Customer Reviews: Seducing the Spy (Royal Four, Book 4)
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VINE VOICEon August 21, 2006
Lady Alicia Lawrence, daughter of the Earl of Sutherland, was not only ruined but labeled a notorious liar where even her own family had disowned her. After five years of isolation she accidentally overheard a plot against the royal prince of England and felt she should at least tell someone. That someone turned out to be Stanton Horne, Marquis of Wyndham and possibly the only person who might listen to her.

Stanton was rigid, a brilliant strategist but a cold unfeeling member of the Royal Four secret society who also possessed a unique gift of being able to read any person to determine if they lied. Unfortunately, he'd met his match for he could not read Lady Alicia. Not quite believing her claims, but on the off-chance that she was telling the truth, he made a bargain with her to pose as his mistress and attend a scandalous house party in order to track down the enemy she claimed would be there. For Stanton, the mission was fraught with danger, not only to track and stop a deadly spy, but that the impudent and audacious Lady Alicia might be the one woman to melt the ice surrounding Stanton's bleak heart!

*** From the very first line of Lady Alicia's letter to Lord Wyndham, "I am writing to you because you appear to be a somewhat lesser idiot than other gentlemen", I knew I was going love this heroine! This impression was further enhanced with the incredibly hilarious dialogs and correspondence between Stanton and the `infamous' Lady Alicia after they formed a partnership, which I felt, was absolute genius! My admiration increased ten-fold by the positively brilliant characterization this author put forth in fleshing out this remarkable heroine who made a lasting impression on me. Stanton was portrayed beautifully as a perfect foil as Alicia pushed him beyond his limits of endurance and he began to surrender to her abundant charms.

The ambiguity of Alicia's ruin and the shameful reaction from her family was adequately revealed and went far into explaining the insolent attitude she adopted to deal with the immense hurt of being betrayed. As the fourth book in the Royal Four series it completely stands alone yet with the reintroduction of characters featured in previous books it has piqued this reader into planning to pull them from my TBR stack and read them posthaste. Bottom line - This has every element designed to entertain - humor, adventure, edge of the seat excitement, and divine sensuality - a totally entertaining read!

Marilyn Rondeau, Reviewers International Organization

for CK2S - Kwips and Kritiques
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on August 10, 2006
I have been in love with the Liar's and the Royal Four by Celeste Bradley since I read the first book. However, I was a little disappointed with the Lion's story and the Fox stories. Ms. Bradley is back with a vengance in Seducing the Spy and I am saddened that this is the last of the series. But hope springs eternal and we may get more Liar's stories with appearances by the Royal Four. I love the Regency and in these series Ms. Bradley has given us wonderful tradional Regencies with a real bite as all of our heros and heroines are not only romantic but proud and brave SPIES! She has added a new dimension to the ofttimes predictable genre. And additionally, with a great sense of humor. Her characters are multi-dimensional, very well drawn, and judt plain lovable. She even has made Prinny a better character than perhaps he deserves to be. I recommend this boof highly, but with an added caution. You are going to love the series so start at he beginning with To Wed a Scandalous Spy, you won't regret it, then start the Liar's club with The Pretender. You'll be glad you did.
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on August 17, 2006
I love Celeste Bradley's books. They're fun, humorous, and suspenseful, although the romance is usually the main focus. I've enjoyed her Royal Four series, but this last one wasn't the best. The thing I admired most about the book was that Alicia's past story, which had turned her into an outcast and ruined her reputation, wasn't overused. Neither she nor the hero obsessed about it, and the true story was revealed at the end without soap-operatic misunderstandings and partial revelations. I disagree with the reviewer who says the hero had a "rapist-mentality". The heroine is always willing, it is the hero who is afraid to give his heart to her. He is detached, yes, so the chemistry isn't as strong in these scenes, but the characters didn't really change.

My main disappointment with the book was that I couldn't relate to Wyndham, the hero. I thought the heroine was interesting and refreshing: she is spunky and vivacious, and even though she had a hard time of it she maintained her strength of spirit. I just wasn't able to fall in love with the hero, who wavered between being rigid and prudish, and unleashing his passion with almost harsh desperation. I kept waiting for him to gentle, to relax, but he never did. Overall, an interesting read but not completely riveting.
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on April 24, 2007
This is the fourth and final book in the Royal Four series and is Stanton, the Falcon's story. When a notorious ruined liar, Alicia, comes to his home and advises him that she has overheard a plot to kidnap the royal prince from a wild weeklong house party, Stanton offers her the chance to get herself and her former governess out of poverty if she will attend the party with him posing as his mistress. The Falcon's unique gift to the Royal Four is his ability to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth. He is attracted to Alicia which shocks him, he is exceptionally proud of his service to the Royal Four for his ability to control his passions. His passions run amuck with Alicia around and he doesn't know how to handle it. He is shocked to find that his gift does not work on Lady Alicia and he spends the rest of the book wondering if he can trust her or not. Alicia was ruined when a stable boy was found in her bed, when she tried to tell everyone that she was framed, no one believed her and her own family shunned her. Alicia sees attending this party with the notoriously cold hearted Stanton as a way of seeking revenge against her family and society. She will flaunt herself as a blatant mistress, plus she will get the chance to help her country. Alicia is so attracted to Stanton that she is even willing to have a little affair while achieving her revenge. What she finds out is the man underneath is even more intriguing.

This book has one of the best characters ever in it. In her attempt to shock society, Alicia finds a gay man, Garrett, to serve as her lady's maid. He is sooo much fun. At times, I really got aggravated with STanton for his coldness to Alicia but he does end up redeeming himself. Wonderful heroine, great story. Way to end the series.
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on October 28, 2006
This book is a part of Celeste Bradley's Royal Four series, which branches off her Liar's Club series. If you haven't read the Liar's Club, you should. Though she does an excellent job of making the plot and characters understandable in each individual novel, they definately build off each other, with great reoccuring characters, and a continuous story arc that starts in the Liar's Club books. Celeste Bradley manages to weave humor and history into a fun, fast paced, entertaining story. There's plenty of romanace and even high adventure. She has great characters, dialogue, and wit. If you're looking for a fun read, definately try out the Liar's Club and the Royal Four. They'll have you laughing out loud while learning little tidbits about England during the Napleonic wars. What better way to learn some history?
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on September 10, 2006
only read this if you MUST finish up the series (I'm still hoping for more Liar's Club books though!). Stanton just wasn't as hot as he seemed in the other books - and I agree w/ the reveiwer below that the characters change about 1/2 way through the book and you're thinking, "huh?!" but I still have faith in Celeste Bradley this just isn't one of my favorites.
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VINE VOICEon November 14, 2006
This last book in the "Royal Four" series will delight those who enjoyed the other three. Lady Alicia has become a pariah in society after a terrible scandal years ago. She accidently overhears something that seems to endanger national security and contacts Lord Wyndam, whom she knows by reputation, because she thinks he will take her seriously. Unbeknownst to her, he is a member of the Royal Four, a secret group sworn to protect The Crown. He is unsure whether to trust her information because of her bad reputation. He decides to give her enough benefit of the doubt to have her pose as his mistress in order to flush out a possible traitor. There is a great deal of sexual tension (and activity) between the two. Wyndam uses sex as as a weapon both to interrogate and try to get control over Alicia. Alicia is very vulnerable to Wyndam both for her terrible past experience and her feelings for him. The relationship between the two is interesting because they themselves are intelligent, interesting people. My only quibble is that Alicia is a too soft on Wyndam considering his cruel treatment of her, and in light of her past experiences. I think she was somewhat too resilient to be believable. The book is, however, an entertaining read and I recommend it.
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VINE VOICEon November 17, 2006
Seducing the Spy (Royal Four) by Celeste Bradley is the fourth book of the series of Royal Four who rule England back in 1813. This is the story of Wyndham who finds himself with Ldy Alicia known for a wild affair and lying. She tells him about a plot that she heard to kill the prince. Since a wild french man has been trying to kill (for the last four books) and spy against England he makes her his mistress so she can help stop the murder plot. A short two day read - enjoy ! Check out the whole Royal Four Series To Wed A Scandalous Spy (1) Surrender to a Wicked Spy (2) , One Night With A Spy (3) and Seducing The Spy (4).
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on May 12, 2009
This book was a fun ending to a wonderful series. Celeste Bradley consistenly delivers action, romance, and suspense. The royal four as well as the liar's club are nicely tied up together in this fun read.
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on April 22, 2012
I thought the characters were well written and there was a nice mix of humor, suspense and romance. The tense scene at the end was very nicely written. This was one of my favorite books in the series
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