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on January 24, 2011
From what I can tell, this is the same seiko automatic I wore for a quarter of a century, with a very minor difference in the wrist band latch. I loved it. About the only time I didn't wear it was in the shower each morning. It kept very accurate time, and wound itself with flawless reliability. I received mine as a Christmas present when I was a sophmore in high school. Young men being what they are, I sent it through the washer more than once in my jeans pocket. I also wore it caving through a number of exceptionally muddy passages. I whacked the crystal innumerable times on door jambs and had to replace them twice. I wore it with confidence on dates to elegant restaurants, weddings, business meetings and hikes in the Mountains. We got rained on, snowed on and broiled in the summer sun from Christmas of '76 until sometime after 2001.
I've since tried a string of battery operated quartz watches. Every time the battery dies I am reminded that I never had to experience that inconvenience with my seiko automatic. None of the quartz watches have proven to be as durable.
Unless you are just trying to impress others with your ability to spend ridiculous sums, this is what I would buy. It is the maximum bang for your buck: rugged, good-looking, insanely reliable and very reasonably priced. It is what I plan to buy if my current Christmas present ever wears out.
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on June 11, 2011
I just got this watch recently so I can't comment on reliability over time, etc. However I can give you my first impressions, which are excellent. This watch really looks much better in person than in pictures. It's not a overtly "manly man" watch like the legions of Submariner clones and military watches out there, but instead it's simple, elegant, and understated. I was a little concerned that the mirror-polished bezel would look too blingy or jewelry-like, but it actually balances nicely with the deep blue face and brushed-steel band. The watch itself is a good size if you are, like me, small-to-average in build. The exposed mechanics on the back side are an added bonus, especially for those of us who are relatively new to the world of automatics.

The bracelet is also good quality for the money. It's put together well enough that I was easily able to remove a few links to resize the bracelet on my own. The last watch I got, an Orient diver model, was so stubborn that even the professional watch repairman had trouble with it. It's convenient to save yourself a trip to the watch shop and reassuring to know that you can modify the watch band however you like, whenever you like.

As far as actual time-keeping goes, I'm sure it's losing or gaining a few seconds each day, but nothing noticeable, and I haven't had to reset the time yet. I haven't had any issues with it in the short time I've owned it.

If you're looking for a big, complicated, eye-catching watch, keep looking. But if you want a simple, mid-sized dress watch with timeless good looks, or are just looking for an entry point into the world of automatic watches, this might just be the one for you. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better value for the money than the Seiko 5 line, especially with Amazon's regular discounts.

Update: I've now had the Seiko for almost a month and I'm pleased with the accuracy of the movement. It's only lost about a second per week, which is incredible for any automatic watch, let alone one in this price range. Part of that is undoubtedly the luck of the draw, but I've got no complaints so far.
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on October 10, 2010
I purchased this about a month ago. My dad and grandfather both had self winding watches decades ago. I was putting about my fourth battery in another (nice) Seiko when I decided to look on Amazon. I targeted Seiko since I had received one 25 years ago for a gift. It has been fantastic for a quarter of a century. It is quartz and has about a five year battery cycle, but I digress. This one came in and after reading the reviews I decided to take it to a jeweler to have the band adjusted. This is a relatively heavy watch, so if you don't want it flopping around on your wrist and pulling out hair I suggest a decent fit. After wearing it one full day it was wound significantly and has kept excellent time since. The only adjustment I've made is the date setting when we flipped from September to October. The time has not needed set in the three weeks I've worn it. It is keeping pace with my quartz models and is within a few seconds of the time tag on my cell phone (usually pretty close). I have not tested it with the standards board radio broadcasts on shortwave radio, but it has been close enough I haven't felt the need to do so. If you want a stylish watch that never needs a battery and keeps good time, consider this model. I give it five stars as I've had some compliments on it. If you think going to have it fitted is a hassle, then knock off half a star, but not for the watch itself.
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on July 17, 2010
My wife and I are watch lovers. I wanted a nice automatic that could be versatile...wear at work, casual occasions or dress occasions. This one fills that requirement very well.

It uses Seiko's inexpensive but very durable automatic hacking or manual wind, but powers up just fine with wear. The lack of hacking makes for a little more difficulty if you are trying to match the time exactly to another watch...minor issue though and not considered a fault...its just how the movement is designed.

The lume is very good...hard to beat a Seiko for quality of lume. Glows plenty bright enough to see through the night.

The case back is transparent so you can watch the movement at work...its not decorated in any way but nonetheless interesting to watch.

The case is 38mm, nicely polished and solidly built. The bracelet is fine...definitely not high end but comfortable and should last a good long time with normal wear (depending on how you define normal).

Amazon states WR rating at 330' or 100m. The actual rating is 30m which is fine for hand washing, rain and if you forget to take it off before a shower that should not be a problem. Dont go diving with it though.

The blue dial is a nice deep blue...the hour markers are applied very well. The hands are long enough...may not seem like something to notice, but have you ever seen watches with hands that dont even come close to reaching the hour markers? Looks bad and is annoying...this watch does not have that problem...great job on the hands.

Accuracy is ok...for the few days I have had this one it has lost about 15 seconds...not spectacular but decent. Automatics can be "luck of the draw"...same movement from the same company in the same model and range from +/- 1 second a day to +/- 30 seconds a day or more. Fortunately if you get one that has bad accuracy, you local qualified watchmaker can probably regulate it for you quickly and cheaply.

The crystal is hardlex...which I assume is their name for a mineral crystal. It can scratch although it is pretty rare that I scratch a crystal and not a major concern.

The crown is push/pull, takes a little effort to pull out and it is small. On one hand it is a little difficult to manipulate it for setting time and date, on the other hand the small size and effort it takes to pull out is a real advantage as there is no worry about it getting caught on something and accidentally pulling out and compromising water resistance.

Amazon has good prices on these watches and at this price I used the one day shipping option...I have always found Amazon very reliable and safe to order from.
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on September 26, 2013
OK, if you want a general overview of this watch, please read my review of the black dial model my son bought. Now I'm going to get a little technical. I don't repair watches anymore, but I still have most of my equipment. Checking the timekeeping of my watch with a 'Vibrograph', I found a 10 sec gain per 24 hrs in dial up, a -1 in pendant right, and a -1 in pendant down. Since those are the most common positions for a watch in daily wear, I didn't check further. This averages out to about a 5 second a day gain, or a gain of 1 minute in 12 days. If that's not good enough for you, got to Wallyworld and buy a cheap quartz watch. However, for those that appreciate a mechanical timepiece, this is GREAT for a watch that cost me $57. The SS case will outlast the movement by years, and if this model is still available when this one needs repair, I'll just buy another one. The watch looks elegant, very classic styling. If you're not needing a watch that you can use to navigate your starship, get a real watch with real gears. Enjoy the renaissance quality of a real timepiece.

PS: an auto-wind watch needs to be fitted closely to your wrist so the rotor (winding weight) can take full mechanical advantage of your movement to keep the mainspring wound up. If you want to wear it loosely like a bracelet, it will NEVER stay wound up.
Oh, yes, I checked my son's watch too. His keeps better time than mine but I won't bore you with the details of gravitational error as I did with mine. I really don't think you can go wrong with this watch as long as you're not on a schedule that requires quartz watch accuracy of seconds per year. Personally, I don't want to live in that fast lane.
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on October 11, 2011
Just received the watch, pictures don't do justice, this is one nice looking watch. And for $65 shipped (expedited) from Mr. Watch.

The watch is smaller than I assumed, still looks quite good on my wrist, the blue is a very dark navy blue and gorgeous. Resized the bracelet myself with a little help from Google. Not heavy at all, I barely notice it. The size and weight will be perfect for smaller wrists, I think larger than 7.5 inches will look feminine with this watch

The crown is recessed into the case and is VERY hard to pull out if you have closely trimmed fingernails, I had to use a tool to do it

Will update on accuracy after a couple of weeks, not expecting too much and certainly not in the "break-in" period (several weeks or even months).

Update 10/16: After 4 days of keeping track of the watch timing it is consistently fast 7-8 seconds per day. It may not be consistent throughout the day, but generally adds about a second every 3 hours. This is *excellent* for a non-regulated 7S26B movement used in lower priced Seiko models. If it keeps it that way I am not going to bother regulating it. I may be lucky, but don't think you can get better precision in a watch even 10x the price, that is not always the case. YMMV, this may be my wearing style that keeps it within this range. I make sure it is wound before going to bed and leave it crown up as it is said to slow the mechanism down a bit, normally I wake up and find it about 4 seconds faster than before I took it off.

Update 10/19: A week of measurements and this watch is being an amazing mechanical time keeper, gained 38 seconds, last three days only gaining 3-4 seconds a day.
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I have had two Seiko 5 watches, and I liked them, especially for their status as a nice budget watch. They are lightweight yet relatively sturdy, and they look pretty good, but not great. They are perfect watches for students or people coming out of school who want an acceptably serious-looking watch for their everyday activities, that they don't have to worry about scuffing up.

The biggest downside of the Seiko 5 in my experience is accuracy. I had one that was off by a couple of minutes a day. And it was running slow, not fast, so I had to adjust it frequently and was constantly worried about being late. It got to where I'd set it five minutes fast and hope that I remembered to adjust it before it went behind again. I think that watch may have been the exception rather than the rule, as my other Seiko 5 was reasonably accurate. I had to adjust it every week or so. I took the inaccurate one in to a jeweler's for adjustment, and he said he could adjust it, but it wouldn't do much good in the long term, it would just get out of sync again.

Still, Seiko 5s were my primary watch for a good few years. It is a reliable basic automatic watch and has decent enough water resistance. A good choice for a budget automatic.
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on November 6, 2010
Excellent timepiece. The face is a little smaller than I had imagined but still looks excellent and has a great balance of fancy and casual, not too big, not too small. Was running when I opened the box, setting the time and date was simple, and adjusting the band was easy.
(For those of you who don't know how to adjust the band, here's how: You need something that will fit into the holes under the band. I had a screwdriver-like tool in the garage that has a conical end that's sharp- it fit in the hole well, just simply pry down (which pushes the head up in the direction of the arrow) until the bar pops off. Just keep fiddling with it until you can remove the bar- the pin is connected to it. At first, I was like "Sheesh, why can't they just use simple pins" but this method is actually easy once you have the right tool and know how to do it.
The watch is solid and light, but far from cheap. The hands glow and the top part of the bars (where numbers usually go) glows, and the glow is very bright and strong, excellent for night-time.
Overall, very very very satisfied with my purchase.
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on November 6, 2012
The Seiko SNK793 is a perfect example of what the typical men's wristwatch looked like for nearly the past hundred years. Lately, it seems larger watches for both men and women have become increasingly popular. But don't count out this classic Seiko 5 series model just yet! It is just about the standard size for a traditional man's watch - about 38 mm and will be suitable for just about any guy. This watch is not overly thick and will manage to fit under most long-sleeved shirts and is adaptable for both casual and more formal events. The face of the watch is a very appealing dark silvery-blue and both the day and date are black on a white background which makes them stand out, more than if they had been white on a blue or black background like several other similar Seiko models possess.

Accuracy is a very important factor in an automatic watch like this Seiko. Automatic watches are powered by the wrist movement of the wearer and tend be less accurate than a quartz, battery-powered watch. The 7S26C module in this watch is used in a great number of Seiko watches and is known for being a pretty good mechanical device. My advice for any buyer of automatic watches - if your watch runs more than a minute fast or slow in a day, I'd seriously consider returning it. In this digital age and with the precision of manufacturing equipment for these watches, anything more than a minute a day is unacceptable. These watches can have their accuracy adjusted by a jeweler or an amateur horologist, but the expense and aggravation involved may not be worth it, especially in a watch at this price level. The metal band that comes with this model uses L-shaped clips in the links and can be removed with the aid of a very small jeweler's screwdriver jiggling it in the slot in the back of each removable link. I've had this watch for a month and it runs about 15 seconds fast a day. This is good enough for an inexpensive automatic watch! I'll keep it!

BTW, I bought this watch for $52.27 which is in my mind, a bargain! The price on this model fluctuates a few bucks every few weeks and if you can pick it up at $60 or under and it is fairly accurate ...with minimal care will last nearly a lifetime.
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on March 4, 2015
I have owned Seiko watches for over 40 years and this one is the worst. I loses time at a rate of 5 minutes in less than a week. I never know what the time sure what to do about this as it has been since October and getting worse. Tried to contact company it came from and their website is down and the phone number is to a different number -they sell only cufflinks. I'm beginning to think this was a knock off. I don't know what to do next, perhaps call Seiko.
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