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on February 21, 2010
If you have never seen the movies, read the comics or played any of the AVP games... you will think this game is 'okay'.

If however you have any experience with the genre this game will be a complete let down. I've been playing this game for about the last twelve hours with a few days previous where I played it on and off but it wasn't until I read some of these reviews that it jumped out at me. 'It feels off'. The way the previous games sucked you in was with the immersion, the dialogue, the story, the sound effects, even the combat. None of these are present in this game. There is no sound effect when changing vision modes as a predator. The AI is so bad that standing on a 1 foot tall box causes aliens to circle around you, trying to figure out how to get up there so they can attack you.

Meanwhile the dialogue breaks the mood every time. As a Marine your superiors (A 19 year old girl with a New England accent that emphasizes her own name 'Tequila' like she is Latino or something. I kept imagining a native Mexican slapping her every time she said it.) Anyway, she'll call you up on the radio and tell you to abandon the barricade where all the automated turrets are at (Because it's not safe) and go stand on the other side of the building, alone, by an elevator that simply won't open while she desperately tries to remotely fix it. Apparently you need to stand there until something scary happens or until you find a box to stand on. If you get attacked by aliens, don't worry, they'll circle around you hissing like cats for a while before one of them decides to approach and duel you in scripted combat.

Bored yet? Why not sift through the audio diaries that are littered about the complex. I swear, between the incompetent space marine sergeant trying to get you killed and everyone making audio diaries while they are dying... it's no wonder that security is such an issue on this planet. Everyone is dying but it's okay, it's not like they have a back story or anything.

Predator campaign isn't much better. Subtitles from your superiors tell you that EVERYTHING is an affront to your honor and everyone just has to die. With all that technology and tens of thousands of years of history... apparently this race has nothing better to do than stealth around human worlds waiting to be insulted.

Alien campaign was actually kinda fun. All 20 minutes of it.
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on March 13, 2010
I don't understand why this game got so many low reviews, especially since it doesn't have a bad DRM issue (although it requires steam...but such is life)

Honestly, the single player is a waste of time apart from using it to learn the control scheme :(

But if you're like me and you prefer to compete online, AvP is fantastic. Each race feels authentic and fun to play, yet they are very well balanced. It is strategy, rather than reflexes that will give you an edge in multiplayer.

Marines- their physical abilities are lacking- they cannot sprint or jump very well. But they make up for it with a motion sensing radar and a decent selection of weaponry. The winning strategy is to stick together and engage other races at range.

Alien- Exceptionally fast, can jump and climb and crawl on walls etc. They have a "sixth sense" which lets them see enemies through walls at a certain range, and their melee attacks are exceptionally quick and potent. To win as an alien, you have to make use of your speed and agility to get close enough/behind other races in order to kill them.

Predator- Predators can cloak themselves to hide from humans, can jump around a little better than aliens, have solid melee, and a wide variety of equipment and vision modes. To win, you have to stay cloaked and jump around in order to avoid detection by marines, and stay in high and/or well lit places to avoid getting killed by an alien. Also, it's all about knowing what equipment to use against your prey:

-marines are best killed with the spear and mines, heat vision
-aliens are best killed with mines, disc, and plasma caster, alien vision

The graphics may be just OK and the single player may be lame, but AvP is a pleasure to play online.
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on February 26, 2010
I am a long time fan of the Aliens and Predator franchises. When the 1999 AvP game was released, I thought I had found gold.

The 2010 version is, I'm quite sad to say, an utter disappointment to this long-time fan of the franchise.

I will point out the good things about this game first.

The environment is beautiful and perfect. Everything looks like it is supposed to look.

The story line is pretty good.

The sound is great. Everything sounds like it was sampled from the movies.

Cut scenes are great.

I LIKE that Marines can only carry 2 weapons plus a pistol. I also like that you have to hold a special key to run and the Marine can only run a certain distance before tiring and having wait before running again.

And.... well.... that's the only good things I can say about this game.

To be honest, I have only played about halfway through the Marine campaign. But so far, the gameplay is terrible. There is no crouch. Seriously. Hitting the "Jump" key seems like it causes the Marine to lift the equivalent of about 6 in off the floor. I realize his is armored and carrying a weapon but come on.

It seems the developers tried to get away from the "pickup health and armor" that is the norm for 1st person shooters. I give them credit for TRYING to think outside the box. The Marine has 1 bar for health. It is replenished by using stim-packs. There is no bar for Armor. I understand the devs wanting to do something different. Fine. But the Marines wear armor. There needs to be some way to repair it. As it is, the armor plays no role in your character. That is supposed to be one of the things that differentiates you from the Alien and the Predator.

The environment is entirely too dark. I realize that when you are a marine the environment is supposed to be dark and scary, but there is a difference between "dark and scary" and "I cant see a $^&@ thing!".

The environment is beautiful, but largely non-interactive. It actually reminds me of Doom 3.

In the first AvP game, and the AvP universe in general, Aliens are super fast, super strong, can climb anything, see in the dark and if they grab you, you are dead. Their weakness is that if the Marines see them before they can close the distance, they are turned into a pile of goo by a short burst from the Marines "Superior Firepower". Not in this game. The Aliens are slow and take about 4-5 bursts from a pulse rifle to kill.

So if the Aliens grab you, you are dead right? Wrong. Not in this crappy game. Marines can MELEE an Alien off if the Aliens grab them. "WTF" you say? You heard me. If an Alien grabs you and is about to put the jaws to your forehead, you can whack him with your gun and knock him off. When I discovered this, it made me wonder if the devs of this game had ever seen the movies or read any of the comic books. A MARINE CANNOT MELEE WITH AN ALIEN OR A PREDATOR! Come on, Arnold got his ass KICKED by a Predator, you think your average marine would fair better?

When I got the first AvP, Half-Life 2, FEAR, Left 4 Dead, or Deus Ex, I sacrificed sleep to play through them. I couldn't wait until I had everything done and had some time to indulge in some epic video game fantasy. I could care less if i play the 2010 version of AvP ever again. The gameplay just plain sucks. I may try skipping to the Predator campaign to see what kind of job they did with him but if the devs messed the Marines up this bad, I can only imagine how much they changed with the predator.

If the devs had half a brain, they would have taken the 1999 game and updated it with modern graphics, a modern engine (Source perhaps?), more missions, and more multi-player levels and released that. But noooooo! Im sure they had to "exercise their artistic license" and try to "create something unique. Our take on the series". In other words, the same mindset that caused Hollywood to release that steaming pile of poo "Aliens vs. Predator" in 2004. What they have ended up doing is messing up the formula that made the original game so great.

The thing that makes me the maddest is that I game on the PC. So i cant even take this piece of crap down to gamestop and trade it in for something else. Im simply out the [...]. I got screwed.
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on March 2, 2010
I'm tired of getting PC games that require Internet connection to play. I'm in the middle of Afganistan and dont have access to commercial internet. I cant hook up a personal computer to the network so all these games that require internet connection to play are a waste of money for me. I'm sure you wont have to register this game online if bought for a concel so why is it this way for PC.
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on March 28, 2012
The Good: Amazing creature campaigns, excellent visuals and audio, fun multi player

The Bad: Terrible Marine campaign, boring weapons, stupid story, everything is so short

The Aliens vs. Predator license has struggled for the past decade, and this recent entry tries to revive the brutality and haunting ambiance of it's predecessor (Aliens vs. Predator 2 from 2001), but falls flat on that main aspect. The original game was a bit slower paced and slowly wrung the fright out of you with jumpy dark corridors, and haunting atmosphere, but this game just falls flat, and I'm talking about the Marine campaign. The weapons don't really pack a punch, and there are only a handful of weapons, and you only kill Xenomorphs (Aliens) and only once due you encounter a Predator. The original game really made you dread wanting to fight a Predator, and when you finally did you were scared out of your pants by it. This game just throws one at you and that's it.

While the Marine campaign was the strong point in the last game it's the worst in this one. However, the Predator and Alien campaigns really shine and make you feel like those creatures. The Predator allows you to stalk humans with thermal vision, turn invisible, using your shoulder blaster and proximity mines, and witness brutal kills that will make you cringe. Watching the Predator rip off a head with it's spine attached and pet the spine in admiration is gut churning, but it's awesome and never gets old. Jumping around trees and high cliffs is a great way to stalk prey, and the distraction ability is great for isolating a Marine from a large group. Being a Predator is just so awesome and it's a shame the campaign is so short.

Playing as an Alien is just as cool with fast movement, and the Xenomorphs deadly fatalities that will also make you cringe. Stabbing someone in the eye with your tail or eating their brain with your tiny mouth is nasty, but satisfying. You can crawl on walls and ceilings with the touch of a button and jumping towards enemies from afar and lashing out is awesome all the time. While these two campaigns pack a serious punch I just wish it were more cinematic instead of just kill, kill, kill. Also the environments all look the same in every campaign and this is a shame.

The story really takes a back seat as well with you trying to stop Weyland from unleashing some powerful artifact or's never really clear, but the story is seriously lacking despite the decent voice acting. In the Predator campaign you're just trying to recover the fallen Young Bloods' technology completely disregarding what's going on between the humans and Xenomorphs. In the Alien campaign you're freeing yourself as well as your siblings and the Matriarch.

Despite the huge disappointment of the Marine campaign the game looks amazing with DirectX11 and all the features that go along with it. If you have the powerful rig to run it you will be treated with astounding visuals that really make the game pop and the creatures come to life that was only seen in the movies. The multi player is decent, but won't last too long, and I just wish the Marine campaign wasn't so boring! The previous game's campaign was just so amazing and spooky it really makes the game fall quite a bit. The game is worth a purchase just for the creature campaigns and the visual aesthetics, but in the long run the game could have been so much more.
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on November 5, 2010
When you download this game, you are actually downloading the "steam client", and you are purchasing the product key for the game.

To download the GAME, you must create an account with steam, and install it's client. Then you must open the client, and select (at the bottom) "+ADD A GAME". This is where you enter your product key for Aliens VS Predator.

Once you have done that, THEN "steam" starts to download the actual game for you.

Though I've yet to finish downloading the game, I figured I'd go ahead and post this now, so that anyone who tries to download the game knows that when you purchase it, you will have to do digital backflips in order to install your game; it's not like it comes with instructions of "install this client, open this program, browse, enter code, re-download, install the game" etc.
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on August 23, 2012
AVP, where was the advertising on this one? Honestly the most fun multiplayer i have ever played as the 3 team species carnage was wonderful. However, as sales weren't great and nobody plays online i wouldn't recommend buying it unless you are getting it for 5 bucks to play the campaign. While the campaign has an interesting story that unfolds through three separate campaigns ( ie Xenomorph the hunter and marine) the game's greatest feature was the multiplayer. The graphics are great (or were when it came out) the game play is fluid, controls are easy to maneuver, (except for xenomorph however others will disagree) and the gore and action is wonderful. There will be moments that make you jump playing as the marine, very few for the hunter, practically none for the xeno as it should be.

The reason for the high (some might say ridiculously) this game was an absolute blast when people were online. It was like being in a movie.

However, i must admit that without the multiplayer aspect, the game loses some of it's playability.
5 stars for the multiplayer
5 stars for the graphics
2 stars for a predictable story
3 stars for the campaign mode, (marine was the most fun xenomorph kinda blah)
4 stars for playability

4 stars altogether. HOWEVER since the main reason to play the game was multiplayer i would not advice buying for above 7$ (as this game is dirt cheap now) this game would be 5 stars with people still online, since they aren't though, a 3 is very reasonable.

Game On! - Ghost Writer
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on March 8, 2013
I passed this game up back when it first came out, not sure why I did but I'm glad I picked this up for cheap. Game is great, still holds up in the graphix dept, enjoyable game, highly recommended!
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on May 8, 2010
Back in the day when game publishers actually made games for specific platforms that took full advantage of their features and capabilities Aliens vs Predator 2 for the PC released almost ten years ago was the best of the genre, hands-down. It captured all the tension, terror and excitement of the movies featuring the Aliens and the Predator with logical use of mouse and keyboard for the full range of movement each species was capable of. And the story line wasn't half bad either.

Fast forward to the present. The PC gaming genre is infested with horribly broken and poorly executed console ports with clumsy controls, limited player movement,obnoxious checkpoint save systems. Aliens vs. Predator falls into this category.

Sure the DX11 visuals look good (I have a Radeon 5870, 3GHz Core 2 Duo Rig, 4GB RAM, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit). But that's all the game has going for it. After spending HOURS downloading a massive patch through Steam, the game is still full of bugs. After multiple re-installs, I couldn't pick up weapons. Or the game would freeze. The Marine's movement is severely crippled compared to Aliens vs Predator 2. The game falls back on the oldest and lamest trick in the book of endlessly respawning enemies to drive the player from one linear and boring level to the next.

With all the advanced PC technology available today, this game could have easily outdone AvP 2 with a little effort from Rebellion. It's a shame games like Aliens vs. Predator are thrown together and dumped on the market to make a fast buck. All style and bugs--no substance.
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on March 17, 2013
This game is awesome and so addictive. Every time I play it I really feel like a colonial marine from Aliens
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