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on January 30, 2001
Claire would have preferred to skip her high school reunion, but her best friend Jennifer substitutes romance novels for the astronomy journals Clair packed. Insisting that it's time to shake Claire out of her pleasant rut of stars and solitude, she also sneaks a too-tight red dress into Claire's suitcase. Much against her better judgment, Claire finds herself returning to Port Townsend, Washington.
When she finds herself alone with Blake, the man she'd had a crush on during high school, fantasy hits high gear. Claire longs for a wildly improbable affair with the man she'd once watched wistfully from the high school halls, intending to take sensations and memories back to her mountain top retreat with the stars. Sharing her passion with Blake makes everything in her life feel, better, sharper, more real. She can't stay away from this man who's eyes fill with challenge and speculation.
Blake promises a week of passion and fantasy in exchange for Claire's assistance with a troubled young man. He tells Claire that they are safe -- that there is no danger of falling in love. Blake doesn't have time for a serious relationship. He is too busy working overtime, taking on too many jobs to pay his sister's university tuition. He is already stretched to the limit with the shipyard, his aid to troubled boys, and his family. Blake has a passion for hard work, fast boats, and rough kids. Any woman who enters his life must be strictly temporary.
Soon, however, he won't long be able to deny that he fell in love with Claire when his eyes found her across the crowded banquet room. The years had erased the painfully shy girl, leaving a vibrant, fascinating woman. He can't walk away from this woman with intense blue eyes and passion boiling just beneath the surface. But persuading her to stay may be impossible.
Clair dreams of running her own observatory and finding comets; she's already had her first discovery named after her. Claire also fears the lust that makes her loose herself with Blake. With him filling her life, she's afraid there will be no room for the world of stars, of comets, that she'll cease to be herself and won't know who she is. Nevertheless, Claire and Blake find something that leaves them both open and vulnerable -- not just passion but something far more shattering -- fulfillment.
SEEING STARS becomes a wonderful blend of mistakes and compromise, of dreams and promises. As both Claire and Blake struggle with priorities and self-identity, they learn lessons of love. SEEING STARS balances the heart, career and family with grace. Vanessa Grant has a real feel for modern challenges of career, distances, and the heart. SEEING STARS is Highly Recommended.
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on July 29, 2012
I picked this book up to read on my vacation and it was perfect. Nice and light, with a building romance between a strong female lead and a sexy guy that you know is too good to be true (that's why we read, right?) The author is especially talented at creating sexual tension, and then writing the most scorching sex scenes while still keeping them tasteful. I'd actually like to read more books about this couple and their amazing chemistry. I'm knocking off a star for editing because there were too many errors that should have been easy to spot and correct (like spelling Blake's name wrong twice on the same page), but overall I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone that loves a steamy and satisfying romance.
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on September 7, 2012
I loved the story from the beginning. The character development of a shy Claire and the former bad-boy/now all-round good guy Blake was nicely done. Most of the dialog was believable and I enjoyed the humor interspersed throughout the book. It could have used a little more editing and there were a couple of scenes where I had difficulty visualizing where people were in proximity to others and the surrounding. The whole idea of showing how much a person can change and become responsible after high school was delightfully refreshing. I loved the book and actually read it 3 times. Would I read another of her books - you bet!

Spoiler alert: I would have preferred more closure at the end. It seemed to end abruptly with several unresolved issues. I also was enjoying reading so much I also did not want the story to end so quickly.
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on July 25, 2012
Arizona astronomer Claire Welland is happy with her life just the way it is, or is she? She loves her work and she's just found a comet and had it named after her. She's also in line for a prestigious job in Chile. The only real thing she finds lacking in her life these days, is the longing to have a child of her own. Her friend Jennifer has a five month old baby girl named Tammie and Clair can't get over the fact that every time she sees them together, it makes her yearn to have a child of her own.

But right now that's not possible, she doesn't even have a boyfriend and hasn't had one for a few years now. Heck, Kevin was her one and only boyfriend, and that was way back when they were still in college together. That didn't mean she still didn't wish for a child of her own though.

Then one day her friend, Jennifer talks her into going back for her 15th year high school reunion. Claire wants no part of it. She didn't much care for her high school years back then, so why torcher herself by going back now? BUT....After many long talks with Jennifer, she finally convinces her to go. She not only convinces Claire to go, but she also talks her into letting her hair down, and into going after her high school crush and having herself a week long fling with him.

The last thing she expects when she comes home to Port Townsend, Washington, for her high school reunion is to be swept off her feet by Blake McKenzie, or Mac as everyone seems to call him these days..

Claire is surprised to find out that Blake is not the bad boy he once was, no...Blake is now a prominent shipbuilder dedicated to helping local troubled teens make something out of their lives. He's also been raising his much younger step siblings for several years now all on his own, after both of their parents had passed away.

Blake has been having problems trying to keep, Jake one of those troubled teenagers in line and out of trouble. Jake is a really smart kid, but he became lost and out of sorts after his parents sudden death. Since then he has been shuffled from one foster care home to another, and then finally he was thrown into a group home. And that's where the big problems really started. Jake has already tried to take his own life once since he's been there, and he'd also gotten into the drug scene, too. Needless to say...Mac is so desperate to find a way to help him get back into something that would catch his interest. Something that hopefully would help turn his life around again. Something that would make him want to really make something of himself one day. So when he asks Claire to talk to one of his boys about astronomy, he's only thinking she might give some meaningful directions in life to a troubled kid.

He never dreamed she'd agree to do it, but there was a catch. She said she'd only agree to help, if Mac would agree to a one week affair with her. He agreed, after all how could he not? He do just about anything to help his kids. Besides.... He had always had a secret thing for those huge blue eyes of hers back in high school, and she was even more beautiful now, then she was way back then.

So in the end they both agreed to have a no- strings attached week long fling, but nothing else. And when the week was over, they'd both walk away with their hearts still intact. Or would they?

The only reason I gave this story a 4 star rating, is because I would have loved to see a more detailed ending, or at least an epilogue. I would have loved to see if the boys ever got their telescope built. I would have also liked to see if the telescope project had any real lasting effects on Tim and Jake's lives. How did the boys turn out later on in life? Did Claire and Mac get married and adopt the boys? IMO- there was so many loose ends that could have been wrapped up, if there had been an epilogue.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I would highly recommend it!
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on July 20, 2012
I'm a big fan of Vanessa Grant's books and Seeing Stars does not disappoint! She combined sharp dialogue with sensuous prose and created a wonderfully thought-provoking multi-layered romance. The reality of people's lives and problems were juxtapositioned against the magic of dreams and the immensity of the heavens. Try this book. You will love it.
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on July 24, 2012
This was a sweet and sexy read. Characters were interesting and believable. Nice twist on the typical high school reunion romance.
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on August 16, 2015
"I want you to romance me like you did Lydia back in school"

Who bargains for something like that??? Especially when it's a child's well-being that hangs in the balance. Especially a woman who has so much going for her as Claire does. Have some self-respect.


And then when she started trying to get pregnant without telling Blake what she was doing, I lost all respect for her. This book needed to be about learning to love yourself before you can ever love another.
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on August 4, 2012
This book fell into a bit of "I like bits and I hate bits" for me. The premise was simple enough, and plausable in that shy girl Claire returns to high school reunion, and the hotty from high is still hot and single. Blake was a likable character, and all round good guy, helping his family, and troubled youth. Claire seemed fine to me, the women who was trying to break away from her teenager angst. That was until she started plotting to have Blake's child without telling him. It was too selfish for me, and that was when this nice story about two grown adults turned. Claire remained selfish, and I found it hard to like her again. But there was a nice HEA after she finially stops being selfish.
Will I read it again? No
Would I recommend it? No
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on July 21, 2012
Very much enjoyed the book...character development was great and the emotions real.

Thee only reason I didn't give this a 5 was due to a situation she created and in my opinion an unrealistic handling of it. Would have loved to seen an epilogue added.

Will definately be viewing more of the author's books.
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on July 16, 2013
I liked the whole premise of this book and felt it had a lot of potential. I did enjoy some parts of it. However, a few things let it down.

Firstly, the personality of the female lead, Claire, was full of contradictions. She started out as an intelligent, sensible woman, allbeit a little shy. Suddenly, she becomes bold and daring enough to issue an indecent proposal to the likeable male lead, Blake. Then she turns into a lying, scheming, self-centered coward.

Secondly, although there was chemistry between the two characters, it was hard to believe they had actually fallen in love with one another in such a short space of time.

Finally, the author seemed to rush the ending and left unanswered questions. We never get to find out what happened with the side characters or even the lead themselves. (P.S. It was also a bit much to suggest that Claire would get nausea and morning sickness within literally a few days of having sex with Blake.)
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