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on September 26, 1998
As an attorney I was impressed with the documentation by the author of the history of the development of the Federal Reserve. My undergraduate degree 25 years ago was in economics and I had to read much further to truly understand how our monetary system was unnecessaryily based upon debt. Debt is bondage and central banks as the heart of fractional reserve banking hold the key to control of the world. If you do not believe this look at the policies of the IMF and realize that economic imperialism through central banking essentially controls the world today. A great companion book to read is THE SECRET OF JEKEL ISLAND which explains our monetary system in more depth, and the video CAPITAL CRIMES is an excellent 4 hour treatise on the history of central banking beginning with the money changers in the temple whom Christ confronted and ending with a brilliant plan to gradually increase bank reserves while issuing Constitutional "money" such that banks become mere vaults and the Federal Reserve is put to rest.
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on January 25, 2002
I find it humorous that some reviewers refer to this book as antisemitic. A Jewish psychiatrist I loaned this book to, considered it one of the most important books he had ever read and ordered a copy for himself. Although a Jew, he didn't say one word about it being anti-semitic. Yes, the content is shocking, at least to the typical brainwashed American who rarely tries to escape the imprisonment of his onerous indoctrination. I have over 6,000 books in my library which is much better than the libraries of the several little schools I taught in and consider this book one of the most important in my library. This book is a primary source from which I can write my book on bankers. You'll see that the best conspiracy books draw upon Mullins as a source. The great literary figure, Ezra Pound suggested this topic to his friend, Mullins, while Mullins was visiting Pound in the mental institute the gov't put him in after they captured him in Italy at the end of World War II. Pound spoke out against Jewish bankers running the U.S. and causing the war so they locked him up in a looney bin. Mullins, a reporter, thought it would take about two weeks to do the research, but spent two years compiling the material for this book, as to his surprise he found that no previous research had been done on the subject. This is the book Big Brother doesn't want you to read. If you want to continue to be a brainwashed stooge of the hidden elite, ignore this book. Sure, you can call me a crackpot because I am an expert on conspiracy theories, but I am a member of an international honor society in history and as one high school principal I taught under put it: "Bob, has a vast background in history." The information in this book would cause a revolution if it ever came out in force. Sleeper awake. Read this book and stop being a manipulated minion. Mullins is not a scholar, nor an excellent writer, but the information speaks for itself.
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on March 25, 1999
Did you know that the Federal Reserve is not really part of the Federal Government? It is owned and controlled by private stockholders and you can't buy any shares. There is no listing under the government section in the phone book. There's a listing in the white pages, look for yourself. This book will show you a history that the publications of the "Fed" fail to reveal. You will learn how both sides of WWI were financed by the same people and how these people financed the Russian revolution that brought down the Czar. You will learn how the stock market crash of '29 and the great depression were not accidents. Learn about the phony national debt that is legally binding upon us. If you want to read a well documented history you probably didn't learn in the public fool [sic] system then this is a must read.
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on June 14, 2002
This astonishing research reveal to us in a very clear way the real purposes of the Federal Reserve Bank. This "federal" institution was created by the international bankers elite at the beginning of the XX century at Jekyll Island with the sole purpose of completed their plan of world economic domination. This book help us to understand a little more why WWI (1914-18), the Bolshevik Revolution (1917) in Russia, the Crash of 1929, the rise of the Nazism in Germany in 1933 and WWII (1939-1945) and how the banks managed to survived unseen and untochable all this time, merged and become more rich and powerful. Also the author give us the names of the intellectual creators such as the Morgan, Harrimans, Rothschilds, Warburgs and Rockefellers families and how they manipulated politicians and stateman such as Herbert H. Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt et al. to approved, legalized and support the Federal Reserve Bank, the only institution that break the check and balance policy in United States "reporting" only to the president of the nation.
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on December 29, 2003
Having read this book, in the beginning of my quest for truth about History, I was blown away by his sourcing and level of detail, and by the confidence i was able to have in his information.
The few cries of " anti-semite" shown here must either be 1) "seeds" attempting to discredit this damaging information, or
2) Members of the "neo-empathetic" movement we have seen rise lately, where folks not even under the alledged umbrella of the group alledgedly offended become offened on the behalf of those the suppose would be offended.
Being Jewish, and close to several Jews that seek similar knowledge, we are NOT offended, nor believe their to be any anti semitism here. We do believe this to be one of the best efforts to date to raise the collective consciousness of this world. Actually, we are all pretty surprised this book hasn't been bannished, or burned, by the real anti-semites in this world. We beg of you, if this matter interests you, to PLEASE read this, and , pass it on.
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on March 1, 2005
The quintessential book on the US Central Bank. Mullins has written the most comprehensive book on the Fed extant. As usual he's referred to as an anti-semite. His words must be making someone uneasy. Eustace is a true patriot.
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on May 19, 2001
I just bought the book. During the reading I was exposed to something I thought never existed. Read it and judge by yourself. When I tried to write my comments, I read some other comments by other people. I decided to write some comments on some comments by others rather than comments on the book. Why some people are so scared by the book by labeling it 'Anti-Semite' and calling names of the author? It sounds they want to ban and burn books that they suspect 'Anti-Semite'. This really puzzles me. It seems that for these people the value of a book only depends on if it is 'Pro-Semites'. I am from China and I know how Maoists persecute their opponents by labeling them 'Counter-Revolution'. Anything that considered 'Counter-Revolution' must be punished and banned. Now we have 'Anti-Semite'. It seems those people want to do the same thing.
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on July 7, 2007
Money is the worst of all contraband. - William Jennings Bryan.

_The Secrets of the Federal Reserve - The London Connection_, published in 1984 by Bankers Research Institute, by populist author Eustace Mullins is a fascinating account of the history and development of the Federal Reserve Banking system and the tyranny that such a system has imposed upon the American people. Eustace Mullins (born 1923) was a protégé of the writer and poet Ezra Pound and writes in the proud populist tradition of opposition to the moneyed elite and powerful bankers. Pound took a strong stance against the banking system and was imprisoned in a mental institution for a time for opposing the entry of the United States into the Second World War. In this book Mullins reveals the secrets behind the Federal Reserve banking system, showing that the Federal Reserve bank is in fact a cartel of ultra-rich bankers whose sole purpose is to increase the coffers and political control of the elite, and in fact is neither federal nor a reserve. Mullins maintains that the Federal Reserve system was set up in secret by a group of bankers representing international banking interests in a top secret meeting which took place at Jekyll Island, Georgia in 1910. These same financiers then appointed themselves to top positions within the Federal Reserve Board after the Federal Reserve Act was made law. Subsequently the Federal Reserve system was used to launch World War I as well as the Communist and Nazi tyrannies. In addition, the Federal Reserve system has allowed these financiers to control the money supply and thus put their candidates into office through manipulation of the money supply. Finally, Mullins maintains that key players in the Reagan administration were involved in the Federal Reserve. This book traces the lineage of these elite bankers back to a secret "London Connection", showing how Britain has regained financial control over the United States colonies even after their declaration of independence from her. Finally, this book traces the blood relationships between the elite banking families (complete with charts illustrating the family lineage) back to the Rothschilds of Old Europe and other banking families. Our founding fathers, including especially Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson opposed the creation of a centralized banking system, which was supported by Alexander Hamilton as a vehicle of the Rothschilds. However, that heritage was soon lost with the creation of the Federal Reserve banking system at Jekyll Island. As such, the American people became easy prey to the manipulations of the elite and powerful who continue to control their activities through economic control, mass warfare, and psychological warfare, developed later.

This book opens with the scene at Jekyll Island on November 22, 1910. There an elite group of bankers as part of the Jekyll Island Club met in secret to plot against the people of the United States and to create the Federal Reserve Banking system. Individuals present at this meeting included Senator Nelson Aldrich, his private secretary Shelton, A. Piatt Andrew, Frank Vanderlip, Henry P. Davison, Charles D. Norton, J. P. Morgan, and Paul Warburg. The book then turns to the Aldrich Plan sponsored as a propaganda campaign by the participants at the Jekyll Island meeting. In particular the Aldrich Plan was opposed by two populist heroes, Senator LaFollette and Congressman Lindbergh. Mullins delves into how the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act was passed (though with opposition to the "money trust" coming from populist opponents such as Lindbergh) and the strange relationships between President Woodrow Wilson and Col. Edward M. House (author of the pro-communist tract _Philip Dru, Administrator_ which argued for a complete dictatorship by the elite) as chronicled by the German-American Viereck. Mullins also goes into details relating the Federal Reserve Bank to the Rothschild dynasty. The ultra-rich Rothschilds notoriously controlled the banking interests of Old Europe and were well known for profiting off the blood of nations through wars. Indeed, an interesting story relating to the Rothschilds appeared in the book _The Romance of the Rothschilds_ by Ignatius Balla. Apparently, the London Rothschild went to Waterloo where the fate of Europe hung in the balance and saw that Napoleon was losing the battle. He managed to get back to England by sailing through a dangerous storm that night. Later, he appeared at the stock market and sold his securities, only to have secret agents buy them back at lower rates once people decided that Rothschild must be right for bailing on them. This allowed Rothschild to profit enormously from the Battle of Waterloo at the expense of the people. Mullins traces the Federal Reserve bankers back to Old Europe through a "London Connection". Indeed, all the primary movers and shakers behind the Federal Reserve have this "London Connection". In this way, the Rothschilds and the old wealth of Europe have maintained their control over the United States and indeed the world. Mullins also finds a "Hitler Connection", showing in effect how the bankers helped put Hitler into power so as to cause the Second World War and to profit from it. Regarding World War I, Mullins has much to say about the manipulations of Wilson and his cronies. Even though a vast majority of Americans were Germans, the United States entered this war against Germany (in spite of Wilson's claim that "he kept us out of war"). Mullins also shows how the bankers manipulated the Agricultural Depression of 1920 - 21, showing how the interests of the farmers and small businessmen were not recognized while the bankers continued to benefit. Further, Mullins shows how the bankers manipulated the Great Depression against the American people. Mullins then turns to the 1930s, noting the further manipulations of the bankers throughout this period. And, following this, Mullins turns to the 1970s and 80s noting the role of the bankers behind the Carter and Reagan administrations. Mullins notes the role of such organizations as the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergers in manipulating world events. In particular, the Rothschild-Rockefeller alliance appears to be a strong influence behind world control. Mullins also mentions such things as psychological warfare, the Tavistock Institute, and the role of drugs and the hippie generation in the schemes of the elite. This book also includes detailed charts showing the components of the Federal Reserve Banking system and tracing the bloodlines of the elite bankers who manipulate the system from behind the scenes.

This book provides an excellent expose of the Federal Reserve and specifically shows the way that it allows for the bankers and elite to control the American people. Further, by manipulating the money supply, the elite can create conflict and this leads to war. The role of the elite behind the Federal Reserve is seen for what it truly is, a great threat to the people of the United States and the world.
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on October 16, 2001
I bought this book after having meet Mr. Mullins. Some people say he has other motives for writing this book, he does not. I spent several hours listening to his stories about how this book came to be and I have no boubts about his facts. He is one of the most interesting persons I have ever met. I think his book should be taught in school so our kids are not brain washed into believing government is good. Eye opening and very interesting I would recommend it for everyone.
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on July 31, 2000
This book, originally commissioned by the author Ezra Pound, is discovered upon research to be the source of the majority of present day information on the Federal Reserve Banking System. Compiled from information originally found in the U.S. Library of Congress, the research in this book has been confirmed, validated, and verified by many authors from many different fields of research. A good companion to this book is another book by Mullins entitled "The World Order." That book, and "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" are both books which have sent many people scurrying for cover, and has caused a barage of misleading information which, in itself, has only served to give even more credence and credit to what Mullins says about the subject matter.
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