elderly mother of his landlady. Who believes she is Wendy from the story of Peter Pan . And now he has some new neighbors: single-mom Faye O'Neill and her children, Maddie and Tom. Newly arrived from America. Who don't believe in Peter Pan. Or Santa Claus. Or the Easter Bunny.

Faye O'Neill had left a very troubled marriage. She was not only looking for a new start but this family of three required a time for healing. The very few ups and many downs of their life had taken a toll.

She was hired by her old boss and given a chance to prove herself in the advertising field. Again. Except this time insecurities she thought were buried resurfaced. And she knew she had to not only prove to herself she could reenter the job market; she had to do it for her daughter and son. She is The Adult, the serious one, who has had little time for games and magic.

Over a period of weeks, Jack becomes friends with the children using, of all things, his telescope. They search the stars and planets. He got more of a rush from Maddie's inquisitive questions and Tom slowly opening up than teaching his grad students new theories. At the same time, he became aware he was attracted to Faye. "Like charges repel each other, unlike charges attract. He couldn't think of anyone more unlike himself than Faye O'Neill. Or anyone he found more drawn to."

“Wendy," Peter Pan continued in a voice that no woman has ever yet been able to resist, "Wendy, one girl is more use than twenty boys.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

It should be mentioned that this story exemplifies women's fiction. "The Romance Writers of America organization defines women's fiction as a commercial novel about a woman on the brink of life change and personal growth. Her journey details emotional reflection and action that transforms her and her relationships with others, and includes a hopeful/upbeat ending with regard to her romantic relationship." In SSTTR, there is a love relationship but it is secondary to everything that is going on. And like other books I have been reading lately I had a problem with the last 50 or so pages. It wasn't as well-written as I expected but I still enjoyed the story.

Enchanting comes to mind to describe this upbeat adult fairy tale. It seemed that all of the characters had hardships that molded their lives. But planets collide, stars are discovered and happiness opens its doors to these wonderful people. If you are looking for a book that will have you smiling, try SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT.

*I recommended this to: Believers of Adult Fairy Tales, Animal Lovers, Mothers of Any Age, and Lovers of Gentle Romances.*
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on March 13, 2014
This book went BEYOND my expectations and would highly recommend it to ANYONE who loves the story of Peter Pan. I couldn't put it down. Not only is it woven so beautifully together but it is the kind of story that is truly believable! The premise of the story draws you in and doesn't let you go...
Without giving the story away, if you remember how in "HOOK" with Robin Williams was wound around the theory that Pan grew up...well, this involves Wendy, who now is a quite old woman who still believes in Neverland, nor has she wavered in her beliefs...and waits for Peter to return.
Take that, mix it in with a mom with two precious children; a scientist who also teaches; a dog who is the descendant of NANA and place them all in the home that Wendy and her brothers grew up in. Wendy is still in the nursery but her adult daughter with a downright ugly temperament refuses to believe anymore. The characters are so believable that it is like you know them personally. The mom and kids are refugees of a most abusive ex-husband and dad to the effect that the little boy has gone mute.
You want a great read that has no sex, profanity, or torture, then this is for you. I truly wish that more stories like this were written.
Do I believe? You bet...but I also believe in the magic of Santa, elves, fairies, angels and whimsy.
One more thing, just when you think you have the story figured out??? you don't! No peeking, now.
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