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Well, Sonic Generations took my personal spotlight for the Best Sonic Game Ever, but Sonic CD is still one of my top favorite Sonic games, and now that there's this remake, everyone will get to see why I love it so much (To come to think of it.....Maybe this remake and Generations get my top spot...).

Sonic CD was released for the notorious Sega CD, an add-on for the Sega Genesis. It was the only game on the add-on to sell around a million copies. But even then, many fans haven't heard of this game. At least it was re-released in Sonic Gems Collection. And now, it's gotten full-time respect with a remake of the game that now includes the Japanese soundtrack AND US soundtrack, Tails, and a whole bunch of achievements!

As for the main game itself, Sonic CD took what made Sonics 1 & 2 so awesome, and multiplied them 10 times over! This game has all the high-speed Sonic action you could ever want. Not only is the platforming action top-notch, but the new levels are better than ever! And they are full of extremely colorful detail. Plus, in the Special Stages, you can navigate Sonic around roads to destroy UFOs to gather Time Stones (Alternate version of Chaos Emeralds basically) in a Mode-7-like view; a unique goal for a Special Stage.

Besides the achievements and the 2 soundtracks, Tails was another reason why to get this new version of the game. You see, Tails looks like as if he was ripped right out of Sonic 3, complete with the ability to fly.

Overall, this is one Sonic game you have gotta try! If you like the Genesis Sonics, you will LOVE Sonic CD. It's better than every Sonic game there is, with the exception of Generations. Plus, you can buy this for just a measly $5 bucks. It's a steal! Just be sure to have Steam installed.
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on April 19, 2012
My best friend had a Sega Genesis growing up, but he didn't get the SegaCD addon until pretty late, and he never got this game. Consequently, while I played all the other 16 bit Sonic titles in their heyday, I only played this later, when it was first ported to PC (there have been two PC ports of this game, one for pre-XP Windows and one for pre-Vista Windows).

If, like me, you missed out, then you should know Sonic CD is a different animal than Sonic 1, which it most closely resembles. The main routes through levels are very short, but the explorable area of each is huge- bigger than the levels in Sonic 3 in some cases. Not only that but each level has 4 explorable time periods- the past, present, and good and bad futures. To earn the best ending, Sonic must travel to the past in each level and destroy a target. This turns the level's future from a dismal wasteland to a happy glittering theme park. Of course you can also just beat all the special levels and find the 7 magic rocks, as per usual. What makes this game really different though is that while Sonic 1 rewarded graceful, flowing speed, Sonic CD punishes velocity. Springs and hills lead straight to spike traps, enemies drop from the ceilings with alarming frequency- in essence, this game takes how you learned to play sonic in the past, and forces you to change all your strategies, much like the Japanese Super Mario Brothers 2 did on the NES. Make no mistake, Sonic CD is HARD.

That said it is tremendous fun to explore the game. Thanks to the SegaCD's ability to add a few colors to the Genesis' palate, Sonic CD is brilliantly colorful (although a bit more visually busy and unpolished than Sonic 2 and 3). Since this release is a true port and not just emulation of the original ROM, the game also runs in true widescreen, and it looks fantastic. For the audio, this port incorporates both the US and Japanese soundtracks- the JP soundtrack is full of happy dance music while the US audio is kind of funk electronica- In my opinion the US soundtrack is better MUSIC, but the Japanese suits the game better.

In any event this is a great price for a wonderfully ported game. If you are a Sonic fan, you owe it to yourself to play this right away- or once again.

-Fantastic audio, razor-sharp controls, and graphics that are truly state of the art (by early 90s standards)
-A true port with support for modern display ratios
-Fun additions like time trials, achievements, and more

-Due to copyright issues, the Japanese opening and closing themes are instrumental only
-Once you play this you will be sad about how bad modern Sonic games are, and how lazy the other 16-bit titles' PC releases have been.
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on December 16, 2012
Sonic CD is by far one of the greatest games of all time, and in my opinion is the best 2D platformer game ever made. While most of Sonic Team's leadership was in America crafting Sonic 2, Sonic Team Japan was left to run with the original Sonic 1 engine, and take it to its limits on Sega CD.

In one of the first console-to-computer ports, Sonic CD was the best selling game for Windows 95. It was also the first game upgraded to use DirectX technology. It's a key landmark in the forest of computer gaming.

As such, many insisted on using hacks to keep this game running long past the stale date. You can get this game, originally intended for Windows 3.1, to run on Windows 7 and Windows 8. But, with the smartphone revolution, it was time for a rebuild.

Sonic CD 2011 is a complete engine rebuild, as SEGA unfortunately lost all of the Genesis-era source code. While some may be apprehensive, in reality, this game was built by one of the most prolific Sonic game hackers in history. He hand-crafted the game and pitched it to SEGA. After decades of mis-management, SEGA for once did the right thing and embraced his efforts.

The result is the equivalent of a flawless shot-for-shot remake, as if every single element of the Sonic CD engine was rewritten by hand, by the original developers. I would have paid $50 for this port. It's that good. It's well worth whatever sub-$10 price point they're offering right now. If you have even a passing interest in the 16-bit era, grab this game now!
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on February 7, 2012
A great port of sonic cd from the original genesis. didn't get a 5 star due to the problems with the levels.
Found that some areas were a little to difficult for some people but still was able to beat it.
Very Fun and a good portion of content for it. Love the game.
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on December 13, 2012
Look, it's a blast to the past... and future... and present...

Sonic gets to travel through time!

Experience the power of a 1993 CD technology!

It had non-midi Music! WOW!

It's a fun, replayable game, and they even added in Tails for the sake of it!

Get it!
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on November 24, 2012
I love Sonic CD! Since I never owned the CD attachment for my Sega Genesis, I never had the opportunity to play this fantastic game until now! Great graphics and fast gameplay are hallmarks in this wonderful gem from Sega! Right now, the game is $1.24, so its certainly a MUST BUY!!

Now, the bad stuff... As the description states, the game requires Steam activation. Those unfamiliar with Steam should know that it is an additional software client designed to provide copy-protection and a front-end to buy additional digital downloadable games. You MUST establish a free Steam account to play this game.

Here's how the process worked for me:

1) Purchased game on Amazon
2) Amazon downloaded the game to my desktop, utilizing the "Amazon Games Downloader"
3) Clicked on installation file and the Sonic CD installation screen appeared. I clicked on "install" and it immediately downloaded and installed "Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 5.0" to my computer.
4) Next, I was told I needed the Steam client software. So, the slow download and installation began on that. Note: per the game license, you can only have one game installation only. Also, it said you may have to maintain an Internet connection while playing. Internet connection for Sonic CD? Sheesh!!
5) Since I already had a Steam account from my "Half-Life 2" (excellent game) days, I entered my username and password. Next, I received a message that the Steam servers were not available and to retry later. Grrreat!!
6) I tried logging in later and it finally worked. Next, it asked if my e-mail was still valid (yes) and it sent me a verification e-mail anyway.
7) Received verification e-mail and clicked acknowledgement link.
8) Double-clicked on Sonic CD file again (since it disappeared) and was asked for the product code. Pasted code previously provide by Amazon and the Steam client told me it would download the software again. Grreat!!
9) Sonic CD shortcuts added and game started slowly downloading. Game installed and Sonic CD appeared on the Steam menu.

As you can see, the installation will be a big headache, because of Steam. Just be aware, okay? But for $1.24, I figured it was worth the extra gray hairs.

Sonic CD: Five solid stars
Steam client software: Two stars

My computer setup:

13" Apple MacBook Pro (Mid-2009)
Mountain Lion OS X
Parallels Desktop 8 software for Windows emulation
Windows 8 Pro Virtual Machine
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on January 14, 2013
To start off this game is actually on steam you can purchase it there whatever you don't buy it from Amazon just to clear that up. Now for the game itself it's pretty good with the exception of a few different things.

1.) This game is saved to your hard drive it is saved on steam which is made by valve this means whatever code or should I say debug mode will not work with this version so if you're trying to get the debug mode you're out of luck.
2.) The game is revamped and may not work with certain computers and laptops if your laptop is to weak or have dedicated video RAM it will not run trust me I've tried on my laptop.

The gameplay is very solid just as I remembered it however the special stages can be a real pain and when I mean a real pain I mean a real pain. The soundtrack can be switched from the Japanese to the US version but you will start with the Japanese soundtrack consider changing the soundtrack before going into the game the big downside to all this is that after you beat the game you can't go back and play levels over again especially the special stages also put tails into the game which is in my book pretty good I have played yet but I will very soon. People keep saying that the CD they get doesn't work in the game won't play his my advice still have the game on CD try the compatibility mode by right clicking on the set up icon and click on properties they look for the tab compatibility mode turned that on and set it to whatever OS it ran on and you're done that's it and the same goes for the game itself. What I like about this version is that basically the CD version at all the music on the CD so basically when you let's say jump from the present to the past the CD would have to be used in the game would freeze while it had to find the song appropriated with that stage, this version however doesn't even do that so that a big improvement I only wished that they had put the game on DVD ROM that would've been great.
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on November 24, 2012
Sonic CD was quite the gem back during its initial 1993. Released on the struggling Sega/Mega CD add-on to Sega's Genesis/Megadrive console it was perhaps one of the defining titles of the short lived platform. Sonic's environments arguably looked better, the gameplay was expanded to accommodate up to 4 variations of the same stage (via time travel), and the soundtracks were unlike anything else in the franchise (or even in general) at the time. Such a shame it was that Sonic CD was largely left behind while it's Genesis/MD brethren were immortalized in gaming fame. With a bit of prodding and design help by Chris Whitehead Sega has brought Sonic CD back and in the best shape it could be.

For one this isn't a straight port/emulation of the original Sonic CD. Much like Sonic Jam on the Saturn (probably the only true ports of the Genesis classics) the game was revised on a new engine Whitehead supposedly proposed to Sega. The game now runs in widescreen at 60FPS making for a better experience than straight emulation. In addition to these tweaks, Tails has been properly added into the game as well as the ability to tweak Spindash changes towards those of Sonic 2. Lastly you get your choice of using the original Japanese soundtrack or the American soundtrack. Fans will argue over which sounds better but it's a treat to have both available on the same title.

Sonic CD plays out much like its Genesis brethren so the gameplay is instantly familiar, though with an air somewhat more similar to the first game than the rest (possibly since Tails was absent initially as well). The main kick SCD gives to the formula is the concept of time travel. Every stage sans boss stages features a present, past, bad future, and good future which you travel to by touching posts and holding a consistent speed briefly. Think Back to the Future and you'll understand how time travel is pretty much activated in this game. Different time periods feature different environmental changes as well as enemy placements/presence. Ultimately your extended goal in the game (as in besides foiling Robotnik again) is to travel to the past and destroy main stray villain Robotnik's machinations in order to ensure a good future which you can actually visit in the process. This is a daunting task to do for each stage and encourages exploration through the expansive levels classic Sonics were known for. Your alternative means to make a good future would be to gather all the time stones (this game's variation of the series Chaos Emeralds) by completing the special stages (an equally daunting task). Either way you're going to be speeding around carefully exploring for rings and or capsules to destroy, and it is as difficult as expected for a classic Sonic game's "good" ending (if you want to call them endings really).

If there was anything I would fault Sonic CD for it would perhaps have to be the boss fights, they're the one area that feels somewhat lacking in what is otherwise such a treat of a classic package. Generally the bosses can be easy or indirect, which leads to a seemingly lessened sanctification of overcoming adversity. Despite this they are interesting none the less, one battle will have you in a Sonic Spinball-esque sort of situation while another will test your running/dodging reactions.

Overall whether you play this as a PC download (which is likely Steamworks involved or capable), on 360 or PS3 or even the original PC disc or Sega/Mega CD release it is worth playing if you are a fan of the blue blur's original 16-bit era outings. The only way I could see this game being much better is if it was actually remastered and made into true HD (along the lines of something like Rayman Origins graphically). Sonic CD doesn't pretend to be a trip back in time like more recent Sonic releases, it literally IS a trip back in time.

- An excellent classic Sonic title which has often been overlooked
- Great porting and enhancements which results in a game better than pure emulation
- Two enjoyable soundtracks in-game
- Probably the most expansive Sonic title of the 16-bit era due to the time travel mechanic
- $5 or less for this classic, there are way worse ways to burn a fiver

- Bosses aren't as challenging as the Genesis titles
- You're likely going to work fairly hard to get the better ending due to both methods being a challenge
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on March 20, 2012
I never actually played this when it came out -I went straight from Genesis to N64- but it seems to play perfectly well, and is a lot of fun. Be sure to set the soundtrack to the American/European release instead of the Japanese release though!
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on November 1, 2013
An oldie but most assuredly a goldie. This was a game I played as a kid and I am so glad that I now have a much easier way to play it then all the mods and compatibility stuff I had to deal with to get it to work.
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