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on July 2, 2001
Before my first read of this book, I actually asked that question. Then, as I was 2/3rd's of the way finished, I realized that I have experienced several objections. Most of which I had accepted as reasons to move on.
Through this book, I have learned that all sales people experience objections, and that it is the savvy salesperson who responds to those objections as though she is a guide, leading her prospect towards her solutions.
Through reading this book, I have written so many notes in the margins, and in a binder that I had to stop to type the details out, then add to them, as I evolved.
I really appreciate this book, because as someone who sells services, and not products, yet, I was able to write directions that work in closing sales to even the most difficult of prospects. I recommend this book to anyone, rather or not you are in sales, because this teaches you to persuade others to accept your ideas, thoughts, products and services. ....
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on October 18, 2008
I owe Zig Ziglar. Big time. This book increased my ability to demonstrate and sell our service dramatically after one read. Zig tells you and then sells you on the fact that you've gotta read his book three times: once with quick notes in the margins, a second time with thorough notes and a third time with a steno pad so you can make your own "Secrets of Closing the Sale."

I've purchased three copies of this book. Two for myself, one to give out to my staff. I started out thinking about sales in the same way most people do - sleazy scumbags out to make a fast buck. I started out wanting to make more money. I ended up learning that "You can have anything in the world you want if you'll just help enough other people get what they want."

Ziglar teaches you, from the beginning, that there's no room for success in a salesman's career if he's taking the fast route, making the quick sale and then locking the door behind him.

Ziglar teaches you that if you want to make a living in the profession of selling you have to truly believe in your product. You have to be so convinced that your product is the right product to fit your prospects needs that you can't possibly believe or understand how they wouldn't want it.

Yeah. Ziglar teaches the closes. There are hundreds of scenarios and stories that demonstrate various closing techniques. Most of them are great (a few are cheesy).

But what makes this book so good is that it constantly drives it home - a good salesman is an honest salesman. A good salesman has his customer's best interest in mine. A good salesman has a solution to a need of his customer. When you help the customer, they will help you (with money).

When I finished this book I felt I needed to learn how to prospect and find new clients for the business I manage so I could show them why they needed us. I started reading books on cold calls and searching the internet for more information. And I started to notice a major trend...

Anyone who knows anything about sales has studied Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing the Sale. You'll see the concepts, ideas and phrases from this book echoed throughout all sales-oriented literature. You're going to see direct quotes. I guarantee it.

If you're only going to ever read one sales book this is the book to read. It's going to teach you how to close the sale, sure, but more importantly it's going to teach you that being a salesman is about helping others. It's going to teach you to be true. And you will profit because of it.

Afterthought: This book will also benefit those who don't directly "sell" to clients but are involved in the overall process of presenting an organization. It's important to "have everyone on the same page" and "playing for the team" when it comes to building a successful business or brand. So if at all possible get a few extra copies of this book and hand it to the individuals who aren't even involved in sales!
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on June 7, 2001
When I first read this book, last month, I was drawn towards it because I couldn't find Maxwell Maltz's books on selling. And, I remember reviewing this book, thinking that I had not heard objections from my prospects, yet, by the time I read page 304, of this 400 page book, I created a notebook with 35 pages of notes, each begins with specific objections that I have heard.
I remember asking myself, "Are you closing one sale after another?" And the answer was "no."
As I read this book for the second time, I am so excited about how I am filling up those pages with very specific, tailored responses to those objections, ones which have led me to close some sales. I keep telling myself, at this point to not make another sales call, until I have read this book 4 times, but because I am learning so much, it is natural for me to make some sort of sales call, everywhere I go. And in most cases, I am gathering information on the person, more information than they probably realize that I am gathering. But it helps me to be in rapport, as I show them that they need my services.
There are some parts in this book where I have read the objections, and examples of how to respond, not react to the objections, and I had said to myself, "I could never do that. It seems somehow wrong." Then, as I read this book for the second time, I am not only adopting what seemed uncomfortable, but I am definitely putting my charming spin on the dialogues.
Long before reading this book, I had read, "Think and Grow Rich," 13 times. And I kept telling myself, so how do I sell what I am doing, to the right people, everytime I make a sales call. And, although each read of "Think and Grow Rich," has added value to me, "Secrets of Closing the Sale," is very specific, and empowering. ...
I am eternally grateful for this book, as I envision the difference that it will have on all aspects of my life.
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on August 19, 2005
What a pleasure it was to read and thoroughly study this treatise on selling by the great Zig Ziglar. I don't care how successful you are right now or how inexperienced you are, this book will take you to new levels of accomplishment.

In Zig Ziglars Secrets of Closing The Sale you will learn from an acomplished sales master. Zig has done it. He has been in selling since 1947 and speaks from actual experience. The techniques offered here are proven, sure fire tested methods, not theory.

This book is huge and can be intimidating to some people at 410+ pages and 38 chapters. You will find over 100 closes and over 700 questions.

You will learn how to paint word pictures and use stories. Not only will your sales take off but your ability to communicate in everyday life will become much easier and more fun as well.

Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing The Sale is a fun read. Zig is witty and the hardest thing I had to do was to put the book down. It's a great read.

The techniques are easy to apply and the best part is that they work even when the client knows what you are doing. Zig also drills the concept of integrity selling and building value as well as following up after the sale.

Five months ago, I went to work for a company that is big on the "Spin" Method of selling. Being open minded, I tried The Spin Method setting aside what I had learned from the past. I was wholly dissappointed. Two months ago, I began studying Zig Ziglars Secrets of Closing Sales and am once again making money in selling and enjoying it.

Thank you Zig. We needed this.
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on January 3, 1999
Zig Ziglar's "Secrets Of Closing The Sale" is probably the best book I've ever read. Not only does it provide you with everything you will ever need to be successful in the world of selling - it thoroughly entertains as well.
"Secrets" provides readers with interesting and humorous stories meticulously tied in with step by step actions and exact scripts for sales people to use in specific situations.
All you have to do is adapt these scripts to your situation and you are ready to start selling more of what you sell.
Zig covers - how to use a tape recorder to explode your selling power - how to use voice inflection to communicate your message more effectively - how to make you and your prospect both winners when you close the sale - and so much more.
Ziglar even has various free items that he will send you scattered throughout the book. Just by responding I've already received three free gifts including an incredible audio casette on voice inflection. It's incredible.
I hope to get to see Zig live one day. He's an incredibly powerful speaker and author. Get this book - even if you have to steal it.
If you do steal it though, read it, learn to sell, sell something, get your commission, then go pay for the book. Zig deserves to get paid. He did a fine job on this one.
Raymond A. Mardo III
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on July 26, 2007
Over the last four years, I have purchased over a dozen copies of this book, in addition to the 12-disk CD seminar series based on the book. It is absolutely the best book on the market for new sales people, as well as those in sales for years. We have 12 sales offices in the state of Florida and there are copies of the book and a set of the CDs in every office. Our sales managers use them all the time to add a training component to their sales meetings.
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on November 25, 2008
When I first started working in the consulting field (as a pre-sales engineer for a software company selling Branch Automation software to the banking industry) - I would often go on sales calls with our top sales executives. I marveled at their skills in handling questions and objections from prospects. Later, after I had helped close several multi-million dollar deals, I would often be sent on pre-sales client presentations by myself. To prepare msyelf, I read many books on sales techniques - listened to many audio programs. By far the most career-impacting single book I read was Zig's Secrets of Closing the Sale.
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on December 30, 2003
While attending a sales class last spring, I met a salesman in my company who was consistently performing at top levels. I asked him his secrets, and he suggested I buy this book and read it. "I could let you borrow my copy," he said with a smile, "but if you invest in your own copy you'll get a lot more out of it."
He was so right. This book shows a lot of tips on closing the sales: how to make the sale when your customers don't show up for appointments, how to handle complaints on price, how to help the prospect sell HIMSELF on the product/service. I don't know how I was ever selling anything before reading this!
It's a delightful read, written with humorous stories and pertinent examples in every chapter. And despite its age (written in the 1980's) it consistently provides good advice. Everything I have read in "Secrets" has been a boon.
Does it work? Well, now I'm the top salesperson in my market area and in the top ten in my region, whereas before reading "Secrets" I was near the bottom in both.
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on July 30, 1999
Zig Ziglar shares with the reader how he overcame obstacles in achieving success in his life, professionally, and personally. He uses stories to show examples of the "Secrets" to closing deals. Many of the stories he shares with the reader are stories about how he was closed by good, professional sales people. He also offers dozens of closes, throughout the book, and advice on how and when to use them most effectively. This book is a must for every professional's personal library,regardless of his or her field. If you want to be a great salesman, buy the book, follow Zig's advice, and his direction, then prepare yourself for great changes.
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on February 23, 2007
In general, I am a fan of Zig Ziglar in that he is model for making money in an ethical fashion. In addition to his business books, he has also written books on raising positive children in a negative world, having a good marriage and other topics that serve a large audience.

Some of his material ranks with the best out there. This book is excellent and something that should be on every salespersons shelf. However, some of the material comes across to me as somewhat manipulative. I don't know if that is because of how it is written or if he really believes that it isn't.

On the other hand, Zig Ziglar is a master communicator and he's the only person I ever knew who got the best of the "SIXTY MINUTES" news show team. In one scene, they say how much of what you do in terms of motivation really lasts and has lasting value. Without missing beat, Zig Ziglar replied, "taking a bath isn't permanent either, you need to do it everyday are you suggesting that this isn't necessary and useful either." A brilliant and accurate response in my opinion!

Anyway, despite my reservations about some of the techniques and communication styles discussed, this book is loaded with excellent ideas for closing a sale. Communication strategies that are eventually embodied in good sales people. I wouldn't hesitate to pick this book up and take what you need from it.
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