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Color: Black Infrared Motion Sensor Detector|Change
Price:$5.14 - $8.59
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on July 8, 2014
After purchasing so many similar products claiming to "only" be activated by motion, won't come on until after dark, etc., they're pretty much all in the trash. This is the real thing. They simply behave as featured. They do NOT come on with even moderate surrounding light (early-evening; requires below 5 LUX); the wind* doesn't trip them on; they do not stay on long after motion or body heat has left the sensing field. The new LED technology is even better than ever, putting less drain on the four AA batteries required. (not included, of course) I use rechargeable Energizer batteries, and haven't had to recharge any of the 21 in use around my yard in over five months.

I use them outside, around my duplex, as I often go out to enjoy my gardens after dark. They are perfect light sources, with bright light that is actually useful. I no longer leave my two porch lights on, since I have two mounted by my door & they provide all the light needed to make the steps clearly visible, and for opening the door. I apply a thin band of painters' tape to seal them water-tight, as a few are hit by morning sprinklers, but so far, no troubles.

Another great feature are the various options for hanging them. They actually have two magnets imbedded in the back, strong enough to hold its weight, plus batteries, firmly to any metal surface. They stay put, and don't migrate down like other (inferior)
lights did. They can also be screwed to a wood surface, with two holes pre-placed in the unit, and two screws provided. A small handle is also built in, and can be pulled up & hung by a tack or tiny nail. (I use velcro on a couple; my neighbor actually uses "fun tack" putty-type temporary adhesive!!)

Finally, I mean no offense to the other reviewer whose issue with the non-English instructions caused him to leave a two-star review. Perhaps his feedback caused the manufacturers in China to include instructions (like all with mine) to be printed in English. Frankly, the instructions are not needed for such an obvious product: unlock the back by turning it 10 degrees (clearly labeled), stick in four AA's, and close 'er up. The switch inside is already placed on AUTO, so there's really nothing to do.

I'm putting in my fourth order. They do take a while to get here, coming from China, but worth the wait. Sadly, I did search for similar quality made here in the USA, but it was only available at several times this price. Don't waste your monies on the others that claim to be like these ..., they're simply not. Unhappy with these, return 'em; I bet 'cha won't!

Dave in Portland, OR.

*While the wind won't activate the lights, anything it blows will. I simply block its' field of sensing, or turn it away from blowing vegetation, or from any wind-caused motion. I've been able to find the right solution for each of the seven lights I have around my yard.
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on September 18, 2014
I originally thought that the sensor on this light doesn't work well - I had to cover it completely. The thing is I was testing it in daylight (this has a light sensor that prevents the light from turning on when it's bright) That is a great feature since it would be wasteful and pointless to have a light that turns on in daylight or when other lights are on. In a dark room or at night, this works great and is bright enough for my purpose. I do not find the magnets to be as strong as another reviewer mentioned but they are strong enough. I also don't see why another reviewer rated it down for having poor instructions. Just put batteries in and use it -no brainer. I would recommend this product and/or buy it again.
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on January 4, 2015
It's bright for a battery operated light. Perfect for a small walk in closet under the stairs. You don't want to look directly into it for the brightness. According to the product description, it's 4.5V at 135 mA, yielding 0.6W. Better LED's have efficiency of 40 lumen/W, so you have up to 24 lumen, about that of an incandescent candelabra bulb.

My batteries are 2000mAH rechargeable, giving estimated 15 hours of continuous use. PIR is reliable for a closet setting. Even the light sensitive switch works for inside the closet. I'm not sure if lights leak into the closet at day time or the switch override the PIR instantly when the door opens. So the lamp turns on only at night when the door is open, and only for 20 sec if nobody hangs out in the closet.

For my case if I went into the closet after dark to pick up something once each day, per charge of the batteries the lamp will last just about a month. Even though the standby current for the PIR is very low, it's the major power consumer, 24/7.

The magnets aren't as weak as reviewed. The magnets can hold the weight of the lamp adequately in a vertically position such as mounting on the ceiling. But if you attach it to a steel plate on the wall, the lamp will slide. You can add two small super magnets to it so it won't slide. There are mounting holes at the back and also a loop for a hook.

The switch inside the case can change between PIR auto, continuous on and off. It's inconvenient inside but that's to discourage people using it. Or it will be the 1st component to go bad. The only switch that last are bulky ones as in electrical switches. There's no way around it if you want it small enough to double as a flashlight, and cost not much more than a switch.
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on March 6, 2015
This light is really good. I got it because I wake up early and the house is dark so I can't see where the light switch and door knob are at. But now with this little widget, that's no longer a problem. As soon as I walk by it, it lights up for 20 seconds. This light is really bright too. I would recommend for anyone with problems seeing in the dark,
review image
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on November 2, 2014
These lights work great, I originally bought them for my garage as safety back-up lights in case power goes out from natural events like earthquakes or storms etc. but they work great as extra lighting even when power is on. I find myself not needing the regular lights on when popping in and out for something.
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on January 12, 2015
It's bright, but the sensor is both too sensitive and not sensitive enough.
I bought this to temporarily light a turntable on a dark shelf. The cats on the floor will set it off regularly, but when trying to put a record on the TT, it will go off in the middle of the process and doesn't always come back on right away? I has to be convinced.
I was also a little shocked that the shipping charges were half again as much again as the unit itself. It's not worth just buying one of these at a time, Folks.
Lastly, I knew from previous reviews that the magnets mounted to its back are not all that good. In my case I wouldn't have been able to use it that way in any case. Screws were not the answer in my case either. But I did test them on a metal surface and found the other reviews to be correct. It would be better if as part of the package, pre-cut Velcro was added as a mounting option.
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on December 30, 2015
I need to get a whole lot of these awesome little lights. I have one mounted just above my front door and when I am within about 5 or 6 feet it turns on. Before I had trouble seeing the key hole and now it is bright as day (with a bluish hue). Only downside I have found is that squirrels and cats can set it off when they walk across my front yard. They also turn off relatively quickly.
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on January 26, 2016
I have several of these scattered about the house. I've come to rely on them coming on for the bottom of the stairs, etc. Really a great safety measure and easy to install using the 3M strips they give you. Buy rechargeable batteries and whalla, cheap, simple good lighting that can be relied upon.
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on June 10, 2016
Liked the first one so much I bought two more. Placed under bathroom counter in toe-hold at floor so when we walk into the bathroom at night/in dark we can see but without being blinded. -- Great product so far - buying more soon for other bathrooms. Also putting one in my gun safe to see at night.
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on July 22, 2015
It gets the job done. I wanted a battery operated motion sensor light to turn on so I could see in my garage when I came in at night (the light on the garage door opener doesn't work anymore). This gives off enough of a glow that I can see to get to the light switch but it certainly isn't what I'd call a bright light.
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