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on September 3, 2013
I bought this as an internet repeater to boost bandwidth and signal in a hard to reach corner of the house. My main router is an ASUS RT-AC66U, and the signal is mainly being boosted fro the benefit of an old (1st gen x86) iMac. The repeater works great - does exactly what I need it to. *No* problems with dropping signal etc. If it were stolen I would buy the same product again
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on April 17, 2013
The nice thing about the Almond is that it is super simple to set up. The touch screen interface is the best idea ever. I have a 4000 sq ft 2 story house and I have to have multiple wireless access points in order to cover the whole house. I already had three ethernet to wifi access points in different locations, but there was one location that would have been a big pain to pull ethernet to, so I decided to try the Almond as a wifi to wifi range extender. It works fantastic. All I had to do was plug it in an available electrical outlet on the edge of one of the wired zones and it covered the rest of the area beautifully. My only suggestion would be to have the Almond also work as an ethernet access point for an existing network via easy menu selection. If it did that, I could use it in both configurations. I love not having to access it through a computer. Also, let me suggest something that really helped me. If you can get your hands on an android phone or tablet, download an app called wifi analyzer. I shows the strength of any wifi signal in your area. The idea is to place the Almond between your original wifi router and the area you are trying to cover. Make sure you place the Almond in a spot that still gets a decent signal. The Almond can't take a bad signal and turn it into a good signal. It just takes what it gets and pushes it further along. Also to test your throughput, you can try on the web, and see what kind of throughput your phone or laptop is getting from different distances from your original wifi source. Place the Almond in a location that still gets good throughput speeds. You should be good to go.
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on January 6, 2015
Am I loving it? The jury is still out on that. But here are a few short remarks ... Ease of setup? Hell yeah! Couldn't be any easier really. Plugged it in, accessed the right menu through the very intuitive touchscreen, and bingo. No problems. Improved connectivity? Well ... yeah. TVs, tablets, and phones are getting a clear signal from the device. But I can't characterize it as an "improved" signal. On the other hand, I don't think that is what the device does. It increases the range on my wireless. Nothing more. Nothing less. It does it easily and with minimal headaches. But if your bandwidth issues are related to how much data your modem/router can deliver, this little gadget won't help with that.
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on March 24, 2014
The Securifi Almond was a great choice for boosting our home WiFi. We have a large 2-story house with the A/V connections including the WiFi router located in a closet on the 2nd floor. While this works well for the main rooms of the house, the signal was weak at best in some areas. I plugged the Almond into a wall jack in an area of the 1st floor where the original WiFi signal was acceptable but not strong, and with just a few minutes of walking through a very straight forward on-screen set-up we immediately had a second WiFi with a strong signal throughout the areas that had a weak or non-existent signal for our original WiFi. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that one of the display options is the local weather, and I've enjoyed having the screen show that nice display of current outdoor temperature, high/low forecast for the day, and Sunny or Cloudy or Raining, etc.
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on March 19, 2015
like more and more people, our family has digressed to tablets and handhelds, when our old wireless router went down, it meant carting it in to my office and hooking it up to a standard desktop to troubleshoot, change passwords or other settings (problematic on weekends with wifi dependent adolescents) . this really is a three minute, no computer required, touchscreen setup, the only hiccup we hit was the first setting didn't like our roku streaming devices, but i changed the channel on the router, and poof, problem gone. i almost wish i had gone for the big one, but this one is a perfect size and super price for our heavy streaming but under 1,000 square foot city apartment. this is a great device, simple to run and i can't say how welcome the touchscreen is instead of having to hook it up to a standard computer - buy it!
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on November 26, 2013
This thing is amazing, I can't believe someone has not come out with a touch screen router until Securifi. The user interface (GUI) is great, and has made me so happy, never thought I'd love a router so much. They've always been that thing in the back somewhere lol.

I have two, one is setup as a router, the other is setup as a wireless extender. Both were so incredibly easy to setup, I can't express how happy I am that I don't have to use a web based GUI anymore. Having it on the router makes life, just so much easier it's ridiculous.

The fact the unit can be updated with the simple click of "System Update" is great.

When not being actively used as a desk clock, showing the time, day of the week, date, and month is so bloody nice! Paying $100 for something that sits and does nothing outside of the function it was made for is stupid. Adding little things like this and making a device combine things into one, freeing up space and creating a better value, I just can't stop talking about how much I love the Almond.

My only complaint is that it's 300Mbps (30MBps), but once I have the Almond+ (which I hope comes out soon!) I will have no complaints whatsoever about this incredible router!
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on June 7, 2014
The Good: After trying numerous routers over the years, from the super complicated ones where you almost need to know programming, to the supposedly simple ones with the dongle, I tried this one after my last router started to break down. With the touch screen and stylus, I can honestly say this is the best router I have ever owned. Setup could not be simpler and having the screen right in front of you to help navigate you are the procedure is fantastic. The range is superb, as I can get a signal from the end of my half acre property. While I haven't tried the feature, this device could also serve as a range extender if needed. I think this is a cool little feature.

The Bad: After owning it for a few months, I haven't found a bad feature yet.
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on February 18, 2014
My D Link router had developed a glitch. As I was looking through Amazon for a new router this caught my eye because it is completely different looking then anything else. SO I bought it for the fact that it was different. I have an 8 port switch plugged into my Almond and currently have 6 wired and 2 wireless devices on the home network.

Plug in the power and follow the on screen instructions and the setup is done. The touch screen is nice because you can get the stats and status of the router from the router itself without having to access it through a browser interface. Yes you can use a browser to access the router as well.

IF anyone ever asked me what router they should buy I would recommend the Almond. The thing that makes this router the best is the feature that I'm not currently using, and that is the simple setup for WiFi access point/range extender.

I am a satisfied customer.
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on April 14, 2016
The ONLY thing that even remotely works on this thing is the LCD interface, and it is painfully slow to respond to any changes you make using it. The WiFi links are so painfully slow they are practically useless when they do actually work.

I was attracted to this unit because it touted a range extending 'bridge' mode along with the ease of a touchscreen interface to set it up.

Securifi should have spent more money on hiring people who understand networking and WiFi technologies! This device has way too many bugs in the WiFi implementation. If you do manage to get the WiFi link to appear in your device's list, it may take several tries before it actually connects! It would have been more prudent to have used a simple low resolution OLED and a few buttons and spent more money on designing a WiFi device that actually WORKS! Currently it only provides about 15-20% of the speed that my old <$20 Belkin provides. Needless to say the Belkin maintains a steady link 98% of the time and will wor for months at a time, while this thing craps out after a couple of hours.

I will be returning this item.
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on September 2, 2015
I rent out rooms within my home. Thinking back to when I actually purchased this item which was probably a year ago and now I'd say it works as its supposed to. I use to get daily complaints about the WiFi signal in my home and now that's a issue of the past. These days if I get a complaint its usually because the internet provider's service sucks but this item works fine. Also Securifi has some of the best customer service I could have asked for.
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