Customer Reviews: Seinfeld: The Complete Series
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on December 30, 2013
The show itself is an easy 5-star for me. The packaging on the other hand is dismal which is how I rated it. Other reviews have already covered the details of the horrible packaging (which I should have heeded) but I've waited a really long time for this series and it looks like the Blu-ray is nowhere in site. BTW, another reviewer was kind enough to provide a YouTube video showing the packaging here: [...]

As stated by others, I have several DVDs that are not only scratched but some have many scratches on them. I'm amazed they played without problems, however, there's no way they'll survive if constantly pulled in/out from the cardboard package. The only way to minimize/stop the damage already done is to purchase ultra slim cases and put the discs in there. My package also had a duplicate season 4 disc 2 where season 2 disc 1 is supposed to be. So I'm missing season 2 disc 1. I contacted Sony directly, as I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning the entire set, to get a replacement but haven't heard back. I'll update this post once that happens.

I had also purchased the King of Queens which came in two spindles. This is also a hassle but less damaging to the discs which I wish the Seinfeld set used in order to at least minimize the damage to the discs BEFORE the customer gets them.

So if you haven't gotten this series yet and you can be patient a bit (or a LOT) more, I'd wait for the Blu-ray. I'm sure they're coming some day since TBS/TNT has shown or still is showing the HD versions.

2014-Jan-03 Update:
So trying to get a simple replacement from Sony turned out to be such a pain and inconvenience. It took something like 6 or 7 emails before the different support people could figure out what was needed even though I provided all the info they asked for. Then, they asked me to send the DVD back before they'll send a replacement which would have taken 3-5 weeks. Yes, weeks. Since I'm within the return window, I just used the Amazon return process which I should have just done in the first place. So if you run into an issue and you have to get a replacement, just use Amazon.
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on January 4, 2014
Love the series; not the quality of the box set. Attempted to watch the first two discs: Disc one (Season One) froze mid-way and ultimately would not play; disc two (Season Two, Episodes 1-5) is not existent---in it's place was a duplicate of Season Four, Episodes 1-5). I don't care if the packaging is cheap, I really just wanted the discs to work. Already on its way back to Amazon. Darn.
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on August 21, 2014
While I am one the biggest Seinfeld fans, I was disappointed with the quality of these DVDS. Many of them were scratched so they skip from time to time. I also received two of the same DVDS, so technically I do not have the complete series. Unfortunately, I did not notice until it was too late and could not exchange the item.
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'Seinfeld' is still as smart and funny to me now as it was when first watched back in the 90's. The perfect combination of the right Actors and Writers, extraordinary semi-regulars and guest stars, two ace Directors and a one of kind musical score. Things changed just a bit starting with Season 8 after the lamentable departure of Larry David, but 'Seinfeld' still had many classic episodes left before it's final show in 1998. In my opinion, STILL the best comedy on American television.

With that said, this review will focus mainly on the audio and video of this DVD, along with special features and the packaging in general.

For those of you who have NOT watched 'Seinfeld' on DVD and don't know how the transfers fared, then worry no more. As far as DVD's go, the transfers are first rate. Presented in the original broadcast aspect ratio of 4:3 and with Dolby Digital Stereo sound and fully uncut, 'Seinfeld' really shines on DVD. My playback equipment allows me to extract glitchless 24 fps playback from these discs which attests to the integrity of the disc authoring.

Colors pop, details are abundant and motion is rendered naturally. There is very little to complain about regarding the video quality. Sure, Blu Ray will be great (if and when it happens) but in the meantime this set is no slouch and easy on the eyes. NO obvious signs of DNR or edge enhancement so you can massage the video with whatever signal processors you have in your HDTV or disc player to extract an even better image than just popping them in! Giddy Up!

These were all down converted from HD scans while still retaining superior color rendering and detail. (yes, 'Seinfeld' HAS been scanned in BOTH aspect ratios in HD, so hopefully when the BD's come out they will offer us both versions)

Each season (other than Season 1 and 2) feature 4 discs each with the episodes and special features spread out among them. Color portraits of the characters adorn each disc and they change with each season. The disc media itself is robust and unlike George Constanza, not cheap in any way.

Upon receiving this set I went and checked to makes sure ALL the discs were there. (they were) I would recommend doing so in case you get to Season 7 and find you are missing the 2nd disc and it is too late to complain about it.

The overall packaging is very convenient. It looks great and is very compact, considering it holds 9 Seasons! Yes, that's correct, there has been significant shrinkage in the overall size of this collection!

The main case is not flimsy and should stand up to years of use with ease. Many have complained about their discs being scratched by the cardboard/paper disc holders. Honestly, mine looked fine and with a little care they should play for years without incident. Each disc is held in a separate page of the "book" with the flip side of the page displaying all the info for the episodes. It is a fast and clever way to find what you want and fast! I used to own the Black collectors set (w/ book) and frankly this system is much better for finding the show you want quickly. Owning this set will make you Master of your Domain!

Ok, so 'Seinfeld' looks great on DVD! How about the sound?

'Seinfeld' is presented in Dolby Digital Stereo with basically the broadcast mix. There is no real reason for a surround mix to be created for 'Seinfeld' and stereo serves it well. The music is beefier sounding that I remember but not overbearing. Dialogue, effects and audience reactions are all easy to hear and mixed well. I am looking forward to a lossless mix if/when the Blu ray is released, but until then this will do quite nicely. Mandelbaum...Mandelbaum...!

Alright then, so 'Seinfeld' both looks great AND sounds great on DVD. But how about special features? Does this set deliver the goods?

IN a word, YES , YES, YES and YES! (ok, that was 4 words) This Seinfeld box set includes ALL the special features from the individual box sets and if you are familiar with them, then you know they are plentiful indeed. In fact, for real Seinfeld fans, the current asking price for the entire set is a fair price for just the special features. Broken down into different groups such as "deleted scenes", "Seinimation", "First Looks" - which are small mini documentaries and behind the scenes stuff about most episodes, plentiful commentary tracks, and even a few special features on the departure of the great Larry David. Round it all off with some extensive blooper footage and you have an enormous amount of special features. HOOCHIE MAMA !!!

Sony did a great job with this release. Kruger Industrial Smoothing couldn't have done much better and the rumor has it that this release is "Art Vandelay Approved" for your viewing pleasure!

For fans of the show and comedy everywhere, 'Seinfeld: The Complete Series' is a great purchase. (yes, the disc storage issue MIGHT have been handled a bit better, not that there's anything wrong with it) All 9 Seasons with great picture, good sound and TONS of bonus features, ALL organized and easy to get at whenever the mood strikes you,. YADA YADA YADA!

Marty G's most highest recommendation! ***this review is makin' me thirsty!
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on February 17, 2014
Seinfeld is my FAVORITE sitcom and the only reason I stay up late to watch TV (I refuse to pay for cable). I'd been waiting for a deal on the box set, but was hesitant based on the poor reviews for the packaging.

Needless to say I purchased the set at an incredible deal. I really like the packaging and don't have a single disc damaged with scratches or with any sticky residue like some reviewers have claimed. The cardboard has a smooth finish on it, so I'm not sure how it will cause scratches. (I've gotten scratches on my regular DVDs from the little plastic mound on the cases...)

Anyway, I'm a VERY happy camper now that I have the ENTIRE series on hand for my viewing pleasure. :) Worth.every.penny.
review image review image review image
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on June 24, 2014
I got this for my husband, a super Seinfeld fan. After reading some of the negative reviews on packaging, I made sure to inspect it thoroughly when it arrived. I found no missing discs, and although we haven't had a chance to watch all the discs yet, none of them seemed scratched or difficult to get out of the sleeves. I personally love how it looks like a big book, with each "page" containing a disc. We've watched a few episodes, and one of the special feature documentaries; it was really interesting and of course funny. I think we'll be entertained for a long time with this collection!
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on June 19, 2014
I wish I'd listened to the reviews saying that this packaging was garbage. I returned this boxe set twice and both times the disks had glue on them and wouldn't play. I gave up after the second return and will be holding off on buying the complete series until they come out with better packaging. It's a shame too because I love the show and was looking forward to watching it from start to finish again. I know some people's disks were fine but it's not worth the risk or the hassle if you happen to get one of the defective sets.
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on November 8, 2013
so i bought this set from best buy for about $110 including tax. when i finally got home from school and decided to open it and watch it i was very disappointed. all the dvds are in a cardboard slip case. so a lot of dvds had scratches on them already. i also noticed about 6 dvds had like gum/glue on the edges which felt harsh when you rubbed your finger against it. so i decided to go back to bestbuy that very night and exchange it, which luckily they let me. the second set wasn't as badly damaged but still many dvd's had scratches. when i played the season 1 disc 1, the dvd skipped for few seconds. the good thing about this set is it is pretty cheap, and all 9 season are in a very small sized box set. however, they are in a cheap cardboard sleeve which will cause many scratches, and i was hoping for blu-ray release. here is a link to a youtube video review i made so you can guys see how the dvd's are placed inside the boxset and decide whether you want to buy it or [...]
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on July 2, 2014
First off I love the show, I would rate it 5 stars. The reason I rated this product as 3 stars is because of the awful packing for the DVDs. Upon receiving this collection I popped the first disc in and my player and it started having trouble playing after an episode. I have never ever seen my player struggle to read a disc. Looking at the rest of the discs they do have scratches and a couple even had a small amount of glue residue. One of the discs wouldn't even read in my player because of that. I understand they were trying to save on packaging costs but when new discs arrive to me scratched there is a problem. Luckily Amazon has a killer return system so they sent me another one and I was able to combine the two collections (yes the replacement one had the same issues as the first, just on different discs thanksfully) into one good one, hopefully they last.

Now aside from the horrendous packaging the collection is fantastic. It has all 9 seasons. Each disc has special features and there is even a bonus disc with interviews and other fun stuff that Seinfeld fans will appreciate. Kind of bummed there is no blu ray option at the moment but either way I am happy with my purchase. If you purchase from here double check all your discs before the end of the 30 day A-Z guarantee.
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on September 26, 2015
Bought this about a year ago and was good until halfway through season 5 -- the disc has so much glue on it, that won't wash off, that the disc won't play. Very frustrating and it is way too late to return. Ruins an otherwise good collection
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