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TOP Secret Spy Camera Mini Clock Radio Hidden DVR- Continuous power or battery
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on May 9, 2013
Pattern Name: old wersionVerified Purchase
Updated video and comments.
> Video is 640x480, high quality, LED IR ON and Night-Vision ON.
> 5 feet then 7 feet. Dark room, then room lights on.
> The black target left of the clock is a 6 inch diameter bull's-eye for pellet pistols.
> For detail note the small tassel on the right door handle in the 7 feet / lights on version.

Thanks to Nick (the seller) for his helpful advice in making this video.

============= ORIGINAL REVIEW FOLLOWS =============

I decided to buy one after seeing the quick response, by the seller, with regard to the individual that had a problem.

Item arrived quickly - ahead of Amazon's estimate - which impressed me as we are on opposite sides of the USA.

The other reviews here are positive but brief. I want to add detail. It really IS a sweet little item.
I've tried a number of these for office security and MANY are JUNK. Go ahead, check my other product reviews. It's a relief to find one the seller stands behind. Now I do also.

1. The unit fits in the palm of your hand. It is a nice travel clock. LED display is not too bright. Tiny and easy to pack. Discrete.
UPDATE: If you find the display too bright as a nightstand clock, use a screen protector for a cellphone. For $2 the "High Quality Privacy Screen Protector Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 Sprint" (Amazon) covered (and dimmed) the screen but did not block the cam so you won't have to move the protector in the AM for security "duty".

2. The AC adaptor is both 110V and 240V - THANK YOU! - so you can use it in Europe / China / etc - outside the USA. My Sonicare toothbrush can't do that. International AC adaptors are a must in my opinion. Travelers: The cord is about 2 feet. See seller comment to this review for longer cord options. Note that it does have a USA plug so for China/Europe you'll need plug adaptors - but you do NOT need a voltage change.

3. VIDEO: I intend to use this as a security cam in my hotel room as I travel often for business. A little extra "peace of mind".
You can choose 320x240 or 640x480 for video resolution. These choices are pretty standard for security cams. I set it to 640x480 and "high" quality. Looks NICE!!! Obviously, more quality image means more memory used. Follow the seller guide (included - see item 4).

BIG PLUS... the IR LED lighting is 940 nm! Who cares? 940nm is invisible to the eye. Many cams use lower nanometer levels which glow RED - the universal signal that you are recording. I viewed THIS item with another IR camera and only then did I confirm the lighting was "on". Nice!

NOTE: See the first comment to this review, from Nick (the seller), regarding the amount of video time per gigabyte of memory.

4. The instructions included are TINY - but the seller forwards you a LARGE size version PLUS a two-page "get started" guide. I was functioning in under 10 minutes. Follow the seller's guide step-by-step. Honestly, if you have a micro SD card reader you are ready to go in no time at all. No software necessary. There is a micro DVD included - with English User's Manual, video example, etc - but I found the seller doc more useful.

5. When you check your micro SD card you will see FOUR folders have been added - Music, Pictures, Rec, Video
Any use of the cam goes into the "Rec" folder (there is another "video" folder in "Rec"). Why mention this? Because it really IS a clock/radio/MP3 player combination. I put a set of songs into the "Music" folder and it plays them well. Sound is not bad - considering it's so small. It will also auto advance to the next song. I'm listening to it now. If you have an iPhone or iPod you might not use it - but then an iPhone doesn't have night vision.

6. Mine is silver - as in the first photo above (detail page). Some of the photos show other colors. I'm happy with silver. I think that is the default. Contact the seller if you have a question.

7. Travelers... it has a small pull-string sack to carry it. That will help protect it - and the accessories - in your luggage.

***** The clock has no alarm ***** But it has so many other features (cam, true IR, radio, mp3 player, etc) the lack of alarm is not a deal breaker (for me).

Bottom line: The item is impressive. Make sure you're buying from onlineenterprises888. Don't know him. Not connected in any way. But I have to admit the item and the service make the purchase risk free.

That's how it should be. Thanks!!

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on October 29, 2013
Pattern Name: old wersionVerified Purchase
I have no prior experience with spy camera and cannot give a fair comparison with other similar product. My comments are based purely on my intended usage. I suspect my domestic help is stealing items from us; based on the good reviews here, I brought 2 of it. However, the following are my feedback:
1. Reliable. It can record as promised
2. Hidden its true purpose quite well; you don't suspect it is a spy cam.
3. Has a good sound quality (why? I need good recording functions .. not good sound quality)
Not so good:
1. Very narrow angle of view.(45degree or less) - In a normal size bedroom. you probably need 2 or 3 of these to cover all corners.
2. Low quality video, especially in low light condition.
3. when recording, it can only function the dual role of a clock. you can't record while it functions as a radio (my domestic helper switch it to radio and the recording stops)
4. NO motion detection alert. So you have to review all recordings.

I set to 1 hour recording per file (max) and I need 2 of these to just cover 80% of the room. Without motion detection, It means that I need to review 20+ recording files after a long work day. It is just too time consuming. In one of these heap of files, I saw some suspicious activities. However, the recording is so poor that I cannot draw a conclusion.

It is too time consuming so I am still looking for a better alternative.
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on July 19, 2013
Pattern Name: old wersion
I have to say I too bought this because of the great reviews on the seller onlineenterprises888 and the great reviews on his help and support. I knew I needed some kind of nannycam being in a certain family situation where I need proof of what is actually happening. I must say without his YouTube video and his instructions and other reviewers instructions, I would not have been able to do this. Everyone helped with what to buy to make this work right away so I ordered the camera, the 32 scan disk and the privacy screen. So there everything was, just sitting in the box for a few days, with me looking at it sideways every once and awhile, saying I have to set this up. Tomorrow the family member is coming over so I said ok, I will have to try & set this up today even though I am not too good at setting up these types of things. But after watching the video and pausing it often so I could keep up or rewinding it & watching parts agsin, I did it. Eureka! It works! I have it set up in the living room under the lamp so it just looks like a digital clock. I will update this post after tomorrow's visit by my Bipolar family member when I see how well it recorded his visit. Stay tuned....Oh, also I asked onlineenterprises888 a question here on the question and answer section and he answered right away. Very impressive, Thank you!


OK, now for the update, of course he didn't come the next day, he didn't come til Sunday. The camera caught everything. After viewing it & listening to it, everyone now saw & heard his actual behavior and can't believe the way he talks to me. Everyone now says I need to get a restraining order against him. I had told him I had a nannycam before he came and reminded him I had a nannycam recording all of this and he said if he finds it he will smash it. You could see him looking around for it but he never noticed this clock. This one recording was worth the cost of the camera to me. Nobody would believe me before. I even played it for his mother up north and she could hear it fine over the phone. This is a great product! Not to mention a great seller! At first, I couldn't get the audio to play when I plugged the device on the computer and was so disappointed, then I went to the questions & answers on this page and followed the suggestions. It played audio & video fine on the actual device, it was my computer that needed the VLC media player free download for windows to play the audio & video, and it now plays great on the computer! !


OK, for the latest update, so I filed the temporary restraining order and we had court today for the final hearing/injunction. I took the camera into court & the judge allowed the video recording into evidence and had me play the recording right there in the courtroom. The audio was fantastic. They were all impressed that it was a stand alone device. I set it up on the table that I was sitting at for the Petitioner and everyone was able to hear everything even though the judge was about 15 feet away sitting high up on the bench and the court reporter was sitting next to him. The video was too small of course for them to see from that far but they didn't need to see it anyway, all they had to do was listen to the verbal violence that was going on. Even the defendant could hear it across the room at his table.

After listening to the recording, the judge granted me the final injuntion. I am so impressed with this device and that the legal system here in Florida allows this as evidence and am so impressed that it worked so well as a stand alone device - no need for computers, no need for any cords or even a power source. It ran off it's own battery in the courtroom. This has been the best money I have ever spent! No one can fully appreciate what you can only describe, hearing it for their selves, what really happened, allows them to understand what you are going through and what the true experience entailed. I urge anyone in a similar situation to get this camera, the judge was denying all other injunctions today but this camera showed the court the proof that I needed this injunction and what could the defendant say in his defense? This was better than a person as a witness. The court had no need to doubt the veracity of this evidence, the court was able to make their decision based on the actions of the defendant which they could hear for themselves!

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on September 22, 2013
Pattern Name: Version 2010
Against the recommendations I bought this little motion-detection device since I think someone has a key to the apartment I just rented and is using my facilities on a regular basis. It arrived on time as all Amazon purchases do. I was a little dismayed that the power adapter was missing but I have many electronic devices and I found an adapter that worked with the included USB cord. The battery charged up fully in less than 2 hours. I had a 1gb Micro SD card from an old dumb cell phone and I installed it easily into the TF slot... the contacts on the SD card have to be UP to activate the spring-load TF slot. I played around with the remote and filmed myself in what was surprisingly good quality video. I also found that the motion-detection video works fine. I have to think that the people who had problems with it couldn't figure out that they should keep it plugged in to a power source if they want long-term recording and that TF is just another term for flash memory. The instruction book says it is a Mini SD card but this is wrong, it takes a MICRO SD flash memory card. I am disappointed that it won't take a photo on motion-detection, but I may be wrong about that. I am okay with capturing a video of my secretive visitor and will most likely purchase a larger SD card. The included software didn't work but when you plug in the device to a PC it mounts as a removable device and your images are in the DCIM folder. I, too, don't like it that the blue light flashes to indicate it is recording as that will be a dead giveaway to an intruder, BUT, I will place the device in an area that hides it, yet allows the lens and motion-detection sensor to be unimpeded.

In summary, the bad reviews it got are mostly unfounded from what must be people who may be tech-challenged and for the price, this is a good little alarm clock camera. And yes, it works as an alarm clock.
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on May 6, 2013
Pattern Name: old wersionVerified Purchase
I use this to monitor my home while at work. I turn on the recording when I leave the house and off when I return. The unit in plugged into the AC charger all the time and since I have the spy camera set to loop record there is no need to delete files from the device ever.
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on November 24, 2013
Pattern Name: old wersionVerified Purchase
Rare among low-cost Chinese-made video "spy" electronics, this one actually works!
Although the field-of-view is somewhat narrow (I'd guess about 30 degrees) it is adequate to capture a 10-foot area if the camera is back about six feet or so.
The resolution at "high quality" is standard TV 640 x 480; good enough to recognize people for security purposes but not what we'd call "Hi Def" by any means.
The IR LED's are kind of useless, produce lens flare when the subject is close and don't have much range, plus they lend a wierd color cast to the images since when they are turned on the camera still runs in normal-color mode instead of the "IR-green" you are probably familiar with.
But there are some positives:
1. It works reliably! This is something I can't say about the majority of Chinese-made miniature camera equipment. I had a LawMate 500 pocket DVR (was about $400 nback in the day) -which self-destructed and became useless after a couple of years of use... I recently had a "Spy Pen" which worked once then self-destructed, useless.
This little Mini Clock Radio actually works, and the display screen will work to review the video it takes.

2. It is discreet -ish. Though the lights are bright on the display and there is an LED that illuminates the translucent base (why?) in a way it is discreet by hiding in plain sight. Some covert nanny-cams are invisible, hiding in clocks or teddy-bears, but this one hides by being obvoiusly 'there'.

3. The thing actually sounds pretty good as a powered extension speaker. Surprisingly good, actually, as an iPod speaker.

4. As a security recorder, I'm able to get just over 24 hours' recording time on a class-10 Adata micro-SD at "full" resolution and image size. Under most circumstances this will be sufficient to transfer the incriminating video before the unit records over the starting point. There is no start and end-timer that I could see. It's either recording all the time, or it isn't.

On the down side:
-I had a hard time getting it to play videos recorded on other equipment. I tried various compression schemes and formats, and results were usually "can't play video" or some such message. That's OK because it as not purchased to BE an entertainment device, but it would be good to be able to play somthing in order to show people how it was a "normal" media player and establish a cover story for the device.

-Although it records well onto a 16-Gig card, if I try to format the card in the device it errors out, saying. "no card found", yet it is in the slot and plays video. The onboard OS was probably set up for an 8-gig card.

There is actually no alarm-clock function- it has a clock, and ostensibly a radio in it (though I couldn' pick up any stations in the couple minutes i tried- it doesn't seem to have the ability to set an alarm time and then play media, again, another useful feature that could help establish its "bona-fides" to the unwitting as a plain clock radio. But oh well.

As a nanny-cam, sitting on an office shelf, or on a fireplace mantle, in a kitchen, this little unit would blend right in, as a digital clock. I think for the money it's probably one of the best covert video recorders available in this price range.
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on September 24, 2013
Pattern Name: old wersionVerified Purchase
Received it in a timely manner but the thing doesn't work. Will not recognize the memory card and I tried 2 different cards that work in other devices. Also the radio doesn't pick up any stations only sound it makes is static. Very disappointed.
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on February 9, 2014
Pattern Name: old wersionVerified Purchase
A big waste of money. We ordered the 32GB card with this "camera" and it would never record or it would freeze and we would have to unplug, restart, and reprogram, several times. I finally gave up out of fear of throwing it against my wall and possibly damaging my wall. Don't waste your money, save yourself the frustration.
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on June 25, 2013
Pattern Name: old wersionVerified Purchase
I read several reviews saying this camera was hard to operate however I found it very easy. Just a few buttons and you are recording. The camera looks like a small alarm clock. Very discrete. Great picture too. Love this little camera.
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on December 27, 2013
Pattern Name: old wersionVerified Purchase
It is impossible to program. After setting the time from the year 2087, how many clicks is that??? it goes back to 2087. Set it at 15:45, at the hour it goes to 4:00. Hold two buttons, mode, menu, escape, ok, the definitions of those changes depending on what you're trying to do. Pamplet written is poor english. I'm sending mine back.
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