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on July 19, 2013
I use it as a computer display. It's really too big. I think that if you are considering buying this, you either know if you want a 50" 4K display on your computer or not. I really can't comment on its use as a tv. So if you are looking for information about that, look elsewhere.

It is everything they say it is. So I also don't see the point in praising it. I gave it 5 stars. That's my praise.

I will however, point out some things maybe you hadn't thought of. I run it off an HD7770. Plugged it in and went. 50" is big. It's like 4 25" 1080p monitors. That is awesome, but the top two are so far away I haven't done anything up there yet. I"m constantly moving and resizing windows. Also, if you have multiple monitors you usually angle them towards you. That's not an option with one big screen.

I really wish they'd get this wake on signal from computer sorted out. I have another Seiki TV that worked just fine as a computer monitor. This powers off after disuse, and you have to manually turn it back on. Waking the computer won't do it automatically. Also, when it goes to sleep, and then when you turn it back on, it resizes everything up to your top window. I wish it'd just rememeber where everything is. Some guy on here claims to have it working by plugging it into a ups, but I don't have such a magical device.

Still, its gigantic and awesome.
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on June 7, 2013
I am picky about imagery---I notice artifacts in video compression, dislike excessive unsharp mask, detect mismatched color temperatures, and nitpick over brightness details and aspect ratios. I am a digital artist and create very high-resolution imagery, and bought this monitor for daily use as my primary computer monitor. I have little intention of using it to watch broadcast UHD TV, don't care about 3D or Smart TV, and don't even watch Blu-ray movies much. The Seiki seemed like a winner, for a price that I can afford.

In summary: this is a screen for television, not art or computer monitors. And it has some annoying habits that are hard to work around. (Edit: I will try the xrandr modelines posted by the previous reviewer; this may affect my rating and comments.)

Pros: this monitor truly does have 3840x2160 pixels, and that part is great. I put some full-resolution JPGs on a USB stick and viewed them using the built-in file browser. (It doesn't read PNGs!) The images looked like a large printed transparency over a lightbox. It was awesome. I wish I could turn down the sharpness (televisions should always have a "game" mode which turns off all the always-poorly-done image processing and let the signal go through unhindered, but this screen does not offer that), but I can't, even though the manual states that in "User" picture mode I should be able to. If anybody knows how to turn the sharpness down, I would love to hear about it! (see edit)

Cons: a lot. The screen brightness is not very even: the edges noticeably dimmer than the middle (when viewing from ~3'). There is a large blue bar light at the bottom middle of the frame that I'll need to tape over to eliminate. Worse, I cannot get a 1920x1080 pixel signal to fill the screen! There outermost 20-30 pixels are black, which cuts off most of the desktop toolbars. With the NVIDIA setup tool, I can eliminate that overscan, but then I only get ~1840x1014 pixels (that is NOT 1080p) AND those pixels are poorly scaled up by the NVIDIA driver so that small text is difficult to read (some strokes are sharp, others fuzzy). In addition, without being able to turn the sharpness down, everything (in all resolution modes) looks posterized and overly unsharp-masked like a Russian magazine from the 1980s. Images that look great on a real 1920x1200 computer monitor (like my older LaCie 324) look very bad---detail is wiped out in the posterization, and edges are hyper-accentuated. (Again, once I try the previous reviewer's modelines, this may improve.)

Once I am able to get a newer video card that supports the full resolution and figure out how to turn off all sharpening, this might become a useful computer monitor. Until then, though, the Seiki SE50UY04 remains a possibly-watchable television, and completely unusable for critical artwork.

EDIT (2013-06-11): Originally 3 stars, upgraded to 4 stars now

I installed a new GTX660Ti last night and some of the problems have been rectified. Windows 7 correctly uses the full 3840x2160 pixel resolution (after a second reboot). The "Sharpness" control becomes available at the full resolution, and cranking that all the way down to "0" eliminates the horrible unsharp-mask effect that causes all dark text to have a white halo (and vice versa). Plus, there is no overscan (the image goes right to the screen edges). I have not booted into Linux to try the suggested modelines.

One new deficiency that I now notice is that in 3640x2160p30, the image or backlight appears to flicker. I don't recall seeing that at 1080p60, and I am not convinced yet that it isn't my imagination.

And while viewing images, I still think that the posterization-like effect has not been removed (there appear to be larger blocks of color instead of each pixel having its own, unique color. I sought out very high quality images (I make them sometimes), and this effect did not go away. This monitor will probably still annoy color/graphics experts.

EDIT (2013-06-14): Really liking it now

I'm running some OpenGL artwork on it now, and it is remarkably sharp, and surprisingly not jerky. I had expected the 30Hz framerate to make the resulting motion look bad, but we were all surprised at how smooth it looks. Plus, with most of the screen dark, I no longer notice backlight flickering (which may have just been my eyes). The new problem is that at full-resolution, it's hard to find your mouse pointer on the screen.

Graphics programmer alert: use FreeGLUT instead of the older GLUT if you want to run anything fullscreen. The old GLUT doesn't recognize the resolution mode.

EDIT (2013-06-24): Price paid

I paid $1386 a few weeks ago, but search for "amazon price history" for price logging info.
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on December 3, 2013
I haven't even turned this TV on and I'm already disappointed.

I took it out of the box, went to assemble the stand, and found that the stand was incorrectly glued together so I can't possibly screw it in as required.

In other words, I have a TV that can't stand. It's completely unusable unless I go out and buy a third-party wall mount.

I contacted customer service for the company, and the (very nice) representative offered to replace it, but said it would take TWO MONTHS for the new part to arrive.

Obviously, this is completely unacceptable. I understand defects in manufacturing happen, but any responsible company would do everything it takes to correct their mistakes.

Looks like I'll be sending this one back to Amazon. Maybe I'll post another review if I ever get one I can use...
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on July 8, 2014
I use this TV for mostly gaming and a little bit of movie watching. As people have stated before me, the speakers on this TV leave room for improvement, but with the $60 sound bar that i have had everything sounds great.

The visuals are nothing short of amazing. Connected to this I have a Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, and GameCube. All of the HD consoles(the first 4) look amazing. I was a little worried going in that the up-scaling would make the images look pixelated and blurry, but i couldn't have been more wrong. Before this I had played on both a 1080p 55" TV, and a 1080p 32" TV. Amazingly this TV delivers the sharpness of the 32" while keeping the detail of the 55". It really does look amazing.

The only cons of this are the speakers, the base is kind of wobbly (but once you put it somewhere you aren't going to move it so its not really a big deal), and the limited options you have in the menu. The menu is very basic and doesn't give you the options that many other, name brand, TVs give. Honestly those are my only complaints, and none of them have anything to do with how the TV looks.
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on July 10, 2014
Worth the money. Will be buying the HDMI 2.0 version when it comes out.

For those who are looking for color corrected values for PC/Computer use, try these:

Final Settings: Contrast: 49, Brightness: 46, Colour: 37, Sharpness: 0, Backlight: 55, Standard
Advanced Menu Settings: Red Gain: 110, Green Gain: 110, Blue Gain: 110 (higher settings means brighter screen)
Red Offset: 530, Green Offset: 530, Blue Offset: 530 (higher settings means darker areas are lighter)

Do not change the advanced menu settings if you can help it as you can mess up default color settings. But to access the advanced menu it is Menu + 0000. Again this is as a LAST RESORT. The red gain, offset, green, blue, etc (above values is close to the "Warm" preset. So technically going to "Warm" you won't have to mess with red, green, blue, etc settings. Altho the backlight value is something that you can easily change and you absolutely have to if you're using this as a monitor, as it is TOO BRIGHT.

EDIT: 07/15/2014
If you ever mess up your settings you can upgrade the firmware and you will get everything back. By the way you can upgrade the firmware from the service menu but also you can unplug the power and plug the USB stick then plug the power in while holding down the MENU button on the TV itself for atleast 5-10 seconds. It does not do it unless you hold the MENU button (which Seiki DOES NOT mention on their website upgrade instructions....).
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on March 11, 2014
The picture itself is fine. In fact, what 4K I have seen is stunning. Here's the thing though - the sound STINKS and at minimum volume is still really loud. It's like listening to Mozart on a transistor radio. Here's the strange thing - If you have Verizon Fios, don't expect to use your remote on this TV. No matter what key you press on the Fios remote, it will either raise of lower the volume. It's really the oddest thing. For instance, if you hit the FF key, it will FF the content that you're watching but it will raise the volume at the same time. I called tech support about this and while they know about the issue, they offer no work around to it.

As I mentioned the sound is shockingly bad on the TV, so I got a Zvox sound bar and it's a really good product but guess what? Those crummy speakers? You can't turn them off. So when I use the FIOS remote the TV is getting jealous and still messing with the TV volume even with the Zvox soundbar working perfectly. Seiki's solution? Plug something in to the headphone jack on the back to shut off the speakers. Unreal.

I just wanted to share the email I got from Seiki customer service:

"1) Unfortunately, the FiOS remote is incompatible with Seiki TVs and changes settings inadvertently on the TV.
There is no fix for this.

2) You can disable the built in TV speakers by plugging in headphones into the jack on TV."

For the record, the headphone fix doesn't work. I plugged in 3.5mm headphones (my iPhone headphones) into the jack and the speakers didn't shut off nor did the headphones work.

Edit #2

Just got off the phone with Customer Support - The first guy was setting up an RMA for the item and put me on hold. I waited on hold for a half hour and he never came back.

Second guy said that the last firmware update broke the headphone fix and that they were working on another firmware update for it. There was no window on when it would be ready. He also said that rolling back the firmware wasn't suggested. When I said that they broke my TV, he suggested that I contact Amazon to bring it back.

Based on all this, I can't seriously recommend this TV to anyone. The company is a mess and can't support its own products.
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on February 11, 2014
This is a fantastic bare-bones S-MVA LCD panel which does exactly what it sets out to do - get 2160p capable displays into consumers' living rooms and home workstations for under $1000. There are no fancy bells or whistles here, but rather a mid-to-high quality LCD panel with a ridiculous number of pixels, a native 120Hz refresh rate and a ~6ms response time. For something which is advertised as a television, it sure does a fantastic impression of a high-end computer monitor as well.

This is exactly how I use this set: connected to my HTPC/gaming rig in the living. The versatility of this monitor makes it well suited for this purpose, as it can be switched seamlessly between 1080p, 1440p and 2160p (or basically anything else) on the fly, depending on what your needs are for the moment. The panel is not picky - if a display format fits inside HDMI 1.4, this monitor will display it like a champ, and the 50" version is the perfect size for someone wanting to play video games from the sofa while sitting 2-3m away.

In 1080p and 2160p, the panel looks fantastic once you get it calibrated. This is not a quick process, and the monitor will not look great out of the box (as others have mentioned) - it took me about a week of trial and error to get it perfect. Some have commented that the picture will either look over-saturated, or lose black detail, and I had the same experience at first, but with a little bit of patience and some calibration utilities, I think the result is fantastic. Colors are vivid, whites are crisp, and blacks are properly detailed after adjusting both the menu options and the global color settings for my video card. The amount of dynamic range you can squeeze out of this panel is actually pretty impressive, especially when driven at 1080p or 2160p. At non-integer multiples of the native resolution, color distortion becomes noticeable.

One of the best things about this monitor is that the LCD panel itself is driven at a native 120Hz. This is something that is basically only found on expensive computer monitors and rarely on television sets. For gaming where there is a lot of fast action, 120 fps cannot be beat. For those who prefer a higher resolution, the monitor will run 1440p at about 80Hz, which still provides a fantastically smooth gaming experience. If RTS games are your thing (or you don't care about playing games at 30Hz), then glorious 2160p gives you all the screen area you can handle at once. On my HTPC, I also have SVP set up to provide motion interpolation for television broadcasts - Football and Hockey at 120Hz looks great, and there is minimal motion blur.

There are only a few cons about this monitor:
- Slight backlight bleeding around the edges. Not unusual for a 50" display, and it is not noticeable at all unless the screen is completely black.
- HDMI limitations. The panel itself could be driven 2160p 120Hz if the interface supported it.
- Limited menu options.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 10, 2014
This TV has exceeded my expectations! First of all it arrived very well-packaged. You can find my exhaustive review, Seiki firmware update, Seiki remote setup and more here . I loved how this TV came with an HDMI cable and batteries for the remote too! The base was easy to attach and looks really nice! This TV is also wall-mountable. The picture quality for TV is great! My Xbox One games also look really nice. I connected my Mac computer to it with a thunderbolt to HDMI cable and the picture quality is amazing! It looks like an enormous computer monitor and the text is easily readable. The Seiki firmware update was a little trick at first but simple after i figured it out. This TV is much more energy efficient than plasma TVs and doesn't produce a noticeable amount of heat. Those were my two biggest complaints with my old plasma TV. I'd definitely buy this TV again, if I had the need for another. The performance is incredible for such a great price!
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on January 2, 2014
I have the 50" version of this TV hooked up as a PC monitor, a new build using the HDMI port built into the motherboard, Intel HD 4600 graphics (Haswell).

Since the beginning, the 4k (3840x2160@30hz) signal was inconsistent; the display would regularly blank out and then redetect the 4k signal, this takes 5 seconds, after which it works again. This would happen a few dozen times in the first few minutes and then periodically (perhaps once every few minutes) since then.

I tried updating the firmware; in the release notes it mentioned something about modified timings for better 4k performance. This had no effect.

I updated my graphics drivers and that did seem to help somewhat. After that I had only "acceptable" (meaning that I can get work done) blanking, and while it's frustrating to be interrupted a few times an hour, the amount of screen area and the great image quality make up for that somewhat.

I contacted customer service via email, and they created a ticket for my issue. After one month there was no response, update, anything. There's no link where I can check on the status of the ticket, and the responses are sent from a noreply@ email address.

Today when I came back from lunch, the display wouldn't come on at all -- blank screen, although the power light was on (blue), as was the backlight. Pressing the info button on the remote, I see that it was set as 3840x2160@30Hz, as it should be, but it doesn't attempt to draw the screen. The computer seems to think everything is normal, as I can move the mouse across to other displays.

I was unable to get any display output @30Hz, 1080p@60Hz was the best I could do. Whenever I selected a resolution@30Hz, it would show 3840x2160@30Hz and fail to display anything (black screen).

I called the customer service number on the back of the user manual and waited on hold. During that time I tried all the different HDMI cables and ports, different resolutions, different refresh rates, to no avail.

At one point, the display came back up. I hadn't done anything different, the settings were the same as those I had working previously.

I waited on hold for 30 minutes. I never got through to anyone. This is during their stated business hours, mind you.

Now the display is blanking every 15 seconds. BLANK. Try getting any work done when you can only see the screen half the BLANK time.

One BLANK star. I'm not the only person to have this BLANK issue. Seiki is aware they have this BLANK problem but their BLANK customer service is BLANK nonexistent. I didn't have 30 minutes to BLANK waste and I don't have the BLANK patience to work like this. The BLANK monitor may end up in the BLANK trash. BLANK! What a waste.

Update: Called again the next day. After 35 minutes, the service line goes to voicemail.
Update 2: 24 hours after my initial review, the TV will no longer turn on. The amber/blue power light at the bottom stays amber when I press power using either the remote or the buttons on the back.
Update 3: I unplugged the TV, plugged it back in, and it came on, but kept blanking out and then turned itself off again after a few hours. I swapped HDMI cables and it has definitely settled down and started working again (at least it has been for the last hour). I really enjoy the high resolution so unless I hear from Seiki (not holding my breath) I'm going to tough it out.

Update 4: no blanking after almost 5 hours with the new HDMI cable. I credit J. Hay who left me a link in the comments; I had previously tried a high-quality HDMI cable that didn't help, but it was a longer cable. The new 6-footer is doing well. I upped my rating to two stars. The product itself gets 5 stars, but non-existent customer service is not acceptable, and I am offended that they made me wait on hold for 35 minutes to leave a voice message that got no response.
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on February 10, 2014
thought we'd try the new technology of 4K. ordered the Seiki. it was ok. the picture didn't seem any better than my TCL LED HDTV. & then, for no apparent reason, shortly after the 6 month warrenty expired, it stopped working.
it turned on, showed it's logo, but never resolved to the actual channels.
$1K out the window. don't risk it. pay a bit more for a more reputable maker...i will next time.
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