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371 of 381 people found the following review helpful
on February 18, 2010
Since there seems to be some confusion in the reviews over accuracy and power reserve, I'll try to do a quick explanation of what this watch is... An Automatic (winding) mechanism is a traditional mechanical (clockwork) watch. It is powered by a spring which is wound by the movement of your arm, and only has a reserve of 36-40 hours meaning that in order to keep it ticking you need to wear it just about every day.

Also, the time is kept by a precision weighted balance wheel rather than a quartz crystal, it will not be as accurate as a $4.99 digital watch. This watch will probably gain 5-10 seconds per day (Although it is possible to have the mechanism adjusted to improve it a little)...

If this is the case, why buy or wear an automatic watch instead of a quartz watch?... The answer is because of those intangible factors, somehow a mechanical watch has more soul than a quartz, you can feel the automatic winder moving on your wrist, it's more of a symbiotic relationship, a quartz watch can be put in a draw and it will run for years, while an automatic needs you as much as you need it. There's a certain satisfaction in the mechanical mechanism for those with some mechanical sympathy.

There is another up side to a watch like this too... if you put a quartz watch in a draw for a couple of years, the battery will be dead and it will be useless when you need it most, an automatic will have stopped... but it will be running again a few minutes after you start to wear it, and I suppose in extreme situations they would be EMP proof too :)

I wear an automatic watch every day, and I gladly accept somewhat less accuracy to have something less soulless than your typical quartz watch.
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63 of 67 people found the following review helpful
on May 5, 2009
This is an excellent product from Seiko.
1) Legible dial where numbers are clearly laid out in WWII bomber format.
2) Luminous markers hold light well
3) Automatic, may not be as accurate as a quartz watch but one can certainly appreciate the continuous sweep of the second hand and the exhibition display.
4) Nato Style nylon strap is comfortable and does its job, although i have plans to replace it with a calfskin brown strap as i am suspecting some threading to occur within 3 to 4 months time.
5) DAY and DATE, often see one or the other but makes the watch much more useful with both of them.

Cons: NONE

Im enjoying this watch and might plan to start a collection.
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65 of 71 people found the following review helpful
on January 6, 2012
I've had my Seiko automatic Beige watch for a little while now. Just time enough to note that after manually winding it by whirling it around (can't wind it with the knob), setting the time and date, and wearing it on my dominant arm I have found it to be exceeding my expectations since it is quite accurate each day which, in low priced mechanical watches, is unbelieveable.

I have some experience with home repair of watches, including a "watch wrench" to remove the back, so I was planning to have to adjust the timing accuracy. If you look through the glass back, you will see a small two pronged lever with some markings on the opposite side. Move the lever to the "+" side if it is too slow. But so far it is not necessary. I did have some difficulty getting it to turn over to the next day/date at midnight instead of at noon. No matter when I set it, morning or evening it continued to turn over at noon. I finally let the movement run down (took 27 hours on my bureau top) and, since I knew when it would turn over next, I wound it at the proper time and it now changes day/date properly at midnight. I didn't have this trouble with my first Seiko automatic, the one with the black face and using the 7S26C movement. The right way, I recently found out from another reviewer is: setting the watch is easy, just make sure you get the AM/PM right on it, set the day/date a day earlier and then advance the time until it flips them and then set the time. Voilà!

It uses the 7S26B Seiko movement, called the "AK47" of mechanical watch movements. It can, according to my observation with my first Seiko automatic watch with the same movement, stay within a seven seconds a day. This is my second Seiko with the 7S26 movement. The first, the one with the black face, came from the factory just 7 seconds slow. If you spend thousands on some Swiss brands (most of which use a standard Swiss made movement), you can get adjustment down to less than 3 seconds daily. But 80 dollars vs 800 dollars or even 8,000 dollars? Let's get real!

I'm planning to replace the strap, which is comfortable and well designed, with a leather band or a metal expansion band. It deserves a better wrist band because it is a remarkable little device. This is what everyone wore before digital watches became common in the seventies.

Who knows how long it will last. This is the Model T of automatic wrist watches. I'm going to enjoy it for however long it runs. I think there's a certain cachet in mechanical watches in our digital world. I expect I will enjoy the risk of wearing this throwback to the mechanical era. Digital be damned.

I've been wearing this Seiko Automatic watch for long enough to time it. My best measurement of it's accuracy is that it is within 2 seconds accurate each DAY. I don't know what to say - I certainly didn't expect an eighty dollar mechanical watch to be almost as accurate as a high priced Swiss watch. I'll have to keep monitoring its accuracy for the next week or two and let you know.

This is astounding accuracy for a low priced mechanical watch. To boot, it has give me no trouble whatsoever. From just wearing it 24/7 as is my custom, it has kept running perfectly with no additional winding other than the original winding (which is what the instructions tell you to do - I wonder how many of the people who complain about it don't do that).

Then, too, it's a good looking watch with the dull stainless case and the tan face. The wrist band is more comfortable than a leather or metal band.

I'm truly sorry for the few people who were disappointed in their Seiko automatic watch, but I'm psyched - I feel like I got a Rolex at Timex price!
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49 of 55 people found the following review helpful
on April 10, 2010
For me this watch is fantastic. If you know auto-winds (automatics), then you know their little idiosyncrasies. So let's start there...

It's not a chronometer, it does gain (or lose) more than 0.5 seconds/day. In fact, on some days it seems to gain as much as a minute. Gaining time seems to be a common observation with other owners and reviewers. My guess is that it is "set fast" at the factory, with the idea that "if we can't get it perfect out of the box, then it's better to be early than be late." For this, you could probably go down to your local watch repair and get the timing set. Having said that, My watch normally runs about a minute fast over the course of a month and that doesn't bother me. In fact, true to all automatics, it gains and loses a little time each day or so and it is generally the same "one minute" ahead of the current time for several months.

The watch is obvious quality. Seiko is quality and they obviously get a great job on this one too. It's quite rugged. I regularly ride a both a mountain bike and road bike to work, which is 12 miles in one direction. The watch take a vibrational beating, but never really misses a beat (outside of the range mentioned in the previous paragraph).

I wasn't keen on the style of the band that came with the watch, although it is tough and will probably never come apart. I went a got a leather band, and this thing is beautiful. No kidding, totally styling.

The numbers on the watch dial are definitely unique: minutes on the outside; hours on the inside... Okay - but is a great way to help little kids to tell analog time, "The little hand tells you the hours and the big hand tells you the minutes." Was it planned?

I went out and got two more. Another for myself, with a green dial (that my oldest son commandeered) and another with a blue dial for my daughter in the Coast Guard. I was able to spend $64 a piece for these, so really, I think they were a great deal.

I have an older, beautiful Omega Deville that I wear when the occasion arises, but to tell you the truth, I end up feeling just a little guilty leaving this watch behind for some event, when it really is my trusted time piece.

However, after this... An Omega Planet Ocean.
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on January 27, 2015
I'd probably give this watch 4.5 stars if I could. The comfort of the band is really the only thing I had a serious issue with, and otherwise I like it a lot. It's sharp looking in an understated way and works well with a wide variety of attire. I'd definitely recommend for anyone interested in a good looking but high value watch.

The beige color is a lot more attractive in person than I thought. It looks good with the existing band, and goes well with a wide variety of other bands. I think pairing it with a dark leather band gives it more of a retro look and I've seen pictures of it with various colors of NATO bands that all look nice. I was a little unsure at first (I generally go with darker colors), but I'm really happy with the color.

Lightweight and nice sized face. It's big enough to see, but not so big that you always know it's there.

Seems pretty accurate for such an inexpensive automatic watch. I didn't try to set mine to the second, but it's still within 1 minute after 9 days. My unscientific observations were that it picked up most of the time the first day I set it (when it probably wasn't wound that well) and has run a few seconds fast per day since.


The band (at least the one I got) scratched up my arm quite a bit. It had some loose threads/stitching which I was able to trim to help, but I don't think I should have to do that for a new watch. Otherwise the band seems pretty sturdy and it has a strip of (p?)leather to stabilize the holes.


I added some pictures of the watch with a brown leather band and a blue/grey NATO band. The actual color of the face is closer to the picture with the brown band (more peach than yellow).

I like the sandblasted finish, but I'm guessing it probably won't wear all that well over time (since any scratches will remove the matte finish).

I'm not really sure about the lume, since I haven't really done any significant testing. It seems like it's brighter than a previous Fossil watch I had, but it fades much quicker. It's not really been a problem, but it's not anything special.
review image review image
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on September 4, 2013
I am new to automatic and mechanical wind wristwatches, so, after purchasing a rather expensive battery operated quartz movement over a year before this Seiko the battery went dead and that was a huge disappointment for me. The battery operated quarts movement watch that I owned was supposed to have a 5 year life but died much sooner. I took the watch to a jeweler to have the battery replaced and the cost for the replacement battery was through the roof. Not only was it expensive to have the battery replaced but the Jeweler ruined the water resistance 'integrity' of the watch by smashing the o-ring that seals the back of my watch. Well, it didn't take long for my battery operated watch to become totally destroyed by water intrusion. Almost immediately after my battery watch failed that's when I decided that I was no longer going to buy 'ANYMORE' battery operated wristwatches so, the search began for a new mechanical or automatic watch. It took a long while, I was shopping almost everyday for over a month but most of the wristwatches were overly expensive and had features I wasn't really excited about. After about 2 months of shopping I accidentally stumbled upon these Seiko's. I sure am glad I waited and found them. I AM VERY PLEASED!

When I received my new Seiko automatic wristwatch I could see right of way it was no piece of junk. It was heavy and felt good in my hands. The dial was easy to read even without my eyeglasses. I am a 54 year old man with extremely poor vision so I need high contrast to see the time and daily calendar. Although some reviewers may have complained it's smaller then what they had expected, I think it's a very appropriate size for both males and females. Perhaps for some people and I guess depending on your taste in fashion and social statement perhaps it may be to small for some men. I am a 6 foot man at 260 pounds and I think it's a perfect size and I am very picky. Just so everyone knows, most of the watches I currently own are the Invicta Russian Divers and they're huge timepieces, I really love those large watches however, this smaller Seiko watch was refreshing. What I mean by refreshing: I am always worried about ruining my other expensive watches, I don't wear them everyday but this Seiko is a watch I can wear everyday and not worry about banging it around since they are cheap enough to actually purchase several others.

These Seiko's are perfect for everyday wear. I usually only wear my Invicta's when I go to dinner or some other social gathering but these Seiko's are actually very pretty and masculine enough to go out for dinner or other social occasions. Really, it's not that small and it's also not an ugly watch. This Seiko wristwatch probably won't get noticed as much as perhaps another more expensive wristwatch but if you take it off and show it to someone I know they are going to like it. I think what matters most to myself is knowing that I have a brand new 'name brand' Seiko quality wristwatch and never have to worry about a battery ever again or accidentally breaking it. I'm usually pretty careful so I am not really worried about breaking it although, this Seiko feels really tough so I think it can take a good beating.

Let me tell you what I like about my new Seiko wristwatch. First, It keeps perfect time. After just a few days it's still accurate...I like the size of this watch, large watches get bumped a quite a bit however this watch has a lower profile so it's not likely to easily bump into things as you perform your daily chores... I like the stem at the 4 O'clock position because it makes it much easier to adjust without having to remove the watch from my arm...The brushed steel finish is absolutely beautiful... The crystal is flat making the watch face easy to read at any angle... I truly like the high contrast of the hands against the dial... The calendar is very large and very easy to see with ample contrast even without my eyeglasses... Pulling the stem out one click sets the calendar without stopping the watch, turn the stem clockwise for the day and counter clockwise for the date... I like that the watch movement does not stop operating when the stem is pulled all the way out to adjust the time, you can however stop the watch from ticking if you put some slight counterclockwise pressure on the stem, this allows for more accurate time setting. A little more counterclockwise pressure also makes the watch run backwards for even more accurate time setting... I happen to like the watch band and buckle, too... What I really like are the luminescent hands and markers. I noticed just this morning after 5 hours of compete darkness the hands and markers were still view-able although, the luminescence wasn't overly bright but there was just enough to see the time in complete darkness... I like that the watch is not overly complicated with sub-dials. Everything I need to know about the time and date is supplied with this Seiko... I like that it's water resistant... Finally, I really like that's it's a Seiko but more importantly it's the perfect wristwatch with all the perfect features for the perfect price... This watch has all the features I was looking for in a in a new watch... I have to say, "I am so very happy with this new watch so I just purchased two more in different colors, the tan and the blue. Soon I will buy a green and another black.

I think you'll truly enjoy this Seiko wristwatch! I am not disappointed whatsoever so, I highly recommend the purchase of this watch. For this kind of money, it's absolutely PERFECT!

Thank you for reading :)
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19 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on March 4, 2011
I love this watch. I have been looking for just the right watch for the last 4 years, I even bought a Victorinox for more than twice the price, that I like, not love. You get more than you pay for, though it is an automatic and you will gain or loose some time. Mine seems to be .01 sec fast... but in reality, I'm not a super spy, and I have a cell phone, so maybe once every week or two I set it back a min as needed. If you really wanted you could take it to a trusted jeweler and have it "tuned up". But for the price, the movement is beautiful and the clear backing is mezmorizing (sorry 'bout my spelling). The styling is perfect, has an old school feel with modern "slickness", as my father would say. The face is smaller, which was a selling point for me... there seems to be a big watch trend, I hate that. I wear my watch 24hrs/day 7 days a week (I do take it off to take a shower though), the size of this face is perfect; form, style and function. The only thing that I did to it was replace the band, I love the NATO style bands, the fit can be tailored perfectly. I LOVE THIS WATCH, and though I am drunk on this fabulous time piece at the moment, of course, I see myself wearing it for many years to come (the last watch I had was a timex and I wore it for 5 years till the battery died).
P.S. I know that 5 stars is almost cleche' but I feel that it is appropriate here.
review image
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on March 17, 2014
At a glance, the beige face and beige strap of this particular Seiko 5 might seem pretty blah looking when compared to its black, blue and green faced brothers in the SNK80 line, but when it comes to combining it with different straps, I think the beige face actually gives it more versatility, and pairing it with a leather band like the Hadley-Roma Chestnut as seen here [...]) gives it a classic, almost old-fashioned look that elevates it to a level of classiness that the others would be hard-pressed to attain.

Get this one and a new band, and I promise you won't be disappointed.
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on December 5, 2008
This is my second Seiko 5 automatic watch I have owned cheap quartz watches before this but these are a huge value for the dollar. Automatic watches are not for everyone you need to wear the watch 8 hours a day every day or buy a watch winder if you dont wear it ever it will stop and need to be reset. If you are kind of a gearhead and want a relationship with your watch these are the watches to have. Pros- High quality for the money, nice medium size not too bulky, nice smooth sweep on seconds hands not jerky like a quartz, no battery to change. Cons- day date setting at month end is a bit tricky, setting instructions not well written, must be worn every day to avoid stopping, time accuracy is decent for a mechanical watch but dont expect a quartz accuracy. I would buy another if I had a watch winder but keeping two going is my limit
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on November 4, 2012
Great watch if you are looking for an outdoors watch or if you are working in an environment where you need a robust watch. Built to the usual shape of a military watch, the seconds hand sweeps and is painted red. The hour and minute hands are both luminous and there are luminous indicators for each hour. The lume is great and when exposed to a small amount of light is very bright and can be seen very clearly. The back has a display case that is a nice touch. The strap is a canvas style and is reasonably robust especially considering I have read a few other reviews of canvas straps that have been of poor quality. The day and date function are also good. The face is beige in colour as is the strap. All in all a very good watch.

So now to cover the major points of the watch.

Firstly the power reserve. I have found that it can be erratic at times. I have left this watch at times at home overnight and during the day while wearing another watch and returned to find it keeping excellent time (About 18 hours later) However on other occasions on my travels I have left it on a cabinet and found it to be failing after only a few hours, in fairness this has only happened once or twice. When the watch is worn constantly it keeps excellent time. The main reason for this is unlike most automatics the Seiko 5 watches cannot be handwound, you "Charge" Them by shaking them (Which may worry some people) To get them going, they need to be in constant use on the wrist if they do the power reserve will last the night otherwise, you may find it to be erratic.

Secondly the lume. If going from good light to poor light (i.e. from daylight to dusk) It can struggle to pick up enough light to be effective. When in total darkness however the lume is fantastic. I have checked the time after 5 or more hours and found it to be still bright enough to see the watch at a good arms length so no holding the watch almost to your nose to read the time. From daylight to poor artificial light however, its very good.

The strap. Its a canvas strap which can have its problems, namely the ends can get frayed very easily and I find they can sometimes start to rub on the wrist when they begin to age. This is holding out OK I usually use a nato strap with military watches (And divers for that matter) However with this it would cover the display back so its a bit of a waste. I would stick with the canvas strap.

After using this in a few tough conditions I still strongly recommend it. The watch still looks good, glass is tip top and very robust. People say that the crystal Seiko use are prone to scratching. Well I honestly dont know what conditions they are using a watch under but this has been trekking, on holiday abroad etc and not a mark on it. Never had a problem with the crystal on a Seiko watch. Lume is fantastic at night and in constant wear keeps excellent time.
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