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on July 18, 2012
So, after contemplating getting a Rolex Submariner I visited a few Watch Forums and the Seiko 009 and 007 came up as reasonable alternatives for the "everyday" watch. The Rolex owners weren't complaining about the Rolex, they just noted that for the price, and overall durability, the Seiko Divers Automatic was a "must have." Actually, more than a few mentioned that they wear their Seiko's far more.

I browsed both colors, and after reading a few forums, I found out that I can change the bezel to Black, or vice versa if I wanted (ebay purchase). So, I pulled the trigger on the Blue and Red, many people note it as being a Pepsi Dial, but I see it more as the colors of the American Flag, and being that this would be a work watch (I'm in the Military), it seemed fitting. Additionally, the military history of this watch contributed to my decision as well. Noting some of the common concerns with the watch, "band feels cheap and flimsy," and "the watch face is large," I eagerly awaited shipment. I receive the watch and am immediately impressed. The watch isn't that large, but I am pretty tall (6'2"), so it fits, but if I was shorter, I believe that it still look well, and not too large. To note, I've been wearing a Suunto Vector for the last 9 years, and that face is 50mm, and the Seiko is about 8mm smaller, so I was happy. The photos listed on Amazon DO NOT do this watch justice, it looks MUCH BETTER in person. You cannot manually wind this watch, however, a few swings from the left and the right, and away the ticking went, and I set the time. Additionally, I followed the "poor mans hack" in order to synch the second hand to another watch. For that, when in the time setting mode, gently turn the crown counter clock wise, and the second hand will stop in place. When the second hand on the other clock reaches the paused second hand on the Seiko, just gently turn the crown clock wise, and it's synched. It's really that easy folks. Setting the date, day, and time is a snap, and the screw down crown is pretty nifty.

I have to agree that the band feels cheap, so in anticipation, I purchased a 22mm oyster bracelet on Amazon, that I feel will give a more professional appearance, and not so gaudy as the current band. You can also I also order the Seiko oyster band on Amazon, but the complaints were the same, that it felt cheap, so I went with the more expensive after market brand. I also ordered a simple watch repair kit because in order to remove the links on the after-market oyster, you need a small screw driver, as it's not a push pin type. I've only been wearing the watch for about 4 hours at the time of this review, and I think it's fitting to write another review in about 6 months for an update. This is my first automatic, and I feel like I've entered into a new world of watches. Most older gentlemen (and the wise young) that I know wear automatics, and a watch of this quality priced under 200 bucks that matches well in either a suit, uniform, or casual wear is a must buy if you're considering. This will definitely be on my wrist for many years to come. Happy with the purchase, and if your contemplating, get it. This watch will last for many many happy years. Actually, I can't stop looking at it. Remember, if you decide one color bezel, you can always change it, and the band for a completely new look. Hope this review helps.

UPDATE 21JUL12 - I dont consider myself someone that gets caught up too much in fashion, but I simply love this watch. I cant stop looking at it. The second hand just takes me to a happy place. I've caught at least 3 people checking it out when it peaks out from underneath my sleeve when I'm in uniform. One female commented that the colors are that of the American Flag (SCORE!!!). I can't believe that I've lived on this earth for 33 years and didn't know about automatic watches. Someone commented in another post that it feels like your watch has a soul, and every time I walk anywhere, I feel like I'm giving it life. I actually find myself imagining all the gizmos inside working every arm swing. Sometimes I just over exaggerate the swing, but Im a fool. And I have to admit, I just purchased the SKX007 (Black). I removed a few links, and adjusted the micro on the band and it it fits like a glove (another reviewer mentioned that it moves like liquid, and I have to agree. It has not pulled any hair on my arm, and moves with my wrist as I "desk dive" sitting at my computer all day). The band no longer feels cheap, I actually like it. So, the super oyster band that I purchased is going to go on the 007 so I have two totally different watches. I've also caught myself checking out other peoples watches, and I've spotted a few Rolex (one day :) ), Invicta (DO NOT PURCHASE), Seiko, and a whole lotta Walmart (nothing wrong with those, those guys tend to have a family to support and are being responsible) brands. We sit around all day in the same uniform, and now I feel like I have a sense of separation from the drones. One of my old Major's used to wear a Rolex (a real one), and I never understood why. Now, with this beauty on my arm, I totally get it. Again, the photo does not do this watch any justice, I have to upload a pic. So, someone asked me how Seiko makes money if their watches last so long. I told him that people are probably silly like me and get two, and end up recommending, and buying as gifts. This watch is not that expensive, and will last a really long time, so if gifted, it will likely be with someone for a really long time. In regards to time, as of now, as I've owned it only for a few days, it runs a little fast when I wake up (about 6 seconds) (poor mans hack fixes that), but seriously, I dont mind, I'm now wearing a machine, not an accessory. I think with some time, it will settle in. Seiko flys under the radar, and thats good, cause I want to keep my American Flag Colors all to myself. So, if you can, save the time, order both from the same seller, and just enjoy.

31JUL12 Update - Received the Skx007 (Black bezel) model yesterday and changed the bracelet to the super oytser, and it looks great. I did the entire change myself and total it took me less than 30 mins with a watch repair kit that I purchased for about $8.00. My 009 (pepsi bezel) runs about 20 seconds fast depending on which way I lay it at night, and found that crown down, on the side keeps it there. I am no longer super obsessed with keeping the second hand synched with my phone clock, and realized that these watches will do as they do. As I mentioned before, wearing an automatic is wearing a watch with a soul. These watches are priced right, and will last me a life time.

16AUG12 Update - I changed out the band to a Super Jubilee, which does a nice job adding even more heft to the watch (not too much though). Also, it just feels all round more secure, as the new band has a deployant release. Super happy, you can view pic here on the amazon site at:
review image
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on January 15, 2010
Bought mine almost seven years ago and wear it all day, every day, swimming, working out, or for a night on the town. Besides my wedding ring, it's the only jewelry I wear, and I've have had countless compliments on it, and never a moment's problem. Hope to have it another seven years. Best watch I've ever owned.

Update, June 2013:
Watch still going strong and looking good after 10 years of daily use. Never been in for repair or had the back off. Even has the original crystal and bracelet!

Update, August 2014:
Watch still going strong and looking good after 11 years of daily use. Never been in for repair or had the back off. Even has the original crystal and bracelet! However, it's now gaining a few minutes every couple of months. May be a good excuse to buy something new and different, perhaps one of those big Invicta Russian Divers...

Update August, 2015:
Starting to gain a few more minutes a month now, only wear it at night because I need to see the luminous hands. Still, a good old watch, never had one last 12 years of daily use. I suppose it will go with me to the grave if past performance is any indication...
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on June 30, 2011
First of all, for those of you that don't know, the Seiko SKX007/009 are essentially the spiritual successor to the Seiko 6xxx diver's watches that were so popular as tool watches in the Vietnam War era. At a glance, it's hard to tell them apart - the main differences being the subtle differences in the case shape and the shape of the indices on the face. The 007 is the current black bezel version, the 009 has the "Pepsi" red/blue bezel for a little added color in your life. It uses a Seiko 7S26 automatic movement which is a decent reliable movement with only a few drawbacks - more on that later. This watch shipped from Amazon's warehouse in Kentucky unlike the comments from some previous reviewers. I've only had this particular watch for a few hours, so I can't speak to the accuracy of this watch in particular, but I've been wearing a Seiko 5 with the same movement for months now and other than it running slightly fast (not unusual for an out of the box mechanical movement that's never been regulated) I can't complain about it at all. So as to this watch - let me tell you all the little, niggling things I *don't* like about it, so you can make an educated purchase. First of all, the 7S26, unlike the Swiss ETA 2824-2 in my other dive watch (which, to be fair, cost about 5x as much) cannot be hand wound, nor does it "hack." What that means is, when you pull the crown out to the time setting position, the seconds hand keeps running, so you cannot synchronize it to the second with a time source such as a top of the hour beep on the radio, an "atomic" clock (really a clock synchronized to WWVB, but that's another discussion) or the NIST web site. Not a huge deal unless you're really need that precision, and if you did, you'd be wearing an "atomic" watch anyway. And the "poor man's hack" works on this movement - set the time, then hold a little back pressure on the crown (turn it in the opposite direction ever so slightly to the direction you'd turn it to advance the hands) and that usually stops the second hand. When your time source catches up, let go, et voila, synchronized watch. Also, the bracelet is to be kind, flimsy - not unusual for Seiko watches. I honestly purchased the bracelet version only because due to the inscrutability that is Amazon it was cheaper than the rubber strap version. I'll be putting this on a Mil-NATO strap I think, but if you like bracelets, there's plenty of aftermarket bracelets out there far nicer than the original Seiko ones - only the high-end Seiko watches get really nice bracelets. Also, the bezel action is a little light, although I haven't worn it enough to see if it ever rotates by itself. This particular watch just showed up at my door today, so I haven't had a chance to see how the lume lasts, but traditionally Seiko lume is about as good as it gets - if you want something more visible at night, you really need to be looking at watches with tritium hands and indices. The bezel insert is printed, not engraved, for what it's worth, and the crystal is "hardlex" (a Seiko proprietary hardened mineral crystal material) which is less scratch resistant than sapphire but actually somewhat more impact resistant. (you win some, you lose some. And I'm not aware of any watch at this price point w/ a real sapphire crystal anyway.)

All that said - if you've got as far as reading this review, you probably ought to go ahead and buy this watch. It's damn near an icon in the world of tool watches. It looks good without being a copy of someone else's design (how many Rolex Submariner homages does the world really need?) and at the same time is an evolution of a design that is a classic in its own right. Seiko makes a hell of a movement, I have no reason to doubt the 200m rating, and if you really want near-quartz accuracy from it, just wear it daily for a month or two to let it break in and then take it to your local watchmaker and have him regulate it for you. $150 (I see now it's $145?) for a quality automatic waterproof watch complete with screw down crown is not a bad deal at all.

Anyway, above and beyond all that, for more watch-geekery goodness, there's a decent sized aftermarket out there with different bezel inserts, hands, dial faces, etc. for this series of Seiko watches for those that just have to have something completely different.

Edit: William Jean sells solid-link bracelets for Seiko watches with solid end links and decent quality clasps. I'm waiting for one to arrive now although the watch is fine on a Mil-NATO strap. After wearing this watch for a while I've found that it only gains a few seconds a day, although more than that isn't unusual for a 7S26.

Edit #2: I tried the William Jean "super oyster" bracelet but ended up going back to a Maratac Mil-NATO strap. It just seems to fit the character of this watch better, although the Super Oyster does make for a nice combination with this watch. After having owned this watch for a while I have a few nits to pick regarding it; I still like it but figured I would report on the negatives. 1) the crown does not screw down as nicely at that of my Marathon GSAR. To be fair, the GSAR costs about 5x as much. 2) the auto-winding mechanism is not very efficient. If I wear the watch all day it has lots of power reserve, but I have had a few occasions to wear a watch to bed, not having an alarm clock handy. I find that the GSAR is the choice for that duty; if I pick up the Seiko and it has run down, I apparently do not move enough in my sleep to wind the watch; it will stop running overnight. This is not a problem for either the GSAR (ETA movement) or my Vostok Amphibia, but it is for the Seiko. Unfortunately the Seiko does not handwind, and the Vostok's lume is awful, so the GSAR is really the only choice for that duty. Not a situation that most people will care about but in the interest of full disclosure I thought I should add this to my review.
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on January 5, 2012

In my opinion if you like dive watches, this model is a must have. Dive watches aren't just for diving, they make the best beater watches because they are built extra tough and the Seiko line of dive watches are built extra-extra tough.

Watch Model:

The watch being reviewed is the SKX009K2 which is the blue dialed pepsi bezel version. There is another model called the SKX007K2 that has a black dial and black bezel. When searching for this watch, you will also see a model SKX175 listed that looks identical to the SKX009. This model number designates the model that was for the American market and the only difference is some of the markings on the case-back.

Watch Movement:

This model has an automatic movement in it as opposed to a battery operated quartz movement. The automatic movement, known in Rolex circles as "perpetual" has a pendulum and clutch that moves when you move your arm. This is unnoticed by the wearer. The wearer's motion keeps the main spring constantly wound. This particular model uses the Seiko 7S26(A or B) caliber movement. I suspect that if you purchase this watch now you'll get the 7S26B version. The B version has a couple of improvements over the A version and you can read about them if you do a search on it. The 7S26 caliber movement can be compared to the Miyota (Citizen) 8215 movement found in the Invicta line of watches like the Invicta 8926 Submariner homage. Both movements have 21 jewels, and both are non-hacking. But, the Myota can be manual wound and the Seiko cannot. The Seiko will wind in both pendulum directions and the Myota only winds in one pendulum direction. Both movements have about the same accuracy and same power reserves. For those of you that are environmentally conscious, this is the "greenest" type of watch movement.

Watch Bracelet:

The bracelet is a stainless steel jubilee style bracelet. The name "jubilee" comes from Rolex and is an iconic bracelet found on the Rolex Datejust and Day/Date models. The Seiko bracelet is actually a very good quality bracelet given the price point of this watch. The center links are folded, but the ends are solid. This makes a very solid yet light bracelet that is very comfortable and strong. Seiko also sells a very comfortable rubber strap for this watch that is not too expensive.

Watch Size:

The watch is right around 40mm without the crown. With the crown it's around 43mm. The crown is at the four o'clock position which makes is very comfortable. The watch is around 13mm thick. The width and height are important numbers to determine if a watch will feel balanced on the wrist. The Seiko numbers are very good for providing a well balanced feel on the wrist. The lug width is 22mm which is a common width for dive watches. This means that you can find a lot of aftermarket straps and bracelets that will fit this watch if you want to experiment.

Watch Case:

The case is a combination polished and brushed stainless steel. This combination is a time tested classic look. The shape of the case has smooth lines with no pointy or pokey areas on the watch. The case reminds me of the way the Japanese create a sense of ergonomics like no one else can. The uni-directional bezel is a double coin edge type that is both functional and great looking. It has a glow in the dark flat oyster at the twelve o'clock position. The crown is at the four o'clock position and screws down. There is a rubber gasket in the crown so that when it is screwed down it will make the watch "water proof." The case also has a crown protector which creates a barrier from damage. This is imperative on a beater tool watch.

Watch Face:

The face is a strikingly nice dark blue color. The hour markers are large dots with differentiators at the six, nine, and twelve o'clock positions. These markers are coated with a luminescent material (Lumibrite) that glows in the dark. When looking at the watch in pitch black conditions, it is totally readable. The hands are iconic of this watch. The most striking is the minute hand. It is large and draws the eye to it. This is important when diving because you are most concerned with the number of minutes you've spent down. The seconds hand is identifiable because of the lollipop at one end so it is unmistakable in low light conditions. All the hands are glow in dark. It has a day/date display that can display either English or Spanish, and is highly readable. The crystal is made out of a Seiko proprietary material known as "Hardlex." Most watches have crystals that are made out of either mineral or sapphire. Mineral crystals have the benefit of being flexible so they can take a knock without breaking, but they scratch easy. Sapphire crystals are virtually impossible to scratch without a diamond, yet they are not flexible so they can shatter. Hardlex is somewhere in between and performs very well in this regard.


Perhaps this watch can be considered as one of the all time greatest watches at any price?
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on November 1, 2011
Well I have been researching watches for a good quality automatic that I could use for everyday use as well as diving. The Seiko seems to have fit the bill after I waited for a good price on amazon. The watch was shipped out very quickly and came brand new in the box with all of the plastic protective covering still on. I got the instructions and the warranty book but the Seiko warranty card was missing. Not sure if these watches are grey market and don't come with a warranty, but Amazon appears to offer their own 2 year warranty. Not as good as the 3 year one from Seiko, but at this price I'm not one to balk.

The watch itself if beautiful, and I really like the "pepsi" Seiko colors. The screw down crown was a bit hard to start on it's threads after I set the time. The Lume is amazing and only second to the crazy bright lume of a luminox watch I own. The watch has some weight to it and feels substantial, not a ton but feels of good quality. The face is quite dark blue not bright or royal blue. I have read that some people don't like the Jubilee band, but I thinks its pretty comfortable and sharp looking. So far I've timed it with my iphone and its pretty close for my liking, I'll know more in a few weeks/months etc.
The bezel if very smooth out of the box and has 120 detents. I'll post updates on it's reliability since I've just recently purchase it.

So far very happy, and am already pondering buying some more Seiko automatics!!
review image
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on April 4, 2008
I have come the age (50) that I wanted an automatic watch that had the Day of the Week. I also think they have more "Soul" that a quartz watch. I also have a Rolex. But I wanted something I could bum around in and not worry much about hurting it. It's like a older car with carburetor, it's not perfect but it's not suppose to be. Mine runs fairly that I stopped messing around with main spring adjustment thing on the inside. I have too much time on my hands I guess. It runs just as good as my Rolex for several thousands $$ less and looks great.
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on February 14, 2015
Just get the Orient Blue Ray (as pictured) for a little less. I get so many compliments on my Orient. The strap on the Seiko is a joke. Sent this toy watch back right away after a link fell out and the watch dropped off my wrist. Luckily it was on carpet. What else can I say? This watch has a reputation, but it didn't live up to it as far as I'm concerned.
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on April 10, 2015
review image
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on October 11, 2015
Outstanding value in a professional-grade diver's watch. Classic lines, bold yet versatile color scheme, excellent durability, reliable movement. I ordered mine in 2003 and have worn it on and off since then without a glitch. It runs about 8 seconds fast per day, which is tolerable to me. It has held up well aesthetically and mechanically. I've since switched to a variety of straps beyond the issued 22mm jubilee bracelet. I've used a Seiko rubber diver strap, 22mm navy blue NATO and most recently a 22mm Hadley-Roma 894. With these options, this single watch can take on a variety of styles, all of which are classic. I've worn a few different watches since I got this one, but I always come back to it for its classic style and durability. Highly recommend it.
review image review image
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on August 16, 2012
A friend of mine got me all excited about mechanical watches and I always kind of wanted a nice Seiko anyway - my search quickly led me to this one: The Seiko "Pepsi Diver" (Seiko doesn't name their watches, but the names the enthusiasts come up with tend to stick).

I have a dive computer that I use for my actual scuba diving, but this might make a nice backup. It's got a rotating bezel that you can twist to point at the minute hand - and then you can easily glance at it and see how many minutes it's been since you set the bezel (it only rotates counter-clockwise. I guess that's so that bumping it accidentally during a dive might make it look like you've been down longer than you have - but it can't make it look like you've been down less time, so it errs on the side of diver safety)

Here's a crash course in the things I've learned about mechanical watches and this watch in particular:
1) This is an "automatic" watch - which means self-winding. There is a small weight inside the watch that swivels around as you move during the day and keeps the watch wound for you.
2) If you take it off and leave it for too long, it will run down and you'll have to rock it back and forth a bit to get it going again. I haven't let mine run down yet so I don't know how long it takes. It will certainly stay running overnight if you take it off when you go to bed.
3) The guts of mechanical watches are called the "movement". This is a Japanese movement, model number 7S26. Seiko has been using this movement for a long time and it works very well.
4) You'll see mechanical watches talk about how many "jewels" they have. These aren't for bling - they aren't even visible unless you get a watch where you can see the insides. I's referring to the small industrial rubies that are used as low friction bearings in the movement. I think 19 is pretty standard, plus a couple extra that are used in the self-winding stuff - this is a 21 jewel movement.
5) Some people complain that the watch isn't as blue as they expected. The face of it is more like a dark bluish gray - but the bezel is a nice blue, and between the two of them it's blue enough for me
6) I bought the SKX009K2 model. As far as I can tell from internet research, it is exactly the same as the SKX175 model - the 175 is just intended for the American market and is a bit more expensive for some reason.
7) It has day/date wheels on it - so it will show THU 16, FRI 17 etc. The day/date wheels appear to be white plastic. The text is all black except for SAT, which is blue, and SUN, which is red. The day wheel is also bilingual, with abbreviations for spanish days of the week on it as well. They alternate with each other - so the wheel has "MON LUN TUE MAR WED MIE THU JUE FRI VIE SAT SAB SUN DOM" on it. When you set it, you just pick whichever language you prefer. Then when it changes at midnight it moves two clicks to get to the next day in the language you selected. It doesn't move those two clicks instantly, though. The day of the month starts changing before midnight. The day of the week starts changing sometime after midnight, then it changes to the spanish version of the day, and then sometime around 3am it finishes changing to the english version of the correct day
8) The face of the watch (officially called the "crystal") is made from Seiko's brand of hardened glass called hardlex
9) Mechanical watches don't tend to be as accurate as quartz watches, though if you think about how little time it gains or loses in a day while you're walking around banging it into doorframes it's really an incredibly precise machine. Mine is currently gaining about 2 seconds per day when worn 24/7. It gains time faster if I take it off - partially because watches run fastest when they're on their face or back as they are when you set them down. I think it also has something to do with temperpature stability. When you're wearing it, it's pretty much always at your skin temperature. I think they tend to run faster when they are new and they wear in and slow down a bit after a couple months.
10) The movement is supposed to move 21600 times per hour on this watch, which is 6 times per second. You can see the second hand moving multiple times per second, but it looks like it only moves 5 times per second to me - so I'm not sure about that part of it.
11) Watches come with extra links in the band - so you won't be able to take it out of the box and put it on unless you have really big wrists. You need a tiny little punch to drive out the link pins - I just took it to a watch store and they fitted it for me for ten bucks
12) Seiko is apparently known for really bright "lume" (glow in the dark). If this is in the sun for a minute or so and you take it inside it glows like crazy. It doesn't stay that way for long, but that's pretty normal. If you wake up in the middle of the night and look at it the hands are very dim, but are sill visible.

Anyway, overall this is a really cool watch with some significant Seiko Diver history behind it and some amazing mechanical stuff in there. I'm very happy I bought it. The price and shipping from the Amazon partner company were excellent. It did come with a warranty card and was new-in-box.
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