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on July 1, 2013
I've heard this story years ago about the interaction of extraterrestrial beings and a top secret segment in the US government. It was rumored that it was this event that inspired the final scene in"Close Encounters of the Third Kind". I bought the book because I heard the author on a talk show, and he sounded so pragmatic, that he impressed me to think that maybe there is something to this story after all. The author did not sound like a kook or an extremist. He was very non emotional, almost like an ex military spokesman with the monotone voice etc. I'm still not convinced, but something may have happened, because the story just will not go away. Sort of like Roswell. Where there is smoke, there is fire. This book is the smoke. What exactly the fire is, I don't know. But it is worth reading just for the sake of curiosity if nothing else.
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on August 6, 2013
Simple answer yes, since 1985 while at the Foreign Technology Division (FTD-WP) there were stories about an exchange program discussed inside the vault. Is the book right? Simple answer no, the book is taken directly from the SERPO Web Site.

Disinformation (defined as True/False, in this case mostly false) just like the Dan Burisch story about a sick alien, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Counter-intelligence pumping more disinformation into the public domain.

It's captivating and inspiring, but what is true?

1) Anon says: In making this plea, Anonymous is communicating to Martinez how important it is to leave the Commander's precise phraseology intact and to reproduce it exactly as he recorded it with incorrect spelling, grammar, and inconsistencies included. He understood that this diary must be given to posterity "warts and all."

False statement: no logs are put in a government document with all the errors. The logs like any rough draft are cleaned up before they are ever put in any official government document which makes all the logs suspect or disinformation. How it might sound doesn't make it true.

The human to alien conversations sound very much like human to human at a 5th grade level.

2) President Kennedy gave the official directive for the Eben exchange program. The date for the alien landing had been previously set for April 24, 1964, and the landing site was to be at the western border of Holloman Air Force Base,

False: the contact site wasn't Holloman, that was disinformation. It was the Trinity site. The Socorro incident (Lonnie Zamora, April 24, 1964) was where the aliens landed by mistake. And yes, JFK was very involved, that part is true and perhaps one of the reasons he was killed.

3) The primary training for the mission took place at Camp Peary, Virginia, on the York River near Williamsburg. This is the not-so-secret main CIA training location popularly known as "The Farm," but officially referred to as the Armed Forces Experimental Training Activity (AFETA). The project was assigned its own training complex within the larger facility, where it could impose its own secrecy and security within the already highly secure CIA system.

False: It was the NTS, the most secure site in the world. And EBE-2 was male not female. However, EBE-3 was female.

4) Travel: That means they traveled at about forty times the speed of light! It would be impossible to achieve that velocity with any known means of propulsion, no matter how exotic. The only explanation for this is time travel.

False and quite a glaring error by Anon which gives further doubts. If they really had inside knowledge then they would of known about the Alcubierre Warp drive which allows faster than light travel.

Objects cannot accelerate to the speed of light within normal space-time; instead, the Alcubierre drive shifts space around an object so that the object would arrive at its destination faster than light would in normal space. Time travel not needed.

5) False information: The dome covers the wedge of Element 115. Model designed by Robert Lazar and Ken Wright.

Element 115 was found to be very unstable and not on the Periodic Table even today. Lazar is a credible source but he was fed disinformation while at Area51/S4: see link in comment section.

6) NAZI Flying saucers? The mythology never ends. If the average reader would use common sense then ask yourself where are all those NAZI Flying saucers today? Why are we still flying rockets and Space Shuttles. Then planning missions to the asteroid belt and Mars using rockets. Again, where are those NAZI Flying saucers? Why were the NAZIs still developing V1 & V2 rockets if they had a functional anti-gravity device?

7) Crystal Rectangle fake information:

-FAKE: Our scientists have discovered the substance contained in the dot. The dot was found to be a perfectly rounded particle of charged (?) antimatter. Our scientists still don't understand how this piece of antimatter can remain stable until it is "tasked" with movement. They still don't understand once a demand is made to the CR, that the antimatter starts its movement and creates energy.

-THE FACTS: The CR device never uses antimatter. It extracts energy out of the vacuum using H5 as a catalyst, very unstable unless contained in the CR. And, the name Pentagen for H5 is fake.

-FAKE: When an energy demand is placed on the CR, it creates a signal, that can be measured at 23.450 MHZ. However, when increased demand is placed on the CR the frequency is modulated from 23.450 MHZ to 46.900 MHZ or double the original frequency. However, when the demand is reduced, the frequency drops to 1.25 KHZ, which is a constant frequency when no demand is placed on the CR. Regardless of what power demand is placed on the CR, the frequency NEVER raises to more than 46.900 MHZ!

-THE FACTS: The CR has no fixed frequency output. It adjust its output in volts, amperes and frequency based on the demand placed on it by any electronic device: voltage range is from millivolt to megavolts. The CR was utilized during Space Station construction. Reference: Exempt from Disclosure

You don't get an FBI investigation over fake documents (Defense Intelligence Agency TS/Code Word) in a publication. FBI to Kit Green, 'none of our business.' They didn't want to have another Wikileaks, NSA Snowden type scandal, this time over aliens.

8) Deep Space probes: half of the names are fake. See link in comment section for what's known.

9) Backed engineered alien craft: again, if we had working anti-gravity devices we sure wouldn't be flying rockets.

THE PROPULSION SYSTEM: The basic principles are simple in concept, but not in application (a very complex system says LANL) and why the prototypes never worked right.

In the movie INTERSTELLAR we still use rockets:

However, as of 2004 LANL sources have told me they are working on the problem but, having one hell of a time reverse engineering (ie, craft material not made on this Earth) and it's not some advanced rocket system.

Instead, it's called a Negative Force Generating System or anti-gravity. Anti-gravity is Negative Energy like Dark Energy and can do a number of things like:

1) Create an Alcubierre Warp Drive which can move an Interstellar Spaceship 100s of times faster than the speed of light...see link.

2) Open Wormholes and keeps them open. Wormholes require negative energy ...only be possible if exotic matter (in this case, anti-gravity) with negative energy density could be used to stabilize them.

3) The Space-time bubble created by negative energy puts you in a different space-time and could allow the Spaceship to pass through solid obstacles like we see Ufos pass through mountains, doors not needed!

For what might be true see Rick Doty's discussion on SERPO in the comment section.

There is more, but the high points were covered: so, did SERPO really happen? Sure it did but not the way our DIA fantasy prone Anon source depicts to the world.

Perhaps someday we might see those 3000 pages locked up in the Ft Belvoir Vault or other places, who knows.
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on July 6, 2013
The first 50+% of the book is captivating to keep you motivated... Then it turns into a tale. At that point I pondered where is the proof? well, there is none really, other than a story that no one can confirm.

In the tale, a member enroute to Serpo dies of a PE, but there is no body, no exam by the teams doctors to prove it, but it is sold as fact. The last 50% or so, at times become just too convenient to be convincing. Is it really a true story? this tale surely did not convince me enough.

Good read, good price, but lacking enough substance to want me to read it again.
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on May 8, 2013
A month ago I completed all nine seasons of "The X-Files." A week ago, I finally found the X-Files TV movies online and, despite popular opinion expressing the contrary, thoroughly enjoyed them. Two days ago I finished Dolores Cannon's, "The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth." Twenty four hours ago I listened to an recent episode of Coast to Coast AM featuring coverage of the just-completed Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure. My fascination into ufology is at it's absolute peak as I write this review.

Well I'm on chapter three of Secret Journey to Planet Serpo and I feel compelled to review it already. Thus far, I'm deeply saddened to report that it's one giant conspiracy theory. Phrases like, "so we can reasonably conclude" are used numerous times in this first part of the book which addresses the world's knowledge of aliens prior to and during WWII.

To be objective, I'm not yet at the division of the book which tells of the actual journey and I'm holding on to my faith that it will be more concrete, built on factual e-mail correspondences from credible yet anonymous sources (as the introduction claims). I want to believe!

I'll be sure to write a follow-up review once I've finished the book.

Happy reading!

The follow-up (written 4 days later):

I'm officially taking this moment to change my 1 star rating of this book to a five star rating! Once I got to the Roswell Chapter (Chapter 3) I couldn't put the book down. Much later in the book things are brought into full circle and it becomes clear why the WWII foundational discussion was needed...

At many points in the book I was compelled to research references for myself, such as information presented by Linda Moulton Howe about the famed alien autopsy and the briefing to President Reagan presented by researcher Jim Nichols at a Los Angeles MUFON conference. The account is presented in a humble, straightforward manner. It follows the model of the Benny and Barney Hill book, "Captured!" That is, the information is not inflated in order to make a cheap sell; there's little attempt to write a compelling story (suggesting that facts, not fictions, are being laid down). The difference is that "Captured!" bored me to tears and I promptly returned it while "Serpo" sucked me in, having me finish the entire book in four days!

I wanted to believe and I DO believe that the story printed on these pages is authentic. If you are open to the possibility of extraterrestrial life to any degree you'll want to familiarize yourself with this book!
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on July 3, 2013
The information in it is interesting yet at the same time it was a boring book to read. I know that sounds contradictory but it's the only way I can explain it. It probably just depends on your reading preferences. If it were more like they wrote a book about what happened for me personally would have been better. This is more like reading the transcripts of the events. For others that's probably better. It does make it more believable that this actually might have happened. I'm just not the transcript reading type. It was hard to hold me attention. But if this subject interests like it does me it's a good book. I do recommend it.
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on November 2, 2014
I got this book from another source that sells it for much less that Amazon, for which I am grateful. If you do some looking on the web, the whole SERPO thing devolved into a "he said-she said" shouting match where the supposed "informants" were proven to be the same person masquerading as different people. In the long list of "how we found out" stories you quickly lose track of all the names, IP addresses and pissed off people involved, but the whole thing adds up to this was a big hoax. Here comes Mr. Kasten a few years later, trumpeting all this (after proven to be a hoax) as true and trustworthy. Don't believe it for a minute. One example of his total lack of respect for the truth: Appendix 1 the supposed training regime for the "team" says they were trained in the use of C-4 explosives and they took "six pounds of C-4", then a few pages later, in appendix 3, the supposed "real" list of materials taken with them they magically had "1,000 pounds of C4 with 500 blasting caps". Any real author would have researched his material and resolved, or at least questioned, such discrepancies. Mr. Kasten just drones on as if this is all holy writ delivered from the mount. The overall quality of the "book" is somewhere around a 9th grade book report, with very strange celebrations of how heroic these 12 explorers were, and even a part dedicated to the magical notion of how if William Shatner was president, "we might be able to join our space brothers in the Galactic Federation in their quest to restore, protect and advance freedom throughout the galaxy. Certainly we would be a highly valued asset with Captain Kirk at the helm." Uh, Mr Karsten, it was Sulu, not Kirk, who had the helm, and we have enough fake people pretending to be leaders right now without adding in any more. Save your money and go find some real Sci-Fi, like David Weber's Honor Harrington series, they are much better written and probably closer to the truth than this drivel......
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on September 8, 2013
The whoppers in this book, both great and small, are enough to supply a hamburger chain. First, the double whopper with cheese: that the Nazis signed a treaty with the aliens and that the Germans had a secret underground facility buried beneath the ice in Antarctica. We learn here as well that Jesus was an alien and that Christianity was designed by our friends from Serpo, even though the fine folks from that planet believe in reincarnation (which lines up more with the author's theosophical views than it does with Bible based Christianity).

Then there are the side items on the menu. Such as, why on earth would 30 and 40 year old astronauts in the mid-1960's bring along the music of the Beatles and Beach Boys (which would have appealed exclusively to teens and pre-teens)? Unfortunately for our brave explorers, they also had to deal with learning an alien language, since the fine folks of Serpo, unlike every ET I've ever read about, lacked the ability to communicate telepathically. The whole thing would have gone a lot smoother if the residents of Serpo had a few Grays around to help translate.

On the other hand, the journal aspect of the book is highly entertaining, with the part detailing the interstellar ride coming across as so believable that it almost convinced me. There's a lot of grist here for the Hollywood screenwriter and sci-fi writer, and seriously, that part about the secret underground Nazi facility would make for a pretty good Indiana Jones movie. And I must say that the "secret" dialogue regarding Reagan's briefing on the Serpo trip, in which the president was impatient and constantly losing his train of thought, was actually quite a hoot.
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on June 25, 2013
I love these types of books, who can tell if they really are true or not? I don't care, they're more interesting than what we read on the news and the total accumulation of UFO evidence is too overwhelming to ignore. This book was a great addition to my UFO library and I look forward to many more by Len Kasten.
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on August 3, 2014
Good Read - But interesting fiction. First let me say that it is pretty well written piece of fiction and I enjoyed reading it. Much of this material has been severely discreditedand has been shown to be contributed by Richard Doty who has admitted to releasing disinformation in other cases.

As has been mentioned, all of the information is from the web site and many of the technical discrepancies have been addressed either here or on the web page. I just want to address two. 1) That Physics may be different 38 light years away. I am a scientist with degrees in Physics. I very much doubt that the fabric of space is any different there than here. I find it pretty ridiculous that anyone would think that way; the whole thing sounds like somebody without any real knowledge of science participated in this adventure in any way. 2). The books say that Zeta Reticuli is near the Large Magellanic Cloud, The Large Magellanic Cloud is a GALAXY and as they say "Far, Far Away. (About 163,000 light years) Although the author may have meant that when looking up at the star from Earth, it is visually near the Large Magellanic Cloud.

And so far, no planets have been detected in the Zeta Reticuli system but does has am orbiting debris disk.
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on June 5, 2013
How convenient that all but one of the photos disappeared. Even in the 60's-70;s a true scientific expedition would have had artists renderings of some of the wildlife that were mentioned and many scenes of the dwellings/community bldgs. And they could never seem to explain technical things in any detail. This is waste of money if you are looking for a TRUE story!
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